Stud - Chapter 2


Topic: Chapter 2 - Doing it for money I had thought no more about it until next day the phone went. "Hi Cris, its Helen - got you a booking. . . ""No shit!" I laughed back thinking her to be having a cheap shot at me for sure. "Yeah honest! Number 1 Park Avenue, 1 till 5 - you did agree four hours. " she reminded me. "Name's Suzi - well let's not do second names right now - up to her if she wants to. Be there - there'll be 400 on the hall table when you go in. Lock the door behind you and then go straight upstairs. See ya! Like soon!"So that's how it started. I went back to my bed to find Jenny and tell her. She was lying nude on top of the covers in a light dose. She looked so goddamn beautiful and sensuous that my cock rose again even though we'd fucked not long before the phone had gone forcing me out of bed. I went to her and kissed her forehead lightly "How d' feel?" I asked. "Better than ever Cris - love the way you make me feel when we fuck.

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  ""Nawh - I've never fucked you when its just the two of us. ""Agreed - I love you Cris. "Despite myself I could only answer "I love you too Jennifer. "Once more she noticed I had a problem. "So who was it this time - me or Helen?""Well, it was Helen on the phone but that can wait. It was most definitely the sight of you lying there this time. " I responded most truthfully. "Come and make love to me then. " she pleaded rolling onto her back, legs splayed wide. I was on her at once kissing passionately at her mouth, her neck, her tits, her taught tummy, her smooth mound and her clit and slit bringing her off with my mouth before she - my diminutive little sister - pushed me down onto the bed, mounted me and began to ride. As she started to huff and puff the door opened and Pete stood there framed in the doorway. Now this would never normally have been a problem but this time it took just a single look from Jenny before he turned and quietly shut the door behind himself. "Make it up to you later Pete. " Jenny called after him. "Just give us some time right now.

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  "I just lay there letting Jenny do all the work, revelling in the sensations her tight cunt was setting up in my cock and drooling at the sight of her above me, her pussy lips stretched wide round my thick cock and her pert little titties (as she liked to call them) bouncing and swaying slightly as she bounced up and down on me. She was on a high and called out "Now Cris - give it to me! Don't make me wait!" I surrendered instantly blowing depth charges into her as she came totally! It had been short but it had been one of our most intense experiences ever together - well, ever, for me anyway. We went for a shower and as we soaped each other up to a gentle climax each I told her of my 'booking'. "Go for it big boy - give Suzi the time of her life then come back and tell me all about it. ""Yeah OK, but its Pete's turn tonight - think he might have been a bit pissed off back then. ""Don't worry - I'll make it up to him this afternoon and maybe we can have a trio when you get back. Don't tire yourself out! I'd prefer to sleep with you tonight though Cris. ""And I'd love you to Honey - but we've got something special going on here - best not to rock the boat. OK. ""OK" she beamed trustingly. Am I sick? I'd just asked my sister to sleep with her - our - brother. Oh well, it'd hardly be the first time!One o'clock saw me at the allotted address, I tried the door and finding it open let myself in. I didn't lock it instantly fearful a jealous husband might have found out but the money was on the hall table so I pocketed it just as a female voice called down the stairs. "Who's that?""It's Cris, Helen asked me to call round. ""OK lock the door and come up.

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  "I mounted the stair to find a smallish lady in her mid to late twenties lying there naked on the bed fingering herself. Her tits her very full for her frame but her belly was strangely flabby. She caught me looking a bit perplexed. "I've just had a baby, my husband is at sea and I'm as randy as hell. I need a good time and Helen gives you a glowing reference!" Not my usual sort not that she wasn't good looking or anything and if I was going to do this professionally. . . I'd just finished undressing when she lifted a hand to her boob and squeezed. A little jet of fluid gushed out. Suzi smiled up at me and asked "Ever tasted a milky tit before?" I shook my head. "Good! Now come and try mine - my husband always ignored them even before I was pregnant preferring to go for goal first time and damn what turns me on. "I went to her and kissed her on the mouth "And what does turn you on?" I asked caressing the underside of her bloated breasts gently. "Foreplay! Know what that means? Think you do somehow 'cos you're doing fine right now. I've not decided if we'll fuck yet - that would be disloyal - but I want you to do all the little things I don't get. That OK with you?""Your money - I'm yours for four hours and I'm up for anything as long as it's nothing too kinky.

