Topic: Previews     The sun had been pouring in the windows all day.   Slowly the angles slid across the floor of David's room, marking the hours off.   The end of every school year for most is a time to relax, let the grades slide a bit, and enjoy the temperate summer weather.   Feverishly David scribbled into his notebook at a pace matched only by the unfraying of his nerves.         Senioritis had set in hard and early for Dave; now he was stuck indoors with a pencil and prayer scrambling to repair the damage he had done to his GPA by slacking off earlier in the year.   His back ached, eyes strained over his assignments.   He was determined.   He had already been accepted to Northwestern U at the end of his junior year, however his scholarships would fall through if he couldn't bring up his grades.       Downstairs, his mother cut up sandwiches for him and brought them up.   He barely noticed she entered his room until her right hand rubbed his back and her left set down the food on his desk.   "Hon, you can take a break every now and again.   Not going to do you any good if it's all done poorly because. . . "       He looked up at her with appreciation, "Thanks mom, but I'm kinda in a zone right now.   I think I'm doing all right.

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    I'll stop when I need to. "       Her hand swirled over his back once more, "Okay.   I just don't want you to be burnt out before you even make it to NWU. "  She glanced at him for a second more, while his head sank back into his shoulders, his scribbling starting again, and left the room closing the door softly behind her.       A couple hours passed quickly and David found his eyes fighting against the dimming light barely breaking into his room.   As he removed himself from the desk, his body surged internally and fought for bladder release.   His mind, frustrated with the interruption of bodily needs, conceded and Dave opened his door and walked down the hallway toward the bathroom.   His mind was still on his work; body pushing toward the bathroom.   As he turned the door handle, his mind snapped as if screaming, 'no wait! knock first!  there may be someone in here. . . ', however it was too late.         There stood his sister, Anna.   Obviously fresh from a shower, applying mascara; readying herself for an evening out with her friends.   It took only seconds - as she spun to scorn him, the towel being held against her body with tight-clamped arms slid down and open on to the floor.

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    "Fuck Dave! Knock would you!"  David was stunned and speechless.   It was a mistake he had never made before.   He was also stunned because for the first time since they were kids, he saw his sister completely naked - breasts so tightly firm and round it seemed as if the skin wouldn't hold them in, nipples perfectly matched; a body practically hour-glass shaped, skin shining and glistening.   Even the slight glimpse he got of her ass drove him into another realm.   Her wet, brown her swung from her chest around to her back as she shoved him out the door.   "Get out!"      David was shaken.   His sister. . . his little sophomore sister. . . his baby sis. . .

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   was hot.   He felt aroused and sickened by his arousal.   He stumbled awkwardly into his mother's room and swung into her master bathroom to relieve himself after he calmed down.   He couldn't get the image out of his mind.   As soon as he was done, his erection began to grow intensely.   Dave was disgusted by the feeling, however he couldn't even blink without seeing his sister's perfect body.   Refusing to do anything about the hardness upright before him, he carefully zipped up and quickly walked into his room closing the door tightly behind him.         He sat at the desk staring at the homework there.   He couldn't even recognize what he had been doing the last 10 hours; concentration was broken.   The bulge ached against his jean's zipper.   His heart raced with a need for release.     Unsure of himself, he got up and paced around the room.   He locked the door, pulled the shades closed, and laid down on his bed face-up.   A moral dilemma began to creep inside of his mind as he rubbed himself lightly over his jeans.         There came a rapping at his door and his mind raced, heart pumping harder.

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          "Hon?"  It was his mother.   "Honey, you ready for a break?  Your sister isn't going out with her friends any more and we were going to pop some popcorn and watch a movie. "      "Um, yeah," he shouted through the door.   "Go ahead and start without me.   I've got a few more problems to finish up here and I'll be down. "      "Okay, hon. "      He could hear the floor creaking away from his door as his mother walked down the hallway.   He stared at the ceiling for a moment, contemplating the 'wrongness' of masturbating over his sister.   "Fuck it," he whispered to himself and pulled off his pants.   His boxers tented up toward the lights above him.   He removed his shirt and moved his hand underneath the waist-line and began to stroke.   He had not even begun to build into an orgasm when there was another knock at the door and whoever was behind it tried at the handle with force.       "David?"  His sister called from the other side.   "Why is your door locked?   Mom says she wants you to stop working right now and come join us. "        Dave's cock seemed to want to double in size - aching under his skin.

