Sister at the Gloryhole Club


Sister at the Gloryhole Club     So my sister comes home and tells me about this new 18+ club she's discovered.   From the way she described it, it's basically an dance club where pretty much anything goes.   They let the customers explore their fantasies and as long as no one has a problem with anything, it's pretty much free reign.      We plan to hit it up this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it, 'cause even though the prospect of getting laid is always a good time, I'm just a really big fan of club music, so even if it's a bunch of old people, or nasty broads, I can still enjoy myself with some good music pumpin nice and loud.      The week seems to fly by and tonight's the night we're going to hit the club.   I get dressed up in just some nice upscale clothes, nothing too flashy, and yet I don't wanna dress like a slob and not get let in, just in case there's a dress code.      I yell for my sister to hurry up so we can get going and when she comes down I had to take a minute.   Quick description, she's just turned 18, 5 foot even, 95lbs, blonde, and gorgeous. .   She's basically wearing a mesh shirt with a sexy half-cup bra on underneath, a very short mini-skirt that's so short I can see a hint of her red panties poking out below, some thigh high fuck-me boots, and bright red dick-suckin' lipstick.   She looks amazing.   I feel completely under AND over dressed and, even knowing my sister, I can't believe she's leaving the house like this. .      So anyway, we get to the club after a fairly frustrating car ride where I catch myself more than once noticing those panties.   Not trying to, just they kinda grab your eye.   We go up to the door, no problems getting in, everyone at the door was very nice and welcoming.

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    Looks like it's going to be a good night.   Inside the club the room is amazing.   The light show is amazing, the sound is fantastic, and the DJ has great taste in music.   I know I'm really gonna like it here.      My sister is kinda giving me the quick tour on things as if she's an old hat at this place.   Keep in mind she's only been here once before, so I kinda get a giggle out of that.   She shows me the bar, she shows me a really good view of the DJ booth, she shows me where the bathrooms are, and then she shows me what really sets this club apart.   She shows me a side room that has doors on the far ends of the wall leading in, it's actually two rooms with a line of booths on the common wall.   Let's just say she's peaked me interest.   She basically gives me her rough version of what they're for, but it turns out their glory hole booths.   This whole club isn't just an anything-goes kinda place, it's actually built for people to get together and fuck, anonymously.   That's fantastic.   Now I can hear some music, hang out with my kick-ass sister, and shoot a load all without leaving the building.   Definitely worth the cover.      My sister explains that the last time she was in here she was with a friend of hers that had more experience with the glory holes and told her all about 'em and what she could do.

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    So she said that she spent a little while in there before a nice cock came through the wall.   She said was a bit timid at first, but very quickly got over it and had her lips pressed against the wall taking him deep.      Even though it was my sister, this story was getting me a little worked up.   I knew it wouldn't be long before I was giving those glory holes a try.   After she finished her story she said she was excited to get back to them again.   I told her I could manage myself just fine and to go have fun.   She seemed almost like she was waiting for my ok because the second I said that, she was up and gone. .   I figured I'd give her a head start to find someone and get going, so I hung out for a while and just listened to the music and had a nice cocktail.   I was getting pretty excited, but I was in no real hurry. .      After sitting there for quite a bit, taking everything in, I set my glass down and made my way to the men's side of the room.   I was looking pretty forward to this. .   I walked in and it was fairly dark, you could see numbers on the booths labeled 1-10, I guess this is so couples could meet eachother for the excitement, but not really worry too much about who they were with.

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    I'll have to keep that in mind if I meet a chick out on the floor later.   Welp, no matter, I picked booth 3, made me think of threesomes, so I figured that'd be a good start. .   I walked in and even dimly lit I could see what I was looking for, a set of lips pressed against the hole, just waiting for a cock.   Awesome.   It really WAS just going to be this easy.   Well, I took a quick check, nope, no lipstick, this wasn't my sister, so I was good to go.   She was probably getting pounded in one of the other booths.   Glad we were both getting to enjoy the evening. .   I slowly eased my cock through the nice set of lips and into heaven.   It was amazing.   I don't know if it was the thought, so the actual mouth, but something was making my cock harder than I think it had ever been.   It was outstanding, but a little more than I could take, being built-up and all.   I wasn't able to last very long, but I enjoyed it while I could.


    I sunk myself to the balls in that wonderful girl's lips.   She kept swallowing, which was making the back of her throat contract, it was some of the greatest head I've ever had.   It didn't take long at all before I felt my balls starting to get a little tight and I knew it wouldn't take a whole lot more and I'd be filling this girl's mouth with my big first load, and just as that was starting to set in, there it was, I shot about a gallon of cum down her throat.   It might have been just a drop, but it sure as hell felt like I was caving in as so much of me was coming out of my cock and headed straight down her throat. .      After I had finished cumming and she had taken my load I was in about the best relaxed mood a guy could ask for.   But, being built up as I was, I decided I might try another booth and see if I could get another cum before heading back out.   I heard the girl's door open and close so I figured I'd head another booth over.   So I walked out, took a second to compose myself and get my dirty little mind working again, and very soon I was hard as a rock again and needing someone to pound. .      I went into the booth right next to the one I was in before, this place was like a dream, I walked in and looked down and saw the girl had her pussy pressed against the hole.   Fuck, there was some really horny chicks here and they were just willing to let you have your way with 'em. .   That's outstanding.   So, after a quick check to make sure I didn't see a hint of bright red panties, I pushed myself in, balls deep, in one quick thrust.

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    I heard a grunt from the other side and I knew I was really going to enjoy this.      I pounded away into that nice warm hole for what might have been minutes, but seemed like hours.   It's nice when you're working on the second erection, you have a bit more staying power. .   I must have looked really odd, to the casual observer it would have looked like I was pounding myself super hard into the wall.   I was giving it my all, pulling almost all the way out and the slamming back in with every stroke.   Then, out of nowhere, she pulled off.   I was really confused, had she cum?  Was she just done with me?  What was the deal?  I wasn't really sure what was going on until I saw what she was thinking.   I was standing, staring at the hole, confused, when she pressed her freshly lubed asshole against the hole.   This girl is awesome!  So I took my position, and slowly slid myself into her amazing tight ass.   I savored every centimeter of it while I was sliding in.   There's nothing like a nice tight ass to really make your cock happy.      It really didn't take long at this point.   I worked in and out of her ass, slowly, but firmly.   I was enjoying every second of it as she took all of me with each stroke.

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    After a very short time I couldn't take any more.   I needed to blow my second load, and it was going right up her ass.   I felt it starting to build, and I sunk myself deep inside and pumped and pumped and pumped my cum.   My balls were gonna be empty for the next week, but I was determined to send this girl home with an ass full of my juice.      After I pulled out, I was done.   All I wanted was one more drink and to fall asleep in my bed, satisfied and smiling.      I went out to the bar and ordered another drink and I was standing there about 5 minutes before my sister came out.   She seemed a little out of sorts.   "Have fun in there?", I asked her.   "Yeah, it was exactly what a needed.   Got to get out some pent up energy.   Sucks, though, the first booth I went in I was ready to go and my lipstick kept getting on the wall and then on the tip of my nose, so I had to wipe it off.   And we can't stay real long because after the first one I changed booths and my panties were uncomfortably wet so I put 'em in my purse, so I'm kinda feeling a little exposed out here, and a little sore sitting on this bar stool too. "     I never told her which booths I was in.   But hey, I'm always up for hanging out at the club with her again.

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