strip yahtzee with wifes sister


Strip Yahtzee with wife’s sister
Kelly’s older sister Linda, has been staying with us since she found out her husband was screwing around with someone from his work. I can’t say I was crazy about the idea when Kelly first came to me asking if it was ok if she stayed in the spare bedroom as she tried to figure out which way her marriage was going. But a few years ago my brother in a similar situation spent about a month and half with us as he worked on his relationship, so how could I say no?  As it turned out it really was not an inconvenience in anyway. Linda was a nurse working the four until midnight shift so by the time we came home from work she was already gone. We were all off on the weekends and Linda did a good job keeping her sister busy which would free up a little golf time for me which I would normally have to beg for. So it was a win win for all.
     It was about a month after she moved in on a real crummy Saturday, which meant no garage sale hunting for them and no golf for me; we were sitting around the breakfast table trying to figure out what we were going to do that day. “Lets Rent a few movies, have a few drinks, I’ll run out and pick up some steaks for the grill and we could just chill at home tonight”. I suggested. “Sounds like a plan to me” Linda responded. With all in agreement we went about our normal Saturday tasks, the girls did some cleaning of the house, I had a couple of errands to run and a little shopping to do.  After showering and getting dressed I was ready to head out. “Any ideas as to what we want to watch tonight?” I asked the girls. “No you pick it, nothing scary though” Kelly shouted back. . I grabbed my keys and headed out knowing this was a no win situation, no matter what I brought home they were going to complain.

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    I got in the car planning my route in my mind. “I need to stop at the bank the dry cleaners, the liquor store, the grocery store and finally pick up the movies” I thought.   As I set out to get these things done I found myself truly looking forward to tonight. Linda was always fun to hang with, a couple of drinks, relax watching a movie or two, sounded like a pretty good plan. Little did I know then just how good it was going to be? It was about 4:30 and just the renting the movies was all that was left to do. I called home to tell the girls where I was and I should be home in about a half an hour.
   “Oh good” Kelly said “Linda’s in the shower and I am just finishing up the last load of laundry”. “Linda’s in the shower? I asked. “You couldn’t delay her shower until I got there”. I joked. “Don’t be a pervert” Kelly said before hanging up on me.      After about fifteen minutes at the video store I decided on a couple of new releases that I thought the girls would like and headed back to the house. Once home Kelly met me at the door to help with the packages. “So what’s ya get?” she asked. “Well, we are going to start with some shrimp on the barbecue, I picked up some stakes, some wine and some late night munchies, I think we should be set for the evening”.

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   I said. Kelly helped empty the groceries as I fired up the grill. “Are you going to start the steaks while I jump in the shower” she asked “Sure go ahead, I will throw the shrimp on and they should be done when you get out” I replied.   Kelly ran off to the shower as I grabbed a beer from the fridge and prepared dinner.  Cindy soon joined me on the deck as I began throwing the shrimp on the grill. “Everything ok” I asked. “You seem a little blue today”. “Same old shit, my husbands an asshole and I can’t even go to my own house” she replied. “Let’s not think about that. Tonight we are going to have a good time, would you like me to get you a drink? I asked. “Boy could I use a drink, yes please” Linda answered back. “Keep an eye on the shrimp, I will be right back”
   I returned in a few minutes drink in hand. After a few minutes of small talk and Linda telling me how stressed she was. she asked me for one of my world famous neck massages. “Sure take a seat” I said.

