Sam's Mother


Sam sitting contently on his sofa watching television when he heard the door open. He didn’t hear it shut at all and when his mother, Katherine, came stumbling in he knew she was drunk. Sam’s mother didn’t go out too often and when she did she rarely ever got drunk. Tonight must’ve been a particularly special night out with the girls, thought Sam as he stood up from the sofa and walked past his mother to close the front door. “You didn’t drive home like that did you?” Sam asked his mother. “Huh?…” She turned to face him, still holding herself steady with her free hand against the wall. “Oh, no. Becky was kind enough to drive me home. ” Sam smirked. “Was she sober enough too?” Katherine laughed. “Yes, or at least not as drunk, which isn’t legal but it will do. ” Sam walked over to his mother and put her free arm over his shoulder and helped her to her master bedroom.
Sam was nearly 14 now and was maturing quickly. His mother often commented that his sense of humor and his wit was just like his father’s. Sam never knew his father. He had died in a plane crash when he was just a little boy.


   He and his mother now lived alone in the country house his father had bought them prior to his death. They both enjoyed life in the country. They were at least 15 minutes from town and a good 5 minutes from the next family who owned the land next to theirs. Besides the girls who worked with Sam’s mother at the salon, who would stop by to pick up Katherine for a night out, it was just Sam and his mother. Katherine was 35 years old and could easily pass for much younger. Sam knew full well how hot his mother really was. She had mid length straight brown hair, soft gentle skin with a slight tan and a set of eyes that would make men melt. Her breasts were some of her best physical assets. Sam had checked her bra size when he did laundry and knew his mother was a D. Her legs were long and smooth and there was a small mole on her right cheek that made Sam think she looked like a brunette Marilynn Monroe. Sam couldn’t help but think of his mother sexually. He knew it was wrong but he was in prime time for hormones and the only other girls around Sam was even closely interested in where the two twin girls he went to school with and a few of the women his mother worked with. All of them, the twins and the women at the salon where too old for him to snag so he was left with only his mother. A woman who was always there, always available, always sexy and truly loved him. Sam would often masturbate with his mothers bras or panties when he did laundry.

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   He’d smell them and imagine her there with him. He loved the smell of her panties. He could smell her womanhood on the crotch and imagined being inside her with that smell filling the room as they made love.
Finally Sam came back to his senses… He was helping his mother down the hall. She must be more drunk then she has ever been before, he thought as he carried a majority of her weight and she dragged her heels down the hall. His mother was wearing a short black dress that showed off her wonderful curves. Now, with her dress all a mess, her breasts were nearly falling out of the front and Sam was paying close attention. Sam could smell her perfume and the alcohol on her breath. Being this close to his mother, seeing her breasts spill out of her dress, he started to get a raging hard on. “Thank you so much honey. ” His mother struggled to say. “It’s okay Mom. I don’t mind taking care of you. ” Sam sure didn’t mind. Not with the view he was getting.

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   Sam reached forward and opened the door to his mother’s master bedroom. “Here we are. ” Sam told his mother as he moved her towards the bed and sat her down. Her skirt was now dangerously high on her hips. “Thanks baby. I’m so tired I think I’m just going to pass out. ” She bent forward and reached for her stiletto heels. She stumbled with them and nearly fell forward off the bed. “Whoa! I’m too drunk to even take off my shoes!” She joked. “Can you get them for me baby?” Sam was more than happy to help. He sat down on the floor in front of his mother and placed her right foot against his crotch. “I’ll handle it. ” He told her. He slowly ran his finger tips from the front of the stiletto, over his mother’s dainty toes, up her ankle, over the heel’s straps and up her calf. He was going to ensure he got a good feel if he was going through all this trouble.

