Sibling Seduction Ch. 03


"Oh fuck,” she cried softly, breaking the kiss temporarily before kissing him again. Jeff could clearly feel the swollen lips of his sister's pussy through the thin material of her panties. She was so hot down there! Her panties were so wet! Amy's small hand slid down his body and undid the button and zipper of his pants. She broke the kiss and slid down the bed, needing to see her brother's cock. She pulled both his pants and his underwear down his legs, freeing his raging hard cock. Pleasure surged through her pussy at the sight of it. Gasping for breath she was so horny, she pulled his pants and underwear right off of him. Jeff pulled off his shirt becoming completely naked for her. Amy crawled up the bed towards his hard pole, and without using her hands, sucked it into her mouth expertly. She was becoming very good at this! Her hand cupped his balls as she immediately began to bob her head up and down on her brother's lap, his penis sliding smoothly in and out of her mouth. Her mouth was so warm around his dick, and her tongue was licking at his head whenever she slid it half out of her mouth. 'slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp , slurp, slurp' the sounds of his sister sucking his cock were incredibly loud, she gobbled on his cock sloppily. 'slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp' the sucking noises could be heard downstairs if anyone were there. Amy needed to get him to cum in her mouth. If he didn't, he'd try to fuck her, and she wouldn't be able to say no, she thought. So she needed his cum now.

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   She sucked as hard as she could, as fast as she could. He was losing it. He moaned. Amy felt Jeff's penis pulsate in her mouth again and his seed spewed forth. Hot cum fired into her waiting mouth and she swallowed the first load, the second quickly followed, and a third soon after. Load after load shot into her mouth and she had trouble swallowing all of her brother's sperm. Some leaked out of her mouth. Finally, his cumming slowed, and she pulled his softening dick out of her mouth. It jerked one last time, the thick white fluid sticking to her chin and pouring over her hand. Her hand squeezed more cum out of the top and he watched her tongue lap that up. Her tongue snaked out and licked the white cum from around her lips, too. Some of his semen was on her hand and Amy licked that off as well, getting every drop of her brother's cum into her stomach. Pussy on fire, she stroked his semi hard penis as she kissed up his chest. Her lips met his and they kissed eagerly, tongues exploring. Amy had succeeded in making her brother cum before they could succumb to temptation yet she was doing everything in her power to make him hard again.

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   Her little tongue shot into his mouth as her young hand gripped and stroked his stiffening rod. She was so horny, she was breathing heavily. She needed to be taken care of. She let her brother roll her onto her back, and he kissed down her neck as his fingers undid the buttons of her blouse. He kissed down her chest as it became exposed, kissing her cleavage above her bra. Her shirt lay open now, and his hands went down and unclasped her skirt. He slid her skirt down her legs, exposing her skimpy white panties. He dropped Amy's skirt on her bedroom floor and he bent down between her thighs. The smell of her arousal was strong. He kissed the inside of each of her quivering thighs. He kissed her panties right over her pussy lips, causing her to gasp. Jeff placed a finger at the side of his sister's panties and gently moved them to one side, slowly exposing the hair of her bush and the pink, moist lips of her treasure. His tongue snaked out and slowly licked from the bottom of her pussy up to the top. Amy moaned, her hand holding the back of his head between her legs. He slid a tongue into her pussy, tasting her, sliding it as far into her as he could.

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   "Oh fuck!" she moaned, writhing her crotch into her brother's face. He licked up to her clit, lapping at the sensitive nub, driving her insane. She was losing it already. "OHHHH! FUUUCK!" She moaned, cumming. Amy rubbed her cunt in Jeff's face, her hand holding his head there tightly as she came hard. Her vagina convulsed, her orgasm was more intense than ever before. He continued to lick her through her orgasm as she quivered beneath him. When she finally relaxed, he grabbed the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs. She was too weak to protest, and she pulled each foot out of her panties and set them down on the bed wide apart for her brother. The pink lips of her pussy were swollen and pressed together, wanting something in there. He kissed her pussy again, causing her to sigh. Her cunt would not stop buzzing. She needed to be licked there again, she needed to be fucked, but she wouldn't let that happen. She had to settle for more tongue. He lapped at her sensitive clit again, and she moaned softly, desire rising even higher.

