Rob and Tracy part 4


     Before Rob could plan out his revenge on Tracy, a new situation developed. His Mom had hired Brenda, a 19 year old girl from the local university as an au pair, to take care of their younger sister, 4 year old Emily. Rob had given her the once over, and she wasn't really his type. She was tall and slender, whereas he liked the girls who were a bit shorter, and more voloptuous, like his sister.

     A few nights after his asshole initiation, he was restless. It was almost 3 AM, and he couldn't get to sleep. He wondered if his Dad was as restless, he knew just by the tension in the air that his Dad was eager for some hot sex from his Mom. Unfortunately for Dad, Mom had gone to bed early, another one of her migraines, and it looked like Dad would have to go without. With him having to commute into the city during the week, and only having the weekend to come out, and get some hot sex, his Dad was probably stoking off a lot during the week, looked like another week of stroking was coming his way.

     He heard a board creak outside his door, sounded like someone was treading very carefully. He eased open the door, and saw his father creeping down the hallway, wearing just his pyjama bottoms. He paused at the door to the attic, looked around, and eased through the door. The attic room was where the au pair girl, Brenda, slept. With his natural curiosity aroused, Rob carefully slipped in through the doorway, and crept up the stairs. As his head peeked up through the railing, just where the floor met the stair riser, he saw his father standing over the bed. For a moment, it looked like he was just watching Brenda sleeping, then, his pyjama bottoms dropped, and Rob could see the outline of his stiff, rock hard cock.

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   He pulled back the covers, and slipped into bed beside her, and he quickly mounted her, before she was even fully awake. He watched his lips press urgently, hungrily against hers, her body quickly wrapping around him, welcoming his as if she'd been waiting for him. They broke the kiss, and their breathing started to gasp and grunt, as his father drove his cock into the au pair's eager, hungry depths. The sense of urgency spurred them on, and as Brenda's body exploded, writhing beneath his Dad's hard thrusts, his Dad stiffened up, and roared as his throbbing cock exploded, he rammed it in, over and over, a dozen times, gushing out the pent up load, fuck, looked like Dad saved up that load all week, Rob thought.

     Brenda whispered, "It's so hard being up here, all alone, when I know you're down there with her, even when you aren't having sex. "

     "It's even harder being down there, knowing how close you are" his Dad replied. "You know how much I enjoy your weekly day and a half off, having you in the city, so we can make love all we want. "

     Rob gaped at that comment, so this wasn't the first time. His Dad was fucking around on his Mom, regular.

     He heard his Dad say, "I know this was a crazy thing to do, and we must never do it again, but aren't you glad we did?"

     At her smiling nod, he climbed out of her bed, and Rob quickly retreated to his room. His cock was swollen and throbbing, and he stroked out a thick, juicy load, rerunning in his mind his Dad fucking the au pair girl. This was some information that must be shared with Tracy.

     The next day, Rob slipped into Tracy's room just before breakfast. His sister was wearing just a tight, string bikini style pair of panties, and a scoop necked bra, that left most of her tits on display. She glared at Rob as he couldn't help but stare at her body, almost as if she'd put it on display for him.

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     "You fucking little shit, can't you fucking knock?" Tracy snarled at him. "What's so fucking important that you just barge in here?"

     She quickly pulled on a robe, and her eyes got wide as Rob told her about her father, watching him fuck the au pair girl, and his comment that he'd made, indicating that it was an ongoing thing. Her face grew sober, as she considered what to do about this.

     "I have the perfect plan. You know that our parents are going out to a party on Monday night, so here's what we do. . . . . "

     Brenda put Emily to bed at 8:00 PM, Emily's parents had left for the party an hour ago. She went to her room, she was feeling grungy and wanted a long, hot shower.
Wrapping a bath towel around her body, she emerged from her bathroom, startled to see Tracy and Rob sitting on her bed.

     "What's wrong, did Emily have a bad dream, does she need me?"

     Tracy replied, "No, Emily is sound asleep, and Mom and Dad won't be home until midnight. That leaves us lots of playtime with Brenda. You like to play, don't you Brenda? You like it so much, you love to play eager little slut for Dad.

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   Yeah, you love to play hide the salami with my Dad, don't you Brenda??"

     Rob snickered and took a swig from the bottle of whisky he'd brought with him.

     Brenda mustered up her courage, trying to bluster her way out of it, but somehow, someway, they had found out.

