She wants its....cousin's wife


My cousin wife, Iyo, has been laid off from work for awhile now and has just been staying home doing nothing.   My cousin on the other hand, got two jobs and been his working his ass off so they'll have money to spend.   This was the perfect time for me to work my magic.   I knew that my cousin work long hours every day and usually after work he is too tired to fuck her.   I came up with a plan to go over to their house every day and just hang out with her with the whole day until my cousin get off work.   He usually went from 4am until midnight every day.  Iyo is a fine Asian woman.   Her bust is 36C, slim body, nice tight round ass, and one of the sexy legs I ever seen.
The first day when I went over, Iyo and I didn’t do anything but just talk.   The whole day when I there, I would eye her down making sure that she know that I want to fuck her.   I got up once to go into her room to go through her panties and bra while she was just in living room.   I had to make sure she knows that I want to fuck her.   While going through her bra, I saw a lot of outfit that I want to fuck her in.   She has garner belts, fishnet, thong, g-string, lingerie, everything she had was either lace or silk, see-thru bra, and baby doll.   She has everything to make herself sexy.   When I saw her clothes, it gave me the biggest boner ever.

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    An idea came into my mind while going thru her clothes, why don’t I just go out there with my boner showing?  I said to myself, this will definitely let her know.   She couldn’t stop staring at my boner and you could see it in her face that she wants it bad.   I decided to leave cause I know she want it, but I wanted her to crave for it even more so I left her craving for my penis.
The next day I came back over to their house, she was home again doing nothing.   This time it was different.   She sat closer to me, had on more revealing clothes showing off her cleavage and nice legs, and her tone had change from a social tone to a sexy sex tone.   I knew my plan was working, she wants me more and more as the minute go by.   I waited and waited for her to go use the bathroom so I can purposely accidently walk in on her.   She finally got up to use the bathroom, but what she did surprised me, she didn’t close the door, I wanted to go peek but I knew I shouldn’t.   She can’t know that I want her bad also.   When she came back from the bathroom, I knew she been playing with herself in the bathroom, you could smell her pussy juice.   She came back and sat right next to me this time, so I purposely said that I’m leaving and stood up, while putting my penis right in front of her face so she can see my boner up close.   After I did that, I just left the house.
This was the day that I was planning to fuck her.   I knew that she wanted me bad now and she will not hold back any her sexual desire and will give it all to me.

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    When I got there, she was just wearing a tank top, no bra and a short ass short that show off her butt.   We chat for a bit then she got up to use the bathroom.   This time I decided to go peek then go to her room to look at her stuff again.   The bathroom door was before her room, so I can get to peek.   I slowly walk pass the bathroom and looked in, she was definitely masturbating.   She was so into rubbing and fingering her that she didn’t see me walk past the bathroom door to go to the room.   When I got to the room, I went straight and pick out an outfit for her to wear when I fuck her.   I chose a black silk g-sting, black garner belt, black stocking, and a black baby doll top.   I waited by the bathroom door for her to finish up her masturbating so I can give her the outfit to put on.   She finally finishes and right when she walked out I handed her the outfit.   She just gave me a sexy smile and took the outfit.   She changed right in front of me.   She got the outfit on and boy was she hot, I couldn’t wait to fuck her.   I was so hard.   She didn’t wait either; she got right on all four and crawl right over to where I was standing.

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    She got up to a squat position and pull down my short which send my hard penis shooting right up.
“Oh my god, you’re so big, so much bigger than your cousin. Nice and thicker.   I didn’t know that you’re penis was this big” said Iyo "You double his size. It going to feel so good in my tight pussy. I'm your little whore"
“You never ask Iyo, well right now it’s all yours, so suck it dirty,” said me
Iyo give some good blowjob.   She was spitting on it, licking it, stroking it, and deep throat.   I couldn’t wait to fuck her, but I took my time.   I pull her baby doll down so I can jug fuck her.   Oh my god, were those tits nice.   It was round, her nipple is just the right size, the nipple ring wasn’t too big, and oh man I couldn’t wait to fuck her tits.   After she got my penis all nice and sloppy, I gave her a good jug fuck. I was fucking her jug for 10 minute.  
“Fuck me, come fuck me, I want you inside of me now, I want your nice big thick cock inside of me,” said Iyo.
Right before I pull her up so I can fuck her in the living room, I heard two car door closes.

