Parents teach their daughter part 14


     Friday at noon, and the phone was ringing as I got back from grocery shopping. I quickly grabbed up the receiver before the answering machine would pick it up.

     "Hi Mom", Sam's cheerful voice greeted me.

     "Hi sweetheart, how's school today?"

     "The same old dull grind, I wanted to ask you, since it's Friday, I was wondering if I could invite 2 of my friends over for a weekend sleepover, and you know, whatever else happens!" she finished, with a giggle.

     I could feel the quick zing of pleasure, as I felt my cunt give me a pulse of erotic heat.

     "That would be wonderful, who are they?"

     "You'll love them, it's Anne and Vanessa. You mentioned how hot they are. "

     Oh I had indeed. Those two look like wild teen sexpots, Vanessa was tall and athletic, captain of the volleyball team, with a mane of jet black hair, while Anne was the same height as Samantha, and looked fairly similar to her, with strawberry blonde hair down to the middle of her back.

     "Ok baby, tell them to come right over after school, and we'll see you all then. "

     "Thanks Momma, you and Daddy are the best!"

     Right after I hung up, Darrin called. Before I could tell him about our daughter's sleepover plans, he told me that he had to go to the company plant, which was 300 miles away, and supervise operations while they repaired some storm damage, and that he would be back probably tomorrow morning.

     When Sam, Anne, and Vanessa arrived, we made small talk, and I took them out for pizza. I made a casual remark about Darrin being away until Saturday morning. My daughter gave me a look, and I wondered about what that look was saying.

     Around 11 PM, all of us went to bed.

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   Just after stripping off my bra and panties, leaving me completely nude before slipping on a nightshirt, the door opened. Anne and Samantha, completely naked, and Vanessa, wearing only a pair of tight dark blue panties, marched in. Samantha had a look of wonderment, and Anne and Vanessa marched right up to me. The nearness of these two hot teens, and their sexy bodies, got my cunt heating up, and they grabbed me, kissing me wildly, tongues and mouths working up my lust. Samantha went over to our toys dresser, and quickly got out the cuffs and the riding crops. She took them over to the bed, and beckoned us over.

     Anne and Vanessa soon had me cuffed to the headboard railings, while right next to me, Samantha was similarly cuffed up. Getting set up for spanking, as I could feel my legs spread apart, my rump upthrust and ready to be caned, no one had to force me into that, after the first time, I loved it. Sam and I exchanged looks of smoldering heat, both of us in position, ready for it.

     "Anne, look, they even have riding crops, talk about needing to get their sexy asses spanked!" Vanessa giggled.  

     With riding crops in hand, they placed themselves on opposite sides of the bed, and I could feel my ass cheeks being stroked and caressed by Vanessa and Anne.

     "Ok, your safe word will be camera" Vanessa said.

     The hands left my ass, then I could hear the swish as two crops swung, and the pain as my ass cheeks took the first blow from the crop Vanessa was wielding. Almost at the same time, I could hear the sound of Samantha's rump taking the first hit from Anne. Our cries of pain and pleasure mixed.

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     "Yeah, yeah, whip me again!" I growled.

     "Fuck, I love it, more!" Sam cried.

     I felt the sting as my rump took another hit, letting out a pleasure filled howl, and my daughter's cry of pleasure joining mine again as she took the next blow. My cunt was starting to burn and juice wildly.

     "Fuck, yeah, fuck, I love it, whip me, tan my lily white ass!" I howled.

     "Give it to me, tan my ass a hot, fiery red!" Sam howled.

     Anne and Vanessa proceeded to do so, after five hard, pleasure filled strokes, they switched sides. With Samantha and I begging for more, Anne proceeded to give my ass another five, hard strokes, while Vanessa dealt out five strokes to Samantha. Getting my ass whipped, while having my sexy Samantha right next to me, getting her ass paddled at the same time, just about drove my wild with lust.