     Brenda said, "Ok, I can't convince you that you're wrong, since you've made up your mind. Do you want me to tell your mother I need to resign, and go home?"

     "Not at all, I wouldn't want to deprive dear old Daddy of his piece of ass. You're an au pair, so you'll just have to pair up with my baby brother here. "

     With a sudden lunge, Tracy whipped the towel off of Brenda's body, leaving her naked to their lacivious leers as the circled her body as if she were on display, making various comments about her physical attributes, as she vainly tried to cover herself.

     "Look at that ass, she may be scrawny, but her ass is nice, tight and perky, I love the sight of a perky ass" Rob said.

     "Makes up for her lack of tits, jeez, they're barely bigger than mosquito bites!" Tracy snickered.

     "You need to start shaving baby, you got a real jungle growing down there!" Rob said.

     Brenda, her voice shaking, said, "Don't you touch me or I'll report you both to the police. "

     Tracy said, "Oh really?? And your university will get a nice long letter from my Mom about your adultery with my Dad and your attempts to corrupt her sweet little son. Mother always believes her baby boy, doesn't she?

     Rob nodded eager agreement, Tracy had one hell of a great idea.

That homewrecking bitch had a hell of a nerve fucking his Dad and trying to bust up their home, leaving them without their Dad and his Mom unhappy. After coaxing from Tracy, and a few drinks, it made perfect sense for him to redeem the family honor. He'd objected at first because Brenda wasn't his type at all.

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  . too scawny. . but Tracy had made him promise. When Rob demanded a night of sex as payment, and demanded that she promise, she almost backed out of the deal. But, the opportunity to stick it to a homewrecking tramp like Brenda was too much, and with each of them giving each other a solemn promise, the deal was sealed.

     Brenda had frozen at Tracy's threats, she had no doubt that she'd do exactly as she threatened. She would destroy her life, and her Dad would be caught in the fallout. Tracy seemed to have no qualms about the fact that her Dad would be hurt so badly also, and Brenda could not own, and she couldn't bear the thought of hurting her first real lover so badly. The way he had introduced her to sexual pleasure, been so kind, caring, and giving, lavishing all the pleasure on Brenda's naked body that she could stand, Brenda had to do as they said.

     "You win, not because anything you've said is true, but because your lies would destroy your Dad's life, as well as my own".

     She lay back on the bed, and stared at the celing, resigned to her fate.

     Rob stripped quickly, this was to be his first rape, and he relished the idea. His cock was hard and throbbing, and the titillation factor of being about to go where his father had been was exciting. He eagerly clambered aboard his conquest, forcing her knees up and apart, swarming over her ecstatically.

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   Tracy handed Rob a strip of cloth.

     Tracy ordered, "Rob, we don't want our sweet little sister to wake up do we? Gag this bitch, so her hollering won't disturb Emily's sleep. "

     In a few moments, Rob had Emily gagged, the strip of cloth covered her mouth completely, and Tracy nodded approval.

     "Ok Rob, give it to her!"

     Brenda turned her head away from the leering, lust filled grin of Rob, and was horrified to see Tracy crouching by the bed to witness the event, her eyes glittering and her breath panting with excitement as she got ready to witness her rape. She felt his cock nudge against her, than the jarring thrust as he rammed his cock in, his balls slapping against her ass, her howl of pain was well muffled by the gag, as her walls were not so gently forced apart. Rob was pleased at the feel, and Tracy urged him on, almost like she was coaching him.

    "Atta boy Rob, give it to the lying, homewrecking bitch, show her you're as good as you old man any day!"

     Rob eagerly did so, hammering his rock hard cock into her stiffened, resisting body over and over with a driving force Brenda wouldn't have believed possible in the so called act of love. He was humping at her so energetically that he was pounding the breath out of her body, and she had to gasp for air. She tried desperately to pretend it wasn't happening, it was a bad dream, a hallucination, but the feel of his hard cock fucking her, his body on top of hers, was too insistent. Her body bounced up and down as Rob pounded her, relishing the feel of dishing out his first rape. The lessons he'd learned from Noreen about holding back, how to last longer, he had learned well. This wasn't going to be any 2 minute rabbit fuck, the bitch was going to get a long, hard ride.

     Rob grunted, "Oh yeah, guess Dear old Dad hasn't fucked her too much, she's still got a nice tight cunt!"

