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      I grinned as I watched Anne and Vanessa stripping Darrin down, it was great to have Darrin home early, to join the fun. With my husband now as bare as us, Anne and Vanessa had their hands all over Darrin's cock, their eyes widening as they saw my husband's fat cock bulging up to full erection. Samantha looked at me, a gleam in her eye.

     "Shall we give them the full treatment?" she whispered.

     I nodded, smiling, and Samantha quickly took out the butt plugs and blindfolds. Vanessa and Anne were next up to be cuffed up, paddled, and we were going to blindfold them and plug their tight, sexy teen asses.

     Samantha and I went to them, took them and led them back to bed. We got them into the same position, on elbows and knees as we cuffed them to the bed, they made a sound of low, passionate moaning.

     "Oh fuck, this feels so fucking hot, I love it, it's been a fantasy to be cuffed up like this," Vanessa growled.

     Anne was letting off little noises of passion, looked like our guests were more than eager to get what we planned to dish out. Samantha and I slipped the blindfolds over their eyes, listening to more moans of desire. Sam took position behind Vanessa, I did the same with Anne, and pulling apart their cheeks, we applied our tongues, and listened to loud moans of pleasure as our tongues starting working on tight asshole rims.  

     "Fuck, oh my god, fuck, that feels so fucking damn great, keep licking my ass!" Anne cried.

     "Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, lick me, lick me", Vanessa cooed.

     Samantha and I were happy to do so, having my tongue tickling at the tight cleft of Anne's asshole was driving me crazy, I was on fire with lust, my pussy a soaking mass of heat. Darrin solved that problem by getting behind me, and plastering his mouth against my pussy, his tongue lashed at my clit, and I had to stop, lifting my head up and howling with pleasure as my cunt exploded, my pussy gushing my juices with a force, giving my husband lots of sweet nectar to swallow.

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   I then reapplied my mouth to Anne's tight, twitchy rim, starting to slowly work my finger in.

     Next to me, I heard Samantha grunt, "Yes, oh yes, lick my cunt Daddy, yes, my Daddy is the best cunt licker in the whole world, yes, yes, oh yes, fuck YESSSS!"

     My sexy Samantha must have been as turned on as I was, her voice rose to a shriek as she came, pushing her dripping pussy against Darrin's face with a force, and giving him another juicy load of tangy girl cum to swallow.   She then reapplied her mouth to Vanessa's ass, starting to slip a finger up that so tight hole. We licked and fingered their assholes, working on relaxing the tight clamp just a bit, and I felt Anne's ass give just a little bit, and decided that it was time.

     Samantha joined me, and we lubed up the butt plugs, smiling as we did so. Class was back in session, and Vanessa and Anne were going to get some special lessons.

     Just before we applied them, I told them, "Okay girls, your safe word is Jupiter. "

     Sam looked at me, and smiled as we notched the plugs against two tight holes.

     She whispered, "Quick, like a band aid. "

     We shoved, hard and fast, and two load grunts filled the room, as two very tight, virgin assholes got their first stretch. We pushed them in, 5 inches of ass pleasing fullness surging in, right to the base. Vanessa and Anne were letting out grunts, of pleasure I hoped.

     I leaned down, and cooed, "Jupiter, or more?"

     Both girls answered in unison, "More, please more!"

     As we took the crops in hand, Samantha growled, "Okay girls, we know you liked paddling our asses very much, now, Momma and I are going to return the favor. Get ready girls, you are going to get spanked!"

     Samantha and I drew back the crops, counted 2 - 1 - now, we swung together, and the crack of the crops smacking against 2 asses was close enough together it sounded simultaneous. Vanessa and Anne let out a shriek as their asses felt the sting.

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     "Jupiter, or more?" I said.

     Vanessa, tightly clutching the headboard bars, gasped out a shaky, "Spank me again. "

     Anne grunted, "Let me have another. "

     We drew back, and swung again, my swing connecting solidly against Anne's ass, and Samantha whapping Vanessa. This time, two howls of what we hoped was pleasure rose up.

     Vanessa grunted, "Umm, that feels better, whap me again Sam!"

     Anne whispered, "Ooh, that felt better, spank this bad girl again Momma!"

     We delivered another hard blow, watching the sexy asses start to take on that reddish glow, watching as the girls pulled against their restraints, feeling no give.

     Vanessa grunted, "Oh fuck, I can't get free, and my ass is stinging so good, fuck, I've never been so turned on, whip my ass, make my ass as red and fiery as yours!"

     Anne cried out, "Fuck, fuck, let me have it, tan my ass, make my ass burn!"

     Samantha and I were happy to do so. After 5 hard strokes, we switched sides, and as Vanessa urged me on to cane her ass, and Anne begged Samantha to whip her hard, we delivered another 5 hard stokes, making two sexy teen asses into burning, fiery red cheeks of well whipped heat.


     Vanessa grunted, "Oh fuck, my cunt feels like it's as fiery as my ass, I want Samantha's Daddy to fuck me, fuck me!"

