Parents teach their daughter part 9


     After breakfast, Samantha and Misty said they wanted to go shopping, and off they went. Darrin and I were fired up, we badly wanted to fuck each other senseless, but I wanted him to wait, and save his next load for Misty's lessons. I had a feeling that the lesson would start sooner, rather than later.

     Just after 1 PM, Sam and Misty came home, and with them holding hands, Samantha asked, "Mom, Dad, Misty would like the personal lessons in sex education that I got, would you like to be her teachers, and can we start right now?"

     I smiled back, and said, "We would be honored to give Misty our special lessons, come with us. "

     I took Misty by the hand, and led the way. In the bedroom, Misty was trembling a bit, we took her into a group hug, so we could stroke her as we started to slowly peel off her clothing, her shirt I slowly unbuttoned, then Sam slid it off her shoulders. Darrin unzipped her shorts, I reached in, ran my hand over the front of her panties, and Samantha tugged at the back, and her shorts dropped to the floor. Samantha undid her bra, Darrin reached around, slid the cups off her breasts, and wrapped his hands around her breasts, gently squeezing, thumbing her stiff, pink nipples, listening to her soft sighs of pleasure. Samantha reached her hands inside Misty's panties, cupping her ass cheeks, as I hooked my fingers into the waistband, and slowly slid them down, and Misty's sexy red muff was in front of my eyes. My god, it was perfect, a trimmed, very red muff of pubic hair, I could feel my heart pound, my mouth got dry. I ran my fingers over the soft, curly mass. I had a flashback to my college days, my sweet lover Melissa, and her mass of red pubic hair, my god, how I loved to lick her.

     "My god, it's beautiful" I whispered.

     Our clothes quickly formed a pile on the rug, and we put Misty in the middle of our king sized bed, and 3 sets of hands, mouths, lips and tongues started to caress our newest student, bringing gasps of joy and moans of pleasure as we introduced Misty to our class. I loved kissing her full, luscious red lips, as we shared tongue filled swirls of passion with her.

     "Momma, can I give Misty a lesson I've wanted to give her for a long time now?"

     "Yes, go ahead baby.

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     "Misty sweetie, you've never had the pleasure of licking a pussy, have you?" At the shake of her head, she cooed, "Well, I think that it's time to end that, I want to give you a lesson in how to lick pussy, and I want to be the first one you lick. "

     Darrin and I moved in closely, stroking Misty's body. We wanted to give her lessons one at a time, her advanced lessons in double and triple would be later. We wanted to awaken her one sensation at a time, so she could fully feel the excitement of licking pussy, then having her pussy licked, then riding Darrin's cock.

     At Misty's eager nod, Sam swung her legs over, her pussy hovering directly over Misty's face. I had a great view, my face only a few inches away from the sight, Misty gazed up, spellbound, she could see the soft curls of Sam's neatly trimmed blonde muff, Samantha reached down, and spread herself open. Misty's eyes widened at the very close up sight of our daughter's coral pink opening, the peek at her inner rosy flesh, all swollen and glistening with juice, the scent of Samantha's sexual heat. Seeing our daughter so open, so wet, so inviting made my mouth water. Misty ran a finger along Sam's long pink trail, feeling the juices from my daughter's churning cunt coating her fingers, Samantha let out a soft moan of pleasure as Misty added another finger, and pushed them up Samantha's heated tunnel.

     Sam cooed, "Now, bring your dripping fingers to your mouth, and lick them clean, taste my juices, baby. "

     Misty eagerly brought her fingers to her lips, and licked them clean, sucking eagerly on our daughter's hot juices. It fired her up, she wanted more.

     I whispered in Misty's ear, "Do you like the taste baby? Then let your tongue follow your fingers, and lick Samantha's sexy heat!"

     Samantha cooed at Misty, "Go ahead baby, slide you tongue in there, my pussy is all hot and juicy for you, lick my heat, we'll teach you how to lick pussy like a pro!"

