Sarah and I. Part 3


I wake up the next morning because of movement underneath me,
looking down I realise I'm still lying on top of Sarah, my cock buried deep inside her.
I slowly start to pull away from her, when I feel my cock growing hard again.
I lean forward & gently shake her shoulders, trying to wake her.
The only reaction I get is her lifting her head & making a weird groaning noise.

I pull away from her & climb off the bed, she wakes up & rolls onto her back,
not noticing that she's naked & lying on top of her t-shirt.
I look back & realise this is the first time I'm seeing her naked in daylight.
Her 34dd tits gently raise up & down with every breath. Her pussy is shaved bare.
I grab her t-shirt & panties, which have fallen to the floor & exit the room into the kitchen.

Placing them on a stool, I turn around & start making a cup of coffee.
10 minutes later I hear her climb out of bed & start searching for her missing clothes.
I never told her I had the day off work, so she thought I had already left,
she walked straight out into the kitchen completely naked, she didn't notice me sitting at the table.
She walked into the bathroom & pushed the door almost closed.
I didn't hear the shower start so I walked to the door & peeked inside.

She was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, with her fingers just inside her pussy rubbing her clit.
Her eyes were closed & she was facing upwards.

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   Her other hand slid up to her left breast.
She started gently pinching & pulling her nipple. I stand at the door way, stroking my rock hard cock through my pants. Her legs start to tremble as she gets close to cumming, she lets out a long soft moan as she cums.
Her legs give way and she slowly slides to the floor, falling off the side of the bathtub.

I quietly hustled back to my bedroom & got dressed, I then opened the front door & slammed it behind me, making it seem like I was just coming home.
'Sarah?' I called, I heard a soft 'oh crap' as she scrambled around on the now slippery floor trying to stand up.
I moved over to the bathroom door & looked inside, there was Sarah on her hands & knees,facing away from the door still trying to get up. But failing thanks to her legs still weak from her orgasm & the floor slippery from her juices. I walked up behind her & she just hung her head in embarrassment.

Wrapping my arms around her waist I lifted her still on her front onto the edge of the bathtub.
I then knelt behind her & kissed her pussy. She moaned & pushed back into my face, I stuck my tongue inside her pussy & found her clit. I started flicking her clit with my tongue & reached under to squeeze her tits.
She suddenly pulled away from me & stood up, she grabbed my arm & led me to the kitchen table.

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Still holding my arm she climbed on top of the table, her legs spread wide.

'Lets do this properly' She said as she grinned at me, then pulled me into a kiss.
I returned the kiss, wrapping my arms around her neck. She pulled my shirt off & pressed her tits against my chest. I slid my hands down her back until they were resting on her butt, which I squeezed & caressed.
Pushing me backwards slightly, she slid off the table down onto her knees, taking my pants with her.
She pulled my boxers down to reveal my hard cock, which gently hit her in the forehead.

She laughed & slowly took the head into her mouth, I looked down at her & brushed the hair out of her face.
I saw her look back at me with her beautiful blue eyes & I almost came right there. She must've sensed I was close because she pulled away & hopped back onto the table. Looking me straight in the eyes, she spread her pussy lips & whispered. . . . 'Fuck me, Please' I leaned forward against the table & put my hands on her hips pulling her towards me.

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I rubbed my cock head against her pussy lips before slowly pushing into her until my full 8 inches was inside her.
She let out a long moan as I penetrated her, I leaned forward & kissed her neck. I started slowly pulling out & then pushing back in again, fucking her slowly at first, then building up speed. She clenched the muscles in her pussy squeezing my cock as she wrapped her legs around my waist. She threw her head back & screamed loudly as she came. . . hard. I squeezed her tits gently as I continued fucking her.

She then laid back onto the table & arched her back, making my cock hit her g-spot.
'Ohhh fuck, fuck me Rich. . . . i've wanted to do this for years' she moaned loudly.

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Her pussy still as tight as the first time I fucked her, I knew I wouldn't last long.
I started fucking her harder & grunted 'I'm gonna cum. . soon, where do you want it?'
'Cum inside me' She screamed as she came again.

I thrusted one last time as I filled her up with my seed. My legs suddenly became jelly & I fell to the floor.
Sarah hopped off the table & sat in front of me. She Lent forward & kissed me deeply. Before standing up & walking into the bathroom. 10 minutes later I hear the shower running, when I finally get enough strength in my legs to stand. I realise how tired I am. I walk over to the sofa & lie down, falling asleep within seconds.
I wake up a few hours later to see Sarah standing in front of me, wearing panties & one of my long t-shirts.

'Morning' She said, as she sat next to me & snuggled up close to me.
'Sleep well?' I said with a grin, She just laughed & rested her head against my chest.

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Neither of us knew how that weekend had changed our lives forever.

Really appreciate all the positive feedback from you all :) Just hoping you like this story as much as the others.

Might be a while before I write a fourth, Running out of ideas.

Any ideas for a fourth. . or if you just want to let me know what you think leave a comment, I'll definitely read it. .