Sarah's Life: The Origin


Religion had always been a big part of Sarah’s life ever since she was born. She lived in a small town where sometimes it seemed the future hadn’t arrived. Everybody was kind and a good neighbour. On Sunday the town gathered at mass to hear the preaching. Before meals they gave grace. People genuinely tried to practice good if you can believe that. Sarah’s family was of course deeply religious too. Even her name had come from the bible. She had a happy childhood. When she was four her mother gave birth to her little brother and they seemed like the perfect family.
Sarah of course fitted perfectly in that definition. She was intelligent and always had a word of comfort or encouragement if anyone needed it. Everybody loved her. At 16 she was also one of the prettiest girls the town had ever seen. She didn’t fall in the blond, slim type. No.

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   She had curves. Her round cheeks and thick lips were the perfect match for her brown sympathetic eyes. Her black hair fell halfway down her back dancing above her waist that was followed by her firm generous ass. When she was younger her body had developed fast. Being tall and having large breasts had first embarrassed her but those feelings had long been forgotten. Today she loved her body and knew full well the effect it had on men and how it could be used as a weapon if she needed.
Along with her body something else had developed quite soon in her. Her sexual drive. The first manifestation of it had come when she was only eight years old. She had caught a glimpse of her father naked in his bedroom. The door was slightly open and she couldn’t help but look. He had just gotten out of the shower and was using the towel to dry his body. Her eyes stopped at his semi-erect penis and she felt a complete fascination for it. Suddenly she heard some noise and ran away to her bedroom scared that someone had seen her spying. No one had and at night the image of what was for her a “monster” between her daddy’s legs never left her mind.

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Her dad, Josh was a middle-aged man like any other. Of course for her he was a hero but that was not the case. He had a small store where he sold fish bait and liked to watch sports on TV and go to church as a good Christian. He was a simple man. His hair had almost disappeared in its entirety. He had a big strong figure. Tall and once handsome today he had little to offer even though he had kept in good shape.
When Sarah was a baby she already cried to go to her daddy’s lap. It had become normal by now for her to watch TV sitting on his leg or to tell him all about school while he moved his legs up and down making her feel like she was ridding a pony.
For him that had never had any sexual aspect. It was that way however that Sarah had her first sexual experience. It didn’t involve sex but it was the first time she felt truly aroused. When daddy got home he sat watching TV holding a beer and resting from another hard day’s work. Sarah was ten by now. She ran and jumped to him laughing.

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   She was wearing a yellow dress along with her childish shoes and white stockings. Her daddy tickled her a bit. They were both happy in each other’s company, as they had always been. After a while she sat on his lap and they watched the news together as her mom finished supper at the kitchen. Her skirt had gone up a bit and her legs were visible from the knee down. She had grown much and her feet almost reached the ground.
“Pull me up daddy I’m falling. ”
Josh grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him. She placed her legs on his knees and her head on his shoulders. After a while she noticed that her ass was right next to his crotch. She moved a little and placed herself right on top of the monster that had plagued her dreams for so long now. She did it casually. He was large as she already knew and even without being erected his penis pressed against her. Her heart was racing now. She was red and starting to sweat.

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   She felt a tingle inside her panties. Frightened she moved a little again. Almost bouncing a bit. He held her waist and pulled her to him even more. Suddenly the bulge in his pants began to rise. So he was enjoying this too she thought. And she was right. To his enormous shame the feeling of his daughter’s behind against his penis had made him terribly excited. Without being able to stop himself he pushed her even more to him. The middle of her legs felt moist now. Something new to her. Sarah was enjoying this so much she was almost closing her eyes with pleasure.
“Pull me up daddy. Again. ”
He was now fully erect.


   Her ass was pressing his cock down. He was sure she had no idea what was happening and that only made him feel even worse. Still it was so good. She was so pretty. He placed a hand on her leg and tried to focus his attention on the TV so she wouldn’t be suspicious.
But the moment was unfortunately coming to an end. His wife’s voice echoed through the house as she called them to the table. He allowed himself to look at Sarah and saw that her skirt was almost completely up showing most of her well shaped but small legs.
“Time to go honey. ”
She stood up and ran to her bedroom. They couldn’t look each other in the eyes at that moment. Later that week Josh forced himself to describe what had happened to the priest during confession. He was told those thoughts came from the devil and that he had to fight them with all his faith and strength. He promised to never succumb to the temptation again.
If the priest was right then that meant that Sarah was already possessed because from that moment on every kind of desire swept her body and none was denied by her mind.

