Storm Child chapter 4


      As we sat at the kitchen table after breakfast, I asked Jenna what she wanted to do.

     "Well, I know one thing, although I want to let my Daddy's cock recharge, so I can get a big mouthful of your cum, I'll bet it's really yummy!" Jenna giggled. She continued, "It's such a nice day, let's go out to the lake for a while. Not the usual lake we go to, let's go to the beach at Bosian lake. "

     I said, "But baby, you know that's a nude beach, don't you?"

     With a gleam in her eye, Jenna replied, "That's why I want to go there! We weren't born with these stupid clothes that society demands we wear, for the sake of some so-called idea of decency. I want my body to be free, exposed to the sun and air. "

     She had hit on a feeling that I had for a long time, and soon we were pulling up. Large signs warned us about the clothing optional nature, and a parking lot attendant made sure that we knew about it, also. I was nervous, but also eager to see Jenna's nudity again, even if everyone on the beach would get to see her in her birthday suit, also.

     I had the men's locker room all to myself, and I quickly pulled off my clothes, and locked them up. I'm no Charles Atlas body builder type, at 6'1" and 185 pounds, but I was grateful to have kept enough of a shape that I wouldn't frighten anybody. I took my large, rolled up beach towel, and went out.

     Stepping out of the locker room into a hallway that led to the beach, I came face to face with Jenna, carrying her beach towel, she smiled at me, and whispered, "Take a good look Daddy. "

     I did, and what a work of art her body was. I guess Amanda and I mixed the best of our genes together, to create such a beautiful lady. She could pass for my wife as she was, 20 years ago, Jenna's long, coltish legs, her thighs curving up nicely to form her tight, sexy ass, her hips have a curvy flare to them, nipping in at her waist, then upward to the sexy curve of her firm breasts, topped with stiff, perky nipples.

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   Her smooth, bare pubic region made my heart pound, my god, it was one of the sexiest sights I'd ever seen. I'd have to see if I could get Amanda to start shaving her bush off. Jenna's nipples were erect, stiff, and it wasn't cold.

     Jenna whispered, "Damn, I'm getting so turned on, being in the nude, and knowing that I'm about to expose myself, is making me horny!"

     My cock had noticed, and I was right back up, hard, and eager. Thinking that it's probably very rude she walk down the beach with a full bore hard-on swinging around, we waited a few minutes until my cock had relaxed, then, we swung out of the locker area, and started down the beach.

     We had sunglasses on, and I surveyed the people as we walked. It was a smorgasbord of bodies, all kinds, young, old, middle aged, some very shapely, sexy bodies, some not so shapely, lots of pubic hair styles, from thick tufts, to neatly trimmed, to bare and smooth. I noticed some people just glance casually our way, no leers or stares, everyone was cool with their own nudity, and ours, and I felt relaxed by the acceptance.

     Finding a sunny, open spot, we spread our towels, and I had the extreme pleasure of running my hands all over Jenna's nude body, caressing her supple skin as I stroked her down with sunscreen. I then felt the pleasure of her soft hands doing the same to me, and my cock rose up, and Jenna happily oiled down my erection.

     Jenna giggled, and said, "I do not want Daddy to get a sunburned cock! That would be terrible, I want Daddy's cock healthy and well, I have plans for you and your lovely cock!" she added, with a sexy grin.

    Laying back, with the sun shining down, my cock was again relaxed, and we lay side by side, just enjoying the day's warmth, and the closeness. My mind started to wander, Amanda and Jenna, my god, I wanted them both. I was in a great, but very delicate situation, when Amanda returns, what do Jenna and I do? Do we sneak around like 2 lovers having an affair, so I can continue to make sweet love with my daughter, without Amanda finding out? If she does find out, goodbye happy home, what a divorce case that would make. I decided the best thing to do was not think about it for now.