     Ten minutes later, and Rob was still ramming her. Brenda had closed her eyes, her pussy was numb from all the thrusting, she just prayed for it to be over. She felt his long, strong fingers grab her ass, pulling her tightly against him, to accentuate the force of his fucking.

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   She felt her legs being wrapped around Rob's back, her ankles being held together around him by Tracy's helping hands. That tilted her hips up further, in a perfect position for deepest penetration, and Rob's cock plunged in to the max, he hit her cervix, and forced his way through. Brenda shreiked with pain as his cock forced its way into the very entrance to her womb. Rob could feel his cock swelling with a massive urgency.

     "Yeah, oh yeah, gonna blow, gonna use you like the cum dump you are you homewrecker, yeah, yeah, take my load, FUCK YEEEAAAHHH!"

     His cock erupted, gushing stream after stream, his load being fired right past her cervix, splattering deep in her womb. A part of her mind was very thankful that she was on the pill, as Rob growled with pleasure, moving back and forth, the tight clamp of Brenda's pussy unwillingly milking his cock. He pulled out, and moving up, presented his cock to Brenda's mouth.

     "Suck my cock, suck it good, remember the way we can ruin your life!"

     Having no choice, she opened up, and Rob slid his cock in. He was semi-hard, and as he grabbed her head, and began to fuck her mouth. Brenda could taste the mixture of her juices and his cum smeared along his shaft, to her horror, she felt his cock grow long and hard once again. Rob was pleased, this bitch needed all her holes fucked. He pulled out, shoved two large pillows under her ass, lifting her hips up. She felt him push her legs back and apart, then she felt a large glob of slick butter being slid between the cheeks of her ass, Tracy finger's digging in, spreading the butter up her virgin tight back door.

     "No, no, I've never taken a cock up there, please no!"

     That was the exact wrong thing to say, Rob's cock was swollen, the idea that he was going to bust her back door cherry gave him another bone hard erection.

     Tracy grinned and growled, "Well, that's about to end, all your holes are going to be well fucked.

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   Okay dear brother, take your position, she's got a virgin chocolate highway, and you get the honor of taking the first ride!"

     He straddled the pillows, grabbing her at the back of her knees, he pushed her legs up, and placed her feet on his shoulders, pulling her body yowards him unti her ass was off the pillows. This exposed her asshole perfectly, and Rob felt his pulse pound and his cock throb, he was going to rape her tight, unfucked asshole. Nudging his cock against her tight puckered asshole, he urged Tracy on to join in.

     "Tracy, ungag the bitch, and make the little bitch eat your cunt. I'll bet she a lezzie virgin too, let's bust all her cherries tonight. Sit on her face, and cum all over her. Your sweet cunt against her mouth should keep her howls well muffled. "

     Tracy was more than eager, watching Rob fuck Brenda had made her cunt a horny caldron of lust. She straddled Brenda's face, facing her brother, she wanted to see Rob pound his prick deep up her unfucked asshole. Brenda looked up, staring at the lewd spectacle of Tracy's cunt, deep coral, glistening with juices, the smell of Tracy's musty, horny lust surrounding her.

Tracy lowered her cunt, pressing her labial lips tightly against her mouth.

     "Now lick me, lick my cunt you bitch, make me cum. Ok Rob, give it to the bitch!"

     Rob was eager to do so, and with a hard push, Brenda's lost her last vestige of virginity. Brenda's loud shriek of pain was completely muffled by having Tracy's cunt pressed securely against her mouth, as she felt Rob's cock, feeling harder and bigger than ever, very painfully parting the tight, virgin walls of her ass.   She certainly hollered lots, as his cock forced in, until he was balls deep, relishing the extra tight clamp of her ass.

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   Tracy watched, her pussy churning with the juices of her lust, holding Brenda's head against her cunt, making her give her first pussy licking. It was all she could do to suck in enough air through her nose. Rob pulled back and drove it deep again, drawing another muffled howl of pain from her. Rob grunted as he drove in, the tight clamp of her asshole was like nothing he'd ever done, her puckered hole was the ultimate in tightness. Glad I blew off my first load in her cunt, fuck, I'd be squirting like a rabbit, if I didn't have to work on building a load up. Rob grinned, the bitch was really going to get her asshole loosened up.