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   As Linda sat I approached her from behind and began to gently rub her neck and the back of her head. “Holy shit does that feel good” she moaned. “You could make a living doing this”.  After about five minutes of me rubbing her neck I had noticed that I was beginning to “get excited”.  Just then Kelly came threw the door on to the deck. “Looks like I got here in the nick of time, you guys seem to be getting a little too cozy out here” Kelly joked. “Hey, that what family is for” I answered back.   “Yeah but the questions is who was enjoying it more you or my sister” Kelly Well after some prepping, dinner was ready and we all headed back into the house to eat Dinner went well and we were able to keep lindas mind of her marriage issues with some good conversation and a few stiff drinks. After dinner the girls cleaned off the table as I loaded up the DVD player and poured each of us another glass of wine.
    We all settled down in the living room and started the movie. It was about 30 minutes in and we realized in was a bit on the boring side so we switched to the 2nd rental. The 2nd movie, The Bucket List was actually very funny, that combined with the drinks had all of us really enjoying the evening. As the movie drew to a close Linda suggested another round of drinks and maybe a game of yahtzee. “Babe I will get the drinks, you get the game, its upstairs under our bed” I said. We both returned and set up the game.

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   An hour and 3 more drinks later we realized keeping score accurately was becoming more difficult. “Hey I got an idea, instead of keeping score let’s play strip Yahtzee” I suggested. “We each roll the dice and who ever has the lowest hand removes a piece of clothing”. Now I expected that to be met with comments about what a pervert I am but instead Linda was the first one to agree that sounded like fun. “Kell what do you say, you in? I asked. “Sure why not you only live once” she said. So the game began with the early rounds being the removal of socks and jewelry. I had lost the next round and I was already down to just my shorts and underwear. Linda had the high roll so it was her that was going to be undressing me. She giggled as she approached me and began to fumble with the snap on my shorts. She slowly lowered my zipper and began to tug down on my shorts. I was a little nervous that it would show that how excited I was. Linda lowered then beneath my underwear and it was clear to her that my cock began to fill. “Wow sis you are a lucky girl” Linda said as her hand gave my dick a squeeze. The girls were down to just bra, shorts and panties when Kelly lost the next round and Linda was the one to remove her piece of clothing.

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   “I think its time to lose the bra” Linda said to her sister. As both girls stood up, I though I was going to cum right then. Linda went over and began to undo the front style clasp on her sister’s bra. Now Linda being pretty drunk at this point had a hard time getting it unhooked. I laughed as she finally unfasten her bra and begin to slide the straps off her sister shoulders. Linda let the bra drop to the floor and commented what nice titties her sister had. She reached out and grabbed a handful and began to knead Kelly’s tits. “Both girls laughed as Linda continued to massage her little sister’s tits. I couldn’t believe my eye as Linda then bent over and extended her tongue to meet her sisters erect nipple. “What are you doing, your fucking drunk aren’t you” Kelly asked of her sister. But that didn’t stop Linda, she then gently sucked Kelly nipple into her mouth while her hand rubbed her other breasts. My wife moaned as her sister continued to gently nurse on her tit. At one point Kelly grabbed the back of her sister’s head and pushed her nipple deep into her sister’s mouth. “Kelly stared into my eyes as she clearly enjoyed the sucking her breasts were getting form Linda. “You need to stop this now, I am getting way to turned on” Kelly said as she pushed her sisters head away.

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   “Lets get back to the game” I said and we al returned to our seats. I lost the next round as Kelly this time was to remove my last piece of clothing, my underwear. Kelly instructed me to stand up and crawled over to me. She slipped her fingers inside the waistband of my underwear and slowly began to pull them down unleashing my cock which at this point was rock hard.
 Linda looked on as Kelly cupped my balls and slid the head of my dick into her mouth. Inch by inch she engulfed my cock down her throat. My balls were now resting against her chin as all 8 inches were now filling her throat. She then slid my dick out of her mouth “Just teasing” she said as she went back to her chair. Linda lost the next round and I was more then happy to remove her next article of clothing. But instead of her bra I kneeled in front of her and started to slide her panties down. She spread her legs to make it easier for them to slip off and reveal a completely shaven pussy. “What a pretty little pussy” I complimented her. “Want a taste” she asked. I needed no more convincing and my tongue was now flicking against her erect little clit. My hands grabbed her ass and I pulled her pussy even tighter against my mouth.

