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    Something New For Jennifer. My semi-rigid cock was still buried deep inside my daughter Jennifer as we lay there getting our breath back and coming down from the nights first fuck, which is always just a straight honest hard missionary job with a lot of kissing and passion.   Jen was fond of saying, “Let's get the fuck over and done with and then we can get serious. ” That's my girl, a prim and proper young lady outside the bedroom, the classic butter wouldn't melt etc, but once she was alone with me she went into total slut mode, both mouth and body. I know why in later years her husband never strayed. As usually happened when we had recovered and Jen felt my cock get back to working condition she gave a couple of little squeezes with her puss and let her knees fall sideways flat on the bed so I could start a slow gentle movement inside her warm very wet puss, and just now and then rub her clit with my pubic bone. Having just a while ago blasted a big load of spunk into her I could keep this action going for quite a while. Sometimes we would just fuck in silence, with a lot of deep kissing as the love we felt for each other came out, now and again there would be a deep sigh and a very soft “Oh Dad,” followed by a very long gentle kiss that seemed to go on forever. There was always the little jerk of her hips as some of my spunk leaked out of her and slowly dribbled down over her tight little asshole. Sometimes little Miss Slutmouth would comment, 'Ugrateful cunt, she's spitting it out, hasn't she learned how to swallow yet. ” This was usually the signal that after Jen finally decided to let her orgasm go, which could be anything up to an hour later depending on her mood, I was to pull out of her still twitching cunt and plant my cock firmly in her mouth so she could suck me into cumming, and then swallow my spunk. Mind you, by that time it usually didn't take much of her beautiful mouth and tongue for me to give her what she wanted. Fucking my beautiful willing daughter is an incredible feeling, but the look on her face as she sucks my cock in the middle of having an orgasm is truly a sight to behold. Anyway, this night seemed to be one of the nights she wanted to talk. After she got me gently moving deep inside her she gave me a little kiss and asked, “Dad, do you fuck Mum up the ass?”“Yes love, now and again when she wants me to. ”“You mean there's times when she won't let you, I thought Mum would let you do anything to her?”“Well, if a woman is not really in the mood for it she can't relax enough to take a cock up her ass without it being incredibly painful, and I wouldn't intentionally hurt your mother for the world.

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  ”Just then a dribble of spunk must have tickled her hole, “Bitch”she giggled as she gave a little jerk. Jen carried on with the questioning, “What sort of mood is Mum in when she wants it there?”I gave a little laugh, “I don't know sweetie, it must be a 'I need to be fucked up the ass kind of mood,' because when she wants it, she really wants it, believe me. ”“C'mon Dad, how does she act so you can tell when she wants it up the ass?”“No different to you. Until you steer me in the right direction I can never tell whether it's a 'Good hard fuck, lots of slow loving, and finish with another good hard fuck' type of night, or an 'Oh jeezus Dad, shove my panties up my cunt and fuck me with three fingers, bite my nipples and squeeze my tits hard,' type of night. The best thing any woman can do for herself and her man, is to tell him what she wants. ”Jen seemed to think for a minute as I gently carried on rocking my cock in her, then looking me straight in the eyes, she very softly and lovingly said, “Dad, you've taught me some beautiful wonderful things, and I love you more than I can ever tell you, will you teach me how to take your cock up my ass?”Though I had had a feeling from our conversation that this was what she had been  leading to, I said,”Whoo girl, are you sure that's what you really want? Letting a man fuck her up the ass is just about the most intimate thing a woman can do, you sure you don't want to save it for the special man when he comes along?”All the while hoping she would go through with it, the thought of having my cock as far up my daughters ass as it was up her hot wet cunt at the moment almost made me top up the load she was already carrying inside her. She grabbed my butt to stop me fucking her, damn, she was just getting to that big puffy stage too. “Listen to me Dad, you wouldn't have your cock buried in my cunt right now if I didn't love you and trust you, so believe me when I say I want you to fuck my ass, I always like the feeling when you  slide a finger up me, now I want your cock. ”I didn't say anything as I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her and watched as she reached down to catch the blob of spunk that followed, I thought for a moment that she was going to rub it on her belly like she sometimes does. Not this time, she just waited until I reached over for the hand towel and wiped her hand. Jen held her legs high and wide so I could clean her up, and then gave me a kiss of thanks, always pays to be a gentleman. After I placed the towel back on the bedside table I opened the toy drawer and took out a fresh tube of K-Y jelly. I grabbed one of the pillows off the bed and Jen lifted her butt so I could slide it under her. “Sweetie I know I'm going to sound like a Sex Ed 101 teacher for a while, but it's very very important that we do this right or the pain you felt when I popped your pussy will seem like nothing by comparison. ”“I know Dad, I've done a bit of reading about it.

