Stepmom & Me, first storyyy. so plzz have mercy while rating


I was born in a wealthy family and was quite well off. My mom passed away when I was 12 and after 4 years my dad remarried. 4 years had changed a lot in my life. I took up smoking and learned a lot about sex although didn’t have the courage to do it. We had a maid in the house but I never did anything to her except for forcing her to give me blowjobs and sucking her tits. When my step-mom arrived, the maid went away. My step mom was hot and I thought about her that way because she wasn’t y real mom. I didn’t get much of a chance to speak to her because she was a working lady and was always busy. I don’t know what she felt about me but she certainly eyed me strangely whenevr she saw me. Let me describe her. She has nice ass and had 34D cups. She was about 32 years of age and had fair complexion. At the instant I saw her I knew I wanted to fuck her no matter what. I had previously watched some porn movies involving incent sex and I wanted it. One day finally that golden opportunity came. My dad told me that he had to go away for 2 days and that left ‘Shaila’ (my step mom) and me completely alone.

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   When he left we went to have dinner in a restaurant. We were driving home, I in the driver’s seat and she in the passenger’s seat. I made my approach. I accidentally put my hand over her wide legs and said sorry showing that it was an accident. She smiled and said ok. I had thought that it was enough for the day and didn’t do anything more. That night when I was sleeping, I felt someone rubbing my cock. I opened my eyes and saw my step mom rubbing my cock she smiled at me when she saw me. I pulled her and opened he hair band. I started to suck her tongue and she was moaning. I squeezed her 34D cups and finally she said, ‘fuck me u asshole, go on fuck me’. I told her to give me blowjob and she did, man that was the best blowjob ever that I got. I then put my cock in to her pussy and started going up and down. She moaned our aloud and I rammed into her again and again until I was about to cum. I told her that I was gonna cum and she put her mouth forward.

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   I cummed in her and definitely felt better This was a night to remember.