Pulling For My Sister - Ch1 - Something Novel


It annoyed Davey that his little sister Mary would always trail after him no matter where he went. She was an OK sis who loved and looked up to her big brother but when a young teen needed privacy she could be a pain.

Their Mother expected Davey to look after Mary and he was not suppose to leave her alone when they were outside. This tended to make Mary rather possessive of her brother especially when it came to other girls.

Her best friend Beth had made some comments about how much she liked Davey. Mary became jealous and they had their first big fight. After a lonely week apart the two made up but Beth kept her growing crush on Davey a secret.

One afternoon, when their parents were out shopping and Mary was downstairs watching a TV show when Beth knocked on the door. Davey opened the door and let Beth in. She was a very cute girl and Davey was well aware that she had a crush on him. The doe-eyed girl looked at Davey giving him the best flirty eyes she could.

On the spur of the moment he leaned down and gave her a quick kiss. It was all the invitation she needed wrapping her arms around his neck for a returned tongue laden kiss. When the kiss broke Davey took a quick look around and put his finger to his lips signalling Beth to be very quite.

Davey lead Beth to his room closing the door. The problem was the door's latch was wonky and ended up silently releasing which opening the door a crack.

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   The two kids were quickly on his bed necking.

For several weeks Davey had faked going to a local friend's house for math tutoring. This was really an excuse to leave Mary behind and join a teen boy-girl get together. He had not experienced intercourse but had done his fair share of necking including feeling up girls, muff dives and several blow-jobs as the get together turned into rainbow parties.

Beth was new to necking and she let Davey do anything he wanted. Soon she was panting and squirming to his touch. In a few minutes Davey had the girl's panties down around her ankles.

Meanwhile Mary's TV show ended and there was nothing else interesting to watch. She decided to see if Davey would do something with her. As she approached his room Mary heard low moaning.

"Ha" thought Mary, she had a good chance to catch Davey beating his meat again. The last time she saw him do that her pussy had tingle anytime she visualized him stroking that stiff thing. She wondered if he would allow her to watch rather than having to sneak a peek.

Mary crept up to the door and put an eye to the small opening. She almost fell down as there was Davey kissing Beth.

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   Her top was pulled up to her chin revealing puffy nipples perched on less than a handful of breast. He had a finger wiggling in her nearly bald pussy with thumb rubbing her clit.

She now realized the moans she heard were Beth's kiss stifled pleasure sounds. Mary should have burst in and given Beth a good smack for trying to steal her brother. Instead she pulled down her panties and fingered herself mimicking what Davey was doing to Beth.

Mary had to bite her lip otherwise she would have made noises to match Beth's and surely gotten caught. The two continued to make out when she saw Beth tense and shake clutching the bed spread as she came.

Davey pulled his hand away from Beth's pussy revealing a wet shiny cunny and a finger slick to the first knuckle. When their kiss broke Davey looked into Beth's eyes asking "How was that sexy girl". She had tears in her eyes saying "I love you Davey. Can we do this again"?

Davey replied "Well you know how Mary feels. We need to find a way to include her because I cannot see how we could sneak behind her back without getting caught". Beth agreed.

Mary quickly pulled up her panties and went back to the TV room, tuning to a cooking show. Davey and Beth snuck to the front door and faked that Beth had just arrived.

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   After joining Mary, Davey asked as a joke if she planned on cooking supper? Mary laughed pretending she did not know what they had been doing.

That night after going to bed Mary had so much swirling around in her head. She was mad at Beth but knew she could never keep Davey all to herself. The fact that Davey seemed willing to include her in their play made her hope she would not loose him altogether. How the heck could she get Davey to include her?

Opportunities present themselves in the funniest ways. It had been tradition for Davey to find novel ways to pull Mary's loose baby teeth. One time he had tied thread around the loose tooth attached it to the rope that they used to play tug of war with their dog. That had worked very well and made for a great story to tell their grandparents.