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   I don't mind the teacher bit,” she laughed, “I've learned that after one of your lessons there's always a lot of fun. ”With my heart absolutely pounding in my chest I took the cap off the KY and squirted a good lot onto my finger. My little darling lifted her legs and spread them open, supporting them with her hands behind her knees. As many times as I've seen her in this position I still couldn't help but lean down and wrap my mouth round her button, which was sticking out proud and firm. When I started to lick gently she gave out with a giggly laugh and said, “Dad, if you keep doing that you won't get up my ass tonight, I'll cunt fuck your brains out instead. ” As I've said before, lovely turn of phrase for a 19 year old. So still savouring the taste of a young womans juice I placed my jell covered finger on the tight little brown pucker of her hole. She jumped a bit,”Shit thats cold. ”“OK Jen,” I said as I slowly smeared some jell around the knot, “You know how you relax so I can slip my finger up you, well you are going to have to learn how to do that big time. ”I kept slowly rubbing the jell into her ass and increased the pressure a little at a time. It got to the point where I knew that any more pressure would start to hurt her so I just held my finger at her tiny entrance and sure enough about 30 seconds later I could feel her start to relax. Moving my finger ever so gently I pushed into her about half an inch, she seemed OK with that so I fed her a bit more, no problems. “How's it going so far Babe”. “Fine. ”she said.

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  I gently pulled my finger out of her and loaded a big blob of jell onto my fingers and with steady pressure worked it into her, then, a lot easier than before, I pushed my finger into her with a gentle finger fucking motion until she had taken the full 3 inches into her ass. “Feels good Dad. ”“Jen I'm going to slowly pull it out and then push a lot more jell into you, and then see if you can take two fingers, OK?”“Go for it Dad, I hope two fingers feels twice as good,” she giggled. I worked a heap more jell into her and, as her ass was starting to feel reasonably loose and relaxed, I started to push at her hole with my two fingers placed one above the other. I watched, with my heart thumping and a cock that would break bricks, as ever so slowly her tight ring opened and allowed my fingers to enter her. I was up just past the first knuckles when Jen gave a little twitch and her ass clamped down on my fingers. “Sorry, I couldn't help it. ”she whispered. By this stage she was starting to go into that funny dreamy  state. “That's OK babe, you can't controll it, just try and relax. Put your legs up on my shoulders if it's more comfortable for you. ”Jen put her legs on my shoulders and a very short while later I could feel her relax. I didn't have any more trouble slowly finger fucking my way up her ass, and when I had my two fingers up her as far as they would go I built up into the slightly faster rhythm of a finger fuck. After about a minute my fingers were going in and out of Jennys arse about two inches and she had started meeting the thrusts of my fingers with a little push against them. “Fucking Jeezussss that feels unreal Dad.