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    It sound like it was came from outside her house, but I was too horny to care.   I had Iyo on a doggy style position.   Her knee was on the sofa seat and she was leaning out over the edge of sofa.   I gave her pussy, which was nice shaved, a quick sloppy kiss.   She was so wet already. I just stuck my penis into her tight pussy slowly and started ramming her when I heard the door open.   I thought it was my cousin.   It turns out to be worst.   It was my uncle Jack and my other cousin Me.   My uncle is her father-in-law and my other cousin was her husband bro.  Iyo and I was up stair fucking, I thought I was going to be in trouble when they see us fucking, but I didn’t care I kept fucking Iyo tight pussy anyways.   They finally got up stair and that I was ramming Iyo.
“What the hell is going on here” said both of them
“Come join us Jack and Me” said Iyo “Come on Jack, show me your penis, I want to suck it”
Jack and Me to my surprise didn’t hesitate at all.   Me drop his pant like there was no tomorrow and started playing with her nice tit, while Jack got in front of her and took out his penis so she can suck it. Iyo suck her father-in-law penis like a dirty whore.

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   She was desperate for penis. I had an idea that will really turn all of us on.
“Hey guys, let go fuck on the floor, I had an idea, Me, lay down on the ground, Iyo laid on top of Me facing him though, and Jack just come stand here”
We all got into position.   I waited a bit before I attempt anal on her.   I knew it would be her first time.   I gave her some ass some lube and slowly stick it in.   She was in pain but she didn’t care.   She kept telling me to fuck her, and to stick it in even farther.   After a couple attempt I finally got it.   We were double teaming her.  
“Iyo, you suck some good dick, you suck better than your mother-in-law” said my uncle.
“I’ve wanted to fuck you since that day I saw you in the shower” said my cousin.
We fucked Iyo so dirty.   She was our slut.   We had all her hole fill at all time.

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    Deep throat after another, anal, and vagina non-stop for hours.   My uncle was fucking her like there was no tomorrow, he was so stuck on her pussy, he couldn't stop fucking her.   We had her video tape saying our name, telling us how much she wants our penis.   We even try double vagina.
"So this is what my son is hitting, what a nice pussy" said my uncle.
“I want all three of you guys to cum on my face” said Iyo. “I want to taste it and swallow it”
We gave her the best facial every.   Her face was completely covered in cum.   We even came inside of her ass and pussy.   She was cover in cum everywhere.   After everybody came on her face, my uncle left back home.   My cousin and I gang up on her again and again and again all night long until my cousin got off work.   We were so tired and sore from all the fucking.   Right before we left, she told us to come back again especially me cause i had the biggest cock out of all three and the biggest she ever had. When my cousin got home, we all had left already, so he had no clue what had happen.

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My dad and I are pretty close, so the next day when I went back over to Iyo’s I had a surprise for her.   I got her in the mood and started ramming her, my dad came in. My dad didn’t waste any time, he heard about the story from my uncle and I that she suck mad dick.   My dad drops his pant and his dick suck.   Afterward he fucks her once and came on her tits.   I just kept fucking her every day, in the shower, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and her back yard, everywhere.   That day before my dad left, we took many photo of her sucking our dicks, fucking us, and everything.
 Iyo became our slut in the family since her husband work all day.   My dad and my uncle will go fuck her from time to time. My cousin will too, I will too.   All four of us had gangbang her a couple of times.   My cousin never found out that we been banging her.   He notice that her pussy was loose, but he thought that it was just her toys.
That’s my story, hope you guys like it.  

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