Sarah and I.


My name is Richard and this is a story about how I finally got with the girl I was lusting after.
Her name is Sarah shes my older cousin and in this story she is 19.

Sarah had been asked to check up on me while my parents were away, I was excited when my father had told me this, because Sarah and I always get on so well. She arrived about 4pm and knocked on the door which I answered, when we saw each other we both ran in for a hug. We had always had this private joke where the first one to let go would lose which was great for me because I loved the feeling of her body against mine especially her 34dd tits.

After about 10 minutes of hugging with the door still open and a few weird looks from passersby, she finally let go making me the winner. We sat down on the sofa and talked for 4 hours catching up & then we decided on ordering some pizza & watching a movie. After the movie we decided to call it an early night. We went to set up the sofa-bed for her to sleep on but we couldn't get it flat, so in the end we gave up and she decided to just sleep on the sofa.

2 hours later I was lying in my room in the dark thinking about her gorgeous body, when I heard my bedroom door creak open.

'Rich?' whispered Sarah from the doorway I'm not sure why but I pretended to be asleep, she then crept across the room and shook my arm calling my name again.
I responded this time with a 'Wha. . . . oh Sarah, whats up?' trying my best to sound as though I'd just woken up.

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'Is it alright if I sleep in here tonight?, I can't sleep on that sofa.
'Yeah that's fine' I replied and slid over to let her climb into the left side. After she climbed in I leant over & gave
her a hug before rolling over & falling asleep.

About an hour later I suddenly woke up, I lay there wondering why when I realised next to me Sarah was pulling the sheet off us both, I was about to ask what she was doing, but instead I decided to just lay there and find out.

I felt her lean close to me & whisper 'Rich?' when I didn't respond she must have assumed I was asleep. I felt her hand reach down & grab the waistline of my boxers & start pulling them down. When they got to my knees she stopped pulling and very lightly grabbed my cock,

I accidentally gasped when I felt her hand wrap around it & she jumped & stayed perfectly still for about 5 minutes until she was sure I hadn't woken up. Then she slowly started stroking my cock up & down until it was standing hard at 8 inches. The bed shifted under her weight as she changed position, when suddenly I felt her lick the head of my cock. I quietly moaned at the feeling which she must've heard and taken as a sign I was enjoying it, because she slowly took the head into her mouth.

Up until this point neither of us had any type of sexual experience, so I knew she was mostly guessing as what to do. She bobbed her head up & down only taking about half of my cock into her mouth. The thought of who was doing this meant I was already very close to cumming. She started trying to take more of my cock into her mouth, pushing herself down but never managing to take more than half in, so I decided to help her.

I waited until she was trying again, then I reached my hands up, put them on the back of her head & slowly pushed downwards, she gasped onto my cock & tried to pull upwards, but I stopped her from doing so, I pushed down firmly & more of my cock slid into her mouth I could feel her starting to gag but she stopped trying to pull upwards & focused on breathing through her nose.

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   As my cock got further in I could feel her gagging more and more, which made her throat twitch which felt incredible on my cock.

I felt myself about to cum so I quickly pulled my hands away, she pulled her head straight up & I came all over her face, I shut my eyes & pretended to be asleep as she sat there in shock covered in my cum. After a minute she got up & walked into the bathroom, she came back 5 minutes later & climbed back into bed & eventually we both fell asleep.

I'll submit part 2 if i get some good feedback. .