That’s How The Cookie Tumbles


That’s How The CookieTumblesPurvversion

For readers who are looking for a story of how it came to bethat I had sex with my own niece, I’m afraid that this will only disappoint youbecause about the only thing that truly sticks out in my mind was our firsttime of sex, which is basically what I’ve put to writing. The lead up consistedof many, many, little things starting from the time when she was about 13, butnothing that would take up more than a short paragraph or two.
I can’t even say if I was the one who led her on, or if itwas just something that developed on its own. Because I was Cookie’s favoriteuncle, she seemed to snuggle up to me more than she did with others in thefamily (and I, in turn, seemed to play with her more than with any of my othernieces and nephews).
I think the first time I touched her inappropriately waswhen she was 13. Cookie was teasing and taunting me, and that escalated to thepoint where I had begun tickling her. All of a sudden, after one of her violentshifts of laughter, my hand actually landed on her tiny breast. Of course, ithad been accidental and I pulled my hand away as if I’d just touched a hotstove. Still, the way my mind had suddenly become alert, I think that was thefirst time that I became aware that my niece was no longer a child. In fact,the incident seemed to be the trigger, which soon had me looking at theyoungster with surprise and possibly suppressed lust. My surprise was at howshe had managed to mature without my noticing. From there I found myselflooking at her more and more.
Maybe it was that Cookie had occasionally noticed me lookingat her legs or chest, or maybe it was just that she was maturing, but whateverthe case, it was during the next year that I found that I was becoming totallyaware of her femininity whenever she would sit on my lap or rest back on mychest. I soon began to purposely breathe in her youthful aroma when we wereclose to each other. I also started to deliberately, yet surreptitiously touchher young body. That my niece never objected meant that she either nevernoticed or that maybe she was okay with my doing those things.

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It was soon after Cookie turned fourteen that we beganplaying eye games - - or maybe it was just my imagination, I’m not sure. I onlyknow that whenever I was over visiting at her house, our eyes seemed to playwith each other. I tried to figure out whether it was only my imagination and Ifinally decided it wasn’t. It was also around that time that I began tomasturbate at night with visions of the youngster in my head, and I wascontinuously awash in self-recrimination for the thoughts I was starting tohave about her.
She had just turned 15 when this happened. It was a littleafter 4 P. M. on a Saturday afternoon,and I had gone over to visit her mom and dad. When I got to their house, Ifound that Cookie was alone. Ken and Mindy had just left, and apparently weregoing to be gone for the rest of the day. They were going to do a bit ofshopping, and then go to dinner and a movie. They weren’t expected back untillate at night.
They’d left my niece some money to call for pizza, and Cookiehad been going to have a friend over later. Even though my sister and her hubbywere out, I decided to visit with my niece anyway.
It wasn’t long before I found myself looking at the15-year-old as if I was a lecher (which I suppose I was).

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   She had been wearingtight jeans, and her shapely butt was a sight to behold. A few times, shecaught me looking at her as she was walking about, and she smiled. At onepoint, I swear that her eyes went to my crotch, which, although not the firsttime, was certainly enough to get my adrenalin pumped.
It was while I was trying to keep my attention away from herbody and on the TV that Cookie told me that she would be back in about 15minutes; saying she felt so grungy, she wanted to take a quick shower.
It was about a half-hour later when the youngster returnedand this time she was wearing a skirt and blouse. I swear my cock hardened whenshe walked into the room, because it was obvious that she was trying to impressme. I mean the skirt was so short that I’m sure that my sister didn’t even knowabout it or if she did she probably forbade her daughter from wearing it.
Cookie had also put on some eye make up and she had on atint of lipstick, which she never wore around the house. However, it was theyoungster’s blouse that really got my attention. It was a light blue silkpullover and to my amazement, my little niece’s nipples pointed through; sheobviously wasn’t wearing a bra.
I caught my breath at the sight and she paused and smiled,looking into my eyes. I was sure that the youngster wanted me to do more thanlook; this seemed like a transparent invitation. Yet because of her age and ourrelationship a voice was screaming in my head not to do anything.
Our eyes held and I could see that she was breathing veryhard. I think we were both afraid to speak, both afraid that our voices wouldfail, both afraid that we might find that it wasn’t so, that we were making upsomething in our heads that really didn’t exist.

