"MATTHEW!" Trying to ignore the voice, he continued rubbing his aching prick, trying to achieve his climax. In his imagination, he could see Britney groaning even louder as she bucked even faster towards her oncoming orgasm. "MATTHEW! COME DOWN HERE NOW!" shouted the voice from downstairs. "Oh shit, what does SHE want now?" he mumbled. "COMING, MUM!" he shouted as he abandoned his effects. Knowing that his mother would only come up the stairs to get him if he didn't go down first, he got off his bed, quickly got dressed, first wiping the Vaseline off his now dwindling erection. Clare Porcher was a small woman standing just over five foot. She had short dark hair with natural grey highlights making her look older than her 45 years. Her face though young looking was cold and stern. Her brown eyes had a piercing quality, which give the person that she was looking at the impression that they were being scrutinised (which was most often the case). Always one for being smartly dress, she normally wore a pair of neatly pressed trousers and a loose-fitting blouse. Today was no exception. A strong-willed woman, it was very apparent even to the casual observer that she was head of the family. One day, she even berated her husband in front of guests because he had left the sugar out. Alan, her husband was, on the other hand, a quiet person who thought the best thing he could do was to agree with whatever his wife said and did. All in all, she ran an organised household with no serious challenges to her authority.

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   That is apart from her son, Matthew, who always seemed to arguing with her. She would admit that on the whole he was a good kid but recently had been rather rebellious and his grades were not as good as they could be. Hence, why she was calling him down now. "Yes, Mum?" Clare turned to see her son standing in the kitchen doorway. She looked at him and noted for the umpteenth time how fast he was growing. He was now not only taller than his father, but broader as well. "Did you do that homework you promised me?," she asked. "Well, Mum…" her son begun. "Don't give me 'Well Mum', young man. I have spoken to your English teacher and he told me that you didn't do the homework that he had assigned you. " Clare interrupted. Matt shrugged. "I was going to do but David came round and…" Clare interrupted him again. "I know why you didn't do your homework! It is just not good enough! I told you yesterday that unless you bucked your ideas up, you wouldn't be allowed to go to camping with your friends. " "Aw, Mum.

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   I am packed and everything!" protested Matt. He had been looking forward to going camping (especially to get away from his nagging mother). And now to be told that he wasn't going just a day before they were due to leave. His mother continued "and I'm also grounding you for a week. That will give you a chance to do some studying while you are off for half term. " "But Mum, I was meant to help David and his dad pack the car today. " Matt said. After a brief pause, Clare relented. "Okay, you can go to around and help with the packing but I want you straight back here afterwards. " "Mum. . " started Matt. "Or do you wish to stay in?" asked his mother. Matt had no choice. "Alright, Mum.

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  " "You had better go," Clare said, "but don't take too long. " Matt grunted and stormed out of the house. By the time he reached David's house, he was fuming. "What's the matter, Matt?" asked his friend. Matt told him. "I'm really fed up with that cow," he moaned, "I can't wait until I'm eighteen and can leave home. " "I take it that you're talking about your mum?" asked David. "Yeah! The old bag just told me that I can't go camping with you guys. " "You joking? We've got everything planned. " David complained. At that point, David's father came outside. "Ah! There you are! Come on then, if you want to help pack the car!. " "Dad! Matt's mum won't let him come camping. " said David "That's disappointing but, well, there must have been a reason why he's not allowed to go. " replied David's father.

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   "Aw that ain't fair, Dad," complained the boy, "Can't you have a word with her?" David's father shook his head. "Sorry, David. I can't do that. If Matt's mum said 'no', then that's that. Sorry, Matt. But you know that once your mother has made up her mind, she won't change it. " "Yeah. " said Matt, quietly. "Sorry, Matt. " said David. "Me, too. " said Matt again. "Look, boys, " interjected David's father, "Why don't you leave the packing to me and go down and meet up with Tony at the Bowling Alley. " "Aw, I'm not sure about that. Mum's expecting me home in a few hours time.

