Prom Night Surprise from his sister


Seth was lying on his bed with the covers pulled down and his right hand wrapped around his erect cock.   It was nearly midnight, everyone else in the house was asleep and Seth was enjoying some alone time.   Like any virgin eighteen year old boy Seth would masturbate on a daily basis.   However, unlike most eighteen year old boys, Seth’s sexual fantasies would often revolve around his own sister performing sexual acts.
Emily was Seth’s sister and classmate, also much to his dismay she was almost universally accepted as the most beautiful girl in school.   She was about 5’4, 110lbs, with dark blonde hair, green eyes, c cup breasts, and a perfect ass shaped by years of tennis and cheerleading.    Unlike most girls her age, she didn’t dress like a slut but did dress in preppy clothes that flattered her figure.   After finishing up in a tissue paper, Seth tried to fall asleep to get some rest for the busy day ahead.  
The following day Seth found himself in a black tux with a light blue tie and vest.   It was prom night and Seth was going to the prom with a group of friends.   Two weeks prior he had a date but she canceled on him three days ago.   He felt a bit bummed that he was going alone but Seth was an optimist and he was going to try and enjoy the night anyway.
The actual prom was a bit of a letdown.   The food was of no better quality than that found on an airplane and the archaic music must have been chosen by someone who was a teenager when Michael Jackson was still black.   Seth found himself leaning against the refreshments table while the other students filled the dance floor.   It’s not that Seth was unpopular or a loner, he just never learned to dance and had avoided all dances leading up to prom.

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“Hey mister. ”  Seth turned around to find his sister squeezed into a tight green dress and smiling at him.
“Hey. ”  He said.
“Are you just going to guard the brownies all night or are you gonna have fun?”  She asked.
‘I am having fun. ’  Seth lied.
“Come on. ”  She said tugging on his arm.   Emily pulled her brother onto the dance floor and helped him develop his rhythm.   Like a baby taking its first steps, Seth was wobbly, clumsy and uncoordinated but Emily helped him develop his dance moves.   Seth was sweating, not only was the room well above a hundred degrees but he felt a bit uncomfortable dancing with his sister in front of every other senior in the school.   It wasn’t until he felt Emily’s ass press against his crotch that he forgot about everyone else in the room.   Seth put his hands on his sister’s hips as she grinded her ass against him.   Being human, Seth’s cock responded and grew erect.

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    He tried to think his erection away before his sister noticed but he couldn’t help it, finally he pulled himself away and told her he was going to the bathroom. Emily remained dumbfounded on the dance floor.
Seth washed his face and headed back out.   For the rest of the night he didn’t see Emily.   He awkwardly danced with a few more girls before calling it a night and heading home.   Upon arriving home however he was surprised to find the lights on, considering his parents were in Maine for the weekend.   He entered the house and called out but no one responded.
“Seth is that you?”  Emily called out from the second floor.
“Yeah, I’m surprised you’re home already. ”  Seth said as he poured himself a glass of juice.   Emily came down the stairs in a pair of small spandex shorts and a white shirt that must have been at least one size too small for her.   “You got changed fast. ” He said trying not to stare at her unmistakably visible nipples.
“Yeah, well I didn’t feel like going to any of the after parties so Mark dropped me off here. ” She said tying her hair up in a pony tail.

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“Really?”  Seth thought on prom night she would be getting nailed harder than…well a nail.   Emily sensed this.
“Yes, why?” She asked slyly.
“Nothing…it’s just. ”  Seth stopped himself.
‘What!? You think just cause I go out somewhere with a guy I’m going to fuck him at the end of the night?”  She said irritated.
“I’m sorry. ’  Seth headed to the living room.    He sat on the couch and watched a rerun of an old show while sipping at his juice.   A minute later Emily came in and sat next to him.
“I apologize for how I kind of lashed out at you bro. ”  Emily said.   “It’s just that I don’t like for people to think of me like that. ” She put her hand on his leg.   ‘Everyone at school, the teachers…even mom and dad, but you’ve actually been the only person in my life who has always respected me.