     Misty wrapped her arms over Samantha's hips, and pulled her down to her face. Her tongue rode along the long pink trail, and slipped into Samantha's steaming pussy. Misty was fired up, she licked all over our daughter's gleaming flesh, her tongue licking up every drop of Samantha's burning juices.

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   Samantha tenderly cradled Misty's head in her hands, and gave her instructions on how best to please her.

     "Oh yes, Misty honey, my sweet pussy licker, right there! Lick me there, make me cum, and I'll coat your sweet pretty face with my juices! Lick me baby, don't stop!"

     Sam cooed with pleasure as she felt Misty's tongue lapping at her tingling clit. Misty may have been a novice at pussy lapping, but judging by our daughter's sighs and moans of pleasure, it sounded like Misty was a fast learner. Samantha started to grunt with pleasure, she could feel her orgasm approaching, as Misty concentrated on Samantha's throbbing clit.

     "I'm gonna cum, gonna cum all over your face, oh yes, don't stop, don't, don't, yes, yes Oh my God, Yes, YES!" Samantha howled.
     She shrieked as her pussy exploded, her pussy spasming wildly, and her quivering cunt gushed a load of hot juices. Our daughter loved to be eaten like that, so she could cum all over her lover's face. Her hot, tangy juices covered Misty's hungry mouth, and Misty was only too happy to suck out every drop of juice that she could, she sucked all of her juices down, as Samantha's body shuddered wildly above her.

     As Sam slid off, I took over, and told her, "Now, it's time for you to learn what it feels like to have your sweet pussy licked, and to learn how to be a squirter!"

     I lay back, and Misty squatted over my face, and I was hotter than a pistol. That sweet cunt, with that sexy redheaded muff, it was just like it had been those many years ago, being with my college roommate Melissa, my sweet redheaded college lover, and my cunt was almost flipping over when I smelled the hot, musky scent of Misty's aroused, steaming pussy, in full heat. Her tight cleft was spread slightly apart, her inner pinkness glistening with juices, and I wanted to taste her arousal. I slid my fingers along Misty's long pink lips, hearing her moan of pleasure as my fingers were coated with Misty's hot cream. I licked my fingers clean, the taste of Misty's buttery juices spurred me on. I quickly pulled Misty's hips down, pulled her fiery pink folds tight against my mouth, and drove my tongue deeply into Misty's quivering pussy.

     "Yeah, lick me.

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  . . . " she paused, hoping that her next utterance wouldn't freak me out. . . "Mommy! Suck my pussy, lick my juices Mommy, and make me cum all over your pretty face!" Misty cooed.

     That gave my pussy a jolt, hearing Misty call me Mommy, I was happy to take on the role of having 2 sexy teen daughters, that would be taught many lessons. Now that I had a taste of Misty's hot musky sap, I couldn't stop.

I felt Darrin's mouth at my pussy, he knew that I was ready to blow, I gently pushed Misty's hips up, I had to stop for the moment, two fingers slid up my burning tunnel, hitting the G spot, and it took only a few skillful licks at my throbbing clit before my cunt exploded. Oh my fucking god, it felt like my cunt was turning inside out, I screamed and thrashed in the grip of an almost devastating orgasmic explosion, I could feel my cunt squirting wildly, spray after spray of my heated girl juice splattered against my loving husband's face.

     As I slowly came back to the here and now, I could see Misty gazing at me with a look of stunned awe.

     Misty exclaimed, "Holy fuck, Mommy, that was so fucking cool! Watching you cum like that, wow, it was like, like, WOW!"

     As I prepared to get back to the lesson, I growled at her, "And, my little redheaded sexy daughter, I'm going to teach you how to cum like that, so you can squirt your hot girl cum all over my face, I love it when Samantha gives me a squirting facial!"

     Misty cooed, "Ooh yes, teach me Mommy, teach me how to come like a woman. "

     Pulling her back against my mouth, my tongue darted into Misty's fiery, churning pussy, licking her wildly. Her clit rose up from her hood, pink, hard, straining for my tongue, and I wrapped my mouth around her straining bud.

