Part 2 - Mom Screemin Aint Stoppin Us...


     Of course, we were punished for our fucking and told not to continue.   Christina went back to her room; while it looked like I was going to be banished to mine for the next year or two.   Only something happened to make my fucking her seem like small-potatoes, considering.
     Yes, the following month, Christina missed her period.   She came to me first and told me that we made a baby in her womb.   Then we went together and told our parents that Christina was going to have a baby.   They told us, that if we hadn't been fucking, we wouldn't be in this mess.
     Mom took Christina to the doctor and verified that she was pregnant.   When they came home and we all discussed what would happen next, we decided that Christina would have the baby; then she and I would have to have to take care of it.   So (since Christina was already pregnant, and couldn't very well get any MORE pregnant) we decided to keep fucking until we couldn't.   Our parents just gave up; as they couldn't see it would do any good after that.   Besides, they didn't want me chasing after some OTHER girl, after I'd already gotten my big sister in trouble.
     After six months, Christina stopped letting me fuck her; saying that it hurt too much.   So she started to suck me off every night, instead of fucking, until the baby was born.
     Christina and I took Lamaze classes, so we would be together when the baby was born.   At the hospital, when Christina had our baby, the doctors let me observe and help my sister, just as if I had been her husband.

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    I think they thought I was.
     We had a healthy eight-pound baby girl.   We both love her too.   Jenny is the light of our lives now; even though getting up in the middle of the night to feed and diaper her can be a pain sometimes.
     About a month after the baby was born, Christina and I were horny for each other and we couldn't wait any longer to fuck.   We were in the living-room talking and just started to fool around again.
     I started out by touching her breasts through her tank top and rubbing her nipples.   She responded by reaching down to my crotch and started rubbing my dick through my shorts.   The more we rubbed and touched each other, the faster we started taking off each other's clothing.   I took off her tank top off first to bare my sister's beautiful breasts.   I then sucked on her breasts and nipples for a minute or two.   She then took off MY shirt at the same time as I started taking off her shorts.   She then took my shorts off, to bare my cock and balls; because I never wear underwear.   I took off her panties and got between her legs to lick her pussy, just like I did that first time.   (You know, I was right about my sister's pussy being as sweet as any fruit.

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     She started to moan when I touched her clit with my tongue; then Christina grabbed my head and pushed me even further into her pussy.   I stuck my tongue deep in her pussy  while licking and sucking her pussy and clit; savoring the fresh sweet taste of my own horny sister.
      Christina wouldn't let me go until I made her cum.
         Then I heard the familiar moans of her approaching cum.    She stiffened and jerked, as I got a mouthful of her sweet cum juice.   After she settled down she loosened her legs around my head.   I licked and kissed her as I inched up her body to plant my cock in that sweet pussy I loved so well.   As my cock touched and penetrated Christina's sweet pussy, it slid right in her without any effort.   It knew where it belonged.
         My cock hit my sister's cervix and she wrapped her legs around my ass; then I started to pump in and out as she held me tightly.   Once again. Christina started to moan and squeeze her pussy muscles, only this time around my cock, as I started to move faster inside her.   Christina's pussy felt so good, I wanted to cum in her as many times that I possibly could.   I had really
    missed fucking my sister's pussy.   The faster I pumped, the faster Christina's hips moved, until we were one big nasty working together to make each other feel good.

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        As I was approaching orgasm, I could feel her pussy muscles massaging my cock.   Christina approached orgasm too, as I moved even faster and harder in and out of her wet, hot pussy.
         It was then that I told her, I was about to cum and she agreed and said, "Shoot your cum in me; and let's make another baby. "     What could I say?  I did it.