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   “Fucking Rick, holy fuck does that feel good” she moaned as my tongue gently licked and sucked her clit. “Eat that pussy” I heard. Was that Kelly voice I thought? I looked up to see my wife now sucking her sisters tits as she shouted encouragements to me. “you have always wanted to fuck her, heres your chance” Kelly said. Linda stepped back and sat on the couch opening her legs wide for me to continue my lapping. When I glanced up the two sisters were now kissing very passionately as I could see their tongues wrestling outside of their mouths. My tongue continued to explore her hole, she tasted just like her sister I thought. Kelly had now begun working her way down Linda’s body. Kissing her neck, licking her hard nipples and now kissing her flat stomach on her way to join me at her sister’s pussy. All this attention had Linda going crazy. “Don’t stop licking my cunt” she screamed. She began thrusting her hips as she screamed her orgasm was coming. I flicked rapidly against her clit as Kelly went back to making out with her. With her hips thrashing and her moans muffled by Kelly’s mouth her pussy started squirting large amounts of liquid out. Linda sprayed my face with stream after stream of her hot juice.

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   I did my best to drink it all in but the sheets were now soaking wet as Linda began to slow her thrusting down.   As Linda lay on the couch recovering from her orgasm, Kelly then squatted her pussy over her sister’s face.
“My turn” she said and lowered her cunt right on l
Linda’s waiting tongue. It certainly didn’t seem like the first pussy Linda has licked as she went to town sucking Kelly’s clit from its cover. Kelly was positioned so Linda’s nose was buried in My wife’s ass. Kelly grinded her pussy over her sister face over and over again. As Linda was eating her I notice her hand made her way to her own pussy and she was burying three fingers in and out of her slippery hole. I stood up and removed her fingers from her cunt and brought them to my mouth. Her pussy tasted so good, I couldn’t get enough. I then mounted her as she continued her tongue lashing of my wife. The head of my cock pressed firmly against her opening. “Fuck me” she moaned form under Kelly’s ass. I need you to pound my pussy hard, its been so long” Linda continued. With that more and more of my raging hard on disappeared into her lovely hole. Me and kell kissed as I fucked her sister and she ate her cunt.

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 Kelly whispered in my ear, “You like banging my sister don’t you” I nodded my approval. “Fuck her hard sweetie, I love watching you fuck her tight pussy”. I could tell from Kelly’s breathing she was getting close to her orgasm. Fuck her, fuck her fuck her hard Rick, she needs your cock deep inside her” Kelly yelled. Oh fuck sis, I’m gonna cum sweetie, eat my pussy, lick it, fuckin keep licking lin, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, here I cum , fuck yeah im coming baby fuck yeah , fuck yeah oh fucking shit Linda. Kelly’s orgasm was so hot as she rode her sisters face I was ready to blow myself. You could hear my balls slapping Linda’s ass as I pounded her as hard as I could. Kelly had now got up off of Linda’s face and was watching the action as she tried to catch her breath. I leaned down and took Linda’s hot little tongue into my mouth. She moaned that she was cumming, I could taste my wife’s pussy juice still in her sisters mouth which sent me over the top. “Fuck Linda your cunt feels so good” I said. Fill me Rick, shoot you’re hot cum deep inside me” Linda begged. The first blast was released into her wanting hole, my cock continued to spasm and dump my seed deep inside her, her hips thrust up to meet mind as we both cumming together. I can feel the wetness build between our legs as her pussy squirted her juices all over my cock and balls. Kelly had leaned in and made this a 3 way kiss as our orgasm subsided.

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   The three of us all lay on the couch completely exhausted just holding and fondling each other bodies. We all talked about how we should have done this long ago.
   “Who wants to play yahtzee next Saturday as well? Kelly asked. All three hands went up in a flash and  we laughed to the quickness of all 3 responses.  We all got up and decided it was bed time. “No need to go to the spare bedroom tonight Lin, nothing to hide from each other anymore” Kelly said. We grabbed our clothing and headed for a good nights sleep

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