Sailing the open seas with Em - PART 3


Part 3

I had tied her bikini back on her after soaking up most of the cum dripping from her, then carried her down into the sleeping area and covered her up in her bed.
My dick still ached from the tight hole I had just been inside for so long, and my mind could do nothing but think of more.
Around dark I heard a stirring down below and Em popped her head upstairs. "Hi Daddy, what time is it?" she smiled.
"Almost dinner time, baby" I said as I looked at her face for signs of confusion or discomfort. "When did I fall asleep" she asked.
"While you were laying out. . . I think maybe you drank a little too much too fast" I shook my head. "I'm going to take a shower, my head kinda hurts" she said. "Ok, I'll start dinner while you're in there" i watched her as she disappeared.
I wondered if it was just her head hurt. . . .

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  . . I wondered if she had any idea what had happened at all?
"DADDY!!!" I heard her yell, as my heart sunk a little. I slowly walked below and peeked my head around the corner. "What's up baby?" i asked quietly.
"Will you go get me my razor from up on the deck, I think we left it there" she smiled and modestly covered her tiny boobs as she peeked around the corner. A smile came to my face as I realized she must remember at least that much of what happened. "Sure baby, anything else?"
"You could make me a bloody mary to kill this headache of mine" she said semi-jokingly and grinned. "We'll see" I smirked and took off upstairs, my mind again racing with thoughts of tonight’s possibilities. I returned downstairs with her razor and lightly tapped on the door. I didn't hear a response so I pushed it open slowly. "Em" I said over the pouring sound of the water. Still no response so i took a step inside. I looked around the corner and saw the shower curtain was not shut, then to my pleasure I saw Em completely bent over, soaping up her legs. I gazed for a second at her gorgeous ass, and between her legs was the most gorgeous bald glistening pussy, puffing out on both sides, the tiny lips in the middle dripping water, disappearing into the puffy outer lips.

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   My dick was instantly hard again, aching to just push her against the wall right there and fill her up with my cock. After what seemed like an hour, I managed the words "here you go babydoll".
"Daddy!" she almost screamed as she stood up quickly. "You almost gave me a heart attack. Did you knock"? she turned and looked at the razor and grabbed it, this time leaving her breasts completely uncovered. "I did" was all I could say as my eyes watched the soap drip off her tiny budding breasts. "Daddy" she said as my eyes finally left her chest and went to her eyes. She had a silly grin on her face, and she said "you're silly" as she grabbed the curtain and pulled it shut. "I'll be out in a while for that dinner and drink you promised. " I smiled, went up and got started.
Dinner was simple, but the drink i took some time with. I reached into the cupboard and pulled out all the bloody mary ingredients, and in the back of the cupboard i noticed an orange bottle. I reached back and grabbed it and was suddenly the happiest man alive. It was a bottle of anti anxiety pills that Em's Mom used to take when we were on the boat. .

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  . she would get nervous at night and these would really calm her down when we were out in the middle of the ocean. The warning on the side read "ALCOHOL MAY INTENSIFY THE EFFECTS OF THIS MEDICATION"
which of course I already knew. I remember that once she took these and had a few drinks, and I probably could have done anything to her, and I pretty much did. . . and while she stayed awake, in the morning she would have very little memory. So I proceeded with mixing my daughters cocktail, with one extra little ingredient (i started with only half a pill).
Soon dinner was ready and Em emerged from the bathroom, wearing her typical teenage loose tiny sweat shorts, and a VERY thin tank top. "Feel better"? I giggled as I looked her up and down "you look comfy".
"SOOO much better" she said as she rolled her eyes back. "Is this mine"? she asked as she looked at the bloody mary. "Yes but let's eat first, you can't drink on an empty stomach " She grabbed the drink and sat down by her dinner.
We ate and chatted like a normal father and daughter would, and about halfway through her meal she grabbed the drink like no big deal and took a giant drink from it "MMMM" she said as she looked at me. We continued chatting, and eventually she finished both and got up to put her dishes in the sink.

