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I was still a stammering erect fool when she started to giggle and said "Yes, I want you to fuck me silly!" I tried to be the Married gentleman but I had to admit that I had always wondered if I had married the right sister. Hell yes I had noticed her body and openness but I also knew that she was 16 to my 21 and quickly dismissed the notion of ever doing her. I knew she was sexually active because I constantly heard Ruth and her Mother discussing the subject. Now it was clear that she was willing to do ME and I had a decision to make. Luckily her brother was heading to the car and so I told her "I want you too, I will talk to you later". Jack got into the car and we headed home. I thought all kinds of things on the way there. I was caught between Fidelity and the hard place between my legs. I made it a point to stay near Ruth for the rest of the weekend. The decision to Fuck Cindy was made late Saturday night. After Ruth and I watched a movie in the Den and turned in for the night I closed the bedroom door and started to massage her shoulders and kiss her on the neck. She said, "Not here, Jesus Christ my mother is in the next room!" I was a little surprised but thought that maybe I had surprised her. She pushed me away and said "All you ever want to do is Fuck!" At this point I told her goodnight and went down the hall to the Bathroom. As I looked in the mirror I decided that The Ice Princess could hold out until hell froze over, I was going to have sex with or without her! As I left the Bathroom I could see Cindy in the Den on the couch and walked in to sit with her. Since everyone else was asleep or gone I sat next to her and said to her softly "I want you!" She got a huge smile on her face and moved closer to me and laid her head on my shoulder. I said to her "There is not much we can do here with everyone around".

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   She nodded and at the same time slid her fingers to the fly of my jeans and unzipped them. Then she moved my underwear to the side, which allowed my erection to rise freely. She turned her body so that her back was to the doorway and started to lick the head and the shaft of my penis. I was in heaven, Her sister though 2 years older could not be even forced to touch a dick with a hand let alone take it in her mouth to give me a Blowjob after a year of Marriage. I moved my hand over Cindy's body but did not go for her tits. I went straight for her finely haired blonde mound. I wanted to pleasure her as much as I possibly could while clothed and went to it with expert skill. I knew she appreciated it because she got wetter all the time and between the rhythm of her mouth on my cock and her twat humping my hand as I worked her clit she moaned like a maniac. I was surprised that I lasted as long as I did and realized that she would come before me. I used my best finishing moves on her and with that she erupted into a convulsing frenzy of at least 2 orgasms. At this I let myself go and filled her mouth with a stream of cum that overflowed her small mouth. She did not miss a beat and sucked me clean then retrieved my hand that was still rubbing her clit softly and began to lick her juices off of them too. She offered the fingers to me and I tasted her sweetness. I said "you are magnificent", She blushed a bit and said, and "I want your dick in me!"I was in shock, by this time her sister would have gotten satisfied and that would have been that. If I were not done I would have had to finish myself off.

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   I knew that I wanted to fuck that sweet, Tight, Willing slit of Cindy's but there was nowhere to accomplish this. I had just seen how hot she was and if it had not been for the fact that her mouth was full of my cock the whole house would have been aware of it. I wanted to have her when I could take my time and have the privacy to let her beast roam free. I told her "We need to do this when we can be alone". I suggested to her that when we came back in 2 weeks for Thanksgiving that she should ask to come back to spend a few days with my wife and I. I said, "Ruth will have to work that Saturday and we can really do each other right". She agreed and we went to our separate bedrooms and went to sleep. The next 2 weeks went by fast and we spent Thanksgiving with the In-Laws. I made sure to stay near Ruth again but this time to keep me from doing WHO I really wanted to. I slipped a Few short messages and Butt pats to Cindy and let her know that I wanted her in the worst way. When we left Friday afternoon for the trip home she sat in the back seat. Ruth mentioned to her that she was glad to see her in a dress for a change. Cindy said, "Thanks, I decided to try something different". She winked at me in the rear view mirror and raised her skirt slightly to show me that she was not wearing any panties and while she had not shaved her cunt she had trimmed the edges leaving the area around the slit bushy. She must be a mind reader I though, that's the way I like it!After Ruth left for work Saturday morning I got up and started Coffee.

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   Cindy soon came in and sat on the couch. She was such a tease; She sat at the far end of the couch with her short nightie on, no panties and legs spread. As I turned I almost spilled my coffee on myself. I said, "Well, now we are alone and I want to tell you something", she asked "what?" she said as she led a finger ever so slowly towards her slit. I said, "I want you! I want you now". With that she squealed and said, "Take Me!" As she stood I walked to her and we melted together into a pool of raging hormones. I slipped the nightie over her head at which time I found that she not only did not have panties she did not have a bra either. As I freed her from the one piece of clothing that she wore I found a new surprise. She had a perfect rack for someone so young. It was bigger that it appeared in those loose t-shirts, I would say a good 34C which stood free of her body with no sag and pert nipples the size of erasers. I was fixated on them as I dropped my robe and slid off my briefs kicking them off in the direction of the TV. As we embraced and kissed she started to slide down to blow me but I stopped her. She looked up with a puzzled look on her face and said, "What's wrong. Didn't you like my Blowjob?" "Hell yes I did" I said "But now I am going to carry you to the bed and Fuck You!" She smiled and giggled as she stood up and I picked her up and facing her lowered her onto my rock hard dick. We groped and kissed as I carried her to the Master Bedroom.


