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I am an inveterate net surfer and a lover of most porn stuff, so I'm always on the computer downloading pictures and mpgs from wherever I can. You can imagine my surprise when I found a newsgroup solely devoted to a lovely young lady named Anna (Anuschka Marek {alt. binaries. pictures. erotica. anna}), downloaded a pic and found myself looking at Bitsy. . . almost. Bitsy's breasts are fuller and rounder and her nose is a bit different, but essentially, that was her, right down to the sun-blond streak in her hair, although I don't think she'd come up to Anna's chin. Needless to say, I downloaded a lot from this site and would use the pics to fuel my fantasies. (Gina, my wife, had passed some years before and I just couldn't bring myself to go looking again at my age, so. . . )Then, last summer, Bitsy was over at my place. She and the kids would often come over for a board game or to watch my TV (I have a Dish) and would sometimes just crash out on the sofa or the floor.

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   This night we were alone watching something stupid on cable and she said she had to use the bathroom. She was up there for a while and when she came downstairs to my living room where I was still watching the TV she had a strange expression on her face. She was sort of withdrawn for the rest of the evening, and I finally decided to head up to my computer room and do some 'surfing' before hitting the sack. I told her goodnight, and that she should lock up as she left. I poured myself a large Irish whiskey and trundled up the stairs to my Sanctorum. When I walked into the room, I knew at once that someone had been using the computer and (a holdover from the days when I was working) immediately called up the keytracer program to find out where Bitsy had been surfing. What an eye-opener! She'd surfed like she knew exactly where she was going, no false keystrokes at all. One of the spots was Anna's site, and another was Lysander's site of Zoophilia! Whoa! My little blonde angel face was interested in. . . dogs? The more I traced, the more I found that she'd obviously been using the computer for a while. I sat in thought for a minute and then began checking my hard disk for strange files and found a buried directory labeled BF. When I opened this I really got a shock. Most of the files were stories about incestuous relationships between siblings and grandfather-granddaughter stuff! My dick felt like it was gonna rip through my pants if I didn't do something about it quick, so I got up and went into my bedroom to change into pajamas and then come back and continue 'surfing'. After visiting the john and changing into PJ bottoms, I returned to the computer room.

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   The TV was off and the lights were out downstairs, so I assumed that Bitsy had either crashed out or had left. Only, I never got back to it. Bitsy had obviously thought I'd gone to bed, for as soon as I returned to the computer room, I saw the glow of the computer monitor and the top of Bitsy's head over the back of my swivel chair, moving back and forth in a regular motion. I snuck into the room trying to be quiet, and as I approached the back of the chair I could see that she had one of my mpg's of an older man and a younger girl running on the screen. As I got closer, I could see her shoulder moving in a motion that told me she was masturbating as she watched the scenes unfold. Then, almost gracefully, she pushed on the computer console with her tiny foot and swiveled the chair around to face me, her right hand never leaving her pussy as she rubbed it in a circular motion. Totally nude, face flushed, breasts heaving and nipples as erect as I've ever seen nipples in my life, she caught her lower lip between her teeth as she swiveled into full view and began to convulse in the chair as she orgasmed. Her mouth opened and a loud gasp followed by a high keening sound came out as she bucked again and again on her hand and began to flood juice from her cunt all over the seat of my chair. Her left hand was caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples and her eyes rolled back just for a second as she finished her orgasm, then she started slowing and coming down from her peak. Me? I just stood there with the biggest hard-on of my life sticking out of my PJ bottoms and what I thought was a look of total disbelief on my face. I couldn't have moved if you'd paid me to. I was caught between the realization the this was my granddaughter sitting naked before me masturbating herself into the clouds, and the fact that my dick wanted to bury itself right in any one of her several orifices and pump her full of hot cum!After a few seconds of this tableau, she relaxed with a huge sigh and then stretched like a cat awakening from a nap. Head thrown back, breasts and nipples in high relief against the computer screen's light, legs streched and back arched,she was altogether a dream come true in front of me. Then she looked at me from under lowered lashes, in a perfect Scarlet O'Hara glance and reached out to touch, almost shyly, the dick still jutting out from my PJ's. Me? I had long since stopped thinking of her as my granddaughter and decided to just appreciate the vision before me and whatever else might go down.

