Part 2 of 3 - All tied up with daddy


Daddy and i returned home with our bag of bondage goodies.

Daddy swept me up in his arms, kissing me as if his life depended on it.

I could feel daddy's cock was hard, pushing for release.

"Baby i have to have you now! Go get on the bed, i'll lock up and be right there" he moaned against my ear.

I was just as excited and in need of daddy.

"Dont be too long, i just might have to start without you" i said with a grin as i turned to head to the room.

I got undressed and laid on the bed, giving daddy a perfect view of my pussy when he walked in.

"Damn baby you are so sexy" he said as he removed the rest of his clothes and got out our new toys.

My heart was racing as daddy climbed on top of me, taking my hand and locking it in the cuff, then looping the handcuff through the bedhead, and locking my other hand in, leaving me with my hands pinned above my head.

"God baby you look so. . . . . . amazing.

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   I dont know why we never thought of this before. Now lift your head up baby. " daddy whispered as he tied the blindfold over my eyes, making everything go black.

Daddy continued to slid down my body, and cuffing my ankles to the end of the bed.

Being tied and blindfolded to the bed daddy started kissing his way up my body, stopping at my pussy.

Daddy gripped my hips and started licking and sucking on my pussy, pushing his tongue inside my hole.

I was bucking around as my 1st orgasm began.

"Oh daddy im cummming" i screamed.

Daddy didn't slow down for a second, taking my clit into his mouth and sucking with such pressure, quickly starting another orgasm.

I was bucking and moaning things i cant even remember, as i felt my clit numbing as daddy bit into it, sending me over the edge for the 3rd time.

"Hmm fuck baby that was so hot" daddy moaned as he slid up my body taking my mouth in his.

Daddy reached between us, pushing his cock to the opening of my pussy.

In one quick motion, daddy rammed his cock deep in my pussy, letting out a moan into my mouth.

Daddy pulled his mouth away to suck and bite at my neck as he increased his sped.

"Mmm daddy i need to touch you!" i moaned, pulling against the handcuffs.

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Daddy giggled as he moved his hands up to push on mine.

"No baby" daddy groaned as he slammed into my pussy with such roughness, i knew he wouldn't last long.

My clit rubbed against daddy, sending waves of pleasure filling my entire body.

"harder daddy! Fuck of harder! Make me cum, cum with me dadddy!" i screamed as my orgasm started.

I tightened my pussy muscles around daddy's cock, as he slammed harder into me.

"Baby im gunna cum!" daddy shouted as his cock twitched and he fucked his cock into my pussy like a jackhammer, spilling cum deep within.

Daddy slid the blindfold down, and kissed me.

"damn baby, that was fucking great. Did my baby girl like that?" daddy asked when he gained his breath back.

"mmm yes daddy i liked it. Being pretty much out of control in whats happening and not being able to see, is a rush. Its like all the feelings are intensified. " i replied as i sealed my lips back to daddy's.

"You know baby, nj_baby 130 also suggested bringing the dog to join. And we have had suggestions of us having a 3some.


  " daddy said with a wicked smile.

"Hmm lets get something to eat, and clean up a little. Then we can give it a go, see if he (our great dane) wants a 3some. " i replied . . .
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