Pumped-Up Teach: Volume 2


As Bill--the janitor--strolled across the carpeted floor of Ms. Darron's office, his cock continued to grow. The way the teacher's legs gleamed with the shimmering stockings on, and the young schoolgirl next to her with her pussy all puffed out, caused Bill's dick to lengthen to the full eleven inches. The beefy sounds of stiff muscle slapping against his inner thighs filled the room.
He stood in front of the girls, and asked, "Who wants this cock first?"
Danielle answered by placing her manicured hand on her students fat cunt. She parted the lips wide, and said, "Alysha needs it first. She hasn't had a real prick in her before. Fuck her good. " Danielle leaned her head over the red pussy of her student and spit a mouthful of saliva onto her snatch. She started to rub it in vigorously as Bill squatted between her open legs.
"Now what the fuck did you girls do to your pussies? They're all swollen!"
Danielle held up her favorite toy. "We used this pussy pump. Don't they look magnificent?"
Bill craned his neck and let his nose rest inside the bulging skin of Alysha's pussy. "I never saw something like this, but, I have to tell you, I wish all women would do it. " Then Bill slipped a finger into the still-soaked cunt of the eighteen-year-old schoolgirl. He used his other hand to rub the soft cotton of her knee-sock that was encasing her slim calf.

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Danielle, meanwhile, got down on her knees next to the janitor, and grabbed his humongous dick with both hands. She cooed at its girth as she stroked the massive pole. "If I would have known this piece of flesh was walking around here, I would have been fucking you everyday. "
Alysha spread her legs wider as three fingers were pistoning in and out of her sloppy cunt. "Ohh yeah, baby. Swirl your fingers inside my pussy. Hit my spot. Now eat me. . . eat me!" Alysha threw her head back as she felt his slippery tongue roam around her cunt. His fingers wiggled inside of her deliciously.
He sucked a lip as far into his mouth as it would go, and then he let it smack back against the puffiness. He looked down at Danielle who was still jerking his cock slowly. "Now I need to suck you off as this little whore blows me.

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Danielle squeezed his thick cock with both hands and stood up so she could spread on the loveseat. She bent over with her perfect ass in the air. Bill slid under her, and immediately began lapping at the juices that were draining out of the teacher's pussy. Alysha laid between Bill's hairy legs and just stared in awe at the cock that was standing straight up in the air; his cum was shimmering on the dark, purple head. "Now how am I supposed to get this in my mouth," she laughed, as she stroked the swollen member up and down, spreading his cum all over.
"Uhh. Damn, that's nice. Just take it--ohhhhh--slow, honey. Suck my clit, fucker. Suck it," Danielle moaned.
Alysha positioned her face over the sweaty cock; she could smell the strong odor of man-flesh as she started to lick around the head. A glob of semen popped out of the slit, and she slurped it up. "You taste soooo good. I need this bad. " She slammed her head down and engulfed three inches with no problem.

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   Bill gasped at the feeling of having this young girl start to throat his cock. She pulled back out, and slowly gagged on seven of his inches this time. She kept bobbing her head up and down in a nice rhythm; gobs of spit were leaking out of the sides of her mouth. She knew right then and there that she loved big, sweaty dick.
As clear liquid seeped out of Danielle's puffy pussy, she told Alysha to ride the janitor's horse-cock. "You want me to put all of this in me! He'll split me in half!" Alysha exclaimed. She started to deepthroat the huge cock now, and she was in a state of pure bliss.
"That's right, slut. I want to eat your pussy while I watch that dick go in and out of your lovely, fat pussy. Don't argue with me and just do it. " To emphasize her conviction, Danielle got off of Bill's soaked face and waited for the penetration to begin.
Bill scooted up and got ready for the young pussy of Alysha. Alysha looked into her teacher's eyes with concern. Danielle just smiled back and said, "Don't worry, sweety. Bill will take care of your needs.