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Although her daddy never allowed her to sit on his lap again the memory of what had happened could never be erased. In the following weeks she woke up in the middle of the night, sweaty with her young virgin pussy soaked and her nipples erect. Her whole body seemed to be on fire at times. She already had some pubic hair and she adored lifting her skirt up and push her panties down to observe her vagina in the mirror. At that time her breasts were growing considerably and she was the target of malicious eyes at school that made her terribly ashamed. Still soon she began to explore the feeling of her hands gently touching her nipples. Sarah was on a trip to discover her body but her strict education seemed to prevent her from crossing a limit. She rubbed her legs together but felt dirty when she imagined touching her pussy.
Her libido seemed to be her enemy at times but deep down she knew it was a battle she couldn’t win. The garage roof was leaking and her dad asked some of his friends to help him out. They spent the whole day working and Sarah stayed close watching them. By noon none of them was wearing shirts. The sun burned their naked skin and Sarah looked fascinated at their hairy well-built chests. Especially her daddy who was the strongest man of the group. That night she couldn’t sleep.

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   Her pussy was pulsating. She was breathing heavily. She tried to close her eyes but it was impossible to stop her brain. Images kept passing through her mind. Of course it was not a complicated fantasy or even detailed. It involved kissing as she had seen on TV and of course touching. Her daddy touching her right there. Right in the middle of her legs. Almost instinctively her hands pulled her nightie up. It was white and short with little cute bears waving goodbye. She felt it reaching her breasts and stopped. Sarah didn’t dare to push the sheets away. Someone might come in. She rubbed her legs together and moaned. It was like her body was out of her control.

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   She took her white panties out. Her hand rubbed her pubic hair and then went down into that little piece of flesh that seemed the center of all she was feeling. She rubbed it almost afraid. Her body was shaken by a wave of pleasure like nothing she could have imagined. She moaned continuously now. One finger rubbed between her pussy lips not going inside but just playing. Without thinking she placed the free hand on her breasts and rubbed. They were not fully formed of course. They had the shape of a small orange. Perky and firm. Her heart seemed about to explode. She needed something. She tried to think but it was too hard. Finally she slid her pillow down to her legs. She opened them and placed the pillow against her soaking pussy.

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   Then she closed her legs again and turned around. She tried not to scream as she lay on her stomach rubbing herself on that pillow. It was soft and caressed her pussy and clit at the same time. She had her little ass up in the air as she kept her rhythm ridding that love instrument. She felt an energy forming. Something too strong to control and a few seconds later her mind and body exploded to a giant orgasm that took her breath and made her lay down almost blacking out. From her anus to her breasts at that second her body had been so sensitive that her brain could hardly cope with such pleasure. She forced herself to regain control. She pushed her nightie down again and put the pillow under her head. As she lay there she could smell her own pussy. The pillow was soaking wet with her fluids and she thought how good it felt to smell it. She fell asleep smiling. A new Sarah had been born that night.      
Sarah was now 14. Her daddy had never been the same.

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   He was distant and seemed sad and preoccupied. This hurt Sarah. They were so close! To see their bond destroyed broke her heart. His store was also in significant financial trouble. Her mother had noticed the change in him too. The town’s priest once again came to the rescue. He advised them to go on a retreat and of course they agreed. So Sarah and her brother went to their grandfather’s house for the weekend and they left for some “god-forsaken” place to pray and live their faith. Hank’s wife had died long ago when Sarah’s dad was just a kid. Hank was 70 now but he was as strong and mean as always. He was in wonderful shape for his age except for his hair. There wasn’t any. It ran in the family. Hank had always been kind to her but she knew that he wasn’t a very nice man. He was tough and her dad had many bad memories from growing up without a mom and such a rigid father.


   Later that night Hank sent Sarah’s brother Mike to bed. Sarah remained in the couch watching TV while Hank smoked and drank the last bear of the day.
“God you’re turning into such a beautiful girl Sarah. ”
Sarah blushed a bit and smiled.
“You look just like your grandmother. You got a boyfriend yet?”
“No. ”
“You can tell me. I bet there’s a boy you like. Am I right?”
“I knew it. He just doesn’t give a damn about you right? Boys at your age are stupid honey. Look at you. You’re almost a woman. You’re body is developing every day. And those stupid kids just think about football or something like that. ”
“They look at me like I’m weird.

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“Don’t you worry! You’re beautiful and soon they’ll realize that. And by then you wont give a damn about them. Trust me. ”
Sarah laughed timidly. Hank got up.
  “Well I’m going to bed. Want to help your old granddad?”
“Ok. ”
They both went to his room. She was a bit uneasy. His eyes were all over her body and she knew it.
    He sat on the bed and smiled. Sarah was wearing a green dress that was too childish for her age and small for her body.   They couldn’t afford new clothes right now. Not until God helped them and daddy could save his store. The dress was so tight her body curves were completely visible.

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       Her breasts stood out almost bursting to freedom. It was also too short covering not much more than her behind. Hank licked his lips as a wolf ready to take its prey.
    “You’re so pretty. I got a present for you. Do you want it?”
    “Sure. ”
    Sarah was very nervous by now. She could hardly speak.
    “Ok. Open that drawer and take the package out”
    She took the package and opened it. It was a bra and a pair of panties. Both pink and both very childish. They had little rabbits jumping around.
    “You like it?”
    “Yes sir. ”
    “Well put it on.