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  " Matt said. "Aw, come on. We've got plenty of time and I'll make sure that you're home in time so that mummy can tuck you up in bed. " persuaded David. "Sod off! Alright, I'll go. " agreed Matt and then said "Mothers! Who would have them?" It was after midnight before Matt returned home. "Shit! She's going to kill me," he thought as he gently opened the front door and let himself in. Matt slowly crept down the hallway. Seeing that the living room door was open, he glanced in. There curled on the settee was his mother - asleep. His father must have been upstairs in bed. "Thank God! Maybe I can get to my bedroom and pretend I've been here for hours" he thought. As quietly as possible, he crept up the stairs and into his bedroom. Once inside, he quickly got changed and got into bed. As he lay there, he felt the now familiar urges return.

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   He cast his mind back to the fantasy regarding Britney. Pulling back the covers, he pulled out his swelling cock and started rubbing it, applying some Vaseline as he did. He only managed a few strokes when suddenly he heard footsteps just outside his bedroom door. He had just managed to pull his pyjama bottoms and bed sheets when the door burst open and the light switched on. Standing in the doorway was his mother looking furious. Immediately, his erection shrunk. "WHAT TIME DO YOU CALL THIS?" she shouted. This was the final straw for Matt. "GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" he shouted back. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" screamed Clare. Angrily, he pulled back the covers and swung out of bed "I AM FED UP WITH THIS! " shouted Matt, "ALL YOU DO IS NAG! NAG! NNAAAAGGG!!! Clare was taken aback. Never before had Matthew spoken to her like this. Even in his angered state, Matt noticed that his mother was wearing just a nightdress. This was the first time he saw her wearing anything other than her loose fitting trousers and blouses or a baggy bathrobe. While those clothes hid her body; her nightdress clung to it, especially to her large drooping boobs.

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   He didn't realise that his mother was so big. He felt his hormones starting to react. "HOW DARE…" she started to say. "SHUT UP! I AM SO SICK OF YOU BOSSING ME AROUND! I HAVE HAD A FUCKING ENOUGH OF IT!" Suddenly so angry that she could not speak, Clare slapped her son around the face. Angrily, Matt lashed out by pushing her away, causing his mother to fall back first onto his bed. At the same time, he lost his balance and found himself on top of her. Time suddenly stood still for Matt as he was suddenly aware that he was on top of a woman on a bed for the first time in his life. He could feel her soft warm body pressing into his through the thin night clothes. Suddenly his penis sprung to full erection. Clare was in shock. One minute they were standing up shouting at each other. The next she was spread-eagled on her son's bed with him on top of her, and what was that pressing into her? "MATTHEW! GET OFF ME THIS INSTANT!" she commanded. Matt lifted himself up and stared down at his mother. His hormones were in complete control and all he could see was a woman lying underneath him. With a groan, he launched his mouth at his mother's neck.

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   "Matthew! What are you do. . hmmph" she was cut of as her son brought his mouth onto hers. At the same, his hands feverishly worked over her body. Ripping at her nightdress to get to those sagging tits. He pulled his mouth off hers as he looked at down at his mother's now naked breasts. His first set of naked tits. Christ! They were big! Her nibbles were huge! With a groan, he enclosed one of those large nipples into his mouth. Clare just lay there uncomprehending. She could not believe what was happening. She felt herself gasp as her son roughly nibbled one of her nipples. Then she felt one of his hands moving down to her hips. "What the" she thought as she felt him roughly rip at her knickers. "NO!" she thought. Grunting feverishly, he quickly ripped away his mother's knickers.

