Topic: PERHAPS IT WAS MY FAULT Just an incident in my middle age.
 As a mother of 3 I'd always coped,you just had too,that's while ago an incident took place that shook me,but I half unfairly blame myself for.
 Me? Well I'm a cuddly middle aged wife/mother that has ample spread in the places that count. No oil painting,but I get by. I have a hubby who works nights and I find myself wanting - if you know what I mean - very often in the evenings. This incident was about my young son eighteen years my junior,I was forty at the time. - about him - tallish,not very muscular,but from early teens he had a forcefulness with females that got him in their pants,if you follow me. Lots of his 'wild oats' had been sown.
 All three of mine were now living away from home,but not that far away. This allowed me to indulge on my own in the evenings,much as I chose. On this particular evening,it was light till quite late and because I had a half net across my bay windows I left my heavy curtains open to make my evenings alone shorter. Having done reading,I settled back in my chair facing this front window and as I did so often,I started to indulge in my usual evening pastime of feeling myself.
 I always took my knickers off earlier in anticipation of this and having got comfortable slouched, I started tormenting my pussy - you know - a smooth outside my dress on my belly or thighs and after a while,the dress was up and my hand gently patted my pussy lips tormenting my clitoris under its hood. All the while my eyelids was shutting to just a slit or even closed completely as my mind wandered for stimulation.
 I had just about reached the point where my clit was demanding I stop tormenting and start some real stimulation when in my trance like state I felt I had saw a shadow at my window. My eyes shot open like saucers just in time to see a body move from the window.

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   Going all hot,I brushed my hand down my dress to take it down over my knees and panicked in mind as to who it was and what had been seen. A latch key started fumbling at my door and I awaited breathlessly to see which of my adult children - all of whom had a key since leaving home - it was and apprehensive of any comment I may receive if they had in fact looked over the half net at what I was up too.
 A head came round the room door,its only me and the blurry eyes disappeared,but not before I saw my son had been drinking rather more than he could cope with. I could now hear his golden fountain splashing in my toilet bowl and awaited with some apprehension his return to my livingroom. On his return he slobbered a boozey hug of me,as his eyes looked towards my unbridled breasts with ,embarrassingly,my nipples sticking up so hard through the thin material. Embarrassing because until he squashed them,they weren't hard.
 Now sat on the edge of the other seat,he looking at me,mumbled, 'I love you mum' then came the first shock! 'Show me mum,show me,you know,what you were doing just now' Lost for words and embarrassed to high heaven,I sat dumbfounded. 'let me watch you' Still struck dumb,I sat and closed my legs very tightly. I had a suspicion that this son of mine wasn't as drunk as he was making out as I wondered how the hell to handle his shocking demand. 'Just have a lay there on the settee,you've been drinking to much again,you just aren't in control of your faculties,go on,go and lie down'
 Shock two followed. He caught hold of his manhood inside his clothes and told me. 'This faculty knows what it likes,go on get yours out and show me' I responded the only way I knew how. 'Don't be stupid,stop it now,you'll be so embarrassed after you sleep that drink off' To this,he launched himself forward onto the floor and on his knees he was at my lap in a second, 'Aw mu' come on,justa little bit,let me watch you play,you know you really want to do it,you were at it already before I got here' I flushed up,he had seen me,I knew it!
 The terrible thing was,this filthy talk was having an effect on me. I was being tempted,all because I had seen him squeeze his half hard cock in his trousers and in my earlier mind searching,I'd actually had the dirty thought of - what had this son of mine hidden that made all these young women let him fuck them - as much as I hated this thought,it wasn't the first time I'd had it either. Then I lost the first round completely.

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   He,putting his chin in my lap right where my pussy was,looked up across my belly and bosom's and grinned as I felt his hand on the outside of my thigh but under my dress. 'Stop!Stop that now,don't be so stupid' I pressed my hand against his to push it down and away from my leg. He in turn bumped his chin on my pussy area and I inadvertently jumped as some of his small beardly bristles poked through the light material of my dress and jabbed at my mound of venus. (pubis)
 This jerking lifted my dress bottom up my knees enough for his hands to help it up further. Coolly looking up at my face,he pushed some more and then looking at my crotch smiled as his thumbs hooked in and started to force against my hands as I tried to stop him getting it high enough to see my quim. These same two thumbs now touched my pussy each side of my clit. My instinct now was to lash out with my legs,but at the same time I realised this would show him my pussy wide open to his gaze. He stopped pushing and just looked at what he could see already. I now hot and flustered to high heaven just stayed as I was with my mind reeling.
 What can I do? scream? No that would be stupid and embarrassing if someone came to see what was happening. Let him? No,that would get him more horny than he already is,resulting in me probably getting fucked by him. This thought was now also having a reaction on me. What if? NO,don't be stupid woman,there's no 'if' about it. NO! NO! NO! This was where I lost it big time. In my turmoil of thinking I'd missed that,his thumbs were moving on me and they were now in my extremely slippery slit.

