Storm child part 2


     I am not the author of the original Storm Child, just one of the many who would really like a sequel. Since it doesn't look like a sequel is coming, this is my idea of a sequel, I have at least 2 more parts to follow, let me know if this is a good continuation.

     I sat at the table, dumbfounded, as I realized that I had fucked my 18 year old daughter during the night. Jenna was sitting there calmly, a very satisfied smile on her face, looking like the cat that just ate the canary. Amanda brought over a stack of fresh, hot pancakes, and Jenna dug in.

     "Yum, I love hot pancakes, sometimes, I get so hungry during the night!" she said, giggling a little.

     No wonder it had felt tighter around my cock than usual, since I hadn't been fucking Amanda's sweet pussy, I had slid my cock up my daughter's pussy. And it didn't look like she was upset about the situation, quite the contrary, she looked very pleased with herself. Oh fuck, was she on birth control? Did I break my own daughter's virginity? What would Amanda think if she knew? Oh Man, I hope that Jenna can keep quiet about it. As if she had heard me thinking, Jenna looked over and winked at me. I figured I'd better get a hold of myself. I dug in, and packed away a goodly portion of pancakes. I wasn't that hungry, but I didn't want to start acting all weird and suspicious, gotta keep it cool.

     After breakfast, Jenna grabbed up her school bag, gave her Mom a goodbye kiss, gave me a very sly smile and a goodbye kiss, and she was off to the school bus stop.

     "And now that our daughter is off to school, how about we go back to bed, and finish what we started last night, before the storm?" Amanda growled sexily at me.

     She wouldn't take no for an answer, not that I wanted to say no, and soon she had me back in bed, she stripped off her T shirt and wiggling her hips, she shimmied out of her tight red panties.

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   At 38, she still has a nice figure. Her slender thighs curve up nicely to form her tight ass and her toned stomach is an open invitation to explore the gentle curve of her firm C cup breasts. Her nipples are just as perky now as they were when we were in high school, and my cock responded accordingly.

     She eyed me like a hungry tigress, and growled, "I'm going to suck that big cock of yours, than I'm going to ride you like a horse, until you blow every drop right up my horny pussy!"

     Just as she took me into her mouth, I suddenly had a horrible thought. My cock had been coated with the juices of our daughter, and I hadn't had a shower! I was holding my breath, until she lifted her head up and smiled at me.

     "Ooh, your cock tastes so good this morning! I love it, I want more!"

     So saying, she parted her lips and swallowed me down, right to the balls.

Her mouth went up and down, over and over, I could feel the tight grip of her crimson lips around my shaft, and I could feel the cum starting to simmer. She released my cock, and positioned herself.

     "I'm so fucking hot, damn I feel like I'm on fire! I need to feel that stiff cock deep inside me, now!"

     She slid down, and I could feel my cock penetrate her, sliding into a slick tunnel of tight, squeezing heat. She eagerly drove herself down my shaft, grunting with the penetration as she impaled her hot core. I growled from the feel of her fiery heat surrounding me, she was really hot all right. I groaned with pleasure as she took me as far up her as I could go, taking me in right to the balls. Love the snug, tight feel, her pussy is still nice and tight, almost as tight as Jenna. Damn, stop thinking about Jenna! Concentrate on Amanda. I opened my eyes, watched Amanda's flushed, smiling face as she rode me, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on me again and again.


   She tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. A vision of Jenna jumped into my mind again, thinking what Jenna would look like, riding my cock like Amanda was doing right now. I could feel my cock lurch and swell up tight, ready to blow.

     She cried out, "Oh God, good, good, love you, love you, oh mmm, good, good, love you, love you, oh mmmm, oh yes, yes, fuck me, cumming, do it, cum in me, cum in me NOW, YES, YES!"

