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     When we pulled into the garage, Samantha was so excited, she virtually sprinted up the stairs, and when Darrin and I entered our bedroom, she was almost completely naked, she was down to her little red panties, having tossed her other clothes off, she had strewn them across the floor in a frenzy, her face flushed, her breathing deep, her body trembling with sexual desire. Sam had arranged herself on the bed in a doggy style position, and told us what she wanted.

     "Night school, I love it!" Samantha giggled, "Peel off my little red panties, than show me how it feels to fill my pussy and my mouth, fill me at both ends!"

     Darrin and I enjoyed peeling off Samantha's last stitch of clothing, her pussy lips were swollen with desire, a deep fiery pink color. I strapped on my dildo, and got behind Sam's sexy ass, ready to give her a doggy style reaming. Just before I mounted her, I pulled out one of the butt plugs, and lubed it up.

     "Just for you, my sexy Samantha, you're going to feel what it's like to be filled at all three ends!" I growled.

     I parted her cheeks, and told her, "Oh baby, that tight, rose shaped pucker, I love it. You have the most beautiful asshole in the whole world, I have to kiss it. "

     I could feel a passionate shiver ripple over Samantha's body as she felt my face nuzzling between the luscious globes of her spread open buttocks. I pressed my lips hotly against the rose shaped pucker of Samantha's tight asshole. My tongue worked feverishly, licking and probing, while Samantha moaned with pleasure beneath my eager licking. I stopped, pulled my head back, seeing the tight pucker twitching with need, looking like a bull's-eye for the plug. I quickly placed the butt plug against that tight rim, and pushed it in. Sam's growl of pleasure told me that I had hit the mark, as her ass was filled with the solid push of the plug.

     "Now, all three of your hot, sexy holes will be filled, suck Daddy's cock, while Momma fucks your cunt until you cum all over my fucking dildo!"

     Darrin lay down on the bed, his cock pointing skyward, in a perfect position. With a growl of desire, Samantha engulfed Darrin's cock, while I nudged against her, and slid in, my dildo parting her tight walls, as Samantha worked her mouth down Darrin's cock, I worked in my dildo, bottoming out in her heat filled vault as she took in Darrin's cock, right to the balls.

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     Samantha slid back up, released Darrin's cock, and growled, "Yes, yes, give it to me, let me have it, fuck, it feels so good!"

     She quickly swallowed Darrin's cock again, I grasped her hips and started to give her tightness a doggy style dildo ride, keeping the butt plug buried up her tight asshole, watching Samantha suck my husband's cock was getting my heat going, making my horny cunt churn.  

     "Yeah, oh yeah, such a hot, sexy mouth, suck my cock my darling girl, it feels so good in your hot wet mouth!" Darrin grunted.  

     Samantha was happy to apply her skills at fellatio, bringing Darrin towards a thick, creamy ending. She was moaning around his cock, head bobbing up and down quickly, sucking in his fat sausage, her cocksucking skills were well displayed, as she deep throated him, every thrust of her hot wet mouth down his pole swallowed him right to the balls. I was reaming her heat, slamming the dildo in, over and over, and I could see Darrin almost at his peak.

     Sam suddenly pulled her head back, started to stroke at his throbbing cock, and grunted, "Facial, I want a thick juicy facial, let it go Daddy, squirt your load all over my face!"

     His cock was ready to blow, Sam aimed it right at her face. I could see his cock, swollen and rock hard, ready to explode. Samantha shut her eyes, so he wouldn't get any hot spunk in her eyes, his cock was throbbing, pulsing, and Darrin let out a loud grunt as he exploded, thrusting and grunting, Sam's hand fucking his cock, I watched, filled with lust as his cock gushed wildly, his streams of spunk spewing all over Sam's face. Her forehead, her nose, her lips, her chin, Darrin  hosed her face down, his cock jerking and throbbing wildly as Samantha's hands coaxed every bit of spunk out of Darrin's cock, and onto her face.

     "Fuck, oh fuck, gonna cum, yes, oh fuck me Momma, yes, yes, YES!"

     Samantha's shriek of pleasure rose up, as her deep velvet tightened up around the dildo, and her asshole clamping tighly around the butt plug, riding that wave of pleasure roaring through her. When she lay back, I could see all the streams of cum splattered all over her face, I quickly went to work, Sam licking up all the cum she could reach, while I was happy to lick up all the rest.

     Samantha pushed me down, and cooed, "Now, you're gonna get what you gave out!"

     She pushed one of our big pillows under my hips, pushing my rump up, exposing my cunt and asshole.

Her tongue raced up inside my churning cunt. Sam really had learned how to lick pussy very well, as she rotated her tongue like a corkscrew through my soft, firey heat. Then she wiggled the very tip of her tongue into the rose shaped pucker of my asshole, taunting it, running around and around the rim, just about driving me crazy.