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   I slid two fingers up her tight channel, seeking out her G spot, Misty was grunting and gasping with pleasure. I found the spot, and started to massage it, and my tongue slipped around her clit, tugging and gently pulling on her, urging her on.

     Samantha whispered to Misty, "Let it go baby, feel the wicked sensations, and let your girl juice fly, Momma's gonna love it!"
     I could feel Misty's cunt virtually thrumming, her orgasm was almost on her.

     "Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh shit, fuck yes, oh holy fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

     Her abdomen spasmed, I could feel her tightening up, getting ready to spray. I closed my eyes, and Misty shrieked as she felt the release, and I felt her spray hit my face. Her howls of orgasmic release accompanied the dull splatter of her juices, as Misty sprayed my face, jetting her girl cum all over me in wet, juicy streams.

     After the last squirt, I opened my eyes to see Misty staring down at me, a look of dazed wonderment in her eyes.

     "I did that, I came like that, and I sprayed you, did I really do that?"

     I laughed, and said, "Yes baby, you really did do that, you have now learned how to cum like a woman. "

     I looked over, saw Darrin, his cock hard, throbbing and eager, and Misty looked at Darrin, and saw the thickness of Darrin's engorged cock.

     "Oh my, Daddy's hard cock is so much bigger than Mister Lister's. Teach me how to take that big beauty deep inside me. " Misty whispered, her face alight with the glow of a sex flush.

     She lay back, and Samantha and I cuddled in against her sides. We both reached down, slid a hand under each knee, and gently lifted her legs up and apart, spreading her open, her thighs parting, her crimson love flesh rosy and swollen, slicked up with the juices of her last orgasm. Darrin's cock was rock hard, and he nudged his cock head in against the part of her entrance.

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   Samantha and I started to lick and kiss Misty's breasts, and suck and nip very gently at her throbbing tits, listening to her sighs of pleasure as we worked over her swollen breasts. Darrin started to slide in slowly, his thick shaft stretching the walls of Misty's tight teen cunt open. She was grunting and gasping, as Darrin pushed slowly, just before he buried it, Misty's eyes opened, they looked right at Darrin's eyes.

     "Now, push hard, bury it in me Daddy" she gritted through clenched teeth.

     Darrin did so, thrusting the last two inches in, burying himself balls deep, Misty yelped as her deeper, unopened folds got split apart for the first time. My husband held steady, as Misty panted, getting used to the feeling.

     "Oooohh, oh my god, Daddy you're so big, I feel it so deep in me, I feel so full, so stretched open, I've never had such a huge cock up my tight little pussy" Misty grunted.  

     After a minute of Samantha and I licking Misty's nipples, and giving her long, tongue filled kisses, Misty started to moan with pleasure, and urged Darrin on.

     "Ok Daddy, let me have it, slowly please, I feel like I've just lost my virginity all over again!"

     Darrin did so, and after the first few abrasive thrusts, the fucking rhythm got easier. We could see the pleasure starting to light up Misty's face, her pussy had adjusted to the huge filling, as Darrin started to pump his cock hungrily into her, starting to go faster when it was clear Misty had gotten over the pain of her deeper walls being opened for the first time. I could imagine the tightness of her pussy, I could hear the wet squelch of her juices flowing around his cock, helping him thrust into her even harder, ramming her towards orgasm. Her moans of pleasure filled the bedroom, Darrin was riding her hard, her tits were bouncing up and down furiously, as Darrin gave Misty a power fucking. Her cries of joy and pleasure filled the room and mingled with Darrin's lust grunts and moans of pleasure.

     Suddenly, Misty howled out, "Daddy, oh Daddy, I’m- I’m- I’m CUMMING!”

     Her voice rose to a shriek, Misty's body spasmed against Darrin, Darrin growled with pleasure as could feel her pussy convulse and clench around his thick cock. Darrin's cock was at full extension, nudging against her cervix, he couldn’t hold it any longer and he came, squirting wildly deep inside her.

