Parents teach their daughter.


     "I caught Samantha and Roger making out tonight in the rumpus room, they were both naked from the waist up, and he was trying to slip his hand under Sam's skirt. I don't know how far it would have gone if I hadn't walked in on them. Thank god I got Sam started on the pill, she doesn't need a baby at 16. "

     My husband Darrin looked over at me, a thoughtful expression on his face.

     "Sam has told me that she's still a virgin, and she's pretty sure that Roger is too. I wonder how good the first time will be, my first time was nothing to write home about. "

     Smiling, Darrin said, "Then you found me, and you found out how good sex can be. "

     Feeling that familiar stirring, I cooed, "Oh yes indeed, how about you remind how good it can be?"

     Since we were both naked in bed, it was an easy matter for my husband to take me in his arms, and start to awaken my need, turning it from a flame into a fire. He loves foreplay, and his touches and kisses all over my body were starting the fire going. His mouth at my creamy center, he licked, sucked and kissed my lovingly, driving me up and up until I felt the spasms starting deep inside, and I pulled his mouth tightly against me, feeling his tongue licking up the gush of my juices as I shuddered and moaned from orgasmic pleasure.

     He rose up, that pleasing 8 inches rock hard and ready for action, and I welcomed him with a lust filled smile, open arms and open legs. I could feel the press of his cock against me, then he slid in, and I growled with pleasure, as he parted my tight walls, in and in until I brought my legs around him, and his cock was buried deep, right to the balls.

     I cooed, "Yes, oh yes, love you baby, give me that ride, I want to feel you squirt, I want to feel your cum gushing hotly into me. "

     Darrin was happy to do so, and hearing me urge him on fired him up. He got into a steady rhythm, sliding into my burning core over and over again, and I could feel my orgasm quickly start building back up. I was grunting with pleasure as he fucked me, driving his fat cock inside me, I love the feeling of being split open over and over by his girth.

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   My orgasm built right back up to a peak, and I let it go.
     I howled, "Oh my God, I'm cumming, yes, yes, yes, YES!"

     I could feel my inner tightness clamp tightly around Darrin's cock, spasming wildly, urging him to blow. Looking at my face in the throes of my orgasm, he growled with pleasure, and I felt the hard thrust, burying it deep, his eruption, the jetting streams spewing out, filling me up with his hot sperm satisfaction, my pussy wrapped tightly around him, milking every drop out of his swollen cock. We sprawled on the bed, breathless, sweaty and very satisfied.

     My mind returned to Samantha, and I said, "It's a shame that virgins don't have a coach, an instructor, to show them how to do it, and do it right. "

     Darrin replied, "Well, how about if we instruct them? We'll show them how to do sex right, and then if they are comfortable with the idea, we'll watch them during their first time, and show them how to have a wonderful introduction to sexual pleasure?"

     That sounded like a great idea, except for. . . . .
     "Do you mean, get totally naked, and have you make love to me just as if there was no one watching us?" I replied, a bit nervously.

     "Seems the best way, they have to see exactly how it is, and no drawings or lectures can get the message across better than that. Then, if they are comfortable with it, we will watch them while they have their first time, and we can position them, and show them how to make it very good. " Darrin replied.

     I was still a bit nervous, but Darrin reminded me that at 40, I still have an awesome body, that more that a few women half my age would love to have, full firm breasts, a curvy waist and my hips that have a bit of flare to them.

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   Darrin calls my body a certified "cock-raiser", and he is certainly in great shape himself, at 6 feet and 180 pounds, that he works to keep in shape. When he takes me in his arms, I can always feel the inner stirrings heat up quickly. I feel very lucky to have a husband that cares about how he looks to me, and works to keep himself attractive to me.

     I took a deep breath, and said, "Let's do it, let's show our darling daughter and her boyfriend how to do sex right. I know they have a date for Friday night, I'm going to tell Samantha that we want to have a talk with them when he gets here. "

     The next day, I told Sam that her Dad and I want a talk with her and Roger before their date Friday night, and I could see the "we are in trouble" look on her face. I suppressed the urge to smile.

     Friday night, and we had two nervous teens seated on the sofa, while Darrin and I stood before them.

     "Now, we know that it's normal for teens to have the feelings and urges you two have, we had them just like you did, when we were you age. "

     Sam said, "Mom, we know all about the birds and the bees, we don't need another one of those lectures. "

     I replied, "Oh, this is not a lecture. You and Roger are coming up to our bedroom, and you are going to watch us making love!"

     The looks on their faces was priceless, as what I said struck home. As the meaning sunk in, I could see Sam still trying to digest it, while Roger was eyeing my body, he seemed to be ready to warm up to the idea.

     Sam stammered, "You. .

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  . you. . you want us to. . to. . to. . "

     I said, "Well, you just said it yourself, another lecture won't do anything, so, we want to show you exactly how to do it. "

     Roger had warmed up to the idea, the fact that he'd get to see my naked body had  decided the issue for him, as he said to Samantha, "I think it's a good idea, then we'll see how to do it right, we want our first time to be something very memorable. "

     Samantha was still a bit hesitant, but she agreed, and we led them upstairs to the bedroom. Two chairs had been set up next to the bed, and we motioned for them to take a seat. On the other side of the bed, Darrin and I turned to each other, and our lips locked, tongues swirling, hands unbuttoning, unzipping, removing clothes, until my husband was down to his boxers, and I was clad in only my tight, very skimpy red panties.