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   Just have fun and let him fuck you real good. And I'm actually kind of glad that you're scared of that monster, cause that way, I get it sooner. Now fuck him. "
Danielle told Bill to turn a little so his ass was hanging over the front of the couch. Alysha straddled the janitor's waist, and grabbed the gigantic cock in her small hand. She placed the engorged head inside the folds of her pussy, and sloooowly slid it inside of her. "Ohhhh shiiiit! That's fuckin wonderful. I love the feeling of being filled up. Stretch me out, you daughter-fucker!"
Danielle was kneeling down as she heard what her student just said. "What did you say, Alysha?" She placed her hands on the student's warm ass.
"This is, ohh yeah--" she started to slide down the glistening pole--"my father. I always wanted to fuck him. And, thanks to you, I can. Daddy, your cock feels so fucking great inside me. Keep pushing into your little girl.

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"Damn, this is hotter than I thought. I can't believe you're banging your dad. I'm going to eat your pussy now, baby. " Danielle pushed her face in between the young girl's cheeks, and started to swipe her tongue around the meat-filled, dripping hole. She sucked up all the juices that she could as she nibbled on the flesh of her student. She watched the father's cock go deeper and deeper inside of the daughter's wet, hot cunt.
    Alysha was riding him good now, and Danielle decided to slide a spit-soaked finger into Alysha's asshole.
    "Now you're teaching me something, Danielle. Keep fingering my ass while I jam my cunt down on my daddy's shaft. " Alysha let loose as she felt her teacher's wet tongue spiral around her big, bulged-out pussy. The suction noises filled the air as all eleven inches of father-cock filled up the fat cunt. As Danielle's middle-finger plunged its way into the young girl's ass, she asked if Alysha could get off of the cock for a second; she wanted to suck all the cum off of it. Alysha pulled her small body high into the air, and let her father's cock slip from between her split pussy folds. Danielle grabbed his prick and instantly deepthroated it. Her neck was bulging as she felt the cock go farther and farther down.

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       The taste of girly wetness enticed her to suck even harder. After a couple of more sucks, she pulled the cock out of her mouth and slid it back into the daughter's snatch.
    Danielle couldn't fathom what was transpiring in her office. Her beautiful student--who she just introduced into all sorts of pleasure-- was now fucking her father. And well, too!
    Father and daughter announced, at the same time, that they were gonna cum. Danielle got ready, and she eagerly placed her open mouth over the hole filled with cock. Juicy blast after juicy, gushing blast of father/daughter cum bursted out of the freshly-shaven pussy into Danielle's mouth. Some ran down her face as she flicked her tongue around to suck it all up. Alysha was screaming with pleasure and joy from just having fucked such a big, thick cock. Her hot semen, mixed with the gleaming white sperm of her dad, just kept spurting out of her swollen cunt. Danielle frigged her pussy with violence as she watched the pussy and dick spasm, one inside the other.
    Alysha leaned and gave her father a hug. "That was the most pleasure I ever got from a guy in my life. Thanks Daddy. " She kissed her father with love, licking his lips for him to part them.

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    "You're welcome, baby-girl. Thank you for the greatest day of my boring life. Your teacher can suck a mean cock, and your tight cunt is the greatest I ever felt. "
    Danielle watched Bill's cock grow soft inside the massive cunt in front of her. "That was the hottest sex I have ever seen in my life. Your daughter's quite a lover, and your cock is fabulous. " She leaned in and started to lick all of the flesh that was available to her eager tongue.
    Alysha crawled off of the dying prick, and sat next to her father with her legs still open. Danielle got up and kissed her student deeply, letting her taste her and her father's cum. He couldn't take his eyes off of how bulged his little girl's cunt was. "Maybe I should get myself a pump? What do you girls think?"
    They both looked at the shiny cock that was resting on its owners stomach. Danielle replied, "Your cock is big enough already, I think. But maybe. . .

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      . " Danielle started to suck at the juice-covered cock; she wanted this beast inside her ass, and soon.
    (One more to come. . . . )
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