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   Well, I soon found that one of the things going down was Bitsy!I would have had trouble imagining a hot dog fitting into that tiny, perfect mouth, but Bitsy just played Fisher-Price pull-toy with my dick and brought me forward to where she could languidly begin to lick the head of my shaft. My last rational thought was, "It ain't gonna fi. . . " when she suddenly darted forward and engulfed about a third of my rod with her mouth. Boys, I gotta tell ya, when I die, I'll gladly go to Hell, because I already been in Heaven. Her little mouth glued itself to my prick, and her sharp little teeth gently scraped the top and bottom of the glans as she started moving it in and out. I came. I came so hard I was afraid I'd blown the back of her head off, but she didn't stop or gag, just started swallowing for all she was worth as my knees buckled and I fell forward, supporting myself on the back of the chair. This proved to be a less than stable situation as the chair rocked backwards, my still-spurting dick came out of her mouth and I collapsed onto her lithe body beneath me. Before I could react to this, she had her legs up on either side of me and her hand had grabbed my dick and stuffed it into the entrance of her juicy little pussy. I continued coming like a fire hose and let instinct take over for me. I rammed forward and stuck all ten inches into her body while she levered herself up to me with her little legs and arms wrapped around my back. I continued to come for three or four more spurts and then felt her pussy start to convulse around me. It was like a vacuum pump had been turned on.

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   I had no more chance of escaping from our lewd union than air from the pump. She buried her face in my chest and squeezed as tight as she could with arms and legs, trying to make us one being. Her nipples actually felt like they were on fire against my lower ribs and I could feel the muscular orgasmic pulses running from her breast to her pubis against my stomach. I had never had a sexual experience of such intensity before, not even with Gina! I just held onto the chair and supported us both, until she relaxed with a last moan and sort of fell off my body and into the chair, a 92 pound limp rag of satiated woman. I just stayed in that position for a moment, gazing down on this tiny thing that had given me such an intense pleasure, taking in the hard little breasts and softening nipples, the splayed legs with that glorious small cunt still oozing our combined juices and beginning to understand that she'd been coming up here and masturbating for some time. She later told me that she'd been at it since she was ten but that she'd just discovered the porn sites and newsgroups in the last year thru snooping my computer and that they'd really boosted her pleasure. Then I got a real shock as I noticed that the juices oozing from her pussy were slightly pink!"Baby, did I just take your virginity as well as fuck my granddaughter?"Silence reigned, and then she said, "Pawpaw, are you angry at me for fucking you?"Angry? I was ecstatic! I was trying to comprehend how something so small could embody such pleasure for me! "Angry? After a perfect fuck? Baby, I can't believe that anyone who could make love like that is (or was) still a virgin! Where did you get all that from? Angry? In a pig's eye! I can't tell you how much I love you right now or how much I loved that little escapade! If I wrote it down and published it, they'd tell me that it was pure fantasy! I. . . I. . . "A total loss of words hit me (brane-phart) and all I could do was stutter on like a dimwit, while Ms. Sexpot just lay back in the chair with a smile of satiated conquest on her face and gently stroked what was left of my dick. She sat up and pushed on my chest until I straightened up, then came out of the chair in a sinuous motion that pressed her standing body against mine, arms wrapped around my short ribs, her face looking straight up at me.

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   What could I do but pick her up and kiss her? I kissed her face, her eyes, her throat, her bosom, her mouth, her ears, her nipples, (did I mention her mouth? Oh, yeah. ) and all the time she just kept murmuring. "Oh, Pawpaw, that was perfect, that was wonderful, it didn't even hurt me! I love you; I love your big dick. I love your hard hands. " and other such stuff. After I had picked her up, I turned and started walking to my bedroom so that we could lay down and (at least for myself!) recuperate a bit, but Bitsy said, "Pawpaw, take me out back to the garden! I want to be outside and fuck you again in the grass! I have another place I want you to fill for me tonight. "Little vixen! All this with down turned eyes and lowered lashes, like a schoolgirl being admonished by a headmaster. Hah! Eighteen? I think Cleopatra was about that when Caesar first ran into her in Egypt. Like to put she and Bitsy together and see who was hotter or could wrap men around fingers better? I'd take Bitsy and give Cleo a head start. So down the stairs I carried my miniscule burden, and at the bottom of the stairs, I put her down so she could get a picnic blanket from the closet. She also pulled out the hamper and took it out the kitchen door, still gloriously nude, wrapped only in the scent of sex and the glow of orgasm. I stopped for a VERY large Irish and NO water and decided that I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, stripped off my bottoms and followed her out into the warm night. There was an almost-full moon well up in a perfectly clear sky and Bitsy spread the blanket down about half way to the rear fence, where we could not be seen from the house. "Wait a minute, keed. Where are Mrs.

