Sarah and Daddy part 3


     I awoke with a start, the room was dark. I was a bit disoriented, until I felt the soft body against me, Sarah's deep regular breaths as she slept, her leg resting across my legs, and her arm across my chest, her hand resting lightly around my shoulder. I remembered, with crystal clarity what had happened. Having her sit on my face, and licking her to her first orgasm from oral sex. Then, the tight clamp of her as she slid down my cock, fucking away her virginity, the feel as she pushed down hard, my cock piercing that barrier, and surging past the hymen as it burst apart, her yelps of pain, but her not letting up, ramming down until I was balls deep. The way she rode me, until she climaxed, and I let go, the extra tight hug of her around my shaft sucking at me as I came, jetting my load into her, squirting over and over. I was glad I had a vasectomy 4 years ago, with all the thick spunk I had pumped into her, I didn't need to get my daughter knocked up. Although the mental picture of my daughter, her belly swollen with 8 months of pregnancy, her breasts swollen, full milk jugs, would have been a wonderful sight to see.

     Sarah moved, rolling over onto her side. I slid out of bed, and padded into the bathroom. I was startled to see my cock streaked with blood, and was just about ready to panic, when I relaxed. It was only the remnants of Sarah's cherry. My god, my daughter had wanted me to fuck away her virginity, had put her thoughts into action, and here I was with the proof streaked over my cock. She had no problem with the incest angle, come to think of it, neither had I. I could have said no, I could have refused. Hadn't my cock been harder than ever while I was deep inside her, the idea of fucking my daughter making me unable to resist? And knowing what horny dogs male teens are, well, I can understand Sarah wanting someone older, wiser, more experienced, who would deflower her gently, instead of just fucking her like some cheap slut, and give her a wonderful introduction to her sexual life.

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   And who better than her loving Dad? And, I had done the best that I could, for my daughter to have a very special first time, something she could remember and treasure all her life.

     I took a washcloth, with some warm water, and sponged myself down. I returned to bed, and slid in, cupping Sarah's body against mine like a spoon. She gave a sigh of contentment in her sleep.   I reached over, softly stroking her belly until she fell asleep again. It took a while, but I finally joined her in sleep.

     Waking again, I could see it was morning, and my cock was rock hard. I looked to my right, and there was my daughter, her emerald green eyes bright, her lust filled smile, her hand around my erection, surging in her grip.

     "Good morning Daddy, I hope by the state of your nice, stiff cock, that you enjoyed last night as much as I did. It felt so wonderful to have you deflower me, come and let's take a shower together. "

     She led the way, and I couldn't take my eyes off the nude backside of my daughter as I followed her into the shower. Under the warm spray of water, we passed around the soap, her hands slid up and down my cock, keeping me rock hard.

     She whispered huskily, "I have plans for that nice hard cock, must keep you interested!"

     Handing me the soap, she cooed, "Wash me down Daddy, stroke thick soapsuds all over my body. "

     Caressing her soft skin and sexy curves as I washed her down, with her emitting little sounds of pleasure, she was in no danger of my interest waning. I was ready to take her in the shower, but she led me out, and we toweled each other off, she had something else in mind.

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   She led the way over to her full length mirror.

     "Face the mirror Daddy. "

     As I did so, she took a pillow, placed it on the ground at my feet, and she knelt before me.

     "Now, after such a wonderful oral loving you gave me last night, it's time for my Daddy to get some wonderful oral loving in return. Watch us in the mirror Daddy, watch yourself getting sucked off the same time as you feel it. I did that last night, and I never came harder in my life!"

     Oh yeah, the sight was wonderful. I saw the mirror image backside of my daughter, kneeling before me. She wrapped her hand around my prick, pulled down on the foreskin, and my head popped up, shiny and pink. Her tongue snaked out, and she started to lick at my swollen head like a lollipop. The feel of her tongue flicking and licking my cock head, made me groan with lust. She suddenly engulfed my stiff cock in her warm, wet mouth. I shivered with delight as she ran her hot, pliable mouth down the full length of my stiff shaft, sucking and licking at my hard cock. She slid her mouth up, and then plunged down the full length again.

