Romp with Mom Part Three


I wasn't sure how far she wanted to go.
I pushed her gently back and she offered no resistance.
I thought that maybe she was doing this only to give me more room to have my face down there. I brought myself up and on top of her. She laid there. Gripping my boner I brought the swollen tip up and pressed into the wet opening of her vagina. It went in with no difficulty. I slid it all the way in. I heard her moan.
"Oh. . . ohhhh. . . "
I heard myself groan under my breath as I felt her slippery, warm, wet sheath around my organ.

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I started to raise and lower my hips, my hard penis sliding in and out her her.
"Ohhhh. . . Ohhhhh. . . " she moaned breathlessly again.
I loved how it felt to be fucking her with my dick.
This was my mom. I had my erect penis in her vagina. It was so unbelievably thrilling.
I continued to fuck her.
She was moving with me. Her legs wide apart, raised up on either side of my hips.

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Her breathing was becoming even faster.
Again and again my boner went into her pussy as far as it would go.
"Ohhhhhhh. . . Ohhhhhhh. . . Ohhhhhh. . . "
Her breasts were jiggling around with my firm efforts.
Then, in the next moment, she gasped and tensed beneath me.
She was having an orgasm.
It was wild to see my mother having an orgasm and coming like that.

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Before I was even half ready for it to happen, I ejaculated.
I felt my boner pulse and the semen squirting uncontrollably out.
"Uh!" I grunted with the sudden intensity of my own release.
The only thing that I could think of was how much I wanted to fuck my sperm into my mother, even if a part of me realized how absolutely reckless I was being. After all, we were not using any protection.
It was several long moments after that when we started to recover and our senses returned.
I sighed heavily and pulled back, feeling the combined wetness, reminding me of what I had just done.
"I'm sorry. . . " I said immediately.
She gave me a kind of bemused look. "For what?"
"I couldn't help it. I came in you. "
My mother stared at me, as if in disbelief of what I had just told her.

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Then, seeing my remorseful state, she laughed.
"Honey. . . that's okay. I've been fixed. "
I was sort of stunned.
"Otherwise I would have said something when you stuck it in," she assured.
I don't think that I had ever felt more relieved in my entire life!
I drew in a deep breath to calm my shaky nerves.
As I could see, my mom thought that it was funny.
Of course if she had not been fixed, she might have taken quite a different point of view of having her own son ejaculating in her vagina.
Still, it had all worked out good.
We both smiled. Our love making had been so wonderful and exhilarating.
We did a small kiss on the lips, smiled, and enjoyed our liberating moment of sharing.

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   Our coffee was cold. Not that it mattered. Forgetting about her robe and my towel, my mother suggested that maybe we could go into her bedroom. . . where it was more comfortable. Inside of ten minutes, we were fucking again, happily and without a care. .

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