Sisters Need to Stick Together.


Allison stepped out of her room,and out onto the windowsill. It was dark,so she had to watch her step. She lifted her body up and scooted to the very back of her window's covering. She was on the roof of her two story house,and she turned around,straddling the center. She leaned back on the roof and stared at the stars. This was frequent for her,she spent many nights up here on the roof staring up at the night sky. She wore only a faded blue tank top and a pair of green panties. It would have been impossible to see her though,she was not only shielded by the night and the fact she was on the roof,there was also a tall oak tree blocking the view from the front.

Not that she wouldn't have been a sight to see. She was 15,had the face of an angel,long blond hair that hung past her shoulders,a kicking bod,thick C cup breasts,long tanned legs and a perfectly round ass. She was the apple of many a guy's eye,and alot of them wished she'd give them a chance. But she hadn't made a move since her last boyfriend cheated on her with some skank from Kansas. She just stared at the sky,being sure to stay as quiet as possible.

Now,she had come up here before,but she'd never decided to risk it like this. There was something about the night air that stirred her to come outside. It was about 1 A.

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  M. . She couldn't help herself,tonight would be perfect. No one was at the house. Her parents were gone on a trip for their anniversary,her sister Jessica was gone with her boyfriend to the lake for the weekend,and her other sister Charlotte was out on a date with her boyfriend,and most likely wouldn't be home until morning. What she was doing had always been in her mind to do,it was a fantasy. But only tonight was the first time she'd go through with it.

She was going to masturbate on her roof.

She calmed her nerves by drinking a glass of water she brought with her. She could get a little loud,the closest neighbors were gone as well,and she lived out in the middle of nowhere anyway. She contemplated her thoughts back and forth. An hour passed. Another one. Soon it was almost 4 in the morning.

"Oh my god," she thought.

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   "I'll never have another chance. I have to. . . . I have to. "

It was now or never. She first took off her shirt,revealing her tits,which were hard as stone. She pinched her nipples slightly,and slowly lifted her left one to her mouth and licked it. She did the same to her right,and sucked on it a little. She switched breasts for a few more minutes,and then finally decided it was time. She slowly slid her panties down to her ankles. A wind blew right then and she felt it tingle her sensitive pussy. She teased herself at first,only touching herself slightly. A slight moan escaped her lips.

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   She then moved her hands up and played with her clit,and another moan,this time much louder,was released. She then spread herself wide,and stuck a finger inside her pussy. She moaned again,and moved the finger in and out,followed by another and then another,which became too much. Despite having had sex quite a few times,she still somehow remained as tight as when she was a virgin,and she couldn't explain it. Her moans increased,and she found herself about to orgasm. She was just about to scream in her pleasure,and then she released. Her cum shot out of her,and she quickly grabbed a flashlight to see where she had shot. She noticed her cum was all the way to end of the roof,and was dripping off of it.

"Not bad for the first orgasm," she said,though she knew that was an understatement. She returned to her pleasure,sticking her fingers inside again. She went even faster than before,and she was quickly closing in on another orgasm. She was screaming bloody murder,and she felt her 2nd begin to build. She began to go even faster,and soon she was on the cusp of unbelievable pleasure. . .

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Then she saw the headlights.

She panicked. She quickly pulled her panties back up,and threw her shirt over her topless body. She then leaned over the side to see if she could tell who it was. She could see the car. It was white and the headlights were extra bright. That means it was Charlotte's boyfriend Dave's car.

"Wow," she said. "They're home early. " That was an understatement. Allison though she had another three hours at least. Something must have gone wrong,she thought.

"You asshole!" Charlotte screamed. She ran up to of the door and Dave followed behind her.

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"Baby,we can work it out!" Dave replied.

"Oh no,this is the last time. I can't believe I let you get away with cheating on me once,but now you're doing it again? I can't believe this! We're done,goodbye!" Charlotte yelled,and slammed the door in his face. Dave paced off and got in his car,stayed in driveway for a moment,and then backed out into the night.

Allison couldn't believe it. That bastard cheated on her sister. Her concern went from her getting caught to worry about her sister. She decided to crawl back in through the window. She got her footing on the windowsill,and slowly moved her other foot down. But as she did that,her foot slipped and she went tumbling down two stories to the ground. Luckily a branch on the tree broke her fall 3/4's down and she fell only lightly on her back.

"Ow," Allison said. She quickly checked around,and noticed Charlotte must have not heard her fall. She slowly stood back up. That when Allison noticed that she was naked from the waist down.

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    "Dammit," she whispered. She found her flashlight,which had fallen next to her,and lifted it into the tree. She saw her panties clinging to a branch near her window. She ran up to the door and shook the handle. It was locked. She picked the house mat up and picked up the spare key. She slowly put the key in the slot and opened the door quietly. She closed it behind her,and slowly made her way upstairs. She passed her sister's room,the door closed and the lights on. She then snuck in her room,and poked her head out the window. She crawled out and stretched out her arm toward her panties. It took her 5 tries,but she finally snagged them. She pulled them and herself into her room. She slid them on and then decided to check to see if she was bruised. She went to the bathroom,and looked in the mirror.

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       She didn't even have a scratch.

    "That's lucky," she mumbled,and she moved out of the bathroom,passing her sister's room again. But now the door was cracked open. She decided to look to see how Charlotte was handling it. She put her eye to the crack. But then she saw something that she did not expect.

    Charlotte was lying on her bed,and she was masterbating. She had a dildo in her hand,and she was slowly pumping it in and out of her pussy. Charlotte had a beautiful face too,she had short blond hair,firm B cups,and a nice ass. Her legs were spread wide for Allison to see,her bed was pointed in Allison's direction. Allison couldn't believe it. She pulled her eyes away,and decided to move past and leave her sister be. She was just about to walk away. . .

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    "Oh Allison,fuck me harder!"

    Allison stopped dead in her tracks and went back to the crack in the door. She peered back in,and Charlotte was going even faster.

    "Oh Allison,you're so goooooooood," Charlotte exclaimed. "I'll fuck you,I don't care if you're my sister!" Allison couldn't believe what she was hearing.

    "Oh,Allison,I'm cumming. . . . . " Charlotte said. She pulled her dildo out,and she squirted cum all over her bedspread.

    Allison could believe it. Charlotte,her own sister,wanted to have sex with her. The sad thing is,the very same thought was making Allison horny too.

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       She looked down and saw her panties dripping wet. She kinda wanted to try it. She didn't know what to do.

    Charlotte stepped off her bed and started to walk toward the door. Allison ran back into her room,and peered into the hallway. Charlotte stepped out her room and walked into the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later,and went back in her room.

    Allison had a decision to make. Either get rid of this idea,or act on it. And fast. She suddenly walked down the hallway,and knocked on her sister's door.

    "Hang on,"Charlotte exclaimed. She opened the door,wearing a tanktop and some short shorts.

    "Hey," Allison said. "Can I see you for a moment?



      . . . .