Rebuilding Mom (part 2)


Topic: Rebuilding Mom (part 2)Chapter 2 
I awoke again to the horrible sounds of agony, once again finding mom naked draped over the toilet. I sat again rubbing her back and telling her how beautiful she was and that I’d help her get better. She continued dry heaving for a very long time, which worried me immensely figuring I may have to get her to a doctor. In the process of her being sick she had several accidents in the form of … well, she passed urine and had some bowel movement that embarrassed her greatly.  
“Mom, its ok … I’ll clean it up like you did for me when I was younger … your just … well your turn to be sick, I’ll take care of you … ok”, I pleaded repeatedly and firmly.  
I was getting through to her, she nodded ok repeatedly and I went about quite comfortably cleaning her. I wiped her magical triangle and cleaned her incredible bum with tissue. I lingered sufficiently to show my incompetence about a woman and finally drawing a hot bath assisting her into the tub and lie down while I washed her from head to toe. “SSSee mom…” I stuttered, “I’m grown up and can help you now when you need me…”  
“Yes, my boy…however you should not be seeing and doing this for mommy… or seeing these terrible scars…” she cried as large tears slipped unheeded down her cheeks.  
I cut her off while I continued to press the fact she was ill, that it was just between us and I was grown up repeatedly stopping her insistence that she could manage. I defended my position strongly that she was weak, that she needed rest and most of all that we needed no one else that I could do everything for her. All the while I continued running hot water in when the water cooled down and plied the face cloth across her skin even taking her hand away when I came to the scarred skin areas. My persistence was rewarded as she passively opened her legs to allow me to wash her beautiful mound. This passivity continued as she allowed me to dry her off even in her intimate parts. With my arm around her naked body I guided her back to the bedroom, sitting her naked in her chair while I changed the bed linen.  
“You really have grown up sweetie … I am very proud of you …”, she whispered as if she was either very tired, weak or both.

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I finished my task of bed making and coming over gave her a very tight physical hug and kiss on her burnt scarred shoulder that made her quiver yet want to pull away to hide as I simply said, “I love you mom, I’ll be the man around the house for you. ” With that I firmly helped her up and placed her in bed naked covering her with the blankets. “You rest now, I’ll go get you some hot soup and then when your finished rub the cream onto your … well … your scars mom. ” And before she could refuse slipped out of the room.  
My lust driven motives and pampering increased almost hourly as I did everything I could possibly think of to be constantly near my naked mother increasing her dependency. The compromise I had to presently live with was keeping her slightly supplied with her alcohol, just enough at times to keep her happy.  
I would read to her, massaged her, and did a rough form of physiotherapy to her injured part to keep the muscles strong but my best lust capped endeavours was to keep her naked, accompany her to the bathroom to the point when she was tipsy wipe her and make her walk about our tiny house with my assistance thus enabling my hands to touch her naked butt or have her breast rest against my supporting arm. Within a week my lovely mother had become dependant on me and did not resist in any way to all my lust or pampering.  
At the end of the week, after she had indulged a little too much in the alcohol I played my thrump card; after returning her from the bathroom and another stimulating hot bath, I slipped her into bed and told her I’d sleep with her since she had accidentally had one too many so I could be handy.  
With bleary unfocused eyes, very slurred words and a devious smile, “ookk … welllll … slip in” she cooed. To which I nodded and showing much bashfulness and embarrassment started to undress while she watched occasionally licking her lips. I attempted to slip into bed with my shorts. “No way mister, I’m nekkkked … youuu (hiccup) have to too”. To which I shyly did and slipped beneath the sheets.  
Some long moments later she snuggled up towards me begging me to hold her to which I readily did.

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“Nooo … sweetie, lay on mommy so I can hold you (hiccup) like when you were young …” I slowly lay on top of my mother, head on her chest as her arms enveloped me whispering incoherent words of endearment all the while rubbing my nakedness.  
Needless to say it was mere moments before I had a very large erection that occasionally thumped against her scarred tummy. She shifted occasionally till my erection was firmly wedged under her beautiful bottom and felt her hair mound caressing my tummy and thus she fell asleep.  
I do not know how long I lay there on her nakedness before I slipped to her side in her restless sleep. My deviant behaviour crept forward boldly and thus began to suckle my mother’s breast hungrily which much to my delight I received encouragement by the size of her nipple, her hand holding me in place and her whimpering moans of pleasure. I feasted hungrily all the while my hand felt up mom’s other breast and eventually began caressing her body.  
Somewhere lost in time, mom came awake whispering fairly coherently, “That’s my little man … your really pampering mommy now … keep that up and neither of us may be able to stop this sweetie!” 
Oh no … I FROZE (my hand cupping her lovely hairy triangle) … what should I do … pretend I’m asleep !!! Slowly I summed up my courage driven on by my now very swollen penis thumping quite happily against her side.
    I snorted as if asleep shifted slightly snuggling more into her breast and resumed a slow suckling of that incredible nipple while my hand returned to sliding up and down her wet slit while my heel of my hand swivelled on her now swollen love bud.  
    Ever so slightly my mother’s legs slipped wider apart, my hand could feel the difference immediately as her vagina lips swelling, her wetness now slipping freely into my cupped hand and her “Ummm’s and Ahhhh’s” increased. My lust increased as my fingers now explored her creamy tunnel from wince I came and hungered to return. Driven on by her barely audible whispers of “more” and her now pumping hips I eagerly slipped more fingers into her so that eventually my entire hand was working its way into her and matching her thrusting hips and her now very widely spread thighs with both feet firmly on the bed. Her panting breaths were intermingled with cries of passion directing my hand efforts to the point where I was now slipping part of my forearm into her quivering body.  
    “Oh yes sweetie … slowly … slip more in … Ummmmm …. Ahhhhh … Oh Yes Oh Yes … ummmmm … I’m cummmmmmming … oh you sweet child … your making mommy cum so hard …” time stood still I was pleasing my mother as I had never intended to do … I was now lost as to what next to do but was very aware of my now thrusting hips dry humping her side and the presence of a stickiness making my swollen penis slide across her skin.  
    “I’m cumming again …” appeared to be mom’s favourite quote having now lost count after 6 screams of the same.

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       “Oh sweetie … you have to take it out … mommy can’t take anymore … please sweetie …” 
    I felt this incredible hot flow running over my arm that was exposed from her incredible thrusting tunnel and this weird feeling in the pit of my belly moving rapidly to the head of my painful penis … and the unbelievable flood of lights flashing through my brain … 

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