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   I got up right behind her and as I walked toward the sink she set her dishes down and turned around. "I love being out here with you Daddy, it makes me feel like I don't have a care in the world" which is exactly what I hoped she would say. She leaned forward and put her arms around my back and hugged me. I still had the dishes in my hands so I reached around her and set them down, returning the hug. I pulled her tightly to me, and she squeezed even tighter. Her nails went up my back to the back of my head and she ran them heavily through my hair. She smelled like a little girl and I held her closely and told her "You're the only one I would ever want to be stuck out here with babydoll". We held our tight embrace for what seemed like 5 minutes. she breathed hard against my chest and continued running her fingers through my hair, as my fingers stroked her back and sides. I finally went to loosen my grip on her and she wouldn't let go. She looked up at me and leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the lips. my daughter kisses me all the time, but this time her lips weren't tightly puckered, and they were wet. It was just a short kiss, but it made my heart race. She finally let go and said "can we do the dishes later, daddy?
"Definitely, princess" I smiled back at her.
She began to walk toward her room and i watched the perfect bounce of her ass as she walked away.

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   "Do you know where my lotion is, daddy…. i'm kind of dried out" as she disappeared into her room. "I haven't seen it, baby". I heard her rustling around a bit then she came back out. "It's not in there. . . . maybe up on the deck" as she walked up the stairs. As she walked by she gave me a long look, and it was a look I knew. . . she wanted to ask for something. She was gone for what seemed like hours, and when she came back down she was holding the lotion, and as I started to look up I noticed her tiny nipples were hard as rocks showing right through the fabric of her top. "Found it" she said and gave me that look again.

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"What is it princess"? I asked, knowing a question was coming. "Daddy. . . . I'll make you a trade" and I waited with a smirk on my face. "Will you lotion me up, i feel really lazy right now"?
I wasn't sure how I was going to get to this moment, and was surprised it had presented itself so easily. My heart beat faster, and I jumped at the opportunity, but I didn't want to seem too eager so I said "and what are you going to do for me'"?
"I'll do the dishes" she smiled at stared at me with a hopeful look in her eyes. "Sure that sounds fair" I almost laughed at how good of a trade she though she had made, when really it was me who was going to get the better end of this. "But you have to do every dish, even the cooking ones" I said. "Well then you have to give me a massage while you put that lotion on me. "
my mind raced at how perfectly this was going. . . .

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  probably thanks to that special drink. "Deal" I said and walked towards her to shake her hand. To my surprise she grabbed my hand and pulled "Well, let's go! and we'll use your bed cause it's bigger and more comfortable". My heart raced as I followed her into my room her hand pulling harder.
She let go of my hand, threw the lotion onto the bed and jumped onto her back, her tiny tits jiggling under the fabric. she stared up at me like my wife used to when she wanted me to fuck her really bad, and I climbed into bed the same way, staring her in the eyes the whole way. I reached over to grab the lotion, and felt her foot brush my leg as she sat up. "Hold on. . . . . um. . .


  . i mean. . . . you don't mind do you, I don't want to get lotion all over this tank top" and she reached down and grabbed the bottom. I was just starting to think, is she doing what I think she's doing? and she slowly turned half way away from me and pulled her top over her head. My eyes got huge. . . . the light was sort of dim but i could see perfectly and as she let her arms down I saw the perfect shaped side view of her tiny little A cups, her half hard nipples pointing straight up. "No, I don't mind" i said as my voice almost shook. She turned the rest of the way around and threw the top off the edge of the bed and flopped down on her belly, her body naked except for the tiniest of shorts covering her ass. "Ahhh" she said in relaxing anticipation.

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   I was staring at pure beauty, relaxed and ready for anything. I grabbed the bottle and poured some into my hands. It smelled great, like bananas.
I began to work her back like a pro, getting all the muscles I knew would relax her even more. She let out soft moans occasionally, and I could tell she was enjoying it. I watched as her hands gripped my blankets, and her ass slowly did circles as I hit all the right places.
She reached back and grabbed her hair and pinned it up as I did her neck. mmmmmm she moaned. I moved up and down her arms until i was moving down her sides and my fingers began brushing the sides of her breasts. I kept plenty of lotion on my hands so thy would slip past herquickly. On one of the passes my fingers slipped underneath her and rubbed under her very erect nipples. To my surprise she quickly grabbed my hands and said "HEY". I was about to say "OOPS" when she said softly "there will be plenty of time for those when I roll over". My my jaw dropped and I moved down to the bottom of her back where i spend a good few minutes getting her really relaxed again. I wasn't sure how I was going to suggest I was done with her back, and I finally said "baby can I change into my pj's, I've been wearing these shorts all day?.