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   You call the shots and if you don't want fucked fine, I've a wonderful girl to go back to. " This was true but I also felt a bit bad about it too, I suppose Sally and I had been drifting apart ever since Dad died and since Jenny and I had got together I'd seen every little of her. Still just one of those things I suppose. . . "You really don't mind? I thought your cock got so sore after it had been hard for a while you had to fuck?" "Old sailor's tale!" I laughed kissing her on the nipple for the first time, drawing it into my mouth tasting her milk in me. "Hell I should be paying her for this!" I thought to myself as I sucked in the hot sweet liquid alternating from side to side. "Oh! Well I've fallen for it often enough! Keep doing that! Davy just wouldn't when he was on leave to see the baby last week - said it grossed him out! Take it you don't feel the same?"Davy's problem to my mind and as I continued to suck she took my hand and placed it at her pussy. Gently I caressed her cunt lips as she gasped "Yes, yes, yes oh that's so good! Davy would have a couple of fingers stuffed up me by now. Yes! Now touch my clit! Yes, oh fucking well yes!" I wasn't all too sure about these comparisons with her husband but she certainly liked what I was doing - as soon as I touched her clit, her back arched, every muscle in her body going taught and she came in a frightening totality. Gently I wound down my administrations before lying down beside her. Her breath came in rasping gulps. "Helen was certainly right - you do know how to make a girl feel good. I've never come like that in my life - what do we do now?""Up to you baby! We've tons of time - 'suppose it depends what You like! Its Your party after all. ""Could you teach me to suck cock properly - like all the way?""Yeah, but if you don't already do it for Davy better not do it when he gets back or he'll be suspicious.

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  " I counselled. "I like you - you make me feel good and you've got all the angles covered. " she grinned. "So what do I do?""Well, lick him up and down, suck my knob in between your lips and then when you're good and ready suck him down like a nice fat piece of spaghetti. If you feel yourself want to gag, swallow hard and you'll be fine. ""I want you to cum for me. What do I do? Swallow it? Pull you out to cum on my tits or what?""Your call baby - anything you want will be fine by me. ""You really are up for anything aren't you?" she asked incredulously. "Not quite but within reason - I'm here for you to have sex on your terms. Your pleasure comes first, mine after - not that I've not enjoyed everything so far! Love your tits. ""You can suck them some more after, Now let me see, lick him. . . " If Suzi said anything more it was lost on me as she began to lave at my cock coating him with her saliva before drawing his big fat head into her mouth. I know I given her all that shit about 'in her own time' and 'her pleasure first' but soon I was thrusting into her mouth making her take me into her throat.

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   Soon she was vacuuming the cum from my cock taking it straight into her belly. "Glad you took charge there Cris - not sure I like my man that passive. ""Suzi - say the word and I'll be as forceful as you like. 'Fact I quite fancy sucking your cunt!""Would you? I never dreamt you would - something else that grosses Davy. ""Lady, Suzi - that man does not know what he is missing! Lie back and enjoy!" I said shoving her down on her back and worming my head between her legs laving at her slit before attacking her clit again. As she came I gently pried her pussy lips open so that I could get my long broad tongue as deep as I could into her. I licked and sucked for as long as I could stand making her cum who knows how many times before I had had to come up for air, her juices sweet on my lips. It had taken a lot of willpower not to finger fuck her while I was down there but it seemed that she hadn't liked her husband doing that so I had resisted. No point in spoiling the chance of repeat business - and another go at those sweet tits!Suzi was tired by this point but we were still well within her appointment. She asked if I wanted anything to eat adding a bit pointedly (actually with a squeeze of her tit to produce a droplet of milk which I dove in to lap up) that breast feeding meant she had to eat lots and often. I settled for a cup of coffee. Once brewed she brought it to me. "How do you take it?" she asked. Well, normally the answer would be black but this time I said boldly "Just a spot of milk please. " She looked at me slyly, set the mug down and squeezed her tit spurting her own milk into the dark liquid.