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   He then roughly pushed himself between his mother's legs, at the same time pulling down his pyjama bottoms, freeing his huge bloated cock. "No this cannot be happening. " Clare thought as she felt her son install himself between her legs. She felt something brush again the inside of her legs. It was his hand. She gave an involuntary gasp as his fingers located the entrance to her vagina. The fingers probed for a moment and then redrew. She felt Matthew shift his weight and then felt something hot, spongey and very thick pushing against her vagina. "Oh my God!," she thought as realisation dawned. Matt was on auto-pilot as he felt his huge stiff shaft brush against his mother's cunt lips. He never remembered his prick being so big and painful. All he wanted to do was to bury the rock-like shaft into a woman's wet, soothing cunt - his mother's cunt. "NO MATTHEW! STOP THIS THIS INSTA… oh nnooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Clare gasped as her boy, panting in urgent need, pushed his hips against hers with all his might causing his Vaseline covered penis to slowly slide into her tight vagina. Even with his cock being greased, it still took him a lot of effort to get all of his granite hard erection into her vagina, right up to the hilt. Clare could lay there in shock as her son lay on top of her, with his "thing" inside her.

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   Never had she had anything so large and so stiff in her vagina, she thought it was going to tear her in two. NO, MATTHEW! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!" Clare shouted as she felt her son starting thrusting madly into her. She had never been so deeply penetrated and her vaginal lips were so stretched, they hurt. Matt was so excited that within a couple of frenzied thrusts, he felt his body stiffen and a tingling started in his balls and quickly shot up the length of his swelling shaft. "Oh fuck!" he gasped, his flexing cock shoved up as far as possible inside his mother's cunt. Grabbing her for dear life, the teenage boy's hard young shaft snapped up hard inside the middle-aged woman, as wads after wads of fresh, thick, potent sperm-laden semen started shooting out of his cock, drenching the insides of her womb and cunt. Clare could not help but grunt in surprise as she felt her son's ballooning weapon eject volley after volley of white-hot sperm into her stomach. On and on, he continued shooting off inside his mother until finally he collapsed in exhaustion upon her soft body, panting and struggling for breath, trembling violently. Underneath him, Clare lay there panting, feeling her son's formidable erection started to go down. Matt lay there relaxed. He felt so good. Then it dawned on him what he had exactly done. "Oh my God! I just raped my mother! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" he shouted. Suddenly Matt was disgusted with himself. "My God! What have I done? What if Dad heard?" he thought as he pulled himself away (and out of her with an audible slurp).


   Blabbering his apologies, Matt jumped off the bed, he grabbed his clothes and ran out of the room and out the house. Clare was still getting her breath back as she watched Matthew race out the room. She looked down between her legs and saw her son's white semen slowly trickling out of her vagina onto the bed. Struggling off the bed, Clare snatched up Matt's dressing gown and put it on. "MATTHEW! " she shouted, "COME BACK!. " Unable to move very fast (her vagina being tender after what had happened), by the time she had got downstairs, he had gone. In bed, Alan Porcher had woken up to the shouting match going on next door. What was going on? The shouting suddenly went quiet. After a short pause, he then he heard his wife crying out, almost protesting followed shortly by bedsprings creaking. The realisation struck him like a sledgehammer when it dawned on him what was happening and he could only lay there and shiver when he heard Matt run out the house. Matt stood outside his friend's David's house, having just rung the door bell. David's father answered the door. "Matt! Do you know what time it is?" "Sorry, Mr Hunter," Matt started then he saw his friend and Mrs Hunter coming down the stairs. "Matt, what's the matter?" asked his friend. "Sorry to disturb you but can I stay the night?" asked Matt.

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   David looked at Matt's face and could see that something was seriously wrong, "Dad, can he?" he asked his father. "Er, yes, sure. What happened, son?" asked Mr Hunter as Matt was led into their living room. "Did you have another falling out with your mum?" David enquired as he showed Matt into the living room. "Y-yeah!" was all that Matt said. "Phew! Must have been a major falling out for you to walk out or did she chuck you out?. " "I rather not talk about it. " said Matt. "Err! Sure mate, whatever you say. I'll just go and get you a blanket and pillow. Fancy a drink?" "Yeah, a milk please. " "Look," David's father, "You don't have to go back to your parents' tonight but I do have to phone them to let them know that you are safe. " "I'll do it. " said Mrs Hunter. While David retrieved some blankets and took them to his friend, David's mother rang Matt's phone number.