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"Hurry up hehehe" she giggled. I got up off the bed and tried to hide my raging hard on. I quickly dropped my shorts while she looked the other way, and even took off my shirt. as I was climbing back onto the bed I saw her grab the lotion. Then she rolled over, exposing her beautiful tits as I climbed toward her. I stared in utter delight as she took the lotion and as she smiled she dumped some lotion across her belly button, then across her nipples. She set the lotion down and her arms went above her head, making her tiny breast all but disappear. I threw all technique out the window and went straight to rubbing her tits. I saw a smile cross her face, and she whispered, "I knew you would do that". I smiled back and sat over the top of her massaging, kneading, engulfing them completely. She let out a few low sighs and arched her back and I was starting to get really hot. I gently twisted each nipple, and she shivered in delight. They stood up completely erect as I left them to explore quickly all the other parts of her torso. I spent some time lightly touching her stomach, making her shiver as I stared at her gorgeous face and she began sucking in air, the letting out a long sigh. I was just about to reach for the lotion to go back to work on her tits when she opened her eyes.


   "Want to know something really cool?" she whispered and I shook my head quickly in anticipation. "This lotion is edible, and it tastes really good" and with that she grabbed the bottle and i stared in amazement as she put a tiny dot on each nipple, then put her arms back behind her head and stared into my eyes and said ever so softly "taste it".
"mmmm" was all I could say as my eyes moved down to her hard tiny nipples, now covered by a tiny white dot each. my hand was on her stomach and as I began to reach my head down i could feel her start to quiver. I started with the nipple closest to me, and my hot tongue licked slowly over the top of it. I felt its hardness and began to lick over the top of it, then circle it slowly. Her body shook and she tried to hold in a sigh. Finally I engulfed her whole breast with my hot mouth and began to slowly suck the entire thing, flicking the nipple inside my mouth. She could hold back no more and let out a loud moan "OOOOHHHWWW" and her hands grabbed the back of my head, pulling me as tightly as she could into her. I sucked the soft flesh until it could get no deeper in my mouth "Ohhh Gooood, mmmmm" she squirmed and I switched to her other nipple, licking and sucking like a madman, squeezing the other tit with my hand. Her nails scratched at the back of my head and she moaned again “OOOhhhh, Daddy…. that feels so good. I licked and sucked her nipples for a few more minutes just hearing her getting more and more turned on…and so was I. I began to notice that her legs started rubbing together slowly, then faster.
I began to slowly circle my hand down her stomach until the tips of my fingers started slipping underneath the fabric of her shorts.

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   Soon she pulled me head up toward her face and whispered very sensually in my ear “you’re only halfway done with my massage, daddy” and she planted a wet kiss right on my ear and her hot breath hit me as she sighed. As I moved my hands over her nipples one more time and down toward her waist, she lifted herself a few inches off the bed to make it easier. I scooted down and slid her tiny shorts down…. ”oops I’m not wearing any panties, I forgot to tell you. Maybe I should go put some on”? I stared in amazement at her bald dripping wet pussy, tiny lips glistening in the light. “No, we’d just get lotion on them” I smiled as I looked at her. She lifted her legs up in the air and I pulled the shorts over her feet and let them drop. She was about to drop her legs back down when I grabbed the one nearest me and pulled it over me,running my hand from her knee down her thigh until I touched wetness. She tensed a bit and let out a sigh “mmmm” and I brushed the back of my hand over her entire crotch, covering it with wetness and causing her to arch her hips in the air.
I grabbed the lotionand moved to the foot of the bed and let her leg drop. I stood up and she stared at me with innocent eyes. My hardon was trapped inside my underwear but desperately wanted out. I put some lotion on my hands and she said quietly “what do you want me to do”?
I placed my hands inside each thigh and gently pushed outward, while gently rubbing them. I ran my thumbsup and over her mound, and back down, sliding through her wetness and slightly parting her lips as I stared at them. “Let daddy make you feel good and finish your massage, that’s all.

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   You just lay backand relax baby” She looked at me and smiled and spread her legs even further. “Just go slow, ok? And promise me you’ll lick all of the lotion off of everything?”
Continued very soon
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