Sarah and Steve 3


Topic: Sarah and Steve 3I woke up kind of early and almost felt like the day before had been a dream.   I felt my bare skin against the sheets and knew it hadn't been.   Well I had to get up and pee so I pulled the covers off and sat up, that's when it hit me.   I stunk, I mean I could smell nasty pussy smell.    I reached down and felt that my pubic hair was all matted and my pussy had gooped up pussy juice.    I needed to shower and I needed to now.
About that time, Steve stuck his head in the door and cheerfully said "it's about time you got up".   I yelled at him to get out and leave me alone.   He got a panicked look on his face and asked what was wrong, did he do something wrong?   I kind of sobbed and said I stink, I need a shower, my pussy's a mess.   He smiled, he admitted his cock was pretty smelly from dried cum and he thinks he came in his sleep too.    He already took a quick shower to get rid of the odor.
I smiled and asked him if he'd go down and make us some english muffins and tea for breakfast while I took a quick shower.    He agreed and off he went wearing just a T shirt with his cock half hard and bouncing and he walked, so cute.    We never talked to each other like that and now I knew this was real, he was pantsless and I was naked.    I was already looking forward to another day of nudity and maybe some more cum.
While we ate, Steve asked if I would still let him shave me.

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    I told him I wasn't sure yet but probably.   We had to mow the lawn and trim (our every weekend chore), and I thought we should change and wash our sheets, we'd made quite a mess.   We cleaned up the kitchen and I took his cock in my hand and started to rub it up and down and said, "what the heck, let's go shave" and I led him out of the kitchen as his cock grew in my hand.
We went back up to my room, I used my electric razor, the trimmer part, to cut all the hair down short.   Steve got a pan of warm water, wash cloth, razor and shave cream.   He asked how much to shave and I told him to make it look the way he wants to see it.   It'll grow back if I don't like it.   He was very gentle and when he was shaving near the opening of my pussy he put two fingers over my clit and labia, he said he didn't want to hurt the good stuff.   I loved the way his fingers felt and I kind of started to move my hips up and down to masturbate against them.   He told me to knock it off, he couldn't shave a moving target.
When he was done, he used the wash cloth to clean off the left over shave cream and he asked me what I thought.   I told him, it felt different to be bald again,  I've only had pubic hair, at this point for a couple of years.   I looked down, I was totally shaved except for a strip right in the middle that he left.   The strip was about 1/2" wide.   I reached down to feel, and I kind of liked it.

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    I didn't know if I'd be embarrassed if anyone, especially my doctor, saw my pussy like this, but I can always let it grow back if I don't like it.   ( I never did let it grow back, in fact I keep it shaved almost the same way, some times the strip is a little shorter, sometimes I let it grow a little wider, but most of the time, must like Steve likes it).   I did put some body lotion on my hands and rubbed it in where he shaved me, it felt really nice to have a smooth pussy.
When Steve got up to empty the pan of water, his cock was totally hard and there was a little stringer of precum dripping down.   I reached over to him and told him to stop for a second and I licked the precum off his cock and told him to hurry back.   When he got back I had him stand in front of me and stroke his cock so I could watch and I laid back to rub my clit.  
My pussy was already wet and my nipples were hard.   I played with one nipple while rubbing my pussy.   I put two fingers into my pussy and brought them to my mouth to lick my pussy juice, it didn't taste bad, in fact it kind of tasted like precum.   When I did that Steve made a groaning sound and said he couldn't hold back much longer.   I sat up, put his cock in my mouth and started to let him fuck my face while I licked the head of his cock.   When he started to cum I just kept sucking his cock and holding it in my mouth.   The cum felt hot and thick and I love the texture of it.   I rolled it around on my tongue, the whole time I kept rubbing my clit.   By the time I had all of Steve's cum I was climaxing too, it was really beautiful.