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   Suddenly, Jeff stopped. His cock was fully hard again of course, and he wanted to have another crack at entering his sister. He kissed up her belly, reaching beneath her body. Amy was helpless as she allowed him to slide her shirt off and throw it on the floor. He slid her bra down her shoulders while his hard cock dangled mere inches from her exposed pussy. Her nipple came into view, and he licked at it, sending more thrills throughout her body. He took off her bra, throwing it on the floor with the rest of their clothes. The two siblings were now completely naked. He squeezed his sister's tit, bringing the nipple to his lips, and sucking it into his mouth. He kissed over to her other breast and sucked on that nipple. Jeff kissed up her chest to her neck, her legs parted wider subconsciously as she knew his penis was getting closer to her treasure. Their lips met, they were breathing heavily as they kissed passionately. He lay on top of her between her legs, his naked hard cock lying against her naked wet pussy. They grinded against each other intensely, each wanting so bad to just fuck. He was dying to feel how hot and tight she would be around his member.

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   She was dying to feel her brother slide into her aching pussy. This desire was expressed in their kiss. Their tongues were swirling, their lips were kissing, they were gasping for breath. The sounds of their kissing were so loud it could be heard in other rooms of the house. Jeff broke the kiss and leaned up on his arms. He reached down between their naked bodies and grabbed his rampant hard on. Amy watched as he slowly ran the mushroom head of his penis down the quivering lips of her vagina, and then back up again, coating it with her flowing juices. She was shaking with desire, her cunt was buzzing, needing to be filled. She didn't have the speech to stop this, and didn’t want to stop it either. He brought the head back down to her entrance and this time he held it there. Amy looked at him with her dark eyes, not protesting. He pushed forward slowly. The head of his cock parted the lips of his sister's pussy slowly. "OHHH!" she moaned, eyes closed. Her cunt was so tight as it gripped the tip of his dick with its warmth.

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   He pushed further, until 2 of his 6 inches were inside her. He could go no further she was so tight. He slid out of her, and Amy was disappointed, desire stronger than ever. He parted the lips of her pussy with his cock again, this time pushing harder. This time half of his dick got into her tightness. "Ohh yes, that feels good!" she whined softly. Her cunt had a death grip on his cock! He slid it partway out and pushed back in, getting a little further inside her again. "Ohh!" she moaned. Jeff slid his cock partway out again, and this time he rammed himself forward. His entire 6-inch penis slid inside his sister's hungry vagina. "OHHHHHH! FUCK! OHHHHHGOD!" Amy cried, her pussy never feeling so full. It felt so good. She could not believe that her brother's penis was inside her treasure. Her cunt was so incredibly snug; it was gripping his entire shaft tightly. He lay on top of his sister and he began to slide in and out of her.

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   "Oh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" She was moaning as his organ slid in and out of her, slowly at first but picking up some speed. An orgasm was approaching her already as she got fucked by her brother. He began to fuck her harder, slapping against her groin. She was moaning loud, her moans could now be heard downstairs, along with the squeaking of the bed and the slapping of their groins. Her cunt was so hot, so tight. She felt herself losing it. "Ohhh Fuck! Unh! Unh! UNHH!" Amy came, her feet flailing in the air; she rubbed her pussy upwards, meeting his thrusts as she came more violently than ever before. He fucked the helpless girl even harder as she came. He kissed at her mouth and she was unable to kiss back, barely able to breath. He was fucking the shit out of his sister! Her tight hole gripped him eagerly as he jammed his cock into her repeatedly. They fucked for the next 10 minutes, Amy cumming yet again, before he felt himself start to lose it. "Are you on the pill?" he breathed. "Yes! Cum inside me!" she cried. He began to pound into her as hard as he could at her words, losing it. Jeff slid his penis entirely inside Amy's vagina and held himself there.

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   His cock pulsated, and load after load after load of sperm shot into her womb. He moaned, cumming hard inside his sister. His dick kept spasming, shooting a huge load of cum into her pussy. His cock jerked violently, and another river of his thick seed sprayed off the back of her cunt. He fell on her, penis still spasming the final remnants of semen into Amy. He kept himself inside her as they kissed tenderly. Both felt guilty about what they did, but both loved it. He pulled his soft penis out of his sister's dripping hole with a ‘slurp’. The two got dressed, finally satisfied. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.