Mary so happened to be loosing her last baby molar. Her tongue had been wiggling it loose getting it ready to be pulled for over a week now. Mary approached Davey and showed him the tooth then said "Start thinking of your most novel way to pull it as this is the last one".

Davey went to his room to listen to music and think. He wanted to have more sexy play time with willing Beth but needed to deal with Mary's jealousy. So far he had not come up with any ideas so changed his thoughts over to the requested tooth pulling.

The basic plan was to find a way to distract Mary from the actual pull or she would get herself too scared to allow him the final tug.

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   Heck if it was Beth he could make her orgasm as that sure as heck had her distracted. Davey eyes opened wide thinking "Oh my God, could I"?

Being a horny teen Davey could not resist this idea even if it ended up as being an erotic fantasy. His sister probably did not even know what an orgasm was so it may just work.

The next day Davey said "Mary, I have come up with my best idea every but you are probably too young yet, so I will just have to think of something else". This was a great carrot to entice Mary as she kept pestering him to tell her the idea.

Davey kept refusing and Mary kept insisting she was old enough. Finally he said "OK, if I tell you, no matter what, you must go through with it. It will involve a little nudity". Mary gave him a suspicious look and hesitated.

She finally replied "If I am taking cloths off you must be as naked as I am. The idea will end up pulling my tooth out, right"? He guaranteed that her tooth would be pulled and said he would take off the same amount of cloths as she remove.

Mary said "OK, I promise to go through with it. What's the idea"? Davey said "Well when a girl has an orgasm her mind and body are flooded with wonderful feelings. It is not possible to think of anything else. I will give you an orgasm then pull out your tooth".

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Mary knew he was full of shit but played dumb and asked "What's an orgasm and which store do I buy one? How much do they cost? You know my size don't you"?

Davey thought he had just landed a big sucker saying "Mary no worries one size fits all. I will take care of the arrangements. Mom and Dad are going away this weekend leaving me in charge so we will do it then".

Mary asked "May I invite Beth for a sleep over". Obviously "Lucky" Davey agreed. It was all he could do to hide his glee. While unsupervised he intended on fucking sexy Beth after Mary was asleep.

Mary went and called Beth to make the weekend arrangements for Saturday night. Davey went to his room to sooth a raging hard on thinking of all the nice young pussy he would play with that weekend.

On Friday night after supper the two sibling waved by to their parents after promising to be good. When back inside Mary asked "Davey when are we going to pull my tooth"? He replied "No time like the present. Put a skirt on and come to my room".

Mary gave him a puzzled look, shrugged and went to change. Once she had turned her back she grinned so proud of her Oscar winning performance. In a while she opened Davey's door and entered.

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He was sitting on the edge of his bed with a length of thread in his hand. He had taken his cloths off except for underwear. Mary exclaimed "Davey do I need to take off all my cloths"? He shook his head saying "I'll take your underwear off but you can leave your skirt on. It would be better for you to remove your t-shirt and bra but I will leave that up to you".

Davey thought this would be more acceptable to Mary with him only in underwear while offering her choices about how much cloths to take off. Before Mary said anything he added "I will need to touch your privates as that is the way a girl gets excited enough to have an orgasm".

She gave her best shocked look and then decided to take advantage of gullible bro by saying "Well if you get to touch me then I get to touch you". She stood there defiant with hands on hips.

Davey thought she was playing right into his hands and replied "OK but on two conditions. First only after I pull your tooth and second you will touch it like I tell you to".

Mary looked reluctant but agreed. Davey told her to stand in front of him while he made a loop with the thread. After a little work he had the thread securely tied around her molar with a goodly length of thread dangling out of her mouth. He asked "Are you going to leave your blouse on"? She shook her head removing her top and bra.

She liked Davey staring at her chest as it made her little nipples grow hard.