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   Now looking straight in his unblinking eyes,it dawned,this is why he gets so much pussy.
    He never takes NO as an answer.
     I knew it mattered little if I said NO,he was going to have his way with me or any other piece of pussy tonight. Still not resigned to letting him have his way,I lay motionless as I felt him working my pussy up. Maybe if he found he was having no effect on his mothers quim he would give up. The third shock was not long in coming. Against all my inner strength,his thumbs were now having an effect on my traitorous clitoris. My clit was responding and wanted even more. Gradually I was opening my legs to his probing and before very long he had my full pussy to play with. Weakly,I kept saying,No,you mustn't and eventually it became, 'Keep doing it,don't stop now'
     In my delirium,I wanted him to lick me but I held out from asking for this. Then he had me,I was trying now to get more and more of his long boney fingers in my pussy and he obliged without a word. As I orgasmed, I felt myself being pulled from the chair to the floor,I just about had the strength to hold a cushion to the back of my head to stop it banging on the floor as I sensed my dress passing above my bum cheeks as he pulled me to a laying position on the floor. Still in orgasm,I heard his belt buckle click and I attempted to instinctively scramble away. It was all to late as I opened my eyes to a very long hardon waving before me. With trousers around his kneeling legs he was heading it for my twitching pussy.

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       'No,not that,we can't, it so wrong' 'Keep your eyes shut,then,it will just be a cock,not mine,it could be anybody's' Wanting to reject this statement,I just looked and what I was looking at made me want to.
     This penis was at least a third longer than his fathers,about the same thickness,as hard as hell,but surprisingly unlike his fathers,his foreskin was still shrouding his knob completely. When his dad had a hardon his helmet was out of its skin. But here,I found myself facinated,wondering what it would feel like as his amply soft foreskin ahead of his helmet tickled my equally soft puckered inner lips. Both being so soft,I wondered if my well used vagina would be too slippery to force this skin back off his cocks bellhead. 'Like it? I'm going to,even if you keep saying NO' - Came the reason I am still soul searching - 'Go slow,I want to feel it as it touchs mine,but take it out before it spits' The gentle contact was just as I suspected,it was such a sensational happening,I said 'don't put it in yet,gently move like you are,its going to make me cum,when I do,ram it up me hard' -Was it my fault? I just don't know'!
     Now pushing into my hood his foreskin was so tantalizing I lost it completely and knew my voice was demanding him to ram it up and fuck me hard,harder. I also knew there was no chance of him shooting it on my belly. His very long jerking I could feel it in my wombs neck telling me I was going to get every drop of his cum in my belly. I did and I loved it. What a filthy cat I am. I wanted some more from him I was so worked up,this my own son. What did he say? "Close your eyes and it could be anybody's" 'Don't stop,go again' he did and so did I. After some minutes he pulled off from me. Feeling completely satisfied,I looking at his shining slippery dick with its helmet completely exposed from his foreskin all reddy and purple edged. reassuringly said to him.

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       'Don't feel bad about it tomorrow,it was just a little incident that happens from time to time in any family' Looking at me and as I thought,far from drunk. 'Yeah mum,just an incident and mum,you were one hell of a fuck,honest'
     I'd be a liar if I didn't admit this comment made me feel proud. He left and I lay for a while and must have dozed off for a bit. On waking,I,in finding myself on the floor thought fancy having a dream about your own son doing you. But then on sitting up and seeing a good amount of manly cum over the back of my dress I realised it was no dream. Taking a nearby tissue and spreading my legs I also found enough spunk in my slit to make me realise a lot of sperm was still inside me. Fuck,that could be a problem,but making do as I began. No pregnancy came of it and I've lived to fuck another day and another and another! Oh god I'm getting another of those excited feelings as I think about it again. bye.  


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