     Brenda felt like she was really paying her dues by letting her lust for their Dad run away with her better judgement.   Rob's cock felt like a steel hard rod was ramming up her, power fucking the tight walls of her asshole apart, and Tracy's cunt was gushing juices, forcing her to swallow it as she frantically licked Tracy's cunt, keeping her tongue swiping over and over at her clit, hoping to get at least one of them to cum quickly, so she could get out of the double rape she was getting.

     Tracy started to grunt and growl, then she let out a loud howl of pleasure, and Brenda was suddenly getting Tracy's girl cum squirting crazily, gushing into her mouth, she had no chioce but to swallow it, then Tracy pulled up slightly, and sprayed a couple of squirts all over Brenda's face, then she rubbed her gushing mound all over, mopping Brenda's face down. Tracy wasn't going to let her get away with just one time.

     "Keep licking my cunt you bitch, I'm going to cum and cum as many times as I can, all over your face, lick me bitch!" Tracy hissed.

     Rob was still building up a load, and Brenda got the ass reaming of a lifetime, her asshole was spasming painfully as his rock hard erection drove up her hershey highway, again and again. Tracy's cunt was a horny volcano, and Brenda was forced to lick at her, orgasms slamming into her over and over, her cunt gushing her juices crazily, Brenda's mouth being kept tight against Tracy's cunt, swallowing a big glut of juices, and having Tracy spray more across her, plastering her already dripping wet face. Brenda was delirious, almost passing out when Rob hit his peak.

     "Fuck, fuck, yeah, take my load bitch, right up your ass, YEAH!"

     "Yeah, let the bitch have it, do it, do it, right up your tight newly fucked asshole bitch, DO IT!!" Tracy growled.

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     Rob roared, and she felt his cock bucking wildly in her ass, his load pouring hotly up her sore, abused asshole.

     Rob and Tracy got up, and Brenda flopped down, and slowly curled up in a ball of hurt.

     "Thanks baby, you were great! We might have to make this a regular thing!" Rob laughed.

     "And how does it feel to be a card carrying lezzie? You licked my cunt, and I bet you loved it!" Tracy added spitefully.

     They left, she could hear their laughter as they retreated down the stairs, leaving her alone and hurting. Her ass hurt in the worst way, she made her way slowly, almost like an invalid, into her bathroom, filled the tub with hot water and sank into it, letting the heat ease some of the worst aches.

     Her mind ran it back, like a horrible movie clip she couldn't stop, being forced to service the sexual appetites of Rob and Tracy made her feel sick. She was glad that her university classes were ten days away, two more days, and she'd be out of here. She only hoped that she'd be able to avoid their depravity for that long.

     The next morning, her ass hurt, but at least is wasn't the tearing pain she'd felt last night, thank god. Now she was getting angry, she was over the pain and the fear. Their Dad had set up a 4 day getaway with her to Cabo San Lucas, she was going back to the city, meet him at the airport, bring along her sexiest bikini, and let his love and skill at making her feel so wonderful chase away the horror of her abuse. It was a much better way to end her summer.

     The next day, she was packed and ready to go at 8 AM. Rob and Tracy were there, smirking, to see her off, fortunately, so was their Mom, but Tracy still found a way to try and get an extra dig in at her.

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     "I hope we showed you a nice time" she said, that pissy smirk all over her face.

     While their Mom was out of the room, Brenda leaned in, face to face with Tracy, and said, "Remember your deal. If you break the deal, and try to slam me, I will holler rape, loud and clear. I'll make sure that everyone on Facebook hears about what a pair of rapists you are. I'll spill every fucking detail, and blow you right out of the water!" she snarled.

     Brenda felt the glow of satisfaction as Tracy took a step back, her face paling. Just the rumors of rape, would explode her and Rob big time. Tracy had been so cocksure, thinking she had all the power over Brenda, to discover that Brenda had one hell of an ICBM pointing at them, and they were at ground zero.

     "Just remember, you have a weapon, but so do I. Let's work on keeping them stowed, I'm going back to university, and we'll end it at that. "

     Tracy was no longer smiling, she nodded, quickly. In the car, on the way to the Amtrak station, Brenda was smiling, 4 days in Cabo San Lucas, with her wonderful lover, lay ahead. Rob and Tracy had been shut down, and she was out of that situation, she was going to give their Dad all the fucking and sucking her could handle. Although they would never know it, in her mind she would feeling like she was spiteing the hell out of them.




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