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   “Hmmm…” His mother moaned tiredly. She sat up on the edge of the bed but had her eyes closed. Obviously in a half sleeping drunken stupor. Sam untied the stiletto straps from the back of his mother’s calf and slid the straps down to her ankle. He slipped the heel of her small foot and rubbed her foot in his hands in a mutually pleasing massaging manner. “Hmmm… That’s nice. ” His mother replied with a smile on her face. Sam placed the naked foot into his crotch and grabbed the other foot to remove the other heels. Subconsciously, his mother’s naked foot twitched and flexed against his crotch, giving him an even more massive hard on. She didn’t seem to notice her effects on him. Sam caressed his mother’s foot just as he had done the last and slowly undid her straps and removed the heel from her foot. He cupped the foot in his hands and kneaded it. As he massaged his mother’s left foot her right foot squirmed against his crotch right against his erect cock. “Hmmm… That feels so good. My feet were so sore today.

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  ” Sam smiled up at his mother. “Thank you so much baby. ” Sam could barely contain his excitement now. “No need to thank me Mom. I don’t mind, I like helping you. ” Katherine opened her eyes and smiled down at her young son. Their eyes locked for a moment and then Katherine noticed her right foot rubbing her son’s crotch. She could tell now that he had a massive erection, she could feel it under her foot. She smiled and removed her foot from Sam’s crotch. Sneaky little devil. Katherine thought. “Well, thank you baby. I think that’s all I need for tonight. I’ll be fine now. ” Katherine swung her legs up on the bed and sighed.

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   “Don’t you want to get that dress off too? I could help?” Sam asked, a little to obvious about his intentions. Bold aren’t you kid? Katherine thought as she smiled at her son. “Oh no. I’m just going to pass out now. I’ll be fine. Go to bed kiddo. ” With that Katherine laid down on the bed and turned away facing the window. Sam backed out of the room with his erection stretching his pants to the limit. Damn! He thought. Sam walked to his room and whipped out his hard cock and began to stroke it. He imagined his mother’s bare foot against his hard cock. He imagined what it would be like if he could just whip it out in front of his mother and let her stroke his erection with her naked foot. If he had done that she would’ve surely freaked out. But she had rubbed her foot against his cock, just through his pants. This was a big step for Sam.


   And as with all big sexual steps for adolescent boys, they just want more. Sam stopped stroking his cock and decided to take the next step, whether his mother knew it or not. He was bummed that he didn’t get to help her undress, he wanted to see her naked. And so he decided he would. Sam waited and hour or so and then crept down the hall to his mother’s door. His cock was still hard and was aching to be relieved. Sam slowly and quietly turned the door knob and peaked inside. The lights where off in the hallway but his mother’s vanity light was on in her bathroom which basked the bedroom in a low amber light. Just enough for Sam to see her on her bed. She still wore her black dress and was still on her side. Sam wasn’t sure whether she was really asleep so he tip-toed inside and around to the far side of her bed where she was facing. He bent over and looked straight at her face. It was then that Sam knew she was completely knocked out. She was lying on her side with a steady line of drool from her mouth to her pillow. Sam couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the sight.

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   She certainly was more drunk than he had ever seen her. Same crept over to the other side of the bed and placed his hand on her soft calves. She didn’t make a sound. Sam caressed her smooth legs and rubbed his cock through his pants with his free hand. He slid his hand up her calves and up her thigh till he was at the bottom of her dress. He slid his hand under the dress and caressed her smooth thighs. He tried to raise the dress but she was laying on the other end and it wouldn’t budge. Damn, I got to get this dress up. Sam grabbed the dress on both sides of his mother’s sleeping body and slowly pulled it up. Soon he could see her hips and her black lace panties. Wow! My mom has got to be the hottest woman alive! Sam thought as he stared at the brunette beauty below him. Sam continued to pull her dress up till her stomach was showing and dared go no further. If he tried to pull the dress up over her bra she might wake up. He had no idea how he was going to get her arms out of the dress anyway. Sam caressed his mother’s soft stomach and rubbed his finger tips over her cute belly button.