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  ”she cried out. “Like the feel of a little ass fuck eh Jen?”“Like it? I fucking love it. If you just even touched my button I'd explode. ”“Do you want to go off sweetheart. ”“NO! No fucking way. This feels too good to stop. ”“You're the boss in this sweetheart,  what about I keep doing this for just a bit longer, and then you tell me if you would like to try and take my cock up your ass. As always, the choice is yours, you can stop anytime you want to. ”“Dad, can you give me a kiss without taking your fingers out. I need to kiss you. ”After she took her legs off my shoulders I managed to lean over to her face and still keep fingering her, she gave me one hell of a kiss and reached down between my legs and took hold of my cock which was hard as steel and doing a pretty good dribble job. Not as good as Jenny's cunt though, I knew if I put my face in her box I'd drown. My beautiful darling daughter broke our kiss, and as she gave my cock a gentle squeeze, whispered, “Now Dad. ”I must admit I was trembling a bit as I leant back and gently pulled my fingers out of her ass. As I reached for the KY, Jenny started to turn over.

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   “Stay on your back Hon. ” I said. “But I thought you fucked  doggie when you went up the ass. ”“Don't believe all the pictures Sweet One, this way I can hold you and kiss you and watch your beautiful face as I go into you and, with a bit of luck, fuck you into a beautiful orgasm. ”I really slathered my cock with jell, and pushed more into Jenny as well.
    It was going into her pretty easy now, which was a good sign. I moved forward over her and gave her another kiss, “You sure Babe?” She just nodded. With my fingers shaking from excitement and sexual tension,I placed the head of my cock on her now not quite so tight ass hole. As the pressure of my cock slowly increased I could just feel her sphincter starting to open up so I pushed into her a little harder and Jen's ass opened a little more. By this time Jen had her eyes firmly fixed on mine and a fine bead of sweat had formed on her face, her mouth was just open a little and she was breathing through her mouth. After about a minute or so Jen's ass had just about opened enough for the head of my cock to pop into her so I gave a good push and in my cock went. Her ass muscles spasmed tight onto my cock, as I expected them to, and Jenny said, “ Oh fuck Dad, I thought your cock felt huge the first time you rooted me, but I feel like I've got a baseball bat up my ass. Sorry I'm squashing you but I can't help it. ”“That's OK darlin', you'll learn to controll it sooner or later. Everything still good?”Jen just nodded, so to try and put her at ease a bit, I stretched up and gave her little kisses all over her face.

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       I could feel her easing off the pressure on the head of my cock, and after I had sucked her nipples for a while and, one of her favourites, licked her a few times on the very soft underside of her breasts, she felt totally relaxed once again. I started to gently fuck her tight little ass, just pulling back a little without sliding, and then forward with some pressure to slide some more of my cock into her. After three or four of these gentle invasions, Jenny started to work with me, meeting my movement with a push of her own which helped progress a hell of a lot. I was feeling off the planet, I mean it's an incredible mind and body sensation when I've looked down at my daughter as I was fucking nine inches of cock into her cunt, and was totally aware that she was willingly and eagerly fucking me right back, but it's another thing entirely to watch your daughter laying under you and helping you get your cock up her ass. While my mind had been in ga-ga land we had managed to get about seven inches into her, by now, very hot hole. The little darling by now was biting her bottom lip, so I asked, 'OK Babe?” A little nod of her head, as she reached down and felt how much more was still to go into her. “Hurt?”I asked, another little nod. “Want me to stop?” A big shake of the head, “Nice hurt Dad,” she whispered softly, and with that she held me tight and gave a big push that slid the rest of my aching cock into her as far as it would go. As I leant down to kiss her she whispered, “Hard part's over, go for it darlin'. ” Then held me in a deep kiss while I started to deeply fuck her beautiful tight ass. I worked up into a steady rithym of about two inches of movement and Jenny matched me all the way. It wasn't long before she started to pant at each inward thrust of my cock, and a little while later she was signalling that I should really go for it. I speeded up a bit and settled into a reasonably vigourous fucking and she was still with me, panting and grunting as she rose up the climb to ecstasy. I wasn't sure if she would actually have an orgasm with me fucking her ass, her mother dosen't, even though she really likes the feeling when I fuck her this way. The question was soon settled when she started really getting into her little sqeaky “oo oo oo oh oh oo oo,” sounds which she makes when she gets close to going off.