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“It’s alright. ’  Seth told her.
“Okay well I’m going to bed see ya in the morning sweetie. ”  Emily left.   Seth watched TV for another hour before he too went to bed.   Just like every other night, he stripped out of his clothes grabbed a box of tissues and jacked off to a picture of Emily at the beach last summer.  
“Hey bro do…’  Emily burst through the door.   Seth panicked and tried to cover himself but Emily had already seen what he was doing.   She sat by the bed and comforted him.   “It’s okay bro every guy does it I don’t care if. . . ”  She stopped and picked up the picture that was on the bed.   She stared at it for what felt like an eternity before turning to Seth and saying.   “Are you thinking of me when you touch yourself?”  Seth didn’t answer.

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    Emily slid her hand under the blanket and grasped Seth’s cock tightly.   “I already taught you to dance; do you want me to teach you to fuck baby brother?”
“Uhh. ”  Is all Seth could say, Emily giggled and continued stroking his cock. She bent over and spit on his cock for lubrication.   Seth’s eyes widened as he took in the idea that his cock was covered in his sister’s saliva while she was jerking him off.
“It’s prom night; if any guy deserves to get laid tonight it’s you.  So have you ever had a blow job?”  She asked.
“What?”  Seth asked not comprehending what was going on.
“Has a girl ever sucked your cock?”  Emily giggled.
‘Uhh No,no uhh no?”  Seth was nervous.
“Well I’m going to win the big sister of the year award for this then. ” Emily smiled.
“Wow uhh…thanks?”  Seth could barely speak his mind was focused on the extraordinary sensation he was feeling of having someone else’s hand wrapped around his cock.
“Ready?”  She asked.   Seth didn’t have time to reply.

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    Emily lowered her head and wrapped her soft lips around her brother’s cock.   The sensation made Seth arch his back and push his cock deeper into his sister’s mouth.   She bobbed her head up and down slowly letting his growth explore her warm moist mouth.   Seth moaned and placed his hand on her head trying to guide her speed.   Emily slurped and tugged at his cock eagerly. Her hands rested on his thighs as she buried her head in his crotch.
“Oh fuck, fuck you’re good at this Em. ”  Seth moaned. Emily pulled her face away and looked up at him.
“I may not fuck every guy I go out with but I’ve been sucking cocks dry since I was twelve. ”  She said before going back to practicing her craft.   Seth was amazed at how eagerly and hungrily she blew him.   He briefly thought back to how he was still playing with action figures when they were twelve years old.
“Mmm. ” She moaned.

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    Emily was sucking him harder and deeper.   The sound of his sister’s slurping and feeling her head bob in his hands, intensified the pleasure of the experience.   Emily’s tongue tickled Seth’s shaft as he felt his cock push against the back of her throat.
“Oh fuck!’  Seth moaned.   Emily knew what that meant.   She pulled the cock out of her mouth, making a loud popping sound.   Emily wrapped her hand around his cock and massaged her brother’s balls with her tongue as she stroked his cock to an orgasm.  
“Come on baby. ” Emily panted as she pumped Seth’s cock excitedly.
“Fuck!”  Seth moaned.   At that moment stream of hot thick cum shot out of his cock and all over his sister’s pretty face.   Cum splattered all across Emily’s face but she didn’t seem to mind.   She continued stroking Seth slowly until she was sure every last drop of his cum had been released.   She took the entirety of his shaft in her mouth and she slowly cleaned it with her tongue.  
“Wow” Seth said staring at his sister still covered in his cum.

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“Yeah. ” She said.
“Goodnight baby brother. ”  She hugged him before leaving to her own room.   Seth sat there still taking in what had happened for another hour before falling asleep himself.
For the next few months Seth and Emily would get together regularly.    At the bathrooms in school, in Seth’s room, in Emily’s room, in their Aunt Carol’s bathroom during a family party, whenever Seth could he would pull down his pants and have his sister bury her head in his crotch.   However Seth soon left for college while Emily stayed home.   The two did not see each other for months.   That is until Halloween weekend when Emily flew out to visit her brother.
To Be Continued…