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     "Like daughter like mother," Sam giggled, "pull your cheeks apart for me Momma!"

     I did so, and grunted as I felt the pleasure of my asshole being plugged, another one of the new butt plugs being put to good use. Sam slid it smoothly up, until it was buried to the hilt.

     "Now, I'm gonna break in my new strap-on, Momma's gonna get what she gave me!"

     Sam rolled me off the pillow, and onto my back, getting between the spread of my thighs, she notched her stiff dildo against me, and in one smooth thrust, my cunt was filled with 8 inches of cunt stretching pleasure. I let out a growl of pure pleasure, the feel of my asshole and cunt filled up, rubbing against each other, just about put me in orbit. I wrapped my legs around Samantha's waist, and urged her on.

     "Oh fuck, oh my god, it's too good, fuck, oh fuck, fuck me Samantha, ram Momma's cunt, and make me cum all over your dildo, fuck, yes!"

     I could see Samantha's face right above my own, I gently grabbed her head, and our lips came together in a heated swirl of tongue filled passion, I felt her hands grab my ass cheeks, and her fingers pressed against the butt plug, keeping my throbbing asshole tightly plugged, fuck it felt so good. The sensations came together, and I felt the wave rush at me.

     Breaking the kiss, I howled, "Fuck, oh my fucking god, cumming, cumming, CUMMING!"

     I let out a shriek of raw sexual pleasure as I orgasmed, my clit twitching wildly, my cunt clenching and spasming around Samantha's ramming dildo, my asshole pulsing and clenching around the butt plug in time to my cunt. I felt an encompassing body rush, like my climax jangled every last nerve cell, and I exploded again, shrieking with sheer pleasure as I rode that wild wave of pleasure.

     When I came back down to earth, I could see Darrin's cock had revived, and I urged him on to fuck Samantha.

     "Give it to our sexy daughter, fuck Samantha while I watch!"

     Sam lay back, a smile on her face, her thighs spread wide, and I had the pleasure of watching him mount his daughter, penetrating her tightness. Sam let out a cry of pleasure as Daddy's 8 inches plunged into her, spreading the walls of her cunt apart, until she was once again completely filled with her Daddy's stiff hard cock.

     "Yes, oh yes, Daddy's cock is so big, so hard, and so much fun! Fuck me Daddy, fuck your daughter, I want to feel your cock, fucking me until you can't take it anymore, then the gush of your juices filling me up, ride me!"

     She wrapped her legs around Darrin's waist, and Darrin gave it to her. He plowed Sam's sexy furrow, splitting open the tight walls of our daughter's sexy cunt, fuck, it was so hot to watch Darrin's rampant cock fucking our daughter.

     "Yes, yes, so deep, oh so deep, give it to me Daddy, ram me, fuck me as hard as you can, blow your lust deep inside, oh fuck yeah!"

     Picking up the pace, he gave our daughter what she wanted, as he rammed Samantha's cunt, driving it in, jackhammering Sam's inner heat.

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   I could imagine the tight milking action of our daughter's inner sanctum, milking greedily at his hardness, urging his cock on to spray his wet sperm deep. The bed was bouncing, their bodies writhing and slapping together in the heat of their driving lust, liquid squelching sounds as my daughter's very juicy cunt was power reamed by Darrin's 8 inches buried deep inside Samantha's pink folds. Licking my fingers, I slid my hand in between their bodies, Samantha's clit was stiff and fully erect, clear of her hooded canopy, and I was able to grasp her clit between my fingers, and twirl my wet fingers around her wildly twitching bud.

     Samantha gasped, then growled, "Oh fuck, gonna do it, yes, drive it in Daddy, feel my tight cunt, eager for your wet spray, cum with me Daddy, cum in me, shoot it, shoot it, squirt it, fuck, fuck yes, cumming, yes, yes, yes, YES!"

     Sam shrieked, and a second later, Darrin grunted out, "Oh fuck YEAH!" as his cock unloaded, I watched Sam's body shaking and jerking convulsively, riding the pleasure of her orgasm, Darrin pumping his spurting cock deep, letting the tight gripping spasms of Samantha's eager cunt milk every drop out of him, until they collapsed, sprawled on the bed, breathless. I quickly got my face down there, smelling the scent of heated passion, and I eager sucked out every drop, savoring the rich mixture of my husband's cream and my daughter's juices of passion. I raised up, my face alight with desire, Samantha knew I was heated up, and she wanted to take action.

     "Ok Momma, on your hands and knees! And Daddy, get under Momma, I'm going to fuck Momma's tight asshole, while you lick Momma's pussy!"

     I eagerly took position, my body trembling with lust. Ever since Darrin had taken my asshole virginity, I liked it almost as much as fucking the regular way. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks apart, ready for Sam.

