taking my sister


Damn she looked so cute lying there all naked covered in suntan lotion. Her little cone shaped breasts so new they stuck right up like a pair of volcano’s capped with tiny pink nipples, they jiggled when she laughed. Oh to be sure she was old enough to have pubic hair, just it was so sparse it did nothing to hide the dark shadowy folds of her most intimate of places. But what really got me were her sparkling green eyes! They flashed in the sunlight and even the way her long brown hair flowed around her head perfectly framing her round face as we sun bathed seemed to highlight those eyes making me just want too…“Tasha Why did you kiss me like that”? She was shocked confused as well as excited and aroused. I didn’t answer just lowered my head, this time to suck on that delectable left tit! “Oooo… Tasha…No…aha. . . oh…. wait, stop, we can’t, were sisters…. Oooo”! Her lips may have said stop but her hands quickly found the back of my head and held me firmly to her breast!As I switched from left to right nip I let my hand trail down the soft curve of her belly. Before I even reached her sweet honey pot she not only opened her legs for me but lifted her hips awaiting her first intimate touch. As my fingers curled around her most secret of places she flinched then shuddered whispering breathy, “Tasha no… stop…please don't we should…. Mmm”! My dad was right when he once said jokingly to mom, “The only way to get a girl to shut up is to kiss her! It sure as hell worked for me and Tanya as now all she wanted to do was drive her hot little tongue in my mouth!I slid my middle finger along the folds of her now juicy slit. I couldn’t quite tell just where her clitty lay hidden by feel. But every time my finger tip brushed over a certain spot she would thrust her hips upwards to meet my hand. Once I was absolutely sure she was mine I broke our kiss and sat back to watch her orgasm.

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   Tanya lay with her hands up near her head, her eyes squeezed shut. She bit and chewed her lower lip as my finger flew across her love button. As she drew closer to paradise her back arched and her head thrashed from side to side. Wildly she humped my fingers until I head this huge intake of air. Tanya’s eyes popped open and she looked at me with pure lust burning in her eyes.
    Quick as a snake striking her hands trapped mine between her legs, she gave a final up thrust with her hips, held it trembling for a long second, and then dropped onto the lounge chair limply. At the end her eyes rolled back in her head showing only the whites the only sound a long low “Aha”. Tanya panted like a puppy her legs clamped tightly closed, her chest heaved and I could tell by the look on her face she was discovering that pleasant after glow. I knew when she came around she would overflowing with questions, “Why did you do that to me”? “Isn’t it wrong for two girls to do that”? I did feel a little guilty I had just corrupted my own sweet ever so innocent baby sis. But the sight of making my sister cum for me was just too much; I had to get away and calm down before I really raped her. “It’s getting to hot out here Tanya. I’m going inside to take a long shower”! I got all the way to the patio door and had one foot in when I heard her call, “Wait up Tasha, I’m coming too”! I could feel my own clit start to throb at the thought of what I would do to her in the shower!My arm around her shoulders I led her towards the bathroom. Before we entered I paused to ask, “Hey Tanya, you ever had your pussy licked”? Tanya shook her head no then blushing looked to her feet embarrassed yet eager to try. Smiling a wicked and very naughty grin I opened the door and said, “Well come on then, you’re really going to love was not written to be a full story. .

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      . call it a teaser or an opening. . . . If you like feel free to add your own what happens next. . . maybe we can come up with an interesting group story?Dave and Laura. . . .