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 Tasting Little Sister    I dont know when the first time I noticed my sister looking so sexy but when I did it was hard not to look. We grew up in seperate homes sharing the same dad but different moms. I was older, 25 to her meer 15 years. I wouldnt be what you called athletic but had some definition to my arms and legs that I was proud of. She was thin really thin and no more than 5'5. With nice C cups and a nice bubble butt. But the thing that would draw you to her were her eyes, those eyes so hypnotizing, so sexy. I finally decided to move back to my childhood home which lay vacant since my mom and I had left when my parents divorced. My sister(Julie) and I (Jessie) had lived apart since she was born but would see eachother often when my dad would have the time to spend with us. She from a young age would cling to me like I was the coolest person in the world. Getting to my house I noticed it needed alot of work done having no one to keep up the upkeep. Knowing things would go much faster with help I called Julie over and she was happy to help a little too happy but I didnt think nothing of it. She was dropped off and after chatting with dad for a bit he left since it was late and he did have a day job. Looking around at the mess all I got from Julie was, "you owe me big time. " What was odd is how she smiled when she said that as if she had some ideas already. "Were are we gonna sleep," she said scratching her head and looking at the mess.

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   I had managed to clean up most of my future bedroom enough to get my bed set up and a palate on the floor. With her hands on her hips she turned to me with her brows swinched and said,"i surly hope you dont expect me to take the floor?" "No no no you get the bed," I quickly responded. With that we got to cleaning since we would be using the bedroom as a rest and sleeping quarters we decided to give it a deep clean. Grabbing a chair she stood up to check the light bulbs and shade saying,"hey come make sure I dont fall over!" Grabbing hold of her hips facing her belly I got a great view of her bare stomach and slightly below her pant line as she streched to reach. Guess I was in a zone cause I didnt hear her talking to me till she said," hey are you enjoying the view?" Wide eyed I looked up and just studdered icoherently. "Well you must have," she said as she giggled having seen a bulge beginning to grow in my pants. Finishing that we went to the widow to change the curtains. Again she reached up giving me a view of her backside this time where I noticed that she wasnt wearing any panties! I was stiff as hell at this time and without warning she fell backwards. Suprised I tried to break her fall with her landing on top of me it wasnt till a few seconds later that I realized where my hands were. One was cupping one of her perfect tits the other just inches above her pussy but wait I felt bare skin where I should have felt the material of her jeans. Thinking full well that I was in for some screaming and some good sluggs to my person I stood us up and tried to appoigize. When I looked my mind was swimming her jeans were unbuttoned and zipped down! When did she do that, was the fall all part of a plan? No she was my sister why would she pull something like that with me. Walking up to me she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. "Woah Julie you shouldnt do that im your brother its wrong," I pleaded half believing my own bullshit knowing full well my dick was hard as hell and that I had a lustful eye for her. Stepping back she looked at me with those eyes and said," I know you cant sit here and tell me you dont want me after all the glances and staires you've given me the past few years not to mention the file of my pictures I found on your computer last summer of me in my bikini, and my skirts.


  " Shit she found those, I had used those many a time im my fantasies to masturbate to. Then I felt a hand on my bulge,"plus this tells me more than you can say," Julie said. I was speechless I knew that it wasnt right but I wanted her I wanted her more than any woman I had been with. I guess I took to long to answer because she turned around folded her arms and sunk her head obviously hurt. Seeing that something woke up inside me I couldnt ignore. I walked up behind her and placed my arms around her. Feeling me suddenly she tensed up and held her breath when she felt my lips on her neck. She smelled so good, I found myself turning her around and staring into her eyes those sexy eyes. Then it happened our faces inched togeather till our lips connected into the most electrifying kiss of my life. It was like time stood still and all there was, was Julie. "Ive wanted you for so long, but didnt ever think I could have you," Julie managed to say. "Where is this going to go though we cant let anyone know whats going on and how would we hide it from the family," I said coming down from the euphoria. "Lets take it one day at a time, and today I want you to have my body,"she answered. With that I layed her down on my bed and we made out for what seemed like hours. But the sexual tension was building and we couldnt contain ourselves for much longer.

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   Kneeling up on the bed we both removed our shirts and pants but then resumed our making out having seen eachothers semi nakedness. I then reached around to undo the barrier that was keeping her globes from my gaze. When they finally came into view I was in awe and immediatly had to lick and suck on each delisious nipple. Our excitement was growing so I started heading lower on her body kissing my way down all the while leading her panties down as I went. When I got to that virgin slit I stopped to take in the beauty and the scent. It was unreal and I had the sudden scare that this could all be a dream. I snapped out of my trance hearing Julie say,"please brother taste me. " Like a man starved I dove in licking up and down her slit. Swirling around till I found that little button and when I licked it her back arched so much I feared she would snap. "Oh brother eat me, eat my pussy. . . . oh im gonna cum,"Julie squealed as I lapped at her slit and clit. Then without warning she gushed all over my face, startled only at first I tried to catch up all her juices and swallow it all down but there was so much.

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   We collapsed on the bed in each others arms exhaused from the emotional high of the events of the day. Guess noone would be taking the floor I thought as we drifted off to sleep.


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