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   It was answered by Clare. "Matthew?" said the voice on the other end. "No, this is Helen Hunter, David's mother. Is that Mrs Porcher?" "Yes, this is Clare Porcher" replied Clare. "I just wanted to tell you that Matt is over at our place and is safe and sound. " "Oh thank God! Look, Matthew and I have had an argument which I feel needs resolving immediately. Can I come over? I know it is late but it is important. " "Well, I better check with Matt. " Matt agreed. Ten minutes later, Matt heard the door bell followed his mother being brought into the living room. "I need to talk to Matthew alone. " Clare said "Sure, if that's is alright by Matt," replied David's father. Matt nodded. The Hunters left the room, closing the door behind them, leaving mother and son alone together. "You must come home.

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  " stated Clare. Matt felt terrible and embarrassed being in the present of his mother. Sensing his reluctance, Clare pushed on "Look, I won't tell the police but we need to resolve what has happened. Now if you want us to do it here where David and his parents can overhear then that's up to you. Frankly, I rather do it at home. " Quite rightly, she had guessed that Matt had not told the Hunters what had exactly happened. Matt gave in. Matt and his mother didn't say a word as they drove back to the house. On entering, she told him to have a shower and then they would talk. Matt wanted to wait until the morning but his mother's tone told him that she was adamant. It did not take him very long for him to shower and change into a clean pair of pyjamas and dressing gown. He found his mother sitting on the settee in the living room, waiting for him. He noticed that she had changed into her night clothes. She patted the seat next her and told him to sit down. He sat next to his mother.

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   "You know what you did to me was wrong. " started Clare. The boy nodded. "What made you do it?" she asked. "I err. . " Matt stammered, unable to answer. "Answer me. " snapped his mother, "do you realise what you did? You RAPED me. " "I'm sorry. " The boy whispered. "'I'm sorry'? Is that all you can say? For Christ's sake, you raped me while your father was in the next room. " She felt anger (and possibly something else) course through her as she leaned forward and grabbed Matt's chin, forcing him to look directly into her face. "Do you realise that you may have got me pregnant!!?" Matt did not say a word but continued staring at his mother's face. Suddenly he could remember her expression as he pushed his hard cock inside her.

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   Her eyes bulging, her mouth open. He felt a twinge in his prick as he imagined his sperm swimming in her belly, searching out her egg, recreating himself inside her. Suddenly he came to his senses. "My God! What am I thinking?" he thought. Again apologising, the panic-stricken boy got up and rushed out the room. Clare just sat there as she heard her son run up the stairs followed by his bedroom door slamming. She discovered that her heart was hammering within her chest and that she was aware of something throbbing on the ends of her breasts realising that her nipples were engorged. She felt wet between her legs and she found that for the first time in years, she was aroused. She remembered the look on her son's face just prior to him bolting. He had the same look just prior to him raping her. Images flashed through her mind of Matt being on top of her, of them having intercourse. No, he was fucking her (her body trembled as she thought of the word), fucking her hard. Her son had fucked her against her will. Fucked with such ardor, such raw passion, such virality. His penis being so big and so hard.

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   She inwardly groaned as she thought about it. Something had changed during the rape, that fuck. Something had changed in her. Never had she felt so alive. She realised what she had been missing. Her and Alan hardly ever made love and when they did, it was at her insistence and even then it had no passion and it was over within minutes (sometimes seconds). And Matthew was so passionate, so strong and so well endowed. So much bigger than any man she had known, especially her poor husband, his father. She had to have more. God, she wanted her son. She didn't care about the consequences. She did not care that she was a respectful married woman in the community and the fact that she was still young enough to become pregnant (she took no protection, leaving it up to Alan) aroused her even more. She slowly got up and walked out of the room and up the stairs. At the top she paused. She was aware of her painfully erect nipples rubbing against her nightdress, her vaginal fluids leaking down her legs.