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   Davey said "Sis you are starting to grow up" then he planted a kissed on each of them. Mary's panties started to get wet as she closed her eyes and gasped at the touch of his lips.

Davey said "Good if you liked that then it will not be too much of a problem for you to have an orgasm. It likely means you will grow up to be a very sexy women". Even though she knew he was buttering her up it still made her happy and she pushed her chest out for some more bro kisses.

When Davey was kissing and licking her breasts again, his hands slowly ran up the back of her legs and cupped her tight little butt giving both globes a nice squeeze. She had never been touched this way so let out a little moan.

Mary quickly realized that she was receiving the same "Davey treatment" Beth had just a week ago. She may need to share Davey but at least it would be with her best friend.

Davey hooked a thumb into her pantie waist band and pulled them down to her ankles. His hands slide back up and massaged her bare ass cheeks with fingers almost touching her pussy. Mary moaned louder this time. She was too aroused to even consider stopping.

To Davey's surprise Mary undid the skirt and pulled it over her head flinging it onto the floor. Little sis was naked except for frilly ankle socks.

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   Obviously this was too much for Davey and he was hard as steel. As she was now naked, he stood up and pulled off his underwear.

Mary watched as that big thing came into view bobbing and weaving into a little girl's horny mind. She thought "This is going to be one wild weekend". Davey said "Get on the bed". Once there he laid down beside her.

Davey, looking into Mary's eyes, took a finger and placed it on her lips saying "You are beautiful sis. The guys at school are going to be asking me about you all the time".

He started giving her light kisses while trailing fingers down her neck and circling her small breasts, taking time to lightly pinch and play with each nipple.

Mary's body responded to his foreplay as she wiggled and squirmed. The kisses were so warm and sweet. The touch of his tongue was a new unexpected treat. Her stimulated nipples seemed to have a direct connection to her pussy make it tingle in the most wonderful way. She aggressively kissed back copying Davey's tongue teasing kisses.

She moaned when he broke the kiss and moved his mouth to her neck then she gasped as he sucked on each nipple again.

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   His sneaky hand was drawing circles on her stomach teasing and flirting with her pussy mound, not quite getting to her little slit.

Without even thinking Mary was raising her pelvis trying to will his fingers to pet her kitty. His hand jumped to her knee and pushed it to spread her legs for better access to her young virgin pussy.

    Davey took his index finger and stroked between her pussy lips slicking it up. This elicited a gasp, moan and long ooooooooooh from Mary. That feeling made her completely forgive Beth. All girls needed such stimulation.

    Davey raised his head looked at her face and licked his wet finger then said "You taste as sweet as you look. I'm going to be like a kid in a candy store". Her mind shuddered imagining what that might mean.

    He trailed a wet tongue down her chest to her navel giving it a slippery tongue bath. It was Mary's turn to thrash her head and clutch bed covers. Davey moved with kisses and licks to her pussy mound. His hands grabbed her shins raising them to the sides of her chest and told her to hold them.

    Davey broadened his tongue and laid the wet snaky muscle over most of her pussy slit mixing his saliva with her girly come.

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       Mary quivered in anticipation of what he would do next.

    His tongue stayed there for a few several seconds then he hooked the tip parting her slit lips and push into Mary's love hole. While it wiggle every so slowly she began to shake ready to explode. Davey wrapped the the end of the tooth thread around his finger.

    Slowly his tongue travelled up her slit. With such stimulation her clit swollen and the sensitive love button had ventured out looking for some attention.

    As Davey did a lizard's tongue flick over the adventurous button Mary scream "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and Davey yanked the tooth clean out. Mary never even noticed as her senses were overpowered with her first oral orgasm.

    Davey never one to miss an opportunity lapped up his sister's copious juices but stayed clear of the overstimulated clit. Eventually with a face sticky slick he moved up to give his panting happy sister a loving kiss.

    Eventually their kiss broke, it was only then that she noticed the tooth thread was no longer dangling from her mouth. She said "Davey I want you to make me come again but I am afraid I will be toothless by the end of the weekend". They both roared in laughter.