     After 10 hard strokes, my rump was a burning, fiery red nest of pain and pleasure, my cunt was a red hot, gushing cleft of volcanic lust, and I was uncuffed, then told to kneel in front of Vanessa. Samantha was left cuffed up, her ass also a fiery red nest of well whipped ass cheeks. Anne left the room, and quickly returned, with a 10 inch dildo strapped around her waist.

     Sam cooed, "Momma, pull down Vanessa's panties!"

     Vanessa was standing right in front of me, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties, and slid them down. Her pussy was totally smooth, bare of any hair, and my eyes saw it. Her clitoris was hard, erect, and sticking out at least an inch.

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   It blew my mind, seeing that big clit, looking almost like a mini-penis.

     Samantha, watching closely, giggled and said, "Look at that, Momma, isn't that great? Look at that big hard clit, I felt the same way you do, I saw it just a few minutes ago.

Once I had wrapped my mouth around it, and sucked on it, I was in heaven!"

     Vanessa added, "And I was in heaven feeling Samantha's mouth working over my clit. And I thought of maybe like daughter, like mother? And now, I'll bet your just itching to lick my cunt, and suck my clit, aren't you Momma? Come on Momma, open your pretty mouth, and take my clit in, she's dying to get to know your sweet mouth better!"

     "And while Momma's sucking your clit, I'm gonna fuck Momma's sexy cunt!" Anne grinned.

     Vanessa lay down on the bed, and I quickly got on my hands and knees, eager to lick at her. I was transfixed by that big, so suckable clit, and I wanted that so much. I quickly surrounded her with my mouth, feeling the large bump, swabbing my tongue over it, listening to Vanessa's soft coos of pleasure.

    "Oh yes, such a sexy mouth, feels so good, you lick clit so nicely Momma", Vanessa cooed.

     Just as I was getting into the rhythm, I felt the head of a dildo against me, and Anne's hands grasp my hips, and in one push, I was mounted doggy style, Anne drove all 10 inches right up my gushing cunt. My growl of pleasure was muffled as I felt the pleasing drive of my tight cunt being split open so enjoyably, the smack of her hips against the pain of my red, throbbing rump intensified the pleasure, and Anne held my hips tightly as she started to ride me, reaming me out from behind, while I licked and sucked on Vanessa's big, sexy clit. Samantha growled with pleasure as Anne reached over, and used a hand to stroke hard at Samantha well whipped cheeks.

     "Keep you warmed up baby, you're next, after Momma gets what she needs!"  Vanessa growled. "Ummm, Momma sucks very well, keep doing it Momma, make me cum!"

     I quickly slipped three fingers up Vanessa gushing tightness, working over her G spot. Vanessa growled with pleasure.

     "Oh yes, Momma knows what to do.

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   Polish my G spot, I love to squirt, make me squirt all over your face!" Vanessa cooed.

     I could feel that ten inch cunt splitter reaming me good, and I knew that I was getting set to blow. Just before I did, Vanessa beat me to it.

     "Oh fuck, yes, lick me Momma, gonna, gonna, yes, yes, oh fuck YES!"

     Her cunt exploded, and I felt the first squirt gush, Vanessa grabbed my head, and used my face like a mop, squirting her juices all over me, giving me a wet, very enjoyable facial. That did it, and I could feel the spasms starts.   

     Lifting my head, I howled out, "Fuck me, ram me, cumming, cumming, CUMMING!"

     Anne rammed it all in, and I could feel my cunt, split open deep, clamping and clenching at that 10 inches keeping me split open, and I just exploded, my orgasm ramming into me, making me shriek and howl, fuck, I felt like a tidal wave of pleasure was washing over me in a huge sensory rush, leaving me limp and giddy.

     I flopped down, feeling like a rag doll, as Anne and Vanessa turned to Samantha.

     "Now it's your turn, baby" Vanessa cooed as she unlocked the cuffs, and Anne took Vanessa's place on the bed, "now, you lick Anne's sweet cunt, while I ram you with that 10 inches that just fucked Momma's sweet cunt!"