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   They were surrounded by their own cries as his cock continued to pump his juices into her, splattering his thick load against her cervix, and filling her womb. We watched as he slowly, deeply thrust into her until he was finished, her tightness milking his cock, giving Misty every drop.

     When Darrin pulled out, Samantha's head was quickly between Misty's thighs, Sam was very eager to suck out all the cum.

     "Now, my darling redheaded daughter, here's another lesson, about the best way to clean up our messy pussies after Darrin has filled them up for us! When Samantha has sucked it all out, she's gonna give Mommy a snowball. "

     Samantha eagerly dove in, licking at Misty's cum slicked labial lips, driving her tongue inside, scooping at the rich cream, and sucking eagerly, determined to get every last drop of Daddy's spunk out of Misty's pussy. Darrin's load was quickly sucked out, and Samantha grinned at me, raising her head, I could see the thick load of sperm ready to spill from her smiling lips. I could see Misty, her green eyes wide, watching with great interest as I quickly sealed my lips to Samantha's, and the spunk gushed out, I moaned deep in my throat, from the taste of Misty's delicious juice, mixed with Darrin's thick, creamy load. Samantha and I kept our lips locked tightly together as we shared up the thick, juicy bounty, we didn't want to waste even a drop of that delicious combination.

     Samantha looked at Misty, and growled, "Now, I want to be the next one to lick your sweet pussy baby! Sit on my face, I want a squirting spray too!"

     Misty was happy to do so, Samantha gazing up at the spread flesh of her inner recesses, I could see Sam lick her lips at the sight. She quickly pulled Misty's hips down, cleaving her mouth tightly to Misty's heated center. Misty was quickly racing back up towards orgasm, as Samantha gave her a fantastic lick job, I know how good my daughter is, from having her mouth working over my heated cunt. Samantha quickly slid two fingers up, and started to polish Misty's G spot.

     "Yes, fuck, oh my god, yes, gonna cum, gonna squirt, get ready Sam, yes, yes, YES!"

     With a howl, Misty orgasmed, her body shaking and shuddering, and her pussy started to squirt, she splattered 6 ropes of her sexy girl cum all over Samantha face, Sam's face alive with pleasure, getting some squirts right in her mouth, it was incredibly erotic to see my sexy daughter mouthing that orgasmic flow.

     Misty slid off, and lay back, breathing heavily. After a few minutes, she looked over at me and grinned.

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     "Now, I want to lick Mommy's cunt, come sit on my face Mommy, and squirt me down, come like a woman all over my face!"

     Samantha cooed, "Oh yes, just wait till you feel Momma's cum, she a real squirter, and her juices taste delicious!"

     I quickly took position, letting my slightly parted lips hover over Misty's face, letting her see the rich dewy excitement slicking up my horny entrance. Her lambent green eyes gazed up at me, sending hot squirms of pleasure radiating thought me.

     "Oh yeah, baby girl, Mommy's hot and horny, and Mommy's pussy is all hot and juicy, just for you, run your tongue in there baby, and lick Mommy clean. " I cooed.

     Misty eagerly did so, pulling me down tight, drawing a groan of pleasure from me as I felt her full, luscious red lips pressing against my labial lips, and I felt her tongue worm its way up inside me. Her tongue was very agile, and very flexible, and I started to pant with pleasure as her tongue skilfully licked all my sweet spots. She was made to lick cunt, and lick it very well, as she was proving right now. I felt her tongue made broad, sweeping licks against the rock hard nubbin of my clit, I grunted as I felt 2 fingers slide up, searching, searching, then Ahhh, heaven, as her fingers hit my G spot. I could feel that delicious pressure start building, I felt that warm tingle spread across my belly, the squeezing urge start ramping up, and I knew I was going to burst.

      "Yes, oh fuck, yes, gonna cum, gonna cum all over your face Misty honey, yes baby, oh yes, yes, yes, OH YES!" 