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   Taking off her dressing gown, she went to her son's bedroom door and opened it. The room was illuminated by the full moon outside. Matthew was in bed. "Matthew, are you asleep?" A momentary pause and then "No, Mum. " "Good," she said closing the door behind her, "we need to finish our talk. " "Mum…" protested the boy. "Now! Come over here" was all she said. Slowly he got out of bed and walked toward his mother. He noticed that she had taken off her dressing gown and was now only wearing her nightdress. "Why did you run off just then?" Clare asked. "I . . I. . " despite himself, he was locked by her eyes.

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   They had a strange look he had never seen before. "Well?" asked his mother, "Was it because you wanted to rape me again?" At the word 'rape', Matt came out of his stupor, breaking their eye-lock. He could not help but glance down to his mother's heavy tits as they wavered within the confines of her nightdress. Was it his imagination or were her nipples sticking out? "Huh?" he grunted. "You wanted me," she said huskily, "I could see it in your face. It was the same look that you had when you raped me. " She started walking towards him and only came to a stop when her soft heavy breasts were pressing against him. He could feel her hard nipples. "Even though I am your mother, you want me don’t you? You want to bury this," her hand sliding between their bodies and grabbing hold of his limp dick inside his pyjama bottoms, "inside me, don’t you?" Matt could not answer. His lips had gone dry, his body shaking. However, despite himself, he felt his cock respond to his mother's fondling hand. Clare silently sighed as she took hold of her son's penis. So big, she thought. Then she felt it stiffen, becoming erect. Within moments she had to move back slightly to allow the now hugely bloated shaft to slide up against her belly.

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   She could not believe what she was holding. It was enormous, so fat that her hand could not encircle it, so long that it reached well up her body, passing her belly button and so stiff that she could not bend it. Matt groaned as he felt his mother's hand grip his rigid shaft. He could feel her warm body (especially her large tits) pressing into him. Her mouth was not far from his. He could smell her perfume, intoxicating him. "Admit to your mother that you want this great big cock to cum inside her and make her pregnant. " she breathed, brushing her lips against his. Something snapped inside him. Groaning out his lust, Matt grabbed hold of his mother's head and forced his mouth onto hers. His tongue snaked though her lips and into her mouth. Groaning as he snogged her, he ran both of his hands down to her plump arse, shoving her body against his madly throbbing hard-on. With a sickly tingle shooting up his spine, Matt noticed that his mother had brought one of her hands to the back of his head and was using it to push his mouth firmly onto hers. He could feel her tongue valiantly wrestling with his while she kneaded his bum cheeks with her other hand, pushing her body against his as she rubbed her cunt mound against his huge aching cock. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, Matt pulled away from his mother and started undoing his mother's top.

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   Lost were any constraints as mother and son tore off their clothing, feverishly desperate to become naked so that they could copulate. Once done, they fell onto his bed, madly scrambling into the missionary position so that they could once again join in the most intimate of ways. Matt could only groan as he felt his mother's hand on his throbbing hard-on and she guided his swollen prick against the wet lips of her cunt. Without pausing, he pushed himself into her with all his strength, slowly feeling his mother's pussy slide very tightly around his cock. Finally he felt his belly come in contact with hers, with every hard inch of his stiff shaft inside his mother. Underneath him, his mother cried out as she felt the huge intrusion into her body. Matt just lay there, resting his cock deep inside his mother. His pubic hair mixed with hers. It felt so good. Gone was the guilt. All he wanted to do was fuck his horny bossy cow of a mother. Groaning loudly, he started pulling back and ramming forward with strong piercing strokes. His mother in turn lifted her legs and hooked them around his pounding arse while she swung her arms around her son's neck. Then she hung for dear life as her son subjected her to the most energetic, pile-driving fuck she ever had. Again, again, her son pulled back, leaving only the head of this enormous erection inside and then ramming it back in as hard as he could, almost ripping her apart.


