Sammy Gets Brave Pt. 1


Since they were babies they have all climbed into bed with me and my wife to watch television or nap in my bed or just hang out. But lately I have to admit that I noticed that my girls (both 12) have been filling out and getting their respective womanly traits. Samantha, my step daughter and the younger of the 12 year olds was in my room watching television and she crawls under the blankets and snuggles up to me so closely that I can feel her budding breasts against my arms and chest. I distract myself from this and return my attentions to the television. She adjusts herself and out of the corner of my eye I notice that the covers in her midsection are rolling and moving. It comes to my mind that “MY GOD! Is she doing what I think she is?” is my lovely 12 year old actually rubbing herself literally inches from me? This lasts for about 3 minutes and my gaze is fixed intently on her actions. She stops and brings her hands above covers again and although I am rattled by what has taken place before me I brush it off and the night goes on uneventful. The next few days were a return to the norm and although she does still come into my room she doesn’t blatantly do anything that would lead me to believe that the incident was anything other than a brief hormonal blip on the radar screen. She would come in to the room almost nightly to watch television and during commercials she would jump up steal my covers, steal my pillows and just generally roughhouse with me and wrestle me or dare me to wrestle her. This wasn’t exactly uncommon but after the earlier episodes I was more finely tuned to her actions. She would climb on me, jump across the room on to me and feign hitting or kicking me in the groin. I understood all of this to mean that she was feeling hormonal and this was some way of releasing aggression and tension. After a few more nights of this ritual wrestling and horseplay we were in our usual modes again and she was freshly showered and curled up in my blankets again. I was on the computer checking my email and when I got off she proceeded to take all the pillows again and dared me to take them back from her. I promptly did just that and flung her across the bed like a rag doll. She giggled with laughter and I took my place on the bed gloating like I was king of the world.

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   She lay down next to me again and almost instantly her hands went right under the covers to her waist, into her pants and the rubbing began again. It was happening again and it wasn’t even close to discreet. I noticed this again, it would last a few minutes, she would pause and it would happen again and again. I was in a pair of loose fitting shorts and although I was terrified I followed suit. Separate from her and far enough away that she would be able to tell what was happening but not so noticeable that she would get scared or freak out if my intentions were unwanted or unwarranted. I was stroking my now raging (average sized) cock in my hand and paying excruciatingly close attention to her actions and her attentions. She noticed what I was doing on several occasions being careful not to linger too long and be exposed, and her rubbing and touching didn’t slow down either. She would shift, roll, wiggle and writhe but never stop her touching and never ignoring the fact that I was too. Occasionally her hands would move to my legs, or to my stomach or to some other area of the bed and she would position herself so that she could see that I wasn’t stopping either. Racing through my mind was a myriad of questions, thoughts, scenarios, and generally deviant thoughts as I rubbed my aching cock and watch as my daughter not only paid close attention but was obviously touching herself too. As I was rubbing and stroking she shifted a final time on to her stomach and draped her arm across my stomach right above the blanket line and mere inches from the glistening helmet of my cock hidden just inches from her hand under the blanket. She shifted a few times and her hand inadvertently would glide further down my stomach and closer to my cock. I wanted her to keep going but I was terrified of her response. Was this actually her intention or was this me rationalizing what I had recently been thinking. I new it was wrong for me to be doing this but I couldn’t stop myself.

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   Finally she did it she moved her hand one final time and I could feel her tiny hands on the base of my cock and we both instantly FROZE! I felt like my insides would explode. There was an excitement and fear that I can not put in to words. There we were me with my hand on my cock, her with her delicate little hands one on her virgin pussy and one at the base of my cock. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity wondering and waiting for whatever reaction may take place. And slowly she wrapped her fingers around the base and I released my grip. She held it there for a few minutes and lightly rubbed it a little and I shattered the silence with. “Sammy?”“Yeah?”“Everything ok?”“Yeah I am fine”“Is this your first time touching one?”“Yeah it is”“Well what do you think?”“Its ok, I am fine, it feels kind of weird”“Are you ok?”“Yeah I am good”“You know you don’t have to do this right?”“Yeah I know” She continued stroking it for a few minutes and then she said that she was getting sleepy and she released my cock and got up to go to her bedroom. I finished myself off and squeezed out another one before her mother got home and What happened next was beyond anything I could ever imagine or possibly have asked for. To Be Continued…. . .