     "Oh yes, such a cute asshole, like a tiny rosebud, just ready for pleasure.

Momma, you have such a beautiful asshole, I need to lick that tight pucker again. "

     I let out a moan of pleasure as Sam's tongue made contact, and the teasing and flicking of her tongue at the tight rim made my mind whirl, and my body tremble with delight. I let out a coo of pleasure as Sam slid her finger in, getting me ready for her dildo. I worked on relaxing the tight clamp of my asshole.

     "Ah, yes, Momma's ass is letting up, eager to get filled, which I and my new dildo will be happy to do!" Samantha giggled.

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     Darrin slid under me, his tongue licking at my drooling pinkness, licking up the juices of my flowing lust. I felt Samantha behind me, and the head of her dildo at my ass. I concentrated on relaxing, relaxing, and Samantha pushed slowly, slowly, the thick dildo head popped into my opening, I let out a shaky breath, moaned, and Sam stopped.

     "I'm okay sweetheart, just loosening up, keep going, but like the old line says, please be gentle with me baby. "

     Encouraged, Samantha started to push slowly, and I could feel every inch of that ass filling pleasure entering me, until, with a final push, the last inch was buried deep. I could feel Darrin's tongue sliding lightly across my gushing entrance, knowing that I wanted a ride, and not just a quickie.

     "Ah yes, that's good, feels so good to get my asshole filled. Ride me Samantha, not too fast, but ride me sweetie!"

     My darling daughter was happy to do so, giving my asshole the reaming, filling pleasure I love. She gave it to me, not too fast, just the right speed to give me maximum pleasure. Darrin was now licking at the hood of my clit, coaxing my clit to come out and play. I could feel my clit quickly growing, pushing aside her hooded canopy to rise up to Darrin's oral ministrations, while Sam gave my tight asshole the reaming I needed. The room was filled with my grunts, moans and cries of pleasure as my body surged, catching that wave, I could feel the spasms starting deep.

     "Fuck, oh my fucking god, it feels too good, yes, yes, cumming, yes, yes, FUCK!"

     I howled as my cunt blew, I could feel my asshole clamp tightly at the dildo, feeling every bit of that 8 inches keeping the tight clamp of my ass walls apart, that just made my orgasm stronger, and I felt the release as I started to squirt, and I let fly. I could feel my girl cum gushing, spraying and squirting all over Darrin's face, giving my husband a wet, juicy facial.

     I flopped back, seeing my husband's wet face, and my daughter's smiling face looking down at me, and I wanted to see it again.

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   Darrin had grown back up to full erection, and it was like I couldn't see it enough, I needed to see my husband's cock buried deep inside our sexy daughter's pink cunt over and over.

     "Sam lay back, I need to see Darrin fucking you again, Darrin, fuck your daughter again!" I cooed.

     They were happy to do so, and I enjoyed the sight of Darrin reaming out his daughter's tight walls, Samantha's body pinned to the bed under my husband's body, as my horny husband drove his rampant cock into her, wildly fucking our daughter. I could hear the grunts, moans and cries of mingled ecstasy filling the room as my husband drove his stiff shaft in, until Samantha let out a shriek of pleasure as she wrapped tightly around him, her body spasming and shaking with pleasure in her climactic joy.

     My husband quickly pulled out, his cock still rock hard, covered with Sam's juices, and came for me. I was pleasantly surprised, I felt sure that he'd want to complete his passion in his daughter's tight well, and I quickly spread my thighs for him, and felt the pleasure as he slid his 8 inches in, his cock well lubed with the juices of our just fucked daughter. Samantha quickly cuddled against me, and I saw her face shining, alight with lust, as she watched us.

     She cooed, "Oh yes, Daddy is fucking Momma, Daddy, look at your sexy wife, my beautiful Momma, look at the pleasure your throbbing cock is giving her. And Momma, feel the hard, loving thrusts of Daddy's big cock, opening your pussy walls, having just fucked me, and saving his passion for my sexy Momma. I want to watch you both cum!"

     Darrin was working on a load, so I quickly reached climax, then another, and still more, one right after the other, I was in another world of pleasure, in a wild spiral of multi-orgasms, as my cock milked wildly at Darrin's cock again and again, urging him on, and he let out a roar, as his cock unleashed a torrent, and his throbbing cock pumped his thick cream deep inside me, as I shuddered through one last climax, until we both sprawled, exhausted, and I felt the pleasure of my daughter's lips against my labials, her tongue busy, feeling the pleasure of my just fucked cunt having Darrin's load licked out of it by my sexy Samantha.   She eagerly licked me clean, looked at me with a grin, and swallowed Darrin's load with obvious joy, and quickly joined us in a happy, well spent heap.  


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