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   Swenson and your sister?" "Oh, they went to town to see a movie I'd 'already seen', and won't be back for at least two more hours or so. " Bitsy's big brother, Todd, was away at school (Villanova, in Pennsylvania) and Joe went home every night to Mrs. Joe, so we had the place to ourselves. I just stood there, looking down on her lovely body spread out before me in the bright moonlight and I didn't think I'd ever again see a sight as beautiful as she. I got down on the blanket with her and she nestled herself into my armpit while I began to take stock of all the goodies she offered me. Her breasts were like two small oranges, firm and round, with the nipples beginning to harden again on their upper slopes. I caressed them both with my hand and gently tweaked each rosebud nipple, marveling again at the size and heat of them. They just got harder and longer while the aurolea puckered up at their bases and begged to be kissed. She rolled away fom me, showing me the expanse of her small back and perfect ass and then pushed me down flat onto the blanket. "I've been fantasizing about having your big dick in me ever since I saw you taking a leak beside the barn one day. I couldn't believe that anything could be that big and sexy! My pussy started juicing as soon as you pulled it out and it was all I could do to keep from jumping out of the loft and onto you, but somehow I knew that at fifteen, you'd probably just freak out totally, so I decided to bide my time and wait for the right moment. Did I do good? It's been a long three years!"Did she do good. Girl could fish without a pole. "Girl, if I'd known what was waiting for me under those pigtails, you could've jumped me there and then, but you're right, I would have 'freaked out' had you done so then. " Well, Bitsy just glowed with pleasure.

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   She was kneeling now beside my reclining body and reached into the hamper, pulling out a pint of my favourite Irish and a small plastic cup. "Here, Pawpaw, I figure you could use a little something to fight off the night chill. " She poured me a short shot but I just grabbed the pint and took another big slug out of it. "Sweetie, I really don't feel any chill with you kneling next to me looking like you do right now. The whisky is superfluous but appreciated. "To my total suprise, she dimpled and then drank what she had in her hand like a stevedore. . . no shudder or gasping! She bent forward, her hair falling over both of us and began to kiss me ever so gently on the mouth, and I just couldn't hold back. I took her upper arms in my hands and brought her directly over me, kissing her back ferociously, then slowly moving her body so that I could kiss her chin, neck, bosom and breasts in succession. I gently nursed on both her nipples, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her. Rolling her so that she now lay beside me, I continued to kiss down her stomach to her navel, which made her giggle, then past it to the sparse blonde muff above her pubic bone, then on down a bit further to the fragrant cleft between her legs. She'd already spread her legs so that I could roll a bit more and wind up lying with my now-resurrected hard-on poking the ground as I began to part those lucious lips with my tongue while still twisting her nipples gently. Bitsy reacted as if I'd shot her the moment my tongue hit her clitoris! She arched her back and then all but rammed her cunnie into my face, crying, "Oh, lick it Pawpaw! Lick it for me and make me cum again on your tongue!" I just teased the tip of her large pussy for a few seconds, then spread her as wide as possible and began licking her from her asshole up to that wonderful love bud and back down again, getting plenty of our combined juices distributed all over her pussy and ass. Bitsy just kept whipping her head from one side to the other and moaning how much she loved this and how good it felt.

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   I venture to put a finger into her pussy and the vacuum pump started again. I thought I was gonna lose the finger, so firmly did her little pussy clamp on it and begin to pull it in with her contractions. I kept licking her pussy and ass in turns while adding a second finger to her cunt. Bitsy was really starting to moan now, she felt freer outside than in the house and could give vocal expression to her passions. Well, I thought, in for a penny. . . and began to stick my little finger into her asshole gently, while replacing my tongue with my thumb and massaging her cunnie in a quick circular fashion, imitating what I'd seen upstairs. My whole hand was massaging her erotic area , wriggling into her ass, the other three fingers buried in her cunt and the thumb really making her squirm. "Oh, God, Pawpaw, you're gonna have me coming agai. . . . ahhhh!" Bitsy arched herself in an orgasmic convulsion that had her head and heels pressed into the blanket and the rest of her body in a smooth, pulsating arc as she came once again with me inside her body. I could feel her tiny ass sphincter gripping my little finger like a baby's fist and then start to pulse rapidly with her vagina muscles as she hit the top of her orgasm.

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   I let go her breast and supported her in the small of the back as she shuddered and shook through her peaks and then started to relax. I pulled my hand out of her body gently and she suddenly sat up and curled herself into me so that I was holding her almost like an infant, head against my chest, arms around me as she slowly came down from her peaks. I just sat there with her nestled into me and breathed in the heady odor of her sex and thought that if I died right now, it was worth it. Here I had a magnificent animal of a woman who was obviously. . . what's the right word here? Content? Delighted (if I may say so) with my evocation of her sexual being, who had allowed me to be her first full fuck and who loved me. I was in nirvana. I was murmuring sweet nothings to the top of her head, stroking her back and just enjoying the sensations, when she looked up at me with that little vixen face and said, "Don't move, Pawpaw, this is gonna be something special for you. "She extricated herself from my arms and stood up, then turned with her back toward me and knelt down in front of me. She placed her insteps on my large thighs and began to squirell back toward my crotch. I gently grasped her waist and pulled her back toward me, aiming my dick at the entrance to her *****, but she had another idea entirely! She reached behind and lifted the head of my prick ever so slightly so that it came into contact with her tiny asshole. "Bitsy, that's never gonna fit in there. . .

