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My sister was laying on her stomach on the couch, She stinks of sweat. She feel asleep before taking a shower again. She fell asleep in her work out clothes. I pincher her cheek and she didn't stir. God, when did the little brat get so sexy. Her black spandex shorts were so tight they clang to her apple shaped ass. I grouped her ass and squeezed hard. "Wake up Sis, If you don't I'm gonna do stuff to you. . . ", I announced loudly. Her ass was so soft and smooth. She didn't move so I pushed her legs apart so I could have better access. I couldn't believe my luck. Her pussy was clearly visible, She wasn't wearing anything under her spandex. I used my thumbs to push her pussy lips apart, I could see where the spandex tried to dip in, that was her entrance.

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   I pushed my finger in and it sank in an inch. Wow, these spats were so elastic. My finger was knuckle deep and moans were coming from her. She was feeling it in her sleep and she was getting wet. I kept rubbing her pussy till I felt her hard erect clit. "Ahh, I can't stand it". I couldn't take it any more.
I grabbed the the waist band of her spats and pulled them up so they kept getting tighter around her cunt and ass. I pinched the spandex over her pussy and pulled it till it ripped a hole. I took my dick head and rubbed it against her now exposed wet pussy. "Hey! Sis, If you don't wake up, I'll put it in!", I was almost yelling now. "Sis, Ah crap!", My head slipped into her. This isn't good, is it? She should of woke up already. She was suck an air head but she felt so good. I lifted her ass higher so that her thighs were in my lap.

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   She was moaning a littler loader now as I wiggle her up on my dick. She was drooling on the pillow as I leaned over her. I took a deep breath and I trusted into her, till my balls slapped against her. Her eyes shoot open, she was so tight and warm. Her pussy gripped my cock in death grip. "I'm Coming!!", I did shout this time. I erupted in her cunt as her face was shoved into the pillow. I shot five hot streams of cum into my sister's warm cunt before I started to bottom out. "WAI-. . . Whats this?! No way?! You put it in!!", She yelled at me as she turned her head to look at me. "Mo. . Morning!! You finally woke up, huh?".

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   She looked furious, "Brother!". "I couldn't wake you up so. . . ", she didn't look happy with my explanation. "I. . Idiot! Don't screw around!", she yelled again. I pulled my dick out a little and watched as my cum oozed out of her. "Wai. . . !! Don't move!!", she said through greeted teeth. "But, I already came in you once, so. .

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  ", she cut me off. "No way, you came inside? Nooo!", she squealed because I trusted back into her. "It doesn't matter if I do it some more!". She moaned, "Ahhh!! Noo!! Pull it out. . . !".
I hugged her and forced her tight baseball top off her huge naked melons. I squeezed her chest and pulled her big brown nipples. She tried to pushed me off her but that just excited me more, I put all my weight on her and held her down. I stiffed her short black hair, that was in little pigtails and it smelled like a mixture of sweat and her fruity shampoo. I kept humping her ass like a horny dog. "It's sticking to your pussy", I responded to her. It was true to. Every time I pull out, her pussy lips gripped my shaft and her cunt sucked my back in with each trust.

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   There was a loud wet squishy noise each time my body slapped against her ass. "I'm. . . really gonna. . . hit you!", she was having a hard time yelling at me between her own screams of pleasure. Her pussy seemed to be trying to close as tight as it could around my dick. It pulled my dick deeper into her than I thought was possible. Her hips bucked in a frenzy and her cries drowned out my moans and grunts. Her juices spilled from her pussy and ran down my dick.
I felt that familiar sensation of my balls tightening, "AHH. . .

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  Geez!! Sis, I'm coming too!", I groaned as shot my seed into her once again. It felt like I was pumping my cum directly into her womb. "NOOOOOOOO!", She screamed. Excess cum poured out of her in a flood. I fell back in exhaustion, that was the best thing I'd ever experienced and I was drop dead tired. My sister turned around to face me and crawled on top of my lap. She was easily the hottest 16 year old I'd ever seen. Her big 42 D tits brushed against my legs. Her eyes were big and full of love. She stuck out her tongue and licked our juices off my soft dick. I sat up and played with her pigtails. She took the head into her mouth and played with my balls with her free hand. Her velvet tongue worked magic as it wrapped it around the shaft and willed it to become rock hard and erect again.
She looked up at me and slide her mouth up my cock, till it sprang out of her mouth. She climbed up me till she was almost sitting on my prick.

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   I wanted her right now so bad. She leaned back and I looked down at that glorious breast again and as I was about to take one of those supple nipples in my mouth, her fist crashed into my head and I swear I must of blacked out for a couple of seconds. When I came to again. She was walking away to the bathroom. "Wait I thought we were. . ", she cut me off, "DIE!!!", she yelled. She seemed angry but I noticed she didn't close the bathroom door as she started the shower. .
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