Something New, Something Old....


  A girl dreams most of her life about her wedding day. Where she’ll marry, who she will invite, who will be her maid of honor. Since I had no immediate family it fell on me to make all the plans and preparations for my most special day. Dreams often are altered by the cold hard facts of financial reality. With no family to help pay for the wedding I had to scale back to what I could afford. The flowers I loved were out of season, so I settled for something less costly. My guest list had nearly three hundred people on it but I couldn’t afford a hall much less a caterer to prepare a meal. The priest volunteered the use of the church’s hall and the services of the woman’s auxiliary to prepare the meal. He further pointed out I wouldn’t have to supply alcohol to the guests as that was not allowed on church grounds. All I had to do was buy the food, which was reasonable as the women suggested spaghetti for the meal. The one thing I wouldn’t scrimp on was my dress. I had known the design in my mind’s eye for years now and often spoke of it to my cousin’s Candy and Sherri. I was stunned when I found the cost to be fifteen hundred dollars, discounted. It was a crushing blow to realize I could not possibly justify such an extravagant waste of money and began scouring the dress shops to find one within my price range. I believe I wore my cousin’s nerves to the breaking point dragging them from one shop to another only to return to the shop that held the dress I had envisioned. Candy finally convinced me to try it on during one visit and of course it fit as if it had been made for me.

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   That evening I spent in tears at Candy’s place. She became concerned when she could not console me and called her older brother Dave. Dave had just graduated from college and started a new job but dropped everything to make the two- hour drive to Candy’s. I was a wreck when he arrived but when he took me in his strong arms and I could look in his eyes he assured me everything would be all right. We talked for hours about everything, the wedding plans, the groom to be and my financial woes. He had been the family’s rock to lean on since his father died and mine since I was twelve. My cares seemed to fade away in his arms and I feel asleep in them on the couch in Candy’s living room. The next morning I awoke to find he had left sometime during the night and a note that simply read, “You’ll find a way, you always do. ” I returned to the dress shop and picked out a dress I could afford. The wedding was now less than a week away and with the alterations I wouldn’t be able to pick it up till the morning of the wedding.
 The day of my wedding finally arrived and I got an early start at the church with my cousin’s and the woman’s auxiliary help to prepare the meal and decorate the hall and church. Sherry busied herself in the kitchen directing the meal’s preparation and Candy helped me with the table settings and decorations. The time came to get the dress and Candy told me Dave had volunteered to pick it up giving us more time to work on my hair and make up. The priest had volunteered the use of his office and adjoining vestment room for the girl’s of the wedding party to change in. Dave arrived with less than two-hours before the ceremony was to begin, laden with boxes and dressed in a tux.

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   I was puzzled by his load of boxes but had to take a moment to admire his attire. I had never seen him so dressed up and his tall muscular frame seemed to strain against the formal restraints. “What’s all this?” I asked pointing to the boxes. He got that devilish grin I had come to know so well in the past when he was up to something. Over his shoulder I could see Candy and Sherri were now standing in the back of the room grinning madly. He, in uncharacteristic fashion, shuffled his feet while staring at the floor to avoid my gaze answered, “I picked up a few things we thought you needed. ” In the first box was a pair of white stiletto high heels and underneath it a box of the finest pair of white nylons with garter belt and white silk panties. The third box held a white boostiere. The fourth box contained a white waist high full slip. Which puzzled me, as the dress I picked was a slim line.   The final box I knew contained my wedding gown and I turned to thank him for the gifts but told him he had to leave so I could dress. I saw his face all but radiated with some devilish plan when he said, “I went to all this trouble to pick that up, and you think I could get a peek at it. ” I was annoyed with him but he was right and I sighed and turned around to open the final box. From the moment the lid was removed I could see he had picked up the wrong dress. The hand-inlaid pearls on the bodice were clearly visible through the veil that lay over it.

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   I removed the veil and set it aside to lift the gown of my dreams from the box and the tears started. I held the gown close to my breast and turned to Dave. He was now right in front me and kissed my forehead saying, ‘I hope you like my wedding gift. ” I threw my arms around this darling man and kissed him, as we had so long ago.
 I felt hands on each arm gently pulling me off Dave, it was Candy and Sherri reminding me I had to get dressed. Sherri shoved Dave out while Candy pried the dress from my grasp. She looked in my dazed eyes and shook me saying, “Come on! You have got to get dressed. Get those clothes off. ” I nodded my head and took my clothes off. Candy helped me dress. The white silk panties made me feel sexy, as that unique feel of silk against my crotch was a stark contrast to the cotton panties I had always worn. Candy helped me with the garter belt (as I had never worn one before) and with the nylons. I had worn pantyhose before but these nylons made my legs tingle at there touch. Candy’s hands seemed to linger when she fastened the nylons to the garter belt. The boostiere stole my breath away as Candy fastened the back.