   She was already thrusting up and down as I walked her to the bed and laid her down. I am normally one who knows the value of good foreplay to keep women coming back for more but as I started to work on her I realized it was not needed. She was ready and willing already so I positioned myself between her legs and moved in. She lifted her legs and placed one of them on each shoulder which opened her up completely and almost forced me all the way in without effort. The thought passed my mind that I should take it slow to give her hymen a chance to slide out of the way then I realized that that was silly, She was no Virgin! She had a steady boyfriend and she was an expert at Oral Sex. This thought seemed to drive me the rest of the way into her warm, tight pussy. Almost as soon as we started she moaned and I told her that we were alone and she could say, moan or scream anything she wanted. She did not need to be told more that once. She started to wail, grunt and scream in lustful tones. She said, "Fuck Me!" too many times to count. I was so into the pleasure of this hot little lover that I did not even think about the fact that I was fucking my underage Sister-In-Law in her sister's bed. We both knew that this session would not last long so we fucked each other like maniacs. Her tight and trained Pussy muscles contracting on my rock hard Dick and me driving the entire length of it over and over again into her. I was determined to give her an orgasm before I came in her and I did not have to wait long. As she started to thrash and scream even harder she screamed "FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK! I'm coming! At this point her warm Pussy clamped down even harder and I could not hold off anymore.

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   I pushed a couple of times then shot the biggest load of my life into her. She was amazing, Even as my Cock softened and relaxed in her she was still bucking her hips humping something that wasn't there anymore. I laughed and fell forward onto the bed next to her. "You are Fucking Fantastic!" I said to her. She only grinned and said "Thanks" as she slid down and started to lick my aching cock clean. I did not move away from her and let her do whatever the Hell she wanted to! As soon as I began to stiffen I once again picked her up, This time with that sweet cream filled snatch in my face and her expert teen mouth on my Cock in a standing "69" I started walking down the hall with both of us working each other. I had thought of going to the Bathroom with her but we never made it that far. When we got to the Kitchen We both showed signs of cumming again and as I leaned on a wall we both did. She took all she could but some dripped from her mouth in her upside down position and dripped down my legs and onto the Kitchen floor. I made it to the couch and we collapsed breathless on it. "I knew you would be better than Dennis" she said. Rather stunned but completely satisfied I told her "Thanks". She then said that all of the boys she had fucked were all crappy in bed. "They know how to come and that's about all". She also knew that I wanted and needed a good Fucking! When I asked her how she knew she told me that she knew Ruth was an "Ice Princess".

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   She said "She has told me before that you would do it all the time If she let you but that she really did not want it that often". Cindy said "I told her she was crazy, when a guy wants you and wants to please you, Let him!" At this point we looked at each other and started all over again. I asked her if she had ever taken it in the Ass? She said "Yeah, I love it!". With that I turned her over on her stomach and moved between her legs to her upturned Butt Cheeks and her tight puckered Asshole. It was hard to enter her tight Ass but my Dick was now so hard I could have driven it through Sheet Metal. I pumped her while caressing her Tits one at a time by switching the hand I balanced myself on her sweet Ass with. She was a real Screamer and she bucked against me like a Maniac. After about only 5 minutes I had to let go, my self Control was completely gone mad I groaned "I'm going to. . . " Before I should finish that statement I let go with a blast of cum and slid backwards. As I moved away I saw the most beautiful Creampie at the opening of her Ass and running down to that marvelous cunt of hers with her young hair matted with my cum. Her Cunt Lips were all red but after all we had been fucking for over an hour. Keeping with my motto "Always make 'em Come!" I moved her slightly to the side and over into a sitting position and slid down to my knees in front and began to suck and lick her tender, red, swollen clit and slit vigorously. She was so tender there she reeled away from me a bit and started to say "No, It hu.

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  . . Ohhhhhh MMMMYYYYY GGGGOOOODDDDDD!!!! Don't stop!" She was experiencing the most intense orgasms of her young Sex Life. She wrapped her legs around the back of my head and made it clear that I was in for the duration. After what seemed like a few minutes of her non-stop cumming she relaxed her legs and I started to move away but gave her one more strategically placed lick to the tip of her swollen Clit. This brought a shudder and a moan from her. I moved to sit next to her where we kissed, She Licked our mixed juices from my lips. All in all we Fucked 5 times in 8 hours. I had never gone more than 3 times with her sister or any other woman for that matter. We showered and I started Dinner. When Ruth arrived she sat on the couch with Cindy and talked. Cindy asked her if she could come to live with us. "You know I don't like Mom's new Boyfriend, He's a pervert" she told Ruth. Ruth said "Of course honey, It will be good for you to be here so I can keep you away from those boys you fool around with". As she turned to ask me if it was OK I could only nod yes.

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   "Don't worry sis," Cindy said as she winked at me behindRuth's back "I am done fooling around with BOYS!" I think I just solved the problem of the Ice Princess. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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