Sarah and Steve


Topic: Sarah and SteveGrowing up, mom and dad didn't let my brother and I date.    We had to wait until we were 18 to go out with anyone.   We were aloud to go in groups or in rare circumstances with one of them along.    In other words, no fun.
Pretty much by the time I was 14 I was getting pretty boy crazy and hadn't done anything axcept sneak a kiss or two with a boy.    I wanted to touch a cock and be held and just made to feel good.   It wasn't going to happen.   My brother, Steve, is two years older than me and was pretty much out of the girl scene.   We mostly just complained to each other and to mom and dad about how unfair it was.    Our friends got to date.   You can guess the answers we got.
In the summer of my 14th year, dad won a sales contest.   Prize was a week in the Los Angeles area:  Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, etc.   Then for a week in Tahiiti at a Club Med on the island of Morea.   It was for two.    Mom didn't know how she could leave us alone for two weeks, but we convinced her we would be OK.

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    Neighbors were to check in on us twice a day and we were to get a call from them every night until they went to Tahiti.
The number one rule, no parties.   Number two, no mixed sex friends at the house together.    No more than two friends over at any time.   In the house with no company by 9:00 pm.    We agreed.    They went to the airport, very early on a Saturday morning leaving us home alone.
I didn't know if I had the nerve, but I like to go around the house naked whenever no one is home.    I've almost been caught a couple of times, but I made up my mind I was going to be naked for two weeks, but I didn't know what my brother would do.   Actuallly I didn't know if I had the guts to pull it off.   Heck, we hadn't seen each other naked since we were little kids.   Any way, I gave it a shot.
Steve and I got up when mom and dad left, then we went back to bed.   After about an hour more sleep I got up and was going to go to the bathroom when I decided to do it.   I took off my pajamas and walked out into the hallway, the bathroom is between our bedrooms.

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    Not too brave, Steve was still in his room.   As I got to the bathroom door, I could hear his bed squeaking.    Since the door was open a little bit, I decided to peak in and see if everything was all right.   It was more than all right, Steve was on top of his covers just stroking away at a very nice looking hard cock.    This is the first time I saw his cock, let alone any hard cock and I just stood there staring.
Now when we were little we did the you show me yours and I'll show you mine, but that was like eight or nine years ago.   This was different.    I just had to get a closer look.   Literally forgetting about being naked I pushed the door open and said "are you OK?"   Steve scrambled to get under the covers as I told him to calm down, I just heard the noise and wanted to make sure he was OK.
Once he got under the covers he looked at me and said "you're naked".   I know I blushed and then I told him about me liking to be naked and I made up my mind that since we were home alone, I was staying naked whilein the house.   OK, I was and still am, 5 feet tall and then I weighed 90 pounds, just a couple pounds heavier now.   Small breasts, 34B, brown hair and hazel eyes.   Not too unpleasant to look at.   Steve was looking real hard at me and asked if I was sure I wanted to do that.

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    I told him yes, I did it a lot when no one was home.   It was his turn to blush, because he said he did too, mostly just with his pants off, but sometimes nude.
I went over to his bed and without stopping to say anything I pulled his covers back, he was naked and his cock was hard and throbbing.   I reached down to grab his cock, he kind of pulled away, but stopped as I got a hold on his cockl.   Then I told him how much I've wanted to see a cock, especially a hard one and I dream about touching one.   I asked him to show me what to do to make him feel good.   
I sat on the bed and he guided my hand to how much pressure and how fast to go.   I was getting so horny feeling his hot cock pulsating in my hand as I stroked it up and down.   Then I cupped his balls in my other hand, he wanted me to stroke them and squeeze them just a little.   This was so hot, I was almost getting dizzy I was so horny.   He tightened up and said he was going to cum, I didn't know what he meant so I asked where he was coming.   Then in an instant I knew what he meant, cum shot out of his cock, it landed on his chest, stomach and I got some on my hands.
It didn't smell bad, so I touched the stuff on my hand to my tongue.   It really didn't taste too bac, so I licked it off my hand.   Then I don't know why, I sucked the cum off his cock and licked it off the rest of him.

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     I liked the idea of eating something that came out of a cock.    I asked him how often he did this, again embarrassment, but he told me two or three times a day.   He agreed to let me watch or help until mom and dad got back.   Then he asked if he could do something he always wanted to do.
 He wanted to see a pussy close up.   I laid on his bed and spread my legs while he got down between them.   I didn't shave my pussy at 14 but the hair wasn't too thick.   I spread my pussy lips open with my fingers and could feel that I as literally dripping wet with pussy juice.   I told him that's what happens when I'm really horny and I should him how to massage my clit.    It wasn't long before he was making my climax like I've never climaxed before.   It was really unbelievable.
 I know, we didn't fuck.   Heck we still haven't done that with each other.   Just to let you know.   I did spend almost the entire two weeks naked, Steve mostly just wore a T shirt.

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     That got pretty interesting when we had friends over.   I got pretty good at giving him handjobs and then sucking him dry as soon as he started to cum.    To this day, ten years later, I still enjoy a good mouth full of cum when I can get it.
If you would like to know more about how the two weeks went and what we are up to now, let me know.   Otherwise, I'll just fade away into oblivion.   
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