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   He ran his hands over her tight ass and all the while he rubbed his cock through his pants. Soon the anticipation was too much for Sam. He threw off his t-shirt and dropped his jeans. He kicked off his boxers and was now standing in his mother’s bedroom, over his half naked sleeping mother, butt naked. His erection stood out like a horizontal flag pole. Be bent over and took a deep breath through his nose, breathing in his mother’s scent. He moved closer and rubbed the head of his dick over his mother’s soft legs and then he couldn’t help himself. He knew he needed to stop but was unable to listen to reason. He climbed on top of the bed with his mother. He laid down behind her facing her back. He placed his arms over her and pressed his hard cock against her ass. As he slid his cock over her black lace panty cover ass he rubbed her stomach with his free hand. Even throughout all this she didn’t make a sound. He had to go further. He slid his hand down her stomach and found the waist band to her panties.

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   He crept his finger tips under the waist band and slid his hand inside. Her skin was so soft and soon Sam’s finger tips found home. His hand slid over a mound of coarse hairs and then further south. Sam’s dick was so frustrated with rubbing her panties. He slid his hand down till her felt the slit where her womanhood presided. He pushed his hand deeper until his palm found a warm wet spot within her crevice. He couldn’t believe it, his palm was on his own mother’s vagina and his fingers where now probing her warm wet insides. Sam had to get more. He slid his hand out of her panties and gripped the waist band. He slowly but steadily pulled her panties down over her ripe hips and then down her thighs and to her knees. Sam had to sit up to reach lower and he slipped her panties off her feet and threw them to the corner of the room. Sam looked down at his mother, her bare ass now shown to the world. He decided he needed to see her breasts as well. He reached up and gripped the shoulder straps of her dress. He pulled the straps down her shoulders and further down her body till her bra was revealed.


   Sam slid the dress down towards her hips and then he encountered a problem. Getting her arms through the straps would be tricky. He’d have to reposition her. He reached up and grabbed her arm that lay on top and tried to get the dress’s shoulder strap over and off her arm. He was a little to forceful and when he got the arm through the strap she moved. She placed her now free arm back in its place and shifted her legs. “Hmmm… ahhh…” she moaned in her sleep. Readjusting her position. Sam’s heart was beating furiously. He had to get the other arm free but she was laying on it. Sam got up and moved over to the other side of the bed and placed both hands on his mother, one on her shoulder, one on her hips. He pushed steady till she began to roll onto her back. “Hmmm… Wha… What’s?…” His mother moaned, half asleep and half aware of her forced repositioning. “Shhh…” Sam whispered to her. “It’s okay.


   I’m helping you. You need to get the dress off before it’s wrinkled. ” Sam grabbed the sides of his mother’s dress and pulled down. “What? Why?…” Sam’s mother moaned. “You’re drunk, you went to sleep with your clothes on. It’s okay, I’m going to help you. ” Sam whispered to his mother kindly. Sam couldn’t get the tight dress over his mother’s hips while she was laying on it. “Raise up a little, I need to slip the dress down. ” Sam’s mother moaned again. “What? The dress? Why?…” She moaned, still too drunk and asleep to understand him. “Just raise your but up a little, Mom. Okay?” His mother moaned and then raised her ass off the bed an inch. Sam took the opportunity and slipped the dress down his mother’s hips and down her slender legs. He slid the dress off her feet and threw it on the floor.

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   He looked back at his mother. She was now laying on her back, her legs together and wearing only her bra. “Go to bed, baby. ” She moaned and rolled over to her side a little. “Can’t yet Mom. Your bra is still on. ” He gripped her bra straps and slipped them off her shoulders. He reached back and unsnapped her bra. Sam had practiced with her bras in the laundry. He gripped the front of her bra cups and pulled them off her. “Hmmm… Okay, go to bed now. ” She moaned. She was still really drunk and in that realm between asleep and awake, where you say things you don’t remember and people can hardly understand. “I can’t go to bed. I’m going to stay here with you.

