Sarah and Daddy part 7


      I woke up suddenly, I must have dozed for a bit. My cock was stiff and hard, and Jessie and Sarah were stroking it gently, eager to bring me back up. I looked at my watch, it had only been 30 minutes, and already I was hard and eager to go again. Sarah looked up, smiling.

     "Good evening Daddy, you must have dozed off for a bit, but your stiff cock wasn't a bit tired!" She giggled, then continued, "Since your cock started to get so stiff and hard while you were napping, so eager to plunge into us again, we helped you back up to full glory. "

     Jessie, her eyes stormy with lust, growled, "Yes, Daddy must fuck his daughter, Sarah and I are share and share alike, and now it's time for your number 1 daughter to get her share. Sarah, mount up on Daddy in cowgirl fashion, I have an idea. "

     I watched the sexy vision of my 16 year old daughter, in full heat, squatting over my prick, nudging against my cock. She pushed down hard, and I felt the encompassing heat wrap around my cock, her gushing juices coating my cock as she let out a squeal of pleasure as she slid down, impaling herself on my pole. The tight, gushing feel of her wrapped tightly around my cock, as she slid down, right to the balls.

     "Now baby, ride your Daddy slow and long, lift off every time until Daddy is almost out, then plunge back down again, slowly" Jessie cooed.

     Thanks to the mirror, I could see Jessie laying between our legs, watching as Sarah slid her steaming pussy up and down the full length of my hard, throbbing shaft. Sarah rode me slowly, she raised her hips up until Jessie could see my straining, purplish cockhead nestled between her lips, then she sank down the full length of my hard, hot shaft, right to the balls. After 10 strokes, Jessie told Sarah to lift right off.

     "Now I'm going to suck Daddy's cock, the stiff hard cock that has been fucking you baby, I want to taste your juices smeared all up and down Daddy's hard shaft!" Jessie growled huskily.

     I felt the tight clamp of her sexy lips around me, then she took my cock in, her warm wet mouth and tight gripping lips sliding down my throbbing cock.

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   Jessie went up and down, bringing grunts of pleasure from me.

     After a minute, Jessie told Sarah, "Ok baby, mount up again, let's keep doing this until Daddy explodes!"

     They continued this slow, teasing stroking, Sarah's pussy milking at me, and Jessie's mouth taking me in after every 10 strokes.   Jessie could tell my cock was ready to explode, she quickly released me from her mouth, and guided Sarah's hot, horny core down my shaft.

     "Daddy's ready to explode, ride his cock hard, and suck every drop out of him!" Jessie cooed.

     Sarah did so, pumping her hips up and down hard, power fucking me. I could feel my cock reaching the point of no return, then I felt Jessie's hand wrap around my balls, and start gently squeezing.

     "Let it go Daddy, pump your hot, incestuous sperm deep inside your daughter's eager womb, fill her up, then you can watch me suck out every drop!" Jessie growled huskily.

     That did it, and it brought on a sudden explosion of cum, I grabbed Sarah's hips and pulled her down tightly, arching up into her, my bursting cock squirting a torrent of thick, hot cream into the velvet depths of Sarah's hungry cunt.

     "Fuck, yes, yes, fill me Daddy, give me all your cum, yes, yes, I'm cumming too, yes, yes, FUCK!!!"

     Sarah's voice rose up to a shriek of pleasure as she orgasmed, wrapped tightly around my spurting cock, her pussy milking eagerly at me, sucking out every drop of my load, our moans and cries of orgasm filling the room.

     Jessie lay down right next to us, looked Sarah in the eyes, licking her lips. Sarah knew exactly what Jessie wanted, and she lifted up off my prick. Sarah positioned herself, and I could see Jessie gazing up at the sight of Sarah's freshly fucked pussy.

     "Oh yes, so full of Daddy's incestuous sperm, so nice and messy all filled up with Daddy's cream, now lower yourself down baby, and let me lick you clean!"

     Jessie could smell our shared passion, and as Sarah lowered herself closer, Jessie opened her mouth, I watched as a long rope of my cum dripped out of Sarah, right into Jessie's eager mouth. Jessie looped her arms over Sarah's hips, and pulled her down, eager to suck my load right out of Sarah's just fucked pinkness. Their lips made contact, and Sarah raised herself up until she was straight up and down.

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   I could hear a pussy muffled growl of pleasure from Jessie, as my thick load followed gravity's law, and gushed into Jessie's eager mouth, I could see her throat muscles working as she swallowed every delicious drop. Eager to join in, I spread Jessie's legs apart, and lowered my face into her rich, steamy heat, tasting the juices that were bubbling up.