     I looked in the mirror, saw my daughter, her naked shoulders sloping down, her naked back, the slight swell of her hips, the sexy image of her sexy ass cheeks, and the movement of her head as she bobbed back and forth, eager to get my wet spray of cum. I watched, feeling the cum bubbling as I watched and felt my daughter's sexy attentions to my throbbing cock.

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   I reached down, stroking her hair as she gave me a hot blowjob, she was making little noises of passion around my cock.

     I looked down and saw my shaft, shiny wet with her spit, appearing and then disappearing as her mouth, moist, hot and expert, glided up and down my twitching cock. It felt like she was eating me alive as her mouth plunged up and down on my swollen prick, again and again. Her cock sucking technique was expert, and practiced, I could feel electric tingles of pleasure surging through my cock, she had me harder than ever, throbbing eagerly between her tight crimson lips.

Her mouth released my cock, then she looked up and grinned at me.

     "In case you are wondering Daddy, I learned how to suck cock by sucking Jim. His cock was a lot of fun to suck on, and I practiced how to give the very best blowjob on him. Am I doing it right?"

     "Yes, oh yes baby, I love it!"

     "Good, I want my Daddy to get the best. Now, feel my hot mouth again, watch your daughter sucking your cock, and fill my hot mouth, I want every drop!"

     Parting her lips, she took me in again, thrusting her head forward, swallowing me right down to the balls. I grunted as my cock was once again encased in the hot, wet, sucking heaven of Sarah's mouth, the cum was quickly reaching the boiling point. Her hands stated caressing and tugging gently on my balls, coaxing the spunk up into my shaft.

     "Oh fuck, feels so good, you're gonna make me cum baby!"

     I wanted to warn her, in case she didn't want me to go off in her mouth, but I needn't have worried. She started sucking my cock wildly, her head moving back and forth rapidly, eager for me to flood her mouth. I kept my eyes open wide, watching the mirror image of my daughter sucking Daddy's cock, and let my cum reach the full boil. I felt my cock lurch, swelling hard, and Sarah felt the hard pulse, she knew was was about to happen as she tightened her crimson lips around me, her mouth hungry for my wet spray of semen.

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    That did it, watching the mirror image of my daughter sucking her Daddy's cock, and the feel of her hot, wet sucking mouth brought on the explosion of cum from my cock. I growled with pleasure as I felt my cock unload, gushing thick ropes of cum, filling her mouth with Daddy's incestuous load of hot spunk. Her mouth overflowed, she released my cock, and I fired one last spurt over her breasts, cum running down the sides of her mouth, dripping off her chin to join the semen I had just sprayed across her breasts. I must have painted her tonsils white with that huge load, I thought, as she looked up at me, smiled, and I saw her throat muscles working as she swallowed her large mouthful. Her fingers scooped up the semen I had splattered across her body, eager to get all of it, not to waste a drop.

     "Mmm, oh yes, the most delicious cum, my Daddy has the best tasting spunk. "
     "Now I need to go down on my girl's delicious pussy, sit on the edge of the bed baby, spread your legs, and watch Daddy licking your sweet center. "   

     She did as I asked, and with a bright smile and thighs spread wide, she welcomed me between the spread V of her legs. I could smell the rich, heady essence of Sarah in heat, her hot fuck hole was practically gushing, her tight labial lips slightly parted, giving me look inside at her coral pink interior, hot slick and dewy wet with her juices. I waited no longer, plastering my mouth against that inviting opening. I could feel Sarah's hands around my head, holding me tightly against her opening, and holding her body up, so she could watch the sexy view of Daddy between her legs, licking her to orgasmic joy. Thirty seconds later, and Sarah went flying into her first orgasm of the day.

     "Yes, oh yes, feels so good, lick me Daddy, I'm so hot, oh my god, I'm gonna cum already, fuck, fuck FUCK!"

     I felt the gush of her juices, her orgasm seizing her and shaking her in that pleasure grip. I kept up my oral assault, sliding two fingers up her gushing center, and sucking on that hard, stiff clit, running my tongue around it, eager to send her into another orgasm, which she quickly did, squealing and crying out with pleasure. She quickly jumped on the joy ride of orgasm after orgasm, her bedroom filled with her howls and shrieks of orgasmic ecstasy, until after the 10 had pleasantly pummeled her, she pushed me away and flopped back on her bed.