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  ” Sam whispered to her. “Hmmm… Okay, just go to bed. ” She moaned. Sam sat at the foot of the bed looking over his mother’s naked body. She was even more amazing then he could imagine. He perky breasts fell to the sides of her chest and her mound of pubic hair between her legs gave her a very motherly appearance. He knew he had to have her. Sam began to caress his mothers feet again, then her legs. “Hmmm…” His mother slowly fell back to sleep and Sam continued to caress her body. He ran his hands over her smooth belly and up to her firm breasts. They were so soft that he almost came in his pants right there. Sam kissed her soft skin and licked her soft nipples. “Hmmm…” His mother could feel his kisses but was far too tired and drunk to do anything. Sam grabbed his mother’s small sexy feet and lifted her legs up in the air. He gently spread her legs, giving him a perfect view of her pussy.

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       Sam’s dick was hard as a rock and he needed to fuck so bad. “Hmmm… Wha…?” His mother moaned again. Sam knew he couldn’t make excuses about this, no matter how drunk his mother was or how tired she was this was the end of excuses. He was going to fuck her and he didn’t care how much trouble he got in. Sam bent her knees slightly and set her feet down on the bed softly. “Huh…?” Sam slowly crept closer to his mother between her legs. If she had the energy to open her eyes she would’ve known exactly what his intentions where. Little did she know her son was completely nude and moving slowly towards her, his dick pointing straight towards her open pussy. Sam laid down on top of his naked mother’s body and his cock pressed into her vagina crevice like a hotdog in a bun. “Hmmm… You should be asleep. ” Sam reached down and grabbed his cock. “I told you, I’m staying here with you tonight. ” Sam slid his cock head against his mother’s wet pussy trying to find her opening. The very same opening from which he was born thirteen years ago. “Huh?…” His mother was coming closer to full consciousness.

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       Finally he found her birth canal and he slowly slid the head of his cock into her. Her birth canal was smooth and silky but much looser than Sam had thought it would be. But then again Sam was only 13 and his cock wasn’t at full size yet. She was an older woman and she has had a kid, so Sam dismissed her loose birth canal and slowly penetrated her further. “Huh? What are you doing? Stop. No, baby, please. No. ” His mother knew what he was up to now. No matter how much alcohol she drank or how tired she was she knew when something was inside her, going deeper into her, looking for her soul. She knew the only other person here was her son. Her 13 year old son was pushing himself into her and she was too drunk to see straight, she couldn’t stop him. She could only plead for him to reason. “Oh no, baby. No. Please honey, you can’t do this.

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       Stop. ” Sam couldn’t hear her anymore. He was in deep lust. The woman he lusted after for the past 13 years was now his, he was inside her, near the end of his length. He pushed deeper. When he was as deep as he could go he stopped, exhaled, and looked into his mother’s eyes. Her eyes where only half open, she was too out of it to stop him. Even still she tried to close her legs to squeeze him out of her. He pressed in harder. It was no use. Sam kissed his mother’s neck and then her breasts. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked on it hard. “Oh my God… Oh no. Stop, please baby. You can’t.


      ” Sam sucked harder and began to thrust his cock in and out of his mother’s loose wet pussy. “Oh my God. Stop. I can’t let you… Please Sam. ” Hearing mother say his name made him even more horny. He thrust into her deep and sucked on her nipple hard. Then he tasted it. Something from her nipple. Milk? It was! His mother had milk still. He was breast feeding from her like when he was a baby, except this time his hard cock was inside of her searching for her center. “Oh no… Oh God no. There it is. ” Katherine could tell he was drinking her milk. She had never stopped producing it when he was younger. And now here he was, a bear decade later, drinking the milk from her breast once again.