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   I nearly creamed it on the spot! Her husband really did not know what he was missing with this foxy lady. "That enough?" she asked looking up smiling. "Just a bit more," I smiled back as she repositioned herself and squeezed milk from her other tit into the mug. I took the mug and drank, she watching me all the time as she ate the sandwich she had made for herself. Once done she came to me and took the mug. "I want to fuck now. " she said. "You sure? Only if its for yourself - really you don't have to worry about him. " I said indicating my dick which had been rock hard since she'd squeezed her milk into my coffee. "Yeah - its for me. If I hadn't been wet enough already, watching you drink your coffee with my milk in it made me even wetter and now I want to fuck but I want to try something different. . . " she trailed off. I took her hands in mine and asked what she had in mind.

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   "Don't know - but any time I've had sex before its been in the dark, in bed and with Davy on top. Any thing but that!"I pulled her to me and kissed her gently on the lips. "I'm sure we can manage that - there are plenty of different positions and even another hole we can try in case you're too tender after having your baby. ""You meant anal sex?" I nodded. "I've never tried that. . . ""Don't tell me - it would gross Davy out?" I put inHer turn to nod . "Yeah he might be a sailor but he's not that kind of sailor! Like to try it sometime but not today. Today I want you in my pussy - I didn't have any stitches or anything so I should be fine. What should I do?"As I was sitting on a low kitchen stool I told her to sit in my lap and take him as she sat down. She smiled and did exactly that, pausing with only my knob inside her before sinking alll the way down. She let out a yelp of pain. When I asked if she was OK, she said "Yeah, Maybe I am a bit tender down there or maybe you're just so much bigger than Davy!" (It was one of the things I was to learn during my 'career' - my ladies often liked to talk about her husbands and previous lovers always drawing comparisons. ) I kissed her on the lips again and massaged her breasts.

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   Once she relaxed a bit I took her by the hips and started to pump her up and down. She was beautifully tight on me - I could feel her hot wet tunnel over the entire length of my dick when I was inside her. Soon she came, her cunny clutching even tighter on my cock as she lost it. I kept pumping her up and down, up and down teasing at her nipples with my mouth when she came with reach drawing little beads of milk. As soon as I felt she had really peaked I flooded my semen into her, feeling her clutch at me even tighter as if to seal it in (I'd made sure she was safe earlier, by the way - she'd had a coil fitted before she left hospital with her baby. ) I brought her to rest, my cock still inside her, and she flung her arms round me and we hugged for ages before she was calm enough to speak. "Want to know something Cris?" she asked and with out pausing for a reply said "That's the first time I've ever cum with a man! Davy never lasts long enough - or tries to for that matter - and well he's the only other man I ever been with. " She climbed off me and stood up groggily. As I stood to support her she ran her hand up her engorged pussy lips and another ripple of pleasure coursed through her. "Feel how big my clit is - never gets that big with I fuck myself with a dildo - well a girl's got to do something to relieve the frustration!"Making sure she was able to stand OK I knelt in front of her and began to fuck her extremely prominent clit with my mouth bringing her off yet again and drinking a heady mixture of her cunt wine and my own cum. I stood and kissed and wetly sharing the taste. "Guess that's time up Cris? I'm so worn out I'm glad it is. You deserve a bonus for making me come like that!" She reached for her purse looking for money but I pushed it gently away. "Deal was £400 for 4 hours and that's what you got. My bonus was in giving you so much pleasure.

