Sometimes, tolerance gets outta limit


'Get up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' screamed my stepmom at the top of her voice, 'dont u have anything better to do than sleeping??' i looked at her and with my sleepy eyes and said, 'you are not my mother, so i can do whatever i want. ' That is has been happening from the last year when my mom died in a car crash and my stepmom (linda) came to live with us. although she was so bitchy she a mind blowing. She was 39 and had 34C cups and a round ass. her was admired where ever she went.  She was okay with everyone except me. I wasn't bothered about that. I was in my late 16s and i often have wet dreams about her but i wonder what she would do if i went and asked her to fuck me. I had a lot of opportunities since my dad was a travelling executive and was away most of the time. My stepmom works around the house and rarely goes out. The only job does is maintain the house and always getting at my back which was intolerable. Let me drscribe myself, I am in my late 16s nad have an 8" cock and like to keep my stomach fit. i do body building and wieght lifting so i am pretty strong for my age
I washed myself and came downstairs and saw breakfats was ready. i noticed that she was wearing a see through nighty which made me get a hard on instantly becuase the morning sun rays were coming in through the window and i could see her perfect shaped body. i looked away as she looked at me and said that her mohter was really sick as she had to go to her mother's for the afternoon. I said that i would be around the house cleaning up my room.

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   She left after an hour and i instantly went to my room and started making a plan. "Mission Linda".  By this time  i had figured out her daily routine and planned acoording to that. my dad would be away for another 15 days which gave me alotta time. The i knew that all i had to do was make her dislike me so much that she would preactically scream and protest when i fuck her. that would make her understand who i was. i went and jacked off thinking of her wet pussy and firm breasts. i jacked off deliberately in her panties and left my cum like that to see her reaction. she came home after another hour and when she came and out of her room changed i thought she was gonna tell me something but she didnt. it was as if nothing had happened. then she asked me whether i did my homeowork and i sed that no, i played around which obviously got her pissed. she was like, ur grounded and i said 'who are you to tell me that?' and i did the things to irritate her the whole day.

By the time night fell i was sure that i her driven her to the limit of her tolerance and she had early dinner and went to bed. But i wasnt gonna let her sleep tonight. after an hour of her going to bed i took the extra key that i had and went to her room.

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   I knew she had locked the door and so i opened it with the key as made the minimum level of sound while doing so. i saw her sleeping with a nighty. i went slowly around the bed and took out the knife i had with me. i touched her hair and she instantly opened her eyes. she looked at me with surpirsed eyes, i showed her the knife and said, 'Not at sound bitch or else u are finished here, i had had enough of you' she agreed and by this time her surpise had turned into fear. i took out the nylon ropes i had kept under th bed earlier and tied her hands and legs to the bed rails. then i started cutting her dress. when i was done i saw that she wasnt wearing anything inside and that made my cock rock hard. i went near her and and tried kissing her lips and she protested i slapped her across the face hard. then she agreed and i started sqeezing her breasts and she started to moan. i was surprised, 'you really are enjoying it bitch arent you' I said. then i put my cock into her mouth and she started to suck it. she sucked it and sucked it while i fingered het wet pussy. then i went down and licked her pussy. it was sooooooooooo wet and tasty.

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   she just came on mt mouth and i slapped her for that as well. I put my cock through her pussy and she moaned again. she wanted it soo badly i pumped my cock into and outta her and kept on fuckng her until i came in her pussy. she was like, 'Oh goooooooooooood, baby come to me' and at that instant i felt that i has raped badly whereas she could have given it to me willngly. i lay over her and sed sorry abt the stuff and we kissed each other to make up.