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      The next minute she wrapped her arms around me tightly, “DADEEEEEEEEEE,” she wailed as her ass clamped me tight and she bucked like never before. Deep into a long orgasm she was alternately kissing me, gasping for breath, and biting my shoulder and neck. The next second I felt a few hot spurts just above my cock, and when I looked down I realised that my little darling was actually squirting little jets of pee every time the spasms of orgasm racked through her. She was really going off, never before have I seen her do this. I was past ready to fill her ass with spunk, but she had me squeezed that tight that it was stopping me for cumming. Oh well, it's all about her pleasure this time, I thought, there will be other times I'm sure. It was a couple of minutes before she stopped cumming and peeing and started to relax. She couldn't speak as she was still gasping to get her breath back. When she finally could speak all she said was, “Wow!” then planted a big kiss on me. It was then she noticed the bites she had given me, “Oh shit Dad, I didn't know I was doing that to you, oh God I'm sorry. ”“Darling one, it was worth every one of them to see you enjoy yourself that much,” I laughed. “Did you come in me Dad, I was too far out of it to feel you?”“No sweetie, you had me too tight for me to come. ”Smiling as I replied. “I don't think I can take any more in my ass Dad, but you could pull out and fuck my cunt if you like. ” Jen said as she looked sweetly into my eyes.

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      “This cock is going nowhere near your sweet little puss until it's had a damn good wash young lady, speaking of which, I think it's time we took that pleasure stick out of your little ass. ”I raised myself up a little and gently pulled back, “ Push Jen, it will help me slide out without hurting you. ”“Push how?” she asked. “Like you were using the bathroom, girly. ”“Oh gross. ” she said as she started to push, and my still very erect cock slowly slid out of her. “OK, let's take a shower and we'll see what we can do with your dick problem Dad. ” she said as she sat up and felt the wet bed under her butt. “Fuck, I must have really gone off big time to dribble that much. ”“You didn't dribble darling you peed, squirt, squirt, squirt, every time you twitched during your orgasm. ”I laughed. Jen just giggled and laughed, “Well you did just about fuck my brains out, Stud. ”We finally got off the bed and walked into the bathroom for a shower. We washed and scrubbed each other, and Jen said her ass was a little bit sore. I told her I had some cream that would help, and that I would gently work up into her after we had finished the shower.

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      Jen put her arms around me, pushed her puss up against my cock and looked into my eyes as she said lovingly, “Dad I haven't got a fuck left in me, but if you lean me back against the wall and slip that big cock of yours right up my cunt, I'll enjoy it while you have one or two. ”I wasn't about to say no to that offer so I placed her against the shower wall, lifted one foot up onto the tile hob at the side, and pushed my hard cock up into her as far as it would go. “Don't worry about me dad, just fuck my cunt until you cum, fill my pussy up with your spunk. ” She was using her slutty mouth to help me get going, “Fuck your little girl Dad, root her cunt till spunk runs out her ears. ” After what I'd been through with my cock up Jenny's ass, those words were enough to make me blow a big load right up the hot little box between her legs. “Don't stop Dad, give me another load. ” she squealed. So I continued to fuck her beautiful willing young puss until with a groan I started to spurt my spunk up her again, I didn't think I was ever going to stop, and when I looked down I could see my spunk squirt out of her cunt every time my cock jerked more into her. “Christ I need to give you that, sweetheart. ” I gasped when I finally stopped cumming. “Wow, I dont think you've ever filled me up like that before. ”She laughed. Jenny then got a very serious look on her face and told me,“I'm yours Dad, any time you want me, stop waiting for me to do the asking, I want you to have me whenever you want me. I will never refuse to fuck you Dad, I love you. ”.

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