Swimming Time With Sister


It  was a hot July day and I decided to go swimming at the local pool.   Let me describe myself.   I have brown hair, I'm about five-ten, I have a muscular build, and I keep my stomach nice and flat.   I had just gotten my liscence so I asked my parents if I could take the car.   They said I was allowed as along as I brought along my fourteen year old sister and was back before five.
My sister has never really caught my eye.   She is about five-two, blonde hair, B-breasts, and pretty petite.   When we got to the pool I noticed that none of my friends where there.   My sister met up with one of her friends, Abbie, and so I just hung out with them.   After about thirty min. Abby left and so me and my sister swam around. . . We where having a lot of fun and didn't notice the clock.   At around Five 0 Five we realized we had to go, So I called my parents and said that we where running late because the locker rooms at the pool were full and we were changing into regular clothes.   After we started to drive away I realized that me and my sister both had on our swimsuits still, and if my parents found out I lied we would both get grounded.

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    I told my sister and so she told me not to look. . . She put a towel in front of her and took off her bikini bottoms and top.   She then reached for her bag of clothes but noticed that they where in the back seat.   As she was disrobing I accidentally looked over at her.   I never quite saw my sister from this view and I have to admit. . . it was not half bad, in fact it was great.   She ditched the towel and climed in the back, my eye on her the whole time then she put on her clothes and came back up.   We were approaching our house and I still had on my swim trunks.   I obviously couldn't change then because I was driving as I found out when I attempted.   "Here, Let me help you, I won't look, promise. " my sister said.

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She slid off my swim trunks, and I saw her glance down.   I was a little embarrased but she took out my shorts and proceeded to put them on me.   As she did I felt her hand move onto my cock.   I started to get hard. . . but she must not of seen, or ignored it.   As we pulled into the driveway I walked up to the door to see a sign that said my parents went to a movie and dinner and we could order pizza or something.   "all that work for nothin," I thought.
At around nine I was watching TV in the dark living room when my sister came in , in a long white shirt, ready for bead.   She layed on the couch and put her head on my lap.   I had not gotten around to putting boxers on from earlier that day and just my shorts where seperating my sisters head from my cock.   I looked at her and I had a flashback of earlier in the day.   I started to get hard, and she lifted her head up, adjusted it, then layed back down.
"This is uncomfortable," she said.

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    "oh great," I thought "I blew it"
"go sit in the recliner," she said-  I obeyed thinking she thought I was a pervert, but instead she came and sat on my lap, a blanket covering us.   We watched TV when she said "I'm hot" and I saw her throw her Shirt on the floor.   I couldn't see her tho, because of the blanket, but I said"me too" and threw my shirt on the floor and started to remove my  shorts but remembered i didn't have any boxers on.  
"why not take off your shorts too" she asked " I already saw everything earlier today, and I only have panties on, It's ok, It's hot in here, and we have a blanket over us. "
I threw them off and started to get a hard on, my cock was pressing against her but.   Her eyes where closed and I thought she was sleeping, so i acted as if i was too, and closed my eyes, letting my hand fall on to her breast and cup it.   I flicked it around and circled her nipple with my finger, when I saw a pair of panties fall to the floor.
      Then I felt her move and saw she was rolled around, Now straddling me, still "sleeping"  I put my hand down and found her pussy. . . it was wet, and i started to finger her. I heard her moan and then she looked up and kissed me.   She slipped under the blanket and then I felt a mouth on my hard cock.   She went up and down, circling the head, then taking it all in,  but when i was about to cum, i pulled her up, and put my didck at the entrance to her pussy.   We made out and she lowered herself onto me.

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    "ahh"' she moaned as i felt my dick enter all the way.   We fucked for about five min, her pussy becoming slippery with her juices, when I heard the front door openeing.   MOM AND DAD i said "pretend your asleep"
    We pulled the blanket up and acted like we where asleep.   MY cock was still in her pussy, and still hard as can be.   Mom and Dad whispered then sat on the couch watching TV.   It was apparent they where not going to move anytime soon, as i saw when i snuck glances.   I layed there when I felt my sister starting to bounce up and down again.   I layed there and my sister said "shhhh".   She bounced some more, and we continued tocfuck while my parents watched TV.   I looked over at them and saw my dad was massaging my mom's back, and undid her bra and they started to make out.   Then they looked over and saw me watching.   My dad went over and said "Son, why don't you and your sister go to bed and leave me and your mom in here a lone" at the same time pulling back the blanket. .
    "what the hell. .

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      . . . . . . . . . . " he said

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