seducing sisterinlaw


By skyclear

My Name is Satish would like to share a story which is partially true, my cousin brother Ram lives in Bangalore and works for a Multinational company, he got married to a girl named Asha, since he is my first cousin our whole family attended the same. Asha was well educated girl and was about 5’ 2” in height and had a good figure, I was also married and had children & we stayed in Hyderabad, at the time of marriage of my cousin I got to know that Asha is also from Hyderabad it was a good news since I had started admiring her and this was a golden oppurtinity to be friendly with her parents. Myself and my wife made frequent trips to Asha’s parents house and they too made it to our house and we had become very friendly. Whenever Asha and my cousing Ram would come to Hyderabd they made it to our house and Asha had bceome very friendly with my wife. At times Asha would look at me staring her figure, in time to come Asha became a mother and her physique changed, she had put on some weight and looked more sexy. I had to go to Bangalore on official work and had to stay at my cousin place,I reached there place in the morning,Ram and Asha welcomed me and we had tea my cousin asked me to take rest and bath, he was getting late to go to his office & he left. Asha’s baby was crying, Asha took her baby to feed, she unbuttoned her blouse and was feeding the baby that is when I saw her breasts which made me mad and crazy, at the same time the phone rang and I picked up and heard my cousin asking to talk to Asha, I told Asha that Ram was on line, she put the baby on the floor and came running to attend the phone, she forgot to button her blouse which was showing most of her breasts which were inviting me to rape her. After speaking to her husband she realised that her breasts were naked she shied away that is where I admired her of having good breasts and also admired her that she was becoming too sexy, she smiled and went on feeding the baby she asked me to take bath since she had to give bath to the baby and then she would bathe, I patiently waited for her to give baby bath wherein she had taken her saree up towards her knees and the baby was on the legs and she was bathing the baby and had forgotten to cover her proturding breasts which were showing since her pallu had fallen, which was a scene which made me still crazy, after bathing the baby she put the baby to sleep after which she entered the bathroom to take bath, that is when I went and woke up the baby, the baby started crying I knocked on the door of the bathto tell that the babywas crying she immediately came out covering herself only with the saree which was showing her protruding boobsshe patted and put the baby back to sleep and when she was about to enter the bath I pulled her embrassed her and started to kiss her, she started struggling away from me, she said what I was doing was wrong and she was devoted to her husband& she begged me to leave her since I had my eyes on her since the day of her marriage, I was not going to give away the chance which I had got now and told her my intentions which was there in my mind from day of her marriage, I made her understand that whatever happens will be a secret and will not be told to any one, I pressed her more towards meHer lovely body was now with me! I slowly kissed her on her eyes, nose lips and moved down slowly.
    She resisted and said that she had great respect for me, on the other hand with due respects told her that she was also adored by parents and my wife and informed her that since the day of her marraige I wanted her and then first kissed her on her head. She lifted her face,and drew my face down to her lips, which I started kissing, slowly first and thenstill faster she was finding it difficult to understand what was happening and she was in a dilema whether to accept the situation, I started kissing her neck and her shoulders, she gave me company by responding to my kisses she took it most eagerly and started sucking on it wildly, at the same time releasing copious volumes of her saliva into my mouth, which I eagerly lapped up. After a few minutes, she took over and the process was reversed, with me sucking her tongue, and my hand dropping down to remove her sari which was loosely clad on her body, She had no bra. which she had already removed while in bath. Her breasts were not all that big must be around 34. . All of it came into my enclosed hand. I started massaging it in a circular motion.

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       Her kissing intensified, and now, breathing heavily she was like a wild cat, tugging away at my clothes, and removing them at a speed that I never knew was possible. I was left in my briefs. She was eyeing the erect pole of my manhood, all of 7" long, waiting to be released. I knew she wanted to go down on me. But I hadn't finished yet the preliminaries, and continued massaging her breasts, and soon, I started sucking her right breast,. She was shaking when I reached her tits. I lovingly caressed them. Brushing her nipples with my thumb and then sucking them. I felt her moan. I kept doing it for some time sucking both tits. Then I slowly moved down kissing her tummy and scratching her . She was now moaning loudly. I now kissed her navel and licked it! She started to moan loudly and said please stop this is not correct this is against my faith on my husband. She tried to resist & was actually trembling! I moved down. Her pussy was shaved! It was one of the loveliest pussies I have ever seen! The pink inside pearl white pussy lips made wonderful view! I opened her pussy lips and put my mouth to it! She moaned so loudly that I felt she would arouse herneighbors!

    I now push my long and rough tongue in her pussy hole.

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       She jumped with pleasure moaning hard and saying yes, yes, yes! I push my tongue in her waiting pussy and started to move it. Suddenly she stiffened and came sending her fluid to my mouth and I sucked the love fluid!I was in middle of a fire and I laid on her! She told me not to fuck her and instead enjoy in any other way! I told her ok and started to rub my tip to her crack! My huge tip rubbed against her clit! She started to enjoy again. I at last positioned myself between her legs and gently parted her thighs. She was thin, but with what we had gone through the past hour, she had responded and her cunt was beautifully swollen, responsive and oozing with her juices. But what surprised me was that suddenly she thrust herself with such force that my entire manhood went into her, And then I went pumping her, gently at first and then later, thrust after thrust I rammed into her. She was ecstatic and started moaning louder and louder Suddenly she started to bump against me. . I thrust in and out, sinking deeper into her pussy with every push until Ifinallypoked myentire cockinto the hilt, filling her up completely. she started to mouth a protest again when and she felt my huge cock push even deeper, until it touched her cervix at the opening of her womb. She enjoyed having me with her all the time. The only objection was that she was not ready to suck my cock which I felt unhappy The whole process of taking her to bed lasted for 2 hours and then we entered the bath together and took bath she was totally nude and me also we soaped each other that is when Asha said how cleverly I had seduced her & how she said that the sanctity of her relationship with me as a brotherinlaw had changed to a lover. I had to stay in their house for a week and almost all days I made love to Asha and she too enjoyednever did my cousin doubt our relationship, we still have our fun and enjoy whenever I visit their house or when she visits Hyderabad.
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