My pussy was gushing, fuck it was exciting, as my husband took to one knee, and I looked down and watched as he began to peel my little red panties off.

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   He pulled the material away from my sodden labia and as they dropped to my ankles, I took a peek at our audience, Roger was eagerly eyeing my body, taking in as much as his eyes could see, I could see his eyes lock on to my neatly trimmed blonde muff, and as I pulled down Darrin's boxers, and his 8 inches rose into view, hard and eager, I could Samantha's eyes grow very wide, as she stared at her Dad's stiff, ready hardness.

     I said, "Now, for your first time, we expect you to do what we are doing next, and if you want to be a great lover, you do this every time!"

     On the bed, Darrin and I came together, he laid me back and gave me an extended session of foreplay, my gasps and cries of pleasure let our audience know how good it felt. Spreading my legs wide, I let him know where I wanted his mouth to go, and his mouth was quickly pressed against my pink center, his hot breath and sweeping tongue working over my soaking pussy, I peeked at our audience, and Roger's rock hard cock was visible, he'd opened his zipper to give it some air, and Samantha had a hand wrapped around it, feeling it pulse in her hand, while his hand was under her skirt, fingers sliding inside her panties. That just did it, and as my husband's tongue swept over my twitching clit, over and over, I felt my juices gush, the spasms starting down deep, and I let out a wail of pleasure as I came, my orgasm rocking my body, making me shake and shudder with pleasure as that wave engulfed me.

     Darrin lay back, his hard stiff 8 inches skyward, and I swung into position, and with a smile of desire and a grunt of pleasure, I mounted him, impaling myself on his thick cock, I loved the feel of my walls getting the stretch, as I slid right down to the balls.

     I looked over at our audience, and told them, "For your first time, we think you should try this position, so that Samantha can control the depth of penetration, in case it's very painful. "

     Fired up, I rode Darrin, grinding my burning pussy down on his throbbing cock.

     "Now, after the initial penetration, and the pain of breaking your hymen has faded, you can try other positions, like this one. Roll me over, sweetheart. "

     Clamping my body tightly to his, we rolled over, and I brought my legs up and around Darrin's waist as he powered me back into the mattress as his rampant cock rammed into me again and again. I was gasping and grunting with pleasure, but before I let it go, I wanted one more position.

     "Ok baby, take me from behind" I whispered.

     I positioned myself on hands and knees, and I cocked my ass up, raising myself up for entry. I turned my head, saw Samantha and Roger, their faces alight with lust, breathing hard, watching our every move. I reached down, parting my lips as Darrin got into position, and I felt his cock head notch against my lips.

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   Darrin mounted me, taking me from behind, I growled with pleasure as my slick heat wrapped around his stiff cock again, as he powered his bloated, rock hard cock as far up my tight, burning pussy as he could. I felt his hands grasp my hips, as he really reamed out my throbbing cunt, jack-hammering his granite satisfaction into me, over and over. His cock was nudging open my cervix, that did it, I was grabbed by a giant wave of horny lust, and I felt it racing at me.

     "Oh fuck, yes, yes, feels so good, mmm, love you, oh love you baby, let it go, fill me, yes, yes, I'm cumming, yes, yes, YES!"

     I let out a howl of pleasure as I felt my cunt wrench and start to spasm wildly, my husband rammed his cock in one last time, his cock swelled up tight, opening my cervix, and I could feel the tight milking spasms working over his thick cock. I could feel his cock start exploding and squirting wildly deep inside, his load pouring hotly right into my very womb, my eager tightness draining every drop from his cock. As our orgams ebbed, we flopped down in a sweaty, satisfied heap.

     I looked over at Samantha and Roger, and before I could even bring up the idea of our watching them, Samantha said shyly, "Roger and I are wondering if we could have our first time right now, and could you stay with us, and help guide us?"

     I grinned at Darrin, and said, "Baby, we'll be glad to help you out. "

     Darrin and I took their seats, and we watched Samantha get stripped down by Roger. Samantha's body is just an inch shorter and 10 pounds heavier than mine, and I could see the effect her nude, 16 year old body had on my husband, his cock rose back up.  

     Samantha stripped Roger, giving his cock a squeeze, and I could feel my inner sanctum give me a zing, at his 7. 5 inches, hard, eager and ready. Darrin and watched as Samantha and Roger came together on our bed.

     For a first timer, Roger had learned well, his mouth, tongue and fingers were all over Samantha, she was letting off gasps of pleasure as Roger stroked, kissed and caressed her body all over, lighting her up like a considerate lover would do. He rolled her gently onto her back, and between her thighs, he raised his hand.

     I was there quickly, and he asked, "Where exactly should I kiss and lick her here?"

     I reached down, and gently spread Samantha's tight lips apart.