     I looked down, saw Misty's face, glowing, opening her mouth for her reward. I growled, feeling the quivering of my inner cunt, and the release as a stream of my hot juice erupted, spraying Misty directly in the face. My hips were bucking from the force, Misty stayed with me, eager to get as much of a female facial as she could. I sprayed her down, seeing at least two of my streams shoot directly into her ready mouth, eagerly gulping down my girl cum.

     I slid off, giddy and drifting on that post orgasmic glow, and watched as Misty pounced on my husband.

     "Now, I want to suck Daddy's cock, I want to taste your delicious cum! Stand up Daddy, I want to be on my knees sucking your cock, it'll make me feel so hot to be on my knees, servicing your big, hard cock!"

     I watched as Misty licked Darrin's cock, bone hard from watching us teach Misty how to suck cunt correctly, and how to cum like a woman, she licked at the throbbing head like it was a big lollipop, listening to Darrin's growls of pleasure as her hot tongue painted designs of pleasure all over.

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   She looked him in the eye, gave a sexy growl of her own, opened her mouth and swallowed 6 inches of his cock in one plunge, Darrin groaned with pleasure as his cock was encased in the hot, wet cling of Misty's mouth. Misty drew back and plunged down again, that red head bobbing up and down, those full, luscious red lips sucking my husband's fat, juicy cock.

     "Oh yeah baby, you are a natural, love the feel of those tight, cocksucker lips, such a great cocksucker!"

     The encouragement spurred Misty on, and she worked on his cock, his shaft shiny wet with her spit, then, with a slight twist of her head, she swallowed the last two inches, taking in that big shaft right to the balls. Darrin grunted, I knew he was near climax, and as the idea formed, that I wanted to make sure that Misty got a big mouthful, Samantha had been thinking exactly the same thing. Sam quickly got behind Darrin, her finger slicked up with baby oil.

     "We must make sure that Misty gets a nice big load to taste!" Samantha giggled.

     So saying she spread apart the cheeks, and her finger was quickly shoved up Darrin's asshole. Darrin grunted, Samantha quickly found the spot, and started to polish his prostate, urging him on.

     "Yeah Daddy, oh yeah, give Misty a thick juicy load, give your honorary daughter every drop, flood her cute mouth!"

     I got behind Misty, reached around, and cupped breasts, softly stoking her hard nipples.

     "Misty baby, pull back, Darrin's just about to cum, and you'll want to taste his load, rather than just have it fired down your throat, keep the head in your mouth, and pump Daddy's cock" I urged her.

     Misty, the good student that she was, did exactly that, and just as she started to pump Darrin's prick, the combined stimulation of hot mouth around his cock, and skilful fingering of his prostate did it.

     "Fuck, oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, gonna flood your sweet hot mouth baby, yeah, yeah, oh fuck YEAH!"

     Darrin's cock blew, I could see the pulsing of his cock erupting again and again, I imagined the geyser of hot, white cum spilling into Misty's mouth, watching him thrust and grunt and spill even more cum, thick streams coating Misty's tongue, sliding down her throat, painting her tonsils white. Misty was gulping down his load, sucking out every last drop. She raised her head, smiled, and smacked her lips.

     "Oh yes, that was so tasty Daddy, you have the best tasting cum in the world!"

     "That's my Daddy, you see why I love my lessons, I have such sexy parents, who love to teach me everything, just like we'll teach you everything!" Samantha whispered.

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     We all lay down, needing a rest, I was on my side, and Misty snuggled in, her delicious backside pressed against my hips like spoons.

     "Umm, feels so good, hold me close Mommy" she whispered.

     I was happy to do so, sliding my arms around her, one hand resting against her belly, the other hand gently stroking her, as she drifted off. I looked over, saw Samantha smiling at us, spooning in against Daddy, his strong hands around her body.

     "Umm, love the feeling of Daddy holding me close" Samantha murmured sleepily, as sleep also claimed her well fucked body.

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