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   If Jenna and I had to sneak around on the sly so I could continue to make love to my sweet daughter, that's what I'd have to do. For now, just relax and enjoy.

     After a few back and forth flips, Jenna pulled me to my feet, and hand in hand, we dashed into the lake. The coolness of the lake water gave us a pleasant shock, as the heat of our tanned skin met the brisk, cooler water. Jenna and I love to swim, and we went out a bit further, until the water was up to the top of Jenna's shoulders, so we could swim freely, without having to avoid people just paddling around in the lake.

     After a while, we decided to call it a day. Before we left the lake, Jenna had me stand so my back was to the beach. Her hands reached down, grinning, and stroked my cock. She smiled as she could fondle me, the water and the angle of my body hiding her arms.

     "Now, let's go home Daddy, and I will give you the very best oral sex I can, I can't wait to taste your thick cum, I've been eager to taste it since I was 16!"

     Figuring that my daughter had certainly waited long enough, we walked out of the water, picked up our towels and strolled back down the beach. Again, everyone was cool, no staring, no leering, and I felt like this was something I wanted to do regularly. I wondered if Amanda was comfortable enough to go nude at this beach, something I'd have to find out.

     Emerging from the dressing room, Jenna had put on just a tight bikini bottom, that was pressed tight against her smooth mound, and a halter top that displayed a lot more than it covered. I had just put on board shorts and a loose T shirt, and I smiled as I saw my Jenna, my cock also taking notice, once again looking so wildly sexy.

     Back home, and Jenna's eyes were glowing again as she led me to the bedroom.

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   Our clothes were quickly tossed aside, and Jenna asked me to stand.

     "I want to do it in a classic style, with your hard, stiff, proud cock, and me, your eager little cocksucker of a daughter, kneeling before you, eager to service Daddy's hard, stiff cock!" Jenna cooed.

     My cock had surged up to full height, and Jenna took her position, she looked up at me, licked her lips, those pink, slick lips that were going to swallow me. She grasped my cock, pulled down, and the head of my cock popped out, all swollen and ready for her.

     "Oh yes, so yummy looking. Now Daddy, remember, no trying to escape in a Mom fantasy, your little cocksucking daughter is going to be the one eager for your load. Look down at my head, watch me as I service your stiff prick!" Jenna whispered.

      She giggled, I looked down, and watched her as she started to work me over. I watched her pink tongue snake out, then the exquisite feel of her tongue running up and down my cock. I was hard and aching as her tongue explored the length of my rock hard cock, licking up and down my stiff shaft, then circling my swollen cock head, licking at me like a lollipop. The feel of her tongue flicking and licking my cock head made me groan with lust. Jenna suddenly engulfed my stiff cock in her warm, wet mouth. I shivered with delight as her hot, slick lips stroked at my shaft as she took me in, her hot, pliable mouth molding tightly around my stiff, eager cock. Watching Jenna's head of blond hair bobbing slowly back and forth as she slid her mouth up, and then plunged down the full length again, took me to another dimension of pleasure.   Her mouth was moist, hot and expert, it felt like she was eating me alive.

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     I grunted, "Oh baby girl, where did you learn such cock sucking skills?"

     She released me, and giggled, "Daddy, I'm 18 you know, I've had boyfriends. And you know how horny teen boys are, I was saving my virginity, so I had to give them something else. This is how I learned to do it, and being on my knees, in a subservient position, sucking a hard, arrogant cock, turns me on like crazy! My boyfriends were more than happy to let me practice my skills on their throbbing cocks, so I could become an expert fellatrix! And now, Daddy is getting my skills applied to his cock. Now, let it go Daddy, feel my hot tight mouth, the tight milk of my lips, give me a thick, juicy wet spray of sperm, I want to taste you!"

     Taking me in, she gave a slight twist of her head, and swallowed me right to the balls. I put my hands gently on her head, stoking her soft hair, she gave a moan of pleasure, and really started working over my cock. Again and again, her mouth plunged up and down on my swollen prick.