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  " She blushed but I continued "And sucking those marvellous tits!" I squeezed one and licked up the drop of milk that appeared. "Stop that" she laughed "save some for Chloe! Can you come back same time next week? Same deal?"I agreed of course and so began a long standing business arrangement between the two of in which during our weekly sessions I would give her as much foreplay as she wanted and then fucked her, teaching her all sorts of positions and doing it in all sorts of place - in the shower standing up, bent over the bath up both her cunt and arse, on the couch in the living room, on a recliner on the balcony - all sorts of places - anything but in bed with me on top! The sessions had to be held in abeyance when her husband came home on leave but she was doubly gagging for it when he went. And to think she was paying me! The weekly visits only stopped when her husband took a long term overseas posting and insisted that his wife fly out to join him. She told me that she was tempted to tell him to take a hike but in the end she went and I didn't see her for a long time after that. That first time was also how Helen became my manager - Suzi had wanted to know how to get in touch with me if the need arose so I had said to call Helen. She didn't take a cut of the money or anything sordid - she just got free access to my cock whenever I was available which soon wasn't often as she lined me up with a string of lovely ladies. Helen knew all of them at least vaguely and sort of vetted them with the result I've never had a bad experience. For my part, I'd never have guessed there were so many young, pretty, sexually frustrated housewives out there with money to spare. Many of them seemed to be getting more sexual kicks from their girlfriends than from their husbands so it was a rich feeding ground for me. As I said my rule was one four hour slot per day for £400 but it didn't have to be just one lady - I was quite willing to give 100% to one or share myself among more. Quite often I'd arrive at a regular's to find someone else there too: there was always some reason: this is my sister from out of town or this is my niece from Australia, (she was one hot young lady - about 17 or 18 only but she loved her cock nearly wearing me out, her Aunt didn't get much of me that time!). I never objected always relishing the chance of being paid to explore a new pussy! I had a regular visit to a quartet of girls who had started meeting for coffee once a week, somehow this developed into lesbian sex sessions (frustration probably) and then they decided to put in 100 quid a week each to pay for me. They all met at 10am and by the time of my gig at 11 they were already all fired up so it was four exhausting hours of raw fucking for me as I tried to satisfy all 12 available holes - I must have done OK as they kept rebooking me every week!Helen was always on at me to take more bookings but I refused - I had to find some time for studying and I had to save something for Jenny with whom I was growing more and more in love and I don't mean in brother/sister way. Pete realised this and, while he still loved to join in a threesome with us (Jenny loved taking cock in her mouth while the other of us fucked or reamed her and a session would normally end up with the pair of us fucking her cunt and arse simultaneously until we all came together), insisted that Jenny slept in my bed every night. We didn't always make love but just holding her naked body next to mine was very special too.


   Anyway and I suppose it had to happen eventually, Helen ended up with me double booked. It was Jenny who came up with the simple solution at the ensuing family conference (we were very democratic). "Send Pete to the one who doesn't know you - he just about as good with his cock as you are Cris. " That earned her a playful slap from Pete but he went and soon came to build up his own string of ladies working to the same rules as me. When she turned sixteen Jenny came to me and asked if she could join the family firm. I was shocked thinking she meant fucking blokes for money. No way was I going to let her do that. Double standards perhaps but she was to all intents and purposes my partner (at least inside our own home. ) Turned out she didn't mean that at all, she'd never been with a guy except Pete and I and she told me she had quite a reputation for being a cock tease at school (she is absolutely gorgeous at least to my eye by the way). "None of the boys at school have big enough cocks to make it worth my while from what I hear from my girlfriends". Girlfriends was the key to the matter - Jenny loved eating pussy and sucking another girl's tits and wondered if there would be a local market. I laughed before taking her back to bed for a nice slow screw and said I would ask Helen. When I did just after I had given her a right hard fuck, Helen was at first a bit surprised but then said she'd love to have her eat out her pussy right now so perhaps there was work for her if she was good enough. Helen sent me packing with instructions to send Jenny round. Jenny was really excited when I got back a few minutes later and, needless to say, she passed the test having what she described as a "really good lezzie session" with Helen who was soon lining her up with work - not perhaps as much as Pete and I but she was certainly in demand for her talents.

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  To be continued. . . -----Feedback welcome: theblackdouglas@ymail. com.

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