     Darrin was happy to do so, as he positioned himself against Vanessa, we slid up Anne's blindfold, so she could watch Vanessa getting Darrin's cock, and in one thrust, buried his cock deep. Vanessa shrieked with pleasure as Darrin's fat hardness powered into her, splitting that tight, fiery cleft apart, and his hips drove forward, smacking hard against the fiery soreness of her whipped cheeks.

     Vanessa howled, "Oh my god, your cock is so big, I feel so stretched, I love it, FUCK ME!"

     Keeping her hips gripped tightly, Darrin rode her, giving her a doggy style power fucking, the room filled with Vanessa's squeals of enjoyment, and my husband's grunts of pleasure.

     Samantha, Anne and I watched, and we ran our hands over her fiery cheeks, keeping her warmed up, Darrin would have two horny teens to power his prick into.

     "After Vanessa, Daddy's gonna give you the same," Samantha cooed to Anne, "He's fucked me lots, and I love getting the best fucking from my Daddy!"

     Anne cooed, "Oh fuck, yeah. I want that, I want your Daddy to fuck me, looks so fucking hot!"

     Vanessa cried out, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, let me have it, I want your load, squirt your load into me, give me your cum!"

     Darrin grunted, "Oh baby, your tightness is something else!"

     Vanessa grunted, "That's because you just took my cherry! I busted my hymen years ago, while playing with my Mom's dildo, and your cock is the first cock to ever be inside me. And I love being a non-virgin in every way! Now, give me my first load, I want my first juicy wet spray, fill me!"

     I felt the surge of lust, my cunt becoming hot and slick with my juices.

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   My husband, a stud for teenage girls, giving Vanessa a virgin busting ride, fucking away the virginity from her more than willing teen tightness. God, it was such a turn on to watch my husband fucking Samantha's sexy friend Vanessa. Watching him gripping Vanessa's hips tightly, ramming his fat, rock hard prick into her fiery teen tightness, I wished I could be my husband at that moment, enjoying the sensations Darrin's surging cock was feeling, the pumping into Vanessa's fiery, juicy tunnel, the heated tight cling and the smoothness of her no longer virgin sanctum wrapped tightly around his cock, squeezing and milking at him.    
     He made that noise I know so well, I quickly cupped his balls, and started a gentle rhythmic squeezing. I smiled, being on the receiving end of a juicy spray of thick, heated cum was pretty awesome, as Vanessa was just about to find out. His voice rose to a roar, and as Vanessa's shriek of orgasm filled the room, my husband's balls started throbbing wildly, as his cock exploded, his eager cock jetting his load of hot, thick cream deep inside Vanessa, their bodies locked together in a hot, implacable joining, as his thick load filled Vanessa's eager young cunt. Darrin moved back and forth, slowing, letting the tight wrap of Vanessa's inner folds milk him for every drop. Darrin pulled his cock out, and Samantha quickly sucked in Darrin's cock, sucking off the combined juices, as I shoved my face into Vanessa's slushy pussy, licking wildly, eager to suck out the load my husband had just pumped in there. With my mouth full, I pulled back, and Sam quickly took my place, and we filled our mouths as we drank out all the delicious juices from Vanessa's well fucked pussy, then we quickly mashed our lips together, opening our mouths to each other. Our mouthfuls of juices mingled, our tongues, slick with cum, stroked, caressed and probed each other's mouths, as we shared up the juicy bounty that Darrin had pumped inside Vanessa.

     Samantha and I quickly gave Darrin intense mouth to cock resuscitation, bringing his cock back up to a hard and ready state, Anne was next.

     "Ok baby, you're next, now Daddy's gonna give you a ride. Are you still a virgin, baby?" Samantha whispered.

     "No, my boyfriend took my cherry right after my 15th birthday party, and he loved it, while I was just getting started. Two minutes, he grunts and shoots his load, and as far as he's concerned, his job is done," Anne whispered.

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     "Well, we'll take care of that, my husband has great staying power, you'll love it!" I cooed.

     As Darrin notched his cock into place, I slid down the blindfold again. I noticed that being deprived of a sense, like being restrained, blindfolded, made my orgasms much more powerful, we wanted to make sure that Anne felt that orgasm power also.

     Darrin slid in, and drove forward, Anne squealed with pleasure as she was opened, and squealed again as Darrin drove his hips forward, smacking against the heat of her well caned ass.

     "Fuck, Daddy's cock is so big, my pussy's getting stretched open so wide, I love it, drive it in, hard, smack my ass as you fuck me!"

     Darrin pulled back, and as he drove in, he smacked her cheeks, over and over, right, then left, then right, Anne let out grunts, squeals and moans of pleasure. She pulled against the cuffs, feeling no give, her cries of pleasure increased, as Darrin started to ram her, jack hammering his cock deep into her, giving her tight pussy walls a power splitting.

     We uncuffed Vanessa, slid off the blindfold and pulled out her butt plug. Sandwiching her body between ours, me spooning her from behind, and Samantha pressed tightly against her front, we let her watch the fun. Her eyes were wide, her breathing deep, as she watched Anne get the reaming her horny center needed, and the extra spanking her ass needed.