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   As I showed him the various parts, I said, "Start out with her tight pink opening, just run your tongue along the lips, taste the sweet juices that will start to flow, then, right here, see the clitoris, right there? Give Samantha lots of licks with your tongue right along there. "

     "And Sam, when Roger is licking you, let him know what feels great, if something feels not so great, or if it's not doing anything. Men aren't mind readers, and we need to let them know what feels good, don't be afraid to speak up. "

     Looking at Samantha's sweaty face, suffusing with the glow of her sex flush, I bent down, and gave her more than a Mom's kiss, she looked so sexy, and I couldn't resist. She seemed startled, but as my lips parted, and my tongue gently probed, her lips parted, she allowed my tongue in, and her tongue quickly met mine in a passion filled swirl.

     I finally broke the kiss, and whispered to her, "Enjoy baby. "

     My pussy was now starting to throb, as I watched Roger go down on Samantha. He licked, kissed and ran his tongue over her gleaming flesh.

     Samantha suddenly stiffened, and cooed, "Yes, ooh yes, there, lick me right there!"

     Roger did as he was told, and Samantha's started to moan with pleasure, his tongue sweeping over her hot spot. Sam suddenly went rigid, her legs shaking and spasming, and she let out a howl as Roger's tongue brought her to climax, Roger's face getting a juicy gush, as Sam's juices coated his mouth.

     Roger lay back, and watched Samantha squatting over him, ready to position herself. I again went over, and told her to only take as much as she could. I rubbed her shoulders and her back, trying to help her relax, until she smiled at me, and told me that she felt she was ready. This time, she grabbed my head and brought me forward for another tongue filled swirl of passion, I am sure that the two cocks in the room got harder and harder watching our mouths lovingly dueling with each other.   I reached down, and parted Samantha's lips, Roger notched his cock against her, right in the small opening, and taking a deep breath, Sam started to sink down slowly.

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   I could see her concentrating, gritting her teeth as she got the first stretch, she paused, gathering up her determination, then she pushed down, hard. She gasped, flinched and let out a pained whimper as she ended her virginity, but she continued to push down, Roger's cock now pushing past her torn hymen. She sank down, taking him in right to the balls, and let out a grunt. She had her eyes closed, breathing hard, not moving.

     She let out a shaky breath, and whispered, "Oh my god, it's so big, I feel so stuffed. "

     I squatted over Roger, right behind Samantha, reached around, and caressed her breasts and her belly, running my fingers over her soft skin in tantalizing circles, and whispered, "It's okay baby, take as much time as you need, you'll feel yourself loosen up a bit from the stretch, then you can take it as nice and slow as you like. "

     I heard Samantha make soft sighs of pleasure as I stroked her supple skin, and she lifted up slowly, and slid down his cock again, this time letting out a moan that sounded more like pleasure.

     She whispered, "Thanks Mom, I think I can handle it now. "

    As I got up, I gave her one last tongue swirling kiss, and cooed, "Enjoy your first time, baby. "

     My cunt was on fire, I needed it bad. As soon as I was beside my husband, I grabbed him, bent myself at the waist, grabbed my ankles, and urged him on. He was glad to do so, and as my darling Samantha rode Roger's cock, Darrin buried his bone hard cock in my fiery, soaking lust pit, grabbing my hips and driving his cock in balls deep, drawing a grunt of pleasure from me.

     Roger said, "Let's roll over baby. "
     They quickly repositioned themselves, and Roger was now riding Samantha, as Darrin started to ram my horny cunt. Samantha wrapped her legs around Roger's waist, and Roger grunted as he went deep.

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   I was watching my daughter and her boyfriend fucking, and my cunt was pulsing, burning, ready to blow. Samantha looked over at us, watching us fucking, and I could see her licking her lips as she watched us going at it. That did it, and I let out a shriek of pleasure as my throbbing volcano exploded, followed very quickly by my husband's loud grunt of pleasure, as his cock exploded, pulsing crazily, firing a fresh volley of hot, thick cum deep inside me.

     Sam suddenly howled, "Yes, oh my god, I'm cumming too, yes, oh yes, fuck me, YES!"

     Her body went rigid, her legs locked around Roger, then she let out a wail of pleasure, her legs started to spasm, her body started bucking and shuddering wildly, as she let her orgasm go, and Roger grunted, growled out "Oh fuck YEAH!" and drove himself in, as deep as possible against Samantha as he spent himself in a gushing orgasm, I hoped him was pumping a big, hot stream of cum up into my darling daughter's no longer virgin tightness.  

     An hour later, after Sam and Roger had gone to catch the late showing of the movie they were planning to see, my husband and I were back in bed, going at it, I felt like one gigantic beast of lust. As we wildly fucked, I kept replaying in my mind, how my darling Samantha looked in the throes of orgasm, how wildly turned on I had been from kissing Samantha like a lover, and caressing her lovely breasts and belly during her initial penetration. I imagined my husband between her thighs, driving his hard cock into his darling girl, I imagined lying right next to them, her boyfriend sliding his cock into me, and I came like an earthquake, shaking and screaming with pleasure, as my husband unloaded another volley of fresh cum deep inside me.