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    He was again struck thinking of his sister's body. . . her voice bringing the images back stronger.         "David, are you alright?"  She tried the handle again.   This time though, it clicked oddly.   Dave's heart leaped into a stop as the locking-mechanism was clearly heard to break and the door swung open.       Now it was his sister's turn to be stunned.   There was her brother face-up in bed, hand in his boxers, clearly masturbating.       Anna and David were locked into each other's eyes in a look of horror, curiosity, and surprise.   Dave slowly removed his hand from underneath his boxers and half sat up on the bed.   "Um. . . it is.

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  . . it's not what it looks like. "  Clearly Anna didn't know how to respond.       "Yeah, no.   It's cool.   I understand. "  They both were paused in the moment.   She stared at the tent still pointing into the sky.   He couldn't stop checking out her body, but tried to maintain contact with her face.   Her body language subtlety began to change.       Dave thought he saw something different, something he hadn't seen before, slipping over her face.   "So.   Um, I'll meet you and mom downst. .

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  . "     Suddenly their mother's voice broke the awkward moment from below them, "You kids coming down?  I've got the movie ready!"    Anna shot her head back into the hallway, "Okay mom!  David's just finishing up right now.   We'll be down in a sec!  Go ahead and start the previews!"  Then she turned and caught Dave straight in the eyes.   "How long does it take?"    "What!?"  David's mind could only comprehend half of the meaning of the sentence.     "Quiet. . . how long does it take?"  Anna closed the door behind her, handle drooping down the wrong way.     David couldn't decide whether to be stunned or confused.   "You mean, what I was doing?"    "Yeah, how long does it take you?"    "Depends on. . . uh. . .

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   what exactly are you asking?"    "Dammit Dave.   How long will it take you to cum?"  Anna walked to his bed and sat beside him.   "And what does it depend on?"    "You know, stimulation and stuff.   How fast I go.   I. . . Shouldn't you go downstairs?"    "We've got some time before mom calls again. "    "We?"      With that, Anna's left hand darted for his rock hard cock and got a grip around it through the shorts.   David's face twisted as if he had the wind knocked out of him.   Anna grinned at him.   "You said you had some problems to finish up.   I'm going to help you. "  She began to stroke him with a tight grip.       Dave stuttered his sentences.

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    "Anna. . . I don't think you really want to do that. . . . "  He was now afraid more of cumming too quickly.       She began to jerk him a little faster, at the same time bringing her lips to his ear.   He knew this was going to be short-lived as he felt her moistened lips slide gently over his ear; he could almost hear them part as she whispered, "Cum for me. "    David was done there.   His head went light and his dick seemed to ache with pleasure as he ejaculated into his boxers.   Never in his life had he experienced such pleasure.   She stroked him slowly and hummed erotically, vocalizing her approval.   David's cock throbbed again and again; he began to wonder if he'd ever stop cumming.

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      Anna continued jerking him, brushing the tip of her nose across his cheek and positioning her lips over his.   She paused for a moment there; her breath inhaling with his exhale; she kissed him then after a few shared breaths, deeply and passionately.   David's heart was pounding with ecstasy and confusion.   He wanted more, even needed more of her, of this.     She pulled her face away from his showing only love and care, her hand still slightly rubbing his crouch.   "You should get cleaned up. "  She grinned at him.   "We've got a movie to watch. "  Anna jumped up and went into the hallway bathroom.     David looked around the room for an old towel to wipe himself off with.   His head was swimming.   As he stumbled around his room, he heard Anna flush atoilet in the bathroom and go racing down the hallway, past his room, and to the basement.   Her teasing voice soon erupting from the stairs, "C'mon David!  You're going to miss the beginning!"   .
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