     Anne was making animalistic growls, grunts and howls of passion, she was like a wildcat in heat, and she let out a full throated scream as she hit climax, her body shaking and jerking, Darrin continued to ram her, still working up his load, and I decided to help. I lubed up my finger with my juices, and getting behind my husband, I slid my finger up his ass, enjoying his grunt of pleasure. I found the prostate, and gave him my best prostate polishing, eager to get the juiciest load to fill up our welcome guest. Darrin's growls of pleasure were mixing with Anne's, and as Anne's cunt clamped down again, spilling into her second orgasm, Darrin let out a loud growl. Grabbing her hips tightly, he slammed into her one last time, and with short, fast pumps of his prick, I drooled as I thought of the juicy, thick spray that Darrin's jerking body and jetting cock were pouring into her, thrusting, grunting, spilling every last bit inside her, his prostate now empty of every drop.

     "Shall we give our guests a nice tasty snowball, after we share Darrin's load?" I asked Sam, her smiling nod letting me know she loved the idea.

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     When Darrin withdrew, Samantha and I went to work, Sam taking the lead, sucking and licking, scooping out the rich cream, then I dove in, to get the last little bit. We mashed our mouths together, again feeling the surge of heat as our cum slicked tongues twined together. We shared up the rich cream, then I grabbed Vanessa, pressed my lips tightly against hers, and pushing her lips open with my tongue, I let her have my mouthful of the tasty load. Vanessa moaned as she felt the juicy treat sliding in, she swished it around, savoring it, then swallowed it with another moan of delight.

     Next to us, Samantha uncuffed Anne, turned her over, and quickly pressed her lips to Anne's, and just let gravity do the work, as her mouthful slid into Anne's mouth. Anne let our a growl of lust, as she tasted the thick cum that Darrin's cock has just unloaded into her so recently.

     We recuffed them, face up, arms stretched up to the bed railing, and Darrin started licking at Anne's fiery center, running his tongue across the tight lips, then folding them back gently, and pushing his tongue deeper into her velvet depths. Samantha grinned, then squatting over Anne, presented her cute, sexy muff to Anne's mouth.

     "Yes, oh yes, my little sexy baby, lick me, make me cum!" Sam whispered, as Anne pulled her hips down, running her tongue along Sam's tight sexy lower lips.  

      I quickly dived back down on Vanessa's wonderful clit. That stiff, hard, pink big beauty, jutting up, fuck, it drove me wild, I needed to suck her again, and surrounding it with my mouth, I went to work, jamming two fingers up her almost virgin tightness, and finger fucking her expertly while my tongue wrapped around that big clit, pulling at it, swabbing at it, over and over.

     The sound of chains being pulled taut against the headboard railings sounded, as our restrained guests again pulled at their cuffs, feeling no give. That just fired them up more, and loud grunts and growls of pleasure filled the room, as Vanessa and Anne were on the orgasm express, and Vanessa could feel that wave racing at her, as I felt her engorged clit twitching wildly, her body started to shake.

     "Fuck, fuck, feels so good, yes, yes, yes, FUCK, FUUUCCCKKK!!!"

     Her voice shrieked out, a long wail, as her pussy clamped down around my fingers, and her pussy started to gush, spraying her girl cum, giving me a juicy, tasty facial, her pussy clenching and clamping at my fingers, I could feel the spasms grabbing at them, the tight milking action that Darrin's cock had felt as he poured his seed into her. Oh yes, that would make Darrin's cock pump out that huge load Sam and I had been lucky enough to share, I thought with a smile.

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     Next to us, Sam was sighing with pleasure, dripping all over as she continued to grind her pussy against Anne's face. Judging by the grunts and moans of pleasure, it was obvious that Anne was no novice at cunt licking, she was licking Sam's cunt wildly, my daughter started to grunt and rotate her hips, pushing her hot, wet cleft tightly against Anne's face. Samantha's moans turned to sharp gasps, and she began to buck wildly on Anne.

     "Oh fuck yeah, lick me baby, keep licking, make me cum, yeah, yeah, oh fuck I'm cumming fuck YES!!" Sam howled.

     Samantha felt the waves start, with her body shuddering and and a howl of pleasure, she exploded, coating Anne's mouth with her tasty juices. Anne was happy to suck them all down, as Samantha shook and moaned as her orgasm tore through her.   

     Darrin was swabbing his tongue all over Anne's clit, two fingers working over her G spot, eager for a facial. Just as Sam lifted off, Anne was pushed to, and over the edge.

     "Yes, lick me Daddy, make me cum, oh fuck, yes, cumming, fuck, YES, YEEESSSS!!"

     With a howl, Anne orgasmed, her gushing cunt giving Darrin lots of her tasty cum to swallow, as she shook, shuddered, and moaned with pleasure. As our orgasms ebbed, we uncuffed our welcomed, and well cummed, guests and we huddled in a well spent mass on the bed. Just before sleep took me, I felt a body wrap itself around me, opening my eyes, I could see Vanessa cuddling tightly against me, next to us, Anne and Sam were cuddled tightly to Darrin. I fell asleep dreaming of the morning, and what awaited us when we awoke.

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