Photo Shoot Pt2


Chapter 2 (The Results)
I went through the photos looking them over in great detail using my software discarding half of them due to shadows and other things I did not feel like messing with then I took the one of her in her gown and fixed her highlights in her hair, removed her stretch marks on her thighs and breasts and darkened her nipple a little bit.
Of course as I rubbed the mouse pointer over the nipple I wondered just how those nipples would feel under my thumb getting hard again! Once I was done, I downloaded them to my thumbdrive and called her telling her I had her prints ready to review.
Can, I come over there she asked sounding a little apprehensive. Yes, you know you can. I told her and she responded without mom being there. Of course, tell her you need her to watch the kids tonight while you run an errand. I said so smoothly I worried that maybe I was thinking something else and felt a flush of guilt! I kissed my wife goodbye as she left and half an hour later my daughter arrived.
We went up to my studio and I put the thumbdrive in watching her as they opened one by one. She just watched the show turning to me red-faced saying, I bet you think I am terrible. No, not at all I said, you want to please your husband. Are you afraid he will not approve? We can take some tamer ones if you would feel better about that. Oh no, he will like them, I am sure. We know we can trust each other so that is why I chose to take them for you I reminded her.
So, she said looking up at me with a flushed face, you would take more if I asked you too?