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   I noticed it barely cupped the bottom of my breasts leaving the upper half exposed and a deep breath or bend at the waist would allow them to tumble out. I stepped into the waist high full slip and Candy pulled it to my waist, it would fill out my wedding gown. Now it was time to put on the gown and I closed my eyes as Candy retrieved it. I didn’t open them as she dressed me. She placed it over my head and pulled it to my waist. She told me to clasp my hands so my nails would not snag the dainty lace arms as she pulled the sleeves up to my shoulders and zipped up the back of the dress. Her hands guided me across the room and I felt the dress’s train drag behind me. She told me to open my eyes and a vision I had only dreamed of came into view in the full-length mirror before me and the tears started again.
 My joy was short lived as Sherri came in the room to tell me my dad had arrived, in a rumbled suit and tie, unshaven and drunk (as always). My tears of joy turned to agony as I saw the entire day just dissolve into a murky shadow. Candy and Sherri tried to comfort me to no avail. The wedding would start in less than thirty minutes and I had no one to give me away.   Candy and Sherri huddled for a moment exchanging whispered thoughts. Sherri left and came back with Dave. Dave motioned for them to leave the room and they did to guard the door.

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   Dave’s strong arms lifted me to his chest and he removed my veil to brush the tears from my face. I looked into his questioning eyes as he asked, “Cousin, I know I’m not your dad but would you do me the great honor letting me walk you down the aisle?” All thoughts of sorrow were cast aside as this special man again rode to my rescue. I hugged him with all my might and kissed him as lovers do saying, “How can I ever repay you?” With that his head drew back so that his eyes could meet mine and that devilish grin of his had returned, “Really you can’t think of anything?” I had to be wrong he wasn’t suggesting what I thought he was? I blushed furiously at the thought and nodded my approval.
 I felt his fingers grasp the zipper on the back of the gown and thought I might be mistaken about his intent until I heard its angry rasp as he drew it down to my waist. “Dave we don’t have time right now!” I pleaded. I felt him draw the gown down my arms to my waist. My strapless boostiere folded down easily to expose my hardened nipples as he bent to lick and nibble each in its turn. I gasped at the ease with which he aroused me. I thought of all my friends, family, and the prospective groom on the other side of the door. The fact we were in a church, in the room that held the priest’s vestments and the sacrament and didn’t care. What the mind chooses to forget the body remembers. I gave in to my body’s desire and groaned my approval as he lifted me on to the priest’s desk. I leaned back on my elbows and raised my out stretched legs to welcome him. I felt his hands run up my legs to my hips as he felt about for the waistband of my panties. He fumbled for a moment as he realized the garter belt blocked their removal.

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   I heard him mumble, “This could be a problem. ” Fearing he might stop I begged, “Please Dave! I want you!”  He paused only for a moment and than I felt both hands on one hip as he grasped than tore my panties from waist to leg on one side than the other and pulled them from my body. I was so aroused my pussy was dripping as I heard the rasp of his zipper and ordered, “Shove your cock in me. ” To wit he eagerly complied driving his girth into me. I shrieked my approval as he began pistoning his man meat in and out of my eager pussy driving me toward an orgasm. The world around me dissolved and I focused on achieving my orgasm, tilting my pussy to rub my clit against his cock with every inward thrust. I could feel every muscle in my body drawing taut with sexually aroused passion. To my surprise I felt lips lock around my yearning nipple and suck a gasp from me. Tender lips locked against mine and our tongues did battle in each others mouths and my arms shoot around the neck as my pussy muscles spasmed in a mighty orgasm causing his cock to swell and explode deep inside my body. Wave after wave of orgasmic joy washed through me as he emptied his load into me. Our lips slowly parted and I smiled saying, “That was wonderful,” as I opened my eyes to Candy’s smiling face. I looked down to see my dress blocked my view of Dave until he stepped back withdrawing his now satisfied cock. The bunched dress slid down my legs and I saw Dave bend to retrieve my torn panties. He lifted the dress to wipe the spunk, which gushed from between my legs with the now useless garment. As he stuffed my cum-stained panties in his pocket he said, “Now you don’t have to worry, I gave you something old (pointing to himself), something new (as he scooped his spunk from my gushing pussy), something borrowed and something blue (as he pointed to his still rock hard blue veined cock).

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   Candy slid my shoes on and he lifted me to my unsteady feet. Dave pulled the gown to my shoulders and Candy zipped me up. I giggled as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled my lips up to his and kissed him deeply. I could feel Candy place the veil on my head and it fell to cover my sex-flushed face as I released my grip and sank to my feet on the floor. Dave placed my hand over his arm and Candy opened the door as I heard the rising chorus of the wedding march. Sherri handed me my bouquet as we stepped from the office to the hallway and the aisle at its end. I marveled at the events of the day as I walked down the aisle and could not help giggling as I felt my cum filled pussy drip its contents down my thighs to the floor. I thought of my long train mopping up the evidence of my indiscretion and rejoiced at the secret bond my cousins and I shared.