   Matt's bed creaked loudly. The long deep thrusts and withdrawals began to have an effect as Clare's cunt muscles began to contract upon the mighty shaft within it whenever it plunged deep into her womb. Again and again, the boy thrusted back and forth. His thrusts getting longer and harder. In and out, in and out his huge penis went. Her mind was in a whirl. She could feel the thrusts as time and time again he shoved himself into her, pushing her into the mattress. She could hear the bed springs squeak loudly in tune to the violent thrusts. She could hear Matthew's laboured breaths as he moved back and forth. She looked up into his face. His eyes were glazed, his mouth open. "(unngh). . . .

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  . ohhhh . . (unnghh). . . . . ohhhh . . (unngghhh) . . ohhh . . (uuunnnggghhh) .

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  . . ohhhh . . . . . . . . . !" grunted Clare each time her son sent his granite hard shaft into her slurping wet cavern. "(Unnnghh)…. (unnnnghhh)…. (unnnghhh)" grunted her son as he continued to thrust his spear into his mother's velvet wetness.

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   Back and forth, in and out went the boy's huge prick. "It felt so good," thought Matt as he roughly and violently fucked his mother. Slap! Slap! Slap! As his stomach struck hers on each downward thrust. The boy's thrusts were now so powerful that the headboard of the bed started to bash against the bedroom wall. Bang! Bang! Bang! Each time, Matt shoved his huge stiff erection into his mother's cunt. "Ohhhhhhh, my baaaaabbbbyyyyy. (unngh) Y-you are so biiiiiig…. (unnngh)…and sooooo haaaaaaaardddd (unnnghhhh). I can feeeeelll (unnngh) you soooooooooo deeeeeep gasped his mother, her hips meeting his at every thrust, as she experience her first ever orgasm. Crying out, she held Matt in a tight vice-like grip as she climaxed. Her son continuing thrusting deeply. On and on the two of them fucked and fucked. All you could hear was the squeaking of the bed springs, the groaning of the copulating couple, the slapping as naked body struck naked body and the load slurping sound of a thick hard cock being repeatedly shoved into a hot wet cunt. Matt was in ecstasy as his huge aching boner slashing repeatedly into his mother's love wound, feeling a perverse chill that with every thrust brought another groan from his usually very uptight mother, the almost overwhelming need to cum every time his felt his mother climax. Clare was in lust.

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   There she was lying on her son's bed, her legs flung around him as he furiously fucked her. There was no finesse, no tenderness. It was just rampant sex and she could not get enough of it. The fact it was her son who was repeatedly reaming her just made the sex that much more delicious. She felt herself climbing to yet another orgasm as she felt her boy valiantly trying (and succeeding) to shove all of his impossible huge (and stiff) cock into her hole. In and out. In and out. In and out went the boy's hard shaft into the mother's soft wet cunt. Their bodies clawed at each other as they sought the maximum pleasure that his unholy union could bring. Suddenly, gasping her lust, Clare brought her hands behind Matt's head and brought his mouth crashing down onto hers. Groaning loudly, they kissed deeply, hungrily. "Oooh Gooood!…. (unnnnghhhh)…. . I'm going to CUM again.