    Her cock sucking technique was expert and practiced, I could feel my cock tightening up, throbbing, ready to blow.

         I had a quick mental picture of Jenna, kneeling before her boyfriends, wildly sucking their cocks, until they fired their loads, and I knew I was reaching that point. Her hands stated caressing and tugging gently on my balls, coaxing the spunk to a boil, and I could feel my cock jerk, swelling up tight with a massive urgency.

         "Yeah, oh yeah, gonna blow, gonna fill your mouth baby girl, yes, yes, fuck OH YEAH!"

         I felt Jenna's mouth pull back, releasing the bottom half of my cock, and the sudden explosion of cum from my cock.   I growled, tingles of burning pleasure raced up and down my cock, bursting, my spunk gushing wildly, Jenna eagerly sucking, wanting every drop. She ran her mouth up and down the top half of my cock, as my cock gushed out the last dribbles, she ran her mouth right down to the balls, tightening those sexy crimson lips and pulling back, eager to suck every drop out of me. I could feel the tight milking of her sexy crimson lips pulling every drop out of me. She slowly released me, looked up, smiled, then eagerly swallowed her mouthful of hot cum, a look of bliss crossing her face.

        "Yes, oh my goodness Daddy, you have the BEST tasting cum ever! No wonder Mom likes to suck your cock so much, with spunk that tastes that delicious, I'd want to suck you as much as Mom does, if not more!" Jenna giggled.

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         In less than 30 seconds, I had Jenna flat on her back, her legs spread, pushing my face eagerly between the spread of her thighs. After such a glorious blowjob, Jenna was going to get one heck of a pussy licking. She was certainly ready for it, her face glowing, alive with pleasure at my eagerness to reciprocate her oral lovemaking skills. One good suck deserves another, I thought, and suppressed the laugh that wanted to escape my lips.

         "Yes, oh yes, I love how you kiss me down there, love me Daddy, give me you skills at pussy licking, I love the feel of your mouth at me" Jenna cooed.

         Her pussy loomed before my eyes, parted slightly, letting me peek into her inner coral flesh, swollen with desire, her lips slick and syrupy with her juices. The scent of her aroused heat filled my nose, peppery, musky, so hot and desirable. I slid my fingers along her slick pussy lips, her soft moan of pleasure urging me on, and my tongue quickly followed my fingers, riding along her pink outer lips. I eagerly lapped up the slick juices, then I buried my face into her tight teen pussy, running my tongue deeply into Jenna, tasting her special cream.

          Jenna moaned and gasped, "Yes, oh yes, lick me!"       

         My tongue swept all over her swollen pick labial lips, licking at them, my senses filled with the hot dewy sensations of my daughter Jenna in heat. I eagerly licked at the rich cream between her lips, Jenna's clitoris quivering erect, peering out from its hooded canopy, eager to join the fun, and my tongue started to lick at her right there.

         She started to gasp and moan, "Yes, oh yes, there right there, keep licking me Daddy!"

         I slid 2 fingers up her pussy, finger fucking her as I drew her throbbing clit into my mouth. She was making wordless sounds of passion as I swept my tongue over her clit, wrapping my tongue around the clit stem, and tugging at it, urging her to explode.

         "Yes, oh yes, gonna cum, gonna cum, unnh, unnnh, yes, oh yes, yes, FUUUCCKKK!!"

         Her voice rose to a full throated shriek as she exploded, her orgasm blasting into her pussy, turning it into a vat of hot juices. Her pussy spasmed wildly, pulsing and contracting to squeeze my fingers, as her pussy became a raging river, and I sucked her juices out, licking her gently as she came down from her orgasmic peak, the musky taste filling my senses.

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       Her eyes gazed at me with a look of satisfaction.

         I crawled up, and took her in my arms, Jenna sighed contentedly, and soon we were both napping peacefully.                         


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