     Sarah was watching me in the mirror, and she cooed, "Yes, Daddy, lick Jessie's tight pussy, lick her, bring her off, just like she's going to bring me off! Oh yeah, lick me baby, lick me, yes, there, oh fuck right there, make me cum!"

     Jessie eagerly applied her oral skills to Sarah's twitching clit, and I could see Sarah's body start that telltale quivering, her climax was coming at her fast. I surrounded Jessie's hard, bulging pink clit, and used my tongue to lash at it.

     "Yes, yes, such a good pussy licker, yeah baby, lick me, lick it, lick my cunt! Fuck, oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, gonna cum all over your face baby, yes, oh yes, FUCK!!!"

      Sarah let out a howl of pleasure, as Jessie's tongue brought her over. I could hear the splatterings of her girl cum jetting all over Jessie's face. I pulled my head up  to watch that sexy face get plastered with the gushing juices, and my cock grew back to rock hardness, fuck, it was like I could go all night. Sarah grinned at me, then she slid her hand down to Jessie's opening, peeled apart the pink lips, and the dewy juices of Jessie's eager cunt, so close to orgasm, beckoned me on.

     "Do it Daddy, bring Jessie off, fuck her again, it's such a turn on watching you fuck my pretty girlfriend!"

     I notched myself against her, and drove it in. It took only two strokes before I felt the tight grip of Jessie's inner muscles clutching at me, as she let out a squeals of pleasure as she crashed into orgasm. I was going to be building up for a while, so I continued to ram her hard and steady, and Jessie started to roll from one orgasm to the next, cumming like crazy.

     Sarah lay down next to Jessie, and cooed, "Now me Daddy, come and fuck me, and make me cum like crazy!"

     I was happy to do so, and I switched, sliding into my daughter's tight, eager fuck hole. Sarah let out a growl, and urged me on.

     "Fuck, fuck, fuck, it feels so fucking good, fuck me Daddy, fuck your horny daughter, fuck me, fuck my burning cunt! I love to be teased and fucked by your big, hard cock! Let me have it, slam my pussy!! Fuck me, fuck my fiery fuckhole! Fuck my overheated cunt!! Fuck my brains out!!"

     Sarah was gripped by a red hot haze of lust, and it took only a minute before she let out a scream of pleasure, as her orgasm grabbed her, and I rammed her over and over, and she flew into a rapid fire, orgasms slamming at her over and over.

     Jessie growled, "Now me, fuck me again!"    

     I slid out of Sarah, and back into Jessie, and I could feel the buildup.

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   I felt Jessie's legs wrap around my waist, tilting her hips up to get maximum penetration. The head of my cock pressed tightly against her cervix, splitting her open, she let out a grunt as my cock head forced its way into the entrance to her very womb.

     "Oh fuck, Daddy's cock is ready to fill my womb, umm, so deep Daddy!"

     Sarah, her eyes smoky with lust, was right next to us, and she whispered, "Yeah, yeah, love to see my Daddy fucking my best friend, let it go Daddy, dump that load deep inside, fill Jessie's pussy, so I can lick her clean again!"

     I could feel the rush, and I growled "Oh fuck yeah, gonna fill you baby, gonna flood your hot cunt with my hot spunk, oh yeah, cumming baby, cumming, YEAH!"

     She whispered back, "Yes, oh yes, fill me, spray my womb, flood me now, I'm cumming too, yes, yes YES!!"

     Her orgasm drove me over the edge, I reached down, grasped her hips and I thrust hard, burying my cock as deep as possible. My cock was at maximum extension, swollen up tight with a massive urgency, the head at the entrance to her womb, and I felt the eruption as I burst inside of her, my throbbing cock squirting, and my hot seed pumping directly into her womb. Burning tingles of pleasure raced up and down my cock as her inner muscles spasmed crazily, her tight grip milking my cock for every drop, her body shaking in climax.

     I pulled out, and flopped down, totally spent. I watched as Sarah eagerly went down on Jessie, rolling over so Sarah could get every drop of my load out of her girlfriend's tight teen fuck-hole. It took very little time for Jessie to go squealing into another orgasm, then she spun around, and I watched the perfect symmetry of Jessie and Sarah entwined in a loving 69.   Jessie was eager to give my daughter one final orgasm, and it didn't take too long for Sarah to let out howls of pleasure, Jessie's body shaking and shuddering with her, as the both crested to one last climax of the night.

     I felt the two sexy well fucked bodies cuddling close to me, all three of us totally played out. Their smiling faces loomed before me, and we shared tender goodnight kisses with each other, as I felt their bodies nuzzle close to my side, I felt sleep dropping over me like a dark curtain.    


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