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  . oooooooohhhhhhhhh!…. AAARRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!" Clare cried out. Quickly ripping her mouth from Matt's and biting deeply into his shoulder, she came. The combination of his mother biting into his shoulder, her legs tightening their hold and her cunt clamping down over his over-engorged cock caused Matt to follow suit. "MMMMUUUUUUMMMM!!!! I am CUMMMMMINGGGGGGG!" he shouted as he shoved his cock as far up into her as he possibly could and held onto her body for dear life as he felt his spunk travel the length of his expanding shaft and shoot out of the end in huge ropey strands into Clare's womb. Clare's eyes flared open as she felt her boy's molten cum splash inside her. It was so hot and so much as she continued to feel her son ejecting his potent teenage semen inside. "So good!" she moaned, "So hot!" Matt noticed that this was the first time his mother had ever complimented him on anything. They lay locked together until the final throes of their joint orgasm had died. Then the boy slowly pulled himself off and out of Clare. He noticed with a sick satisfaction the slurping sound as he pulled his cock out of his mother's cunt and the groan that accompanied it. They lay, side by side, as they recovered their breaths. Finally Clare turned on the lamp and looked at the state of their bodies, her eyes lingering hungrily on her boy's limp but still impressive penis. "We seemed to have made a bit of a mess here, " she stated, "we need to clear this up.

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  " "Yes, Mum" replied Matt. They were back in Mother and Son mode. Matt watched his mother get up and put on her robe and then handed him his. Then together, they changed the bed sheets. "I think it's time you got to sleep, young man. " his mother stated. Matt looked at his watch, it was three in the morning. They had been screwing non-stop for over an hour. He quickly had a shower to wash off the sweat and went into his room. As he climbed into bed, he could hear his mother go to the bathroom to shower herself. He was too tired and in a state of shock to review what had happened that night. He instantly fell asleep. "Matthew! Wake up!" Matt sat up. It was daylight. His mother (wearing just a nightdress) was sitting on the side of his bed, shaking him.

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   Seeing that he had woken up, Clare stood up. "Look, your father has popped out for a few hours and I need you to help me with something. " she said as she pulled back the covers. Grabbing hold of his arm, she pulled him up from the bed and steered him out of the room, down the hall and into her bedroom. The door was not even closed yet as Clare hungrily took her son into her arms and started to devour his mouth. Life for the Porchers changed after that. For Matthew Porcher, he was no longer a frustrated teenager as he spent most of his time (apart from doing his homework) coping with his mother's insatiable demands. Night after night, she would come to him after they had all gone to bed and they would fuck until the early morning. In the mornings, he often woke up finding his mother either fondling or riding his morning hard-on. On weekdays, they would have a quick fuck after his father had gone to work, before he had to go to school and she went to work. In the afternoons, he had to always make sure that he was home when his mother got home from work so he could give the both of them a good relieving fuck. In the evenings, he found that he could not go out. At first his friends would come over and suggest that they went out to a pub or club. However, from inside the house, his mother would call out to him asking to "help her with a job. " He would make a feeble excuse, ignoring the taunts of "mummy's boy," knowing that within minutes, he would be balls-deep in his mother's hot cunt, fucking the hell out of her.

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   He also found that the better his grades were, the more inventive his mother got. For Clare Porcher, it made her a happier person. Not only did she find a way to control her rebellious son (and he was doing so much better in school now) but it also gave her a new lease on life. She never realised how much she liked sex. No matter how many times she approached Matt, she always found him eager (and able) to perform. On the contrary, he sometimes approached her and he was so enthusiastic, so hungry, it made her feel like a teenager. The fact she took no protection (she was allergic to the Pill) turned her on even more. It came as no surprise to her when she did become pregnant a month later. For Alan Porcher, life became more peaceful. Oh, it was a bit of a shock at first when he realised what was happening between his wife and son. He was not sure what to think at first when Clare used to get up early (in the pretext of going to the bathroom) and then hearing the door to their son's bedroom opening and closing, followed shortly afterwards by squeaking bedsprings and low moaning. But then he found that his wife nowhere nearly nagged him as much. In fact, he hardly ever saw her since she was either at work or involved with their son. After a while, he started to find that he got aroused listening to her and their son having sex next door in Matt's bedroom (by that time, they had long since stopped trying to hide it from him). He even did not mind when his pregnant wife finally wanted Matt to move into the master bedroom with her, while he slept in the boy's room.

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   At last he was able to carry on with his hobby of being a trainspotter in peace. .

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