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     "Oh my god, stop Daddy, stop, I can't take another orgasm!"

     I lifted up as she flopped back on the bed, gasping like a race horse, her body shaking with aftershocks. I climbed up and held her close as she let the sensory rush dissipate.

She looked into my eyes, her eyes soft and dreamy with contentment.

     "I felt like I was cumming my brains out, and I just reached the point where I couldn't stand another one, my pussy was too sensitive, sorry Daddy. "

     I murmured to her, "Nothing to be sorry about baby, your Mom is like that. "

     Grinning, she said, "Yeah I know, I've heard you and Mom going at it several times, and I've been lying here, all alone, rubbing my horny little pussy, masturbating wildly to the soundtrack of you and Mom fucking wildly. That last time, I imagined that you were fucking me instead of Mom, driving Daddy's big hard cock into your own daughter's tight opening, bursting my virginity in a mad rush of plunging, hard cock, and I just exploded in my most violent cum ever!"

     The combination of licking my daughter to several volleys of squirting pleasure, and hearing her tell me about how she masturbated to the sounds we made as we fucked, her imaginings of me fucking her, had driven my cock back up, I was once again rock hard and eager, and Sarah's eyes glowed as she saw it.

     "Oh yes, Daddy is so hard and horny for her daughter's pussy, which is wonderful since daughter's pussy is equally horny for Daddy's nice, stiff cock!"

     I placed her on the bed, on her knees, in a squatting position, looking at the mirror. I got behind her, and had to contort my body a little, then I got my cock lined up. I straightened my legs, lifting myself up, and pushing my cock right up Sarah's sexy velvet wrap. The hot, steamy tightness gripped my cock again, drawing a grunt from me as I wrapped one hand around her breasts, tugging and pulling on her stiff, hardening nipples. I slid my other hand over her hips, lightly gripping her mound, and pulling her body tightly against mine, holding her up, so she could watch herself getting fucked. I drove in, burying my cock right to the balls.

     "Oh fuck, oh fuck, it feels so good, let me have it Daddy, I want another thick spray, fill my pussy, give it to me!"

     I did as she wanted, pumping my hips, driving my cock in and out, Sarah pumping her hips back at me as I drove forward, eager to get every last inch in on every thrust. Her tightness was milking at me, the pouring juices filling the room with the wet juicy squelching sound of Sarah's tight teen cunt being pounded towards orgasm by her horny Daddy.

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   I slid my hand down, cupping her sex, feeling my cock surging in and out, driving my daughter towards climax.

     Staring at the lewd spectacle of our bodies fucking wildly, she grunted, "Oh fuck, it's so fucking hot, watching and feeling Daddy fucking me, yes, oh yes, good, so good, love you Daddy, love you, oh god, good, good, umm, so good, it's, it's, it's, ungh, unghh, oh my god, I'm gonna, gonna, yes, yes, CUMMIMG!!"

     Her voice shrieked out, her body shaking crazily, her cunt clamped down on me like a velvet lined vice, spasming wildly. That did it, and I felt my cock burst, spraying wildly, pumping a thick, hot volley of semen deep inside my daughter, feeling the milking pull sucking every drop out of my eager cock.

     We lay back for a while, then Sarah got up and got dressed. I joined her, and just as we got downstairs, the doorbell rang. Sarah opened the door, and there stood her 16 year old friend, Jessie. I had seen Jessie several times, and always lusted after her, that cute, freckled face, the intense green eyes, the rich fall of copper red hair, those big succulent melons that I would love to suck on, and the sexy curve of her hips, with a cute, pert bottom that I wanted to see up close, without clothes in the way. I looked away, at Sarah, and she gave me a grinning look that she knew what I was thinking.

     "We going out for breakfast Daddy, we'll be back later this afternoon. Jess, how'd you like to sleep over here tonight? We'll have a great time!"

     As Jessie gladly accepted, Sarah turned to me, and gave me that sexy grin again.


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