     I watched as Samantha quickly got into position, getting her mouth down to Anne's eager heat. Vanessa grinned at me, as she strapped on the dildo, smeared with my juices, positioned it at Sam's entrance, ready to ream her.

     Sam growled, "Yes, let me have it, fuck my cunt, YES!" as she lowered her mouth, Anne peeling open her tight lower lips, and took the first taste of Anne's juices.

     "Oh yes, yes, feels divine, you know how to lick pussy so well, lick me baby, lick my horny cunt, fuck it feels so good!" Anne cooed.

     Vanessa gripped Samantha's hips tightly, and drove in all 10 inches, I could hear a muffled squeal from Sam, as Vanessa's groin smacked tightly against the fire of Sam's well paddled ass. Vanessa started pumping hard, giving Samantha a doggy style power fuck. The fucking drove Samantha into a frenzy, as she attacked Anne's cunt, shoving three fingers up her, and licking at her clit like she was possessed, and Anne shuddered, and let out a shriek of pleasure.

I could see Sam's face getting a juicy wash from Anne's gushing juices, she lapped up every squirt, then Samantha lifted her head, and howled as Vanessa's plunging dildo shoved her into a satisfying, very enjoyable climax.

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     As they fell apart, I quickly pounced on Vanessa, and shoved my face back down between her thighs. That big, wonderful clit was still hard, pink and so big, and I was hooked. I had to lick and suck that beauty again. I surrounded her clit, my tongue lashing at it, fuck, I was so turned on, all I wanted to do was lick her clit, over and over.

     Vanessa, stroking gently at my hair, cooed, "Ummm, oh yeah Momma, feels so good, so good, make me cum again, feels so good. "

     I felt my body being adjusted, then the pleasure as a hot mouth applied itself to my labial lips, a wet, searching tongue sliding along my rim, tickling so sensually against my opening, then fingers gently parting me, and that experienced tongue sliding in deep, eager to lick every fold, every little bit of my inner velvet.  

     I reached down, stroked gently at the head of hair between my thighs, and as I wondered who was licking at me, I got my answer.

     "Oh, that's looks so hot", Samantha cooed, "yeah, lick my Momma, make her cum!"

     Vanessa growled, "Then don't just stand by and watch, join us, let's make a perfect circle of lust. Get your sexy pussy right here, I want to lick you, while you lick Anne's sweet pussy!"

     Samantha eagerly did so, and we formed a perfect circle of lust, four hot mouths and tongues, licking at four hot and horny cunts, eager to drive each other to orgasm. My mind was just awhirl, the room filled with squeals, grunts and moans of pleasure, our hot, heated wells of lust filling the room with the scents of our overheated inner pinkness, each of us intent on driving each other on to climax, our minds filled with the burning urge to cum, and cum hard.

     Samantha raised her head, and howled, "Yes, yes, fuck yes, lick me you little bitch, yes, yes, cumming, OH FUCK!"

     As she started to spray her girl cum all over Vanessa's face, that set us all off. Just as I felt the spasms start, I heard the bedroom door open, and Darrin said "Hi Honey, I'm. . . " trailing off as he watched the sexual spectacle in front of him.

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   That made me even more turned on, knowing that he was going to see me brought off by two sexy teens, cumming like a bitch in heat, and I could feel the squeezing urge.

     "Yes, lick your Momma, lick me baby, lick it, yes, yes, yes, gonna cum, gonna cum all over your face, yes, yes, FUCK!"

     My howl accompanied the rush, and I started to squirt all over Anne's eager face, mopping her down with my girl cum, just as Vanessa shrieked, and unloaded her juicy spray all over my face, and Anne grunted as Samantha licked her twitching clit to climax, licking up all the juices that gushed from Anne's fiery heat.

     We tumbled down in a heap, and saw Darrin watching us, an expression of dazed wonderment and burning lust on his face. Vanessa and Anne saw, and they quickly jumped up, and pressed against Darrin, starting to strip him bare.

     "Oh how nice, Daddy's home, just when we needed a nice hard cock, and look at how big and how hard Daddy is, now let's have some fun with Daddy!"

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