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I stood up and hugged my brother, he was being so understanding to let me go around naked and I really loved the fact he went around with his cock out.   Then he asked if he could tell me a secret.   He let me know that he really liked being around me without pants and he's always wondered what it would be like to be this way in front of girls, he liked it.   He also said that for some reason, when he was naked like this, he really liked doing things for me, anything I asked.    I said it just felt nice to be ordered around by a girl when he didn't have pants on.   I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him we needed to get our chores done so we could have more free time to do other stuff.
"Uh oh!"  came out of his mouth.   I asked why.   He said he forgot all about it, but he didn't know what were were going to be doing and before mom and dad left he asked Mike and Brian to come over this afternoon to watch the race.   I gave him a big grin and said I hope they like me naked.    He started to argue with me and said I can't do that, they might tell, etc.   So I said, "maybe I will, maybe I won't, we'll just have to see what happens. "  He did say that both of his friends that were coming over talked about me quite a bit, always wondering if Steve had seen me naked and saying that they would like to, but that was just guy talk.
We stripped the beds and remade them, got the laundry going and put on some clothes so we could go out and mow.   Steve just ware a pair of shorts and T shirt and I put on a bathing suit, I like the sun.

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    I rode the riding mower while he trimmed and used the push mower where the rider wouldn't go.   The front yard was the worst, trees, flower beds, ditch and a lot of stuff to trim around.   It took about an hour and a half.   We stopped to get something to drink, it was really hot out already and we'd both been sweating pretty bad.   Our yard is about an acre but only about half had been cleared, so there was a lot to mow, especially the back yard.
After we cooled down a bit and had some iced tea, we started out to the back yard and Steve took off his shirt and said it was just too hot.   I agreed and took off my top.   He looked at my little tits and told me you can't go out and mow like that.   I argued and said no one could see me in the back yard.   I had trees on three sides and a privacy fence all around it.    We argued a bit and he gave up and told me to just carry my top on the mower, just in case.   I agreed.   It was pretty fun to be topless on the mower, I almost wish I would have gone for naked, but with the mowers and trimmer running, I wouldn't have heard anyone coming into the back yard.
When we were done, we cleaned off the equipment and hosed the grass off each other.   I suggested we go in the pool and cool off.


    It's an above ground pool and dad built a deck around it.   When we got onto the deck, I took my bottoms off and dove in.    When I came up for air, Steve was next to me so I reached out to see if he was naked and my hand rubbed against a half hard cock.   It really is terrific how young men/boys can have hard cocks so much.   We played around in the pool for about thirty minutes with lots of reaching and grabbing and groping and rubbing, I love it.
We got out and dried off.   Took care of the laundry and then I told Steve I wanted to make him cum once more before his friends came over.   We went to his room and I told him to lie on the bed, he did it without hesitation.   I straddled his body with my back to his face and pushed myself into position where I could rub his cock on my pussy.    I held his cock against my clit with the palm of my hand and started to move myself up and down.   I knew we didn't dare fuck, but this was close to it.   I could feel his cock get even harder and it felt hot against my pussy.    As my pussy juice got all over his cock it felt hard and slippery and I pushed it against me even harder.   Steve started to move his hips up and down like he was fucking my hand and pussy, it felt so good and I was getting close to climaxing.   My clit was hard and I could feel myself getting wetter as his cock moved against my pussy.

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Steve said he was close so I slid back so I could lean forward and get his cock into my mouth.   He was right, I didn't even have his cock all the way in when he started to cum.   I moved his cock deeper into my mouth and I could taste my own pussy on his cock while getting his cum.   I wish I could have reached my pussy and rubbed it, but I couldn't in this position.    When his cock went soft I started to get up when I felt Steve's hands on my hips.    He was pulling me towards his face and said to move a little more.
I got over his face and lowered my pussy over his mouth.   Steve said something like damn you are wet and I felt his tongue moving in and out of my pussy and along my thighs as he cleaned up my juices.   Then a shock went all through my body as his mouth closed around my clit.   He started to move it in and out of his mouth, sucking on it and licking at it with his tongue.   He was slow and gentle and it felt fantastic.   It felt so good I only lasted two or three minutes and I started to climax all over his face, I couldn't stop, I was grinding my pussy on his mouth and it felt so good.
When we were through, we went to the bathroom and washed ourselves off.   We discussed his friends coming over and I told him I'd fix us something for lunch before they got here and then I'd help him put together some snacks for the race.   Steve has never asked me to be with him and his friends.

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    Today was different, he asked if I'd like to watch the race with them.   I almost sobbed, he's really being nice to me, I hope this lasts.   
We had lunch and I'll tell you more later.    Watch for my next story in Group Stories.    Some of the details  are bit hard to remember after ten years, but if it's a little out of sequence, I hope you understand.