PART 4 Comeing out to mom about crossdressing (Dads home for visit)


Mom and came back and spent the day cleaning and other stuff. Dad would come inside every once in whilie grab our asses or kiss us. Mom went upstaies and got some stuff and put it my room and came back down stairs telling me it daddy lastnite home so we give him a night he'll never forget.
Later on after we ate and watch some tv I went up to my room and on my bed was a red full corset and red fisnet stockings and red 6 inch sandle type spike heels with straps that wrpped around the calf of my legs. I took a bath and my glue mom made pussy was still the same. I got out of tube went in my room and put on what mom had left me and reglued my fake tits back on myself. I redone my makeup and lipstick when mom came in my room and said wait here till dad gets out of shower and I come get you. I finshed up doing what had to and waited.
Finally mom came in my room wearing the samething I had on we walked into her room there was dad naked handcuffed and blindfolded on there bed. Mom and I went over and started to take turns sucking licking his cock till he was rock hard. . Mom lubed his dick up and then had me straddle dad and she did the same so he was eat her pussy. I pushed my hips back and daddies thick big cock open and strechted my ass I slowly started to work my hips till I was relaxed and it was easy to work my hips on his pole. I rode him till he filled me up full as me and mom kissed. We took the hand cuff off from dad and blindfold. He pulled mom and me down and kissed us.

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The rest of the night he would take turn fucking us both mom really liked it when I would eat her pussy as dad fucked her. The next day we took him to the airport for his flight out but I gave him a good bj on the way there. .