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   I'll hurt you, girl! Why don't we just. . . " Too late. As soon as Bitsy had felt the pressure of my dick at her anal ring, she commenced to squirm back harder and began to gyrate her ass in a tight circle. With all the lubrication from our ***** earlier and her come just now, her ass was soaked with juice and it took only two or three tight little wiggles before my dick was beginning to penetrate her! I just sat there and supported her waist with my hands as she squirmed herself onto my dick. I felt the head pop past her sphincter and she gave a shudder at that, then arched her back and pushed herself firmly down and back, impaling herself onto my dick! She took almost half of it in at one swoop and gave out with a wierd half-cough, half-moan and began to move up and down on my stick. I was stll ass-planted on the blanket and really couldn't do very much in the way of moving due to the way she had her feet locking my thighs to the ground. Where the hell had she learned this one?? I reached forward and beneath her arms, grasping a breast in each hand as I gently picked her up so that the only contact she had was her insteps on my thighs and the dick in her ass, then pulled her into an almost upright position and slowly let her settle onto my engorged prick. It sank into her asshole until her cheeks were pressed against my pubic bone and I had almost all of it up inside her. I started to pick her up and sit her back in a slow, deliberate rythm that had her gasping in pleasure and had my head swimming from the sensations in my hands and dick. I never imagined that sex could be this good, this totally erotic! I just lost myself in the feeling of this tight little hole engulfing my cock, of the hard little breasts under my hands, of the nipples poking into my palms as I lifted and set, lifted and set her down on me. Bitsy threw her head back and, on the next uplift, bit me on the underside of the chin, then turned slightly and threw one arm over my head and grasped my neck. Next thing I knw, she had completely turned herself around so that she was facing me with my dick still buried in her ass, and began kissing me all over my face while taking contol of the speed and force of her fuck. She was thrusting herself down on my cock with so much force that it was almost (but not quite) painful.


   She began to talk to me and ask me to come in her again. "Pawpaw, I want to feel your big dick spurting up inside my ass. I want you to fill me up with your come. I want you to come in me. . . come in me. . . "Well, when a lady asks a favor, a gentleman should make evry effort to comply, so I did. My first orgasm had been abrupt and intense, but now I'd been primed for almost fifteen minutes and I just grabbed her by the back of the neck, held her slightly away from me so I could see down her body to where we were so lewdly joined and watched the base of my ***** swell up and proceed to fill her tiny rectum with my come. I reached down between us just as I started to pump it into her and flicked the tip of her clit with my fingernail, just like shooting a mosquito off your arm, and that's all it took for her to go off as well. She got an expression on her face that was indescribable, her mouth went as round as her breasts and we came together in a glorious orgasmic rush that lasted either five seconds or several millenia. . .

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   I couldn't have told you which! My dick pulsed again and again insde her tiny ass and she milked me with her convulsions. Time just stopped for me and then, it was over. I was totally drained. Bitsy finished about the same time (I think) and just sort of collapsed into me, my dick still fully up inside her ass. I couldn't stay upright any longer and just flopped over onto my back, arms splayed to either side, completely drained, madly happy and totally satiated. Bitsy fell onto me as I fell back and my softening dick pulled out of her ass with an audible plop, which gave her severe case of the cosmic giggles. We both just lay there, laughing like idiots, half on and half off the blanket for what seemed like an eternity, until we noticed the chill from the dew coalescing on our bodies. I was totally enraptured and enthralled. She could have asked for anything I posessed and it would have been hers without question. The rest of the night is pretty much of a blur for me. Bitsy managed to stand up and then helped me to get up and we sort of staggered into the house, leaving the hamper and the blanket where they were. I stopped for another drink while Bitsy wriggled up to the bathroom and cleaned herself up a bit, then I did the same and we just naturally wound up in my big king bed, she nestled into me spoon-fashion as we drifted off to sleep. Neither of us woke until full light and when we did, I had a half-second of complete panic as I tried to remember if it had actually happened or if I'd fantasized the whole thing, until Bitsy rolled a bit in my arms and kissed the underside of my stubbly chin. It had been real, and I felt not the first pang of guilt or remorse. She'd offered, I'd accepted and it had been just wonderful, but I had no idea of just how wonderful it was gonna get.

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   I had no idea then of just how fully Bitsy was going to explore and satisfy all those almost unrecognized sexual longings I'd always had. At the age of sixty-three, I was finally gonna be completely sexually fulfilled, and by my eighteen year-old grand daughter!Wotta world. (more later. . . right now Bitsy and Ginny won't let me alone!)More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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