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“God you’re so beautiful,” I finally whispered.
Cookie looked at me as if she were struggling with what tosay. Finally, she asked, softly, “Am I?”
I nodded and sat up straight, then moved forward on thecushion, spreading my legs as an invitation for her to come by me.
My niece took a breath and then slowly walked toward theeasy chair in which I was sitting, until she was standing directly in front ofme. I slowly lifted a hand and watched her reaction. The youngster simplywatched me as I reached out to touch her left thigh, just below the hem of her miniskirt. The feel of the soft flesh of her thighs was causing my penis to tingle.
I looked up and saw that Cookie closed her eyes as I touchedher, at the same time I noticed that she was breathing more rapidly. I began toslowly massage her thighs, staying below the hem of her skirt.
"Cookie, would you like to see how you attract me; howyou excite me?”
She seemed frozen on the spot, afraid.
“Sweetheart, open your eyes and look at me. "
She did as I asked and then I motioned to her with my eyes todirect her gaze down to my crotch. As she slowly complied, I opened my legseven wider, so as to lewdly display my hardened cock, bulging pants and all,for her eyes. It turned me on to show my young niece my erection through mypants, and it turned me on even more to see the expression on her face as shestared at it, her mouth open, speechless and wide-eyed. At fifteen, she mayhave been pure, but she wasn’t unaware of life.

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"Cookie you've never been with a man, have you?"
The youngster shook her head from side to side in responseto my question. Her face was full of excitement and nervousness.
"Have you ever seen a man's hardness before?"
She indicated no with the slightest movement of her head,and I didn’t detect anything to indicate that she wanted me to stop.
I don’t think that I’d ever been so afraid in my life. Thatfear only fueled my excitement.
Tentatively, I began to slide my hands up under her skirt,feeling the smooth, firm muscles of her upper thighs, then further up to herfirm buttocks. If I would have sensed or seen any aversion in her eyes, I wouldhave stopped. Instead, I saw excitement mixed with fear on my niece’s face; thefear obviously of the unknown. With my cock now throbbing, I continued to feelthe youngster up under her skirt, waiting to see if and when she would stop me,and pull away, but it never happened. By her breathing pattern, I sensed that Cookiewanted more.
Nervously, I took the next step. My right hand slowly slidaround to the front of her body, gently moving in between her legs - - I couldfeel her trembling. She knew what I was about to do and obviously was at leastpartially willing, maybe even totally. When she didn’t reach down to stop me, Ithen gently cupped the crotch of her panties.
As my hand gently cupped her, Cookie moaned.

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   Then she took ahalf step outward, opening her legs more and giving me greater access. My handexplored her mons through her panties. My niece was very wet. I began to rubgently at the crack where her pussy lips puffed and met. When she moaned again,I moved my fingers up, searching for and finding the small protrusion. I slowlyrubbed her clitoris through her thin panties and my niece began to grind herlittle mound ever so slightly against my hand.
Cookie then looked at me and began to speak haltingly,"Uncle Ron. . . can I…I want to. . . Ohh my god. . .

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  ," With that, she let outa sigh.
"What is it, Hon? What do you want, sweetheart?"
"Can I see your pe. . . your c-cock? I've never seen aman's thing before. "
My cock was so hard it couldn’t get any harder, but becauseof its excitement, it seemed to want to try to enlarge even further. Unable todo so, it caused it to hurt from its super tightness.
I stopped rubbing her and began to open my pants. I wantednothing more than to display my hardness to this beautiful young teenager. As Iopened my belt buckle and began to unzip, I whispered, hoarsely, “Lift yourskirt for me, Hon. Let me see you there. ”
Our eyes met and held for about ten seconds. I saw my15-year-old niece swallow nervously and then she reached down to grasp the hemof her miniskirt. With both hands, she slowly drew the skirt upwards, her handsseeming to almost move in slow motion. She had undoubtedly decided to cross theline, just how far I wasn’t sure.