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       But this time he was fucking her hard and she felt her wetness increasing. For Katherine, milking was always arousing. When she used to breast feed Sam when he was younger it would get her to the point where she’d have to masturbate, even if she was still holding Sam and he was still sucking her milk. She couldn’t help it now. She was getting so wet and her breasts felt so good being sucked on. She knew what was happening was wrong, but now it felt so good. She lifted her ass up and spread her legs even further. She felt so ashamed. She was a horrible mother. Letting her son fuck her like a whore and letting him drink from her breasts! She was rotten to the core. She felt her orgasm coming on. Sam pounded his stiff cock into his mother fast. He drank heavily from her breast. He felt his balls tighten. He knew he should pull out but he couldn’t.

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       He needed to cum so bad and he wanted to cum inside her. Something primal in his mind told him he needed to fill her with his cum. At the same time Katherine felt the sense too. She felt her orgasm coming on fast and knew Sam’s was on the way too. She felt the voice in the back of her head tell her to hold him close, don’t let him pull out. He has to cum inside you. Make him your’s, own a piece of him forever. Sam felt his balls tighten to the point of pain. He pounded deep into his mother’s pussy and felt his mother’s legs wrap around him tight, holding him close. “Oh God… Oh my God! Oh shit!” His mother gasped. “Come on baby, cum in me. Cum inside mommy. Don’t you want to cum inside mommy?” Katherine couldn’t believe herself. She was being a slut to her own son. “Yes mommy!” Sam replied.

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       Oh my God! He wants to cum in me too. This is so wrong. We can’t do this, he can’t cum in me. I might get pregnant. I can’t have my son’s baby! Katherine thought. But her legs were already closed around Sam’s hips. Keeping him deep in her womanhood. “Here it comes mommy!” Sam yelled. “Give it to me baby. ” Katherine moaned. Just then Sam slammed deep into her cunt and let loose a flood of cum that burst out of his cock like a fire hose. “Urghh!” Sam moaned. Katherine could feel her son’s cock spasm and spill its semen inside of her womb. That was too much for Katherine. Her vagina clenched down on Sam’s cock as her orgasm rocked her whole body.


       It sent electricity through her spine and centered in her womb. “Oh my God! Oh my God, baby!” Katherine screamed as her pussy drained Sam’s cock of it’s contents. Sam just laid on top of his mother, his cock still inside her. He could feel his cum dripping out of her birth canal and down her ass crack to the bed. He was so out of breath he just collapsed. Katherine still had her legs wrapped around Sam’s hips, holding him tight inside of her. Instinctually trying to keep his seed inside of her. Her heart was beating hard enough to pop out of her chest. Her pussy kept clenching Sam’s cock as it went soft inside her. She just laid there, her son on top of her, her legs wrapped around him, his cock inside her womb. She stroked his hair with her fingers and held him tight. She felt so ashamed for letting it get this far. She should’ve stopped him. She should’ve left. Now here she was instinctually unable to release her leg’s tight grip around her son for fear his seed might leak out.


       Why am I thinking that way? Katherine wondered. Was it primal instinct to want to keep his cum inside of her. Did she want to have her son’s baby? Why? Sam fell asleep, still buried in his mother’s womb. His head resting on her large breasts. Katherine laid there, holding him inside her tight, trying to keep every drop of his cum inside her womb. Breast milk slowly dripping from her right nipple. She stroked Sam’s hair and cried. What had she let him do to them?!? Why was she wanting his cum to remain inside her? She was feeling emotions so primal she didn’t understand. She cried quietly till the sun rose in the morning.
    When Sam woke up he was alone, naked and still in his mother’s bed. He looked around and couldn’t find his mother. He got up from bed and went to find his clothes. They weren’t there. He peeked out into the hallway and could hear his mother in the laundry room. She must be cleaning all the clothes from last night.

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       Why? Was she upset, trying to do away with any evidence? Was she just doing chores? Was she angry with him? What was she up to? Sam had to find out. So naked, Sam stepped out into the hallway and proceeded down the hall to the laundry room.
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