    Mary said "God, that was awesome. Thanks Davey it was the best tooth pull idea yet but I am not so sure we should tell Grandma.


       Although Grampa may like the story". Davey pulled her close and laughed "I think you have a point there sexy sis. You will need to think up something for Mom and Dad when they ask what we did this time".

    Mary said "Well don't forget I still get to touch your cock". He chuckled "I will live up to my commitments". At that he took her hand and wrapped it around his cock and started moving it up and down. Soon he was the one groaning and panting.

    She was happy that Davey seemed to like what she was doing. She wondered if Davey would like to be licked like he had done to her kitty. Mary moved around so she was resting on his thighs giving him a good view. Davey smiled knowing what was going to happen.

    He said "Sweet sis start by licking and gently sucking the cock head. If you take it into your mouth just make sure not to let your teeth touch as that hurts. You will to decide whether to swallow my cum or not. I will warn you when I am about to cum".

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    Mary did not understand the last part but did remember Davey's slick face from her pussy juices so figured maybe she would drink his cum. She licked the tip and felt the slimy precum on the tip of her tongue. It did not taste like anything so Mary decided she would drink his cum.

    She sucked the head of his cock. More precum came out as she enjoyed the feel of the spongy head. Davey was moaning and his cock twitched in her hand which excited Mary quite a bit. His hand slid a finger into her kitty wiggling up some pussy pleasure.

    Mary thought how nice it was to spend an evening pleasuring each other. No wonder the mention of sex was almost everywhere around them on advertisements, TV and in magazines. Kids are not stupid they may not know exactly what sex is but they sure as hell know that adults wanted it.

    Stroking, licking and sucking, Mary played and got Davey more and more excited. She opened her mouth wide and enveloped the head slowly going down the shaft. Davey's hand went to the back of her head gently pushing her down then pulling her back up. He did this for a few strokes saying "like that". She was a quick study and started bobbing her head up and down the shaft.

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    His pelvis pushed up and she went further down. In a shaky voice he said "faster Mary" and she picked up speed. Davey's panting and groaning was becoming more rapid and louder.

    To her total surprise Davey pulled Mary off his dick. She was very disappointed he had not cum. He said "Mary I want to eat your pussy as you sucked my dick. Straddle me and back up until your pussy is over my face". She was repositioned before you could say "lickety-split".

    Davey took firm hold of her butt cheeks and guided her onto his tongue. His oral technique was a little too good as Mary was soon just holding onto his shaft while groaning and repeating "ah" with every breath. He stopped and said "Hey aren't you forgetting something"?

    This short respite allowed her to restart head bobbing but she was way too stimulated to give a good blow-job. Davey chucked into her pussy making her laugh then really started to lick her furiously. Tongue fucking, clit flicks and even a pumping finger or two and Mary was a orgasmic mess.

    He said "OK so I made you come twice. If I make you come again before I do then you can only suck dick the rest of the weekend".

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       Davey had no intent on following through with that threat as he liked eating pussy too much. Mary had her head bobbing and sucking as there was no way she could live without her brothers oral attentions.

    Davey showed no mercy as he licked and sucked her clit. Her focus was starting to waver but she did a good enough job to hear him yell "Mary I'm cumming" and felt the head swell before the first blast of cum splashed into her mouth.

    She had not expected so much when the first spurt was joined by a second and third. So as not to choke Mary swallowed. Finally she drank up the last wavering spurts. Davey to his credit licked and sucked her clit making Mary scream out as she came for the third time.

    She soon slid off him but it took a while before she could move around to cuddle up to her orgasmic hero. Mary said "This has got to be the best night of my life". He chuckled and said "Little sis you taste so sweet I will make you come as often as you like".

    Mary moved up to give him a long kiss. Davey turned off the lights and the two sibling fell asleep. .
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