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    “What do you mean grandpa?”
    “Lift your skirt up for me honey. C’mon don’t be afraid. ”
    He took the package from her and smiled.
    “C’mon honey. ”
    She lifted her dress slowly revealing her panties.
    “Hold it like that. Let me see you. ”
    The old man observed her lower body as she stood there holding her dress up. She was wearing white panties and you could see her pubic hair inside.
    “My God. You’re too much for me to take. ”
    Sarah noticed that his penis was fully erect. It seemed like it was ready to explode from his pants.
    “Turn around honey. ”
    She did as he ordered.

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       He watched her round ass and the perfect shape of her legs. He then pushed her towards him and began to feel her. He took his hands from her ass down to her knees and back up. Slowly. This was exciting her much to her surprise.
    “You’re perfect Sarah. ”
    He pushed a hand between her legs and rubbed. She moaned. This made him smile.
    “You like it don’t you? Yes you do. ”
    He kept rubbing her panties noticing that she was getting soaked.
    “Keep holding your dress up honey. ”
    He slid her panties down and saw her young pussy for the first time. He felt his cock pulsating in his pants but he resisted its appeal. He wanted this to last.


       There she was. Holding her dress up, her panties around her feet and her pussy for the taking. He played with her clit for a while watching her warm reaction.
    “Turn around and bend down. ”
    She kept holding her dress as she obeyed to his request. Her ass was now right in front of him. He used both hands to explore it. Then he pushed one hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy once again as he kissed her anus and felt her flesh with his free hand. The feeling of his tongue on her ass almost made her fall down. She held on though with her hands firmly on her dress. She was enjoying this. It didn’t matter how sick or disturbing it was. It felt good.
    “Now put this on. ”
    She took her dress out.

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       She was now completely naked. She then got his present on. The pink bra hardly held her tits and the panties covered only half of her pussy. She had no idea how Hank had bought such an item. It seemed like lingerie for children. Had he planned this so carefully?
    “Go to the bed. ”
    She sat on the bed and he pushed her down gently.
    “Open your legs. ”
    Hank couldn’t take such an erotic view. Her panties left her pubic hairs free and didn’t cover her pussy lips. He opened his mouth and used his tongue to lick them all over. Sarah shivered. Then he slid her panties aside and used his tongue on her clit. This was too much for her. The bra was too tight on her breasts.

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       Still the pressure felt good. She rubbed her nipples as her grandfather’s tongue kept licking her clit. His fingers played with her ass. Suddenly Hank got up and ripped the small bra off. He then took her breasts in his hands and kissed her nipples with hunger. She had long dreamed of having a mouth around her tits. Her nipples were erect and sensitive and the pleasure was almost too much to take. He went back down and without letting go of her breasts continued to eat her pussy. She put her legs around his head. Finally her body gave in. Pleasure ran through her as an orgasm invaded her most intimate self. She screamed. Hank got up with the taste of her young pussy in his mouth. He opened his zipper and took his cock out. It was huge.

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       He pulled her up and put her hands around it. She could hardly breath. She was still shaken up with that powerful sensation. Still she jerked him. She had never seen a cock so close much less touched one. Of course she didn’t have any skill yet but watching his granddaughter naked giving him a hand job was enough for Hank. It took both her hands to hold that gigantic cock.
    “Put it in your mouth honey. ”
    She was so far gone now she didn’t care. She just wanted to experiment. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and licked it with her tongue.
    “Keep jerking. ”
      She tried to get as much of his cock inside as possible but he was too big. She liked the feeling of having a penis in her mouth. It was exciting and naughty.

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    “Lick it like an ice-cream. ”
      Sarah took the cock out and licked it up and down and then side to side.
    “Lick my balls too honey. ”
    He held is cock up and she lowered her head and used her tongue to play with both his balls. She licked them all over and rubbed them with her hand.
    “Oh God. ”
    She took his cock again and jerked it and as she was going to put it back in her mouth a jet of cum erupted from it and sprayed her head and hair. Hank hadn’t cum in ages. His sperm came at enormous speed and force right at her. When he stopped he saw that her face was filled with cum that was dripping down to her chest. Some of it had already fallen to her tits. She had her mouth wide open when he cumed without warning and the brutality had forced her to swallow some. It didn’t taste good but she liked it.
    “Clean my cock honey. Use your tongue.

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    She licked the rest of the cum and again swallowed some.
    She never forgot that night. How could she? Hank passed away a few months later. They never had the chance to do anything like this again.
    Her mind however was already corrupted.
    Years went by without much happening. It seemed there was no one that could match her cravings.   It was at 16 that she decided that one way or the other she would get what she had always wished. Her father. He would be the first man she would feel inside her. But another person felt the same kind of desires that she did. He was close and he was watching her. It was Mike. Now at 12 he couldn’t think of anything else but fucking his sister. She had become his obsession and she had no idea.


    When school ended a new stage of their lives began even if they were unaware of it. A part of their lives that would mark them forever. That would mark them deep inside.    
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