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   I determined that it was time to take thechance to find out.
Raising myself up off the chair, in one move I lowered mypants and briefs, exposing my erect cock to the youngster. By then my ballswere tight and full of cum. I lowered myself back to a sitting positiondirectly in front of her.
Cookie stared at my cock for what seemed an eternity. Myheart was pounding, wondering if she was going to run away or possibly scream,while hoping beyond hope that she was willing.
Finally, she whispered, "Can I touch you, Uncle Ron? Iwant to know what it feels like when it gets hard like that. "
Then, without waiting for my reply, the teenager moved. While still holding her skirt uplifted in her left hand, she bent a bit, andthen reached down with her right hand. I sucked in my breath as I felt her softfingers slowly and gently wrap themselves around my throbbing flesh. Herfingers were hot to the touch on my cock and I had to keep from shooting off attheir touch. Instead of immediately either pulling away in fear or beginning totouch about in curiosity, Cookie’s hand paused in place. The heat from her handseemed to be burning my shaft, which itself was heated. After about 30 secondsin which I guess she was coming to grips with what was happening, Cookie soonbegan to slide her right hand up and down my throbbing cock, drawinglubrication from the precum that was leaking out the tip. With her left hand,she continued to hold her skirt up around her waist and exhibit herpanty-covered pussy to me.

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   I can’t tell you how arousing that sight was, to seemy own niece’s nakedness from the hips down, only covered by her panties.
The time had come to make a decision, either to let hercontinue touching me, working her hand about my flesh, and come all over herhand, or go for what I really wanted.
I gently grabbed her right wrist and stopped the movement ofher hand on my cock.
"Doesn't that feel good…? Did I hurt you…?" shenervously asked.
I smiled and reached up to her blouse. Immediately theyoungster understood what I was going to do. To my relief, my niece wanted thistoo. Letting go of my cock and her skirt, she lifted her arms as I raised theblouse above her head.
In one movement I tossed it aside. Then I looked in wonder. I had guessed right, Cookie wasn’t wearing a bra. My eyes immediatelyscrutinized the smallish round cups of flesh with their hard pointed nipples. They were about the size of oranges and stood out proudly, taut balls of flesh.
"They're beautiful, baby girl. "
My niece looked at me questioningly and I knew what she wasthinking.

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"No they are not too small, in fact they are perfect;so firm and round. Such nice nipples. "
With that, I began to caress her hard little nipples and sheagain closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. I then leaned forward and tookone of the wondrous morsels in my mouth, gently sucking on it. I heard hergasp. My cock grazed up against her smooth, naked thigh as I licked and suckedher nipples. Cookie began moaning again and I knew that the teen was not goingto stop me from anything. I nipped at the nipple and she pushed her chest intome.
With reluctance, I left my niece’s breasts and began to undothe buttons on the side of her miniskirt. When the skirt was loosened, itfloated down her legs to the floor. She stood there in nothing but her bluenylon panties, which fit her as tight as if it was her own skin. I reached upwith my hands and placed them on her hips. Then after looking up to her face, Imoved my head to her crotch and inhaled the young female musk that wasemanating from her pussy. Then I began to lick her through the panties. I heardher gasp as she instinctively opened her legs even further to give me greateraccess to pleasure her.

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   I reached around and cupped her hot butt cheeks in myhands as I lapped and breathed into the heated crotch. It didn't take long tobring the youngster to her first orgasm. She shuddered and grabbed the back ofmy head pushing it into her nylon-covered crotch. Her firm, quivering thighsgently squeezed my head.
As she began to recover from her pleasure, she straightenedup and looked again at my throbbing erect penis.
"Do you want to put it inside me, Uncle Ron?"
I groaned at the thought of having her. “Oh god yes, babydoll. There’s nothing that I want more. I’m just so afraid if someone was tofind out…”
“Me too, but I promise…I won’t tell. ”
This was no time for either conversation or debate. I reallyhad very little control over my needs.
I stood up and my niece gave me room, taking a step back. Then, I gently pushed her back until she was against the couch. With myguidance, she lowered herself on to it. I reached down and put my fingers intothe waistband of her panties.