     As she shuddered in climax above me, her pussy became the ultimate gripping receptacle, fiery hot, juicy and oh so tight, it sucked and milked greedily at my throbbing shaft, demanding every drop I had. The tightness made me think of Jenna, how tight her pussy had been around my cock, and I groaned from pure pleasure as I reached my peak, and with Amanda's pussy clamped tightly around my aching prick, spasming wildly, I exploded, my cock squirting wildly inside her hot tunnel. Her spasming tightness milked my throbbing cock greedily, draining my balls deep into her inner depths, sucking every last drop out of my cock. She smiled dreamily, then flopped forward, her head under my chin.

     "Oh my god, I needed that so much", she whispered, "With Jenna interrupting us, I was left hornier that a Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep! I hope that you didn't have a case of hard cock fever keeping you awake all night!" 

     After a few minutes, my wife climbed out of bed, and hopped into the shower. I joined her, and we soaped and laughed, as I soaped her body, stroking thick soap suds over her gorgeous curves, the laughter turned into soft sighs of pleasure, her hands worked over my cock, bringing me back to a hard and ready state. My mind kept thinking back to last night, combined with the need for my wife's cunt roaring again, and I was ready to roll again.

     "Fuck me right here, right in the shower, pin me against the shower wall and skewer me baby, refill my horny cunt with a fresh volley!"

     I gave up trying to NOT think about Jenna, it wasn't working, and let my mind go. My erection felt enormous, hard as steel, and I pinned my wife against the shower wall.

I let my imagination take me, as I reached down, and cupped her ass cheeks tightly, lifting her up. In my mind, she became Jenna, and I could see my daughter's face smiling at me, I could feel my daughter's long, coltish legs wrap around my waist. I lined her pussy up with my cock head, and nudged it gently against her entrance.

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     As my wife urged me on to fuck her hard, my imagination heard Jenna saying, "Oh yeah Daddy, fuck me hard, let me have your thick load, just like last night, refill my horny pussy!"

     I drove it in, and I was almost in a frenzy.   Just the idea of fucking Jenna again made me see through a red haze of lust, and my wife was grunting and crying out with pleasure as I pinned her against the wall, and almost savagely rammed in and out of her cunt. I could see Jenna in my mind's eye, her pussy spread around my cock, hearing her cries and grunts of pleasure, in full heat, her face alive with bliss, urging me on, and my balls cinched up tight, with a wild groan of pure pleasure, my cock exploded, and I blew another thick volley deep into Amanda's cunt, seeing Jenna in the throes of orgasm as my wife cried out in climax, her cunt clamping down on my prick, sucking and milking out every drop.

     "Ooh baby, you're a real tiger today, glad I was able to give you what you need!" my wife cooed as we came down from our orgasmic peak.

     If only she knew how much I had gotten last night.

     After my wife left for work, I puttered about the house, I had the day off, and I ran back the events of last night. I started to ease up on myself, let's be honest, I was horny, I was sure that Amanda was in my arms, and my cock responded accordingly. Jenna knew what was happening, she had led my prick up to her, slipped her panties aside, and had pushed back at my cock as I entered her, burying me in her hot, tight cling. Damn, the only problem was, I wanted to do it again. Last night seemed almost dreamlike, I wanted to fuck her face to face, wide awake, and see the joy and delight of our coupling playing across her face, seeing the bliss and hearing her moans of pleasure as she climaxed. Well, maybe it would be better if it was a one time thing, such unique circumstances, the next time we had a storm, I'd stay awake all night if I had to, so it wouldn't happen again.

     Jenna and Amanda got home at the same time, and I had salad and dinner ready. I like to cook, and if I'm free for the day, I like to make a tasty dinner for my beautiful wife and equally beautiful daughter. Jenna gave me a hello kiss, and again that sly, we've got a secret, smile. I had the feeling that she wanted me again, and not when a storm was around.

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   And I don't like the idea of being unfaithful to Amanda, but if my sexy daughter wants me again, I don't think I can resist.


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