   As she watched me anxiously, I paused, giving hertime to back out. With no objection forthcoming, I then pulled them down herlegs to her ankles. Hurriedly, she then kicked them off and raised her kneesup, knowingly spreading wide her thighs.
Cookie’s female instincts were taking over her body as sherevealed her virginal pussy in all its glory. At the same time, I loweredmyself to my knees on the floor, directly between her parted legs, my eyeszoning in on a 15-year-old’s pussy for the first time in my life.
Instinctively, Cookie tried to close her thighs. So manygirls her age think that their vaginas are disgusting looking.
I stopped her. “Please don’t baby girl. Let me look at it,it's so sexy, so womanly. Your pussy is beautiful. "
The youngster looked up at me and then turned her reddenedface away from mine.
"It’s got hair there now. That makes it ugly. Mom won’tlet me shave.

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I answered her by smiling at her and bending forward to lickher again; this time, without the barrier of her nylon panties, I let my nosego up into my niece’s hole, just smelling and inhaling her awesome musky scent. Carefully, I pulled her pussy lips apart with my free hand and probed my tongueinto the inner surface of her inner lips.
Cookie cried out from the intense pleasure she was feeling. "Oh, my God, Uncle Ron, that's wonderful. That is the most incrediblething ever. "
Her thighs had already turned out, presenting her pussyfully to me.
    And I knew in a few seconds she would feel something even better.
    I tried to fuck her with my tongue, wedging it into her asfar as it could go.
    “Ahhhmmmm, ooooh god Uncle Ronnnnghh ahhhh…!”
    I was attacking the youngster’s cunt with my mouth and mytongue, eagerly sucking, licking, and stroking her clitoris. I was determinedto make her cum. She was moaning and whimpering; ramming her pussy into my face. Her young body was rocking and thrashing about excitedly on the couch. With mytongue, I pushed her the hood of her clit out of the way and sucked her swollenlove button into my mouth. My lips formed a seal at the base of Cookie'sadorable clit and I applied a gentle suction, caressing the engorged sides andtop with my tongue.
    Like most women, almost reflexively, the youngster squeezedmy temples with her legs and pressed on the back of my head, forcing my faceinto her pussy, which was already fucking upward.

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    "Ohmygod, what's happening?" she cried. "It'swonnngh-derful!"
    My niece was now continuously moaning as she squeezed myhead between her thighs, pushing her pelvis up to meet my mouth. The moansturned to mutters as she writhed and bucked from my eager oral ministrations.
    After a few minutes of this, Cookie started cumming. Isuppose that she masturbated, but I think that now, for the first time in herlife, my little niece was having an all-out orgasm. The 15-year-old rocked backand forth on her ass, pitching my head around, while her upper body thrashedabout excitedly on the couch. I kept my arms tightly holding to her thighs andmy mouth kept sucking and licking her clit. Cookie continued cumming forseveral minutes until her whole body gave a violent spasm, her back arched andshe rode the highest wave of her climax. She screamed and straightened her legsup in the air. I pulled back and watched, my face wet with the 15-year-old’sawesome smell.
    Then she watched me with wild eyes that looked like afrantic animal’s. My cock began to twitch when she said in a very quiet voice,"Please fuck me, Uncle Ron. I want to feel you inside me. "
    I looked down at this sexy young teen, her long legs wantonlyspread open, with her knees raised. My niece was knowingly spreading herthighs, offering her pussy for the first time in her life.

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       Her perfect moundwas open and inviting, all of its wet pinkness revealed to my eyes. Her clitwas standing up out of its little hood of surrounding skin. And her hole wascompletely open, waiting for the moment that it would be penetrated for thefirst time.
    “Okay baby girl. I will. Remember no one can know…”
    I gripped her legs just under her knees and moved forward asI spread her legs as far as I could. Cookie surprised me by reaching down withboth of her hands and guiding my cock to her. Her eagerness was only increasingthe need I felt as the head of my cock first made contact with her wetness. Iwas poised to enter my own niece’s pussy-hole when I looked at her face.
    "Do it," she said, "but g-go easy, d-don'thurt me. "
    I groaned as the head of my cock slid into the youngster. Ileaned into her gently. She was very wet and, in spite of the fact that myniece was a virgin, I met little resistance. I eased my cock into her, lettingmy cock slide slowly into her. She gasped as I slid into her, a low breathysound that started as a sigh and built into a groan of pure pleasure.

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    As she began to open to me, Cookie emitted a long, soft, groan. Her pussy was enveloping my cock in a warm wet hold. She was tight inside, asonly a young teen virgin could be. Her legs wrapped around my waist and pulledme to her. Her pussy was wet, heated velvet, I thought I was gonna blow my loadright there. I held very still, trying to regain some control.
    I looked down to enjoy the sight of my throbbing cockembedded within the growth of hair in her pussy. Then she tightened her longlegs around me and began to thrust herself up toward me. I withdrew, thenthrust back into her, and then started pumping my cock in and out.
    I backed off and pushed in again - - a little deeper - -then again - - again; each thrush eliciting a pleasurable grunt from within thedepths of her throat. Probing a little deeper each time, until I finally pushedmy pubic bone against hers. I pushed myself in to the hilt until I could feelthat I could go no further, reveling in the feel of her. YES! I didn’t want tomove for the rest of my life. However, a greater need rose up – I needed to reachsexual heights as much as I needed air.
    I began to slowly move my cock back out and Cookie grabbedat my hips as if to stop me.

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    "Just stay in me, Uncle Ron. I want to be filled upwith you. "
    I slowly pulled back to the sound of a needful whimper, “Nooo. ”
    I pushed back in, “Yessss. ”
    I pulled back. “Nooo. ”
    And pushed in faster, “Ohhhh. ”
    Faster and faster I went. I began to fuck Cookie as hard andas fast as I could - - and she loved it.
    She opened her eyes, and I could see pure lust as our eyesmet. I withdrew nearly all the way, then stroked back into her. Cookie groanedaloud and hotly urged, “It’s okay, Uncle Ron. Do it harder - - harder please?”
    We started rocking on the couch, slowly at first, I startedthrusting deeper and harder, and she was arching up to meet every thrust,fucking me as much as I was fucking her.
    I reared back to get a better angle and reached down withone hand to stroke her clit while we rocked back and forth, At that contact, Cookiestarted to shiver; her hips started jerking and her pussy clamped down on melike a vise.
    She was gasping now, short ragged breaths.

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       She wrapped herlegs around my hips, pulling me so deep inside her I felt her cervix againstthe tip of my dick. My little niece seemed to love fucking! I dug in and pushedharder, still stroking her clit.
    I knew this couldn't last as I had been so hard for so longand my niece was so worked up. I began to thrust in and out, picking up thetempo as I felt myself so close to cumming. I ran my hands up and down hersmooth legs as I fucked in and out of her cunt. Cookie instinctively wrappedthose legs around me, squeezing at me as she bucked up to meet my increasinglymore demanding thrusts. I could feel her inner cunt muscles clamping on mycock, coaxing my cum out. GOD SHE WASTIGHT!
    “Ohmygod ohmygod Ohmygod!!!” she urgently uttered, her criesnow unmistakably those of a girl at the height of pleasure.
    Then she was moaning and muttering incoherently and I couldfeel my cum rising. She suddenly screamed out, “OH GOD IT’S - - SOMETHING’S ICAN’T STOP IT!!!! OH IT’S SOOOOO AHHHH UNCLE RONNNNNNNGGGGGGG AHHHHH…”
    My hot little niece was cumming, and in an attempt to finishtogether, I started to speed up my pumps. The youngster was gasping andbreathing faster; her cunt was squishing as I pistoned in and out of her.
    “Oh god baby girl OH GOD let me go…” I was half-heartedlytrying to pull out and she clutched at me tighter, almost as if she knew whatwas about to occur. “Cookie oh my god hon, I’m going to … AHHHHHHHH”
    She screamed. A wordless howl of pure pleasure. Then she washurriedly babbling, "Make me feel it, Uncle Ron.

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       I want to feel yousquirting inside me oh yes fuck me, yes. "
    I was getting close; I felt my load boiling in my balls. I thrustmy cock in as far as I could and suddenly, I couldn't hold back any longer. Ipushed into her one more time and let go. My entire body tightened as I felt mycock begin to shoot my copious load of cum into my little niece’s ripplingcunt. As my cock bottomed out within the child, I could feel the precious wavesof her orgasm pulsate through her groin.
    Cookie screamed and continued to pant quickly, pushing backup to me, her muscles clamping on my pumping cock. She was like a wild animal.
    She screamed again and continued to cum just as my firstjets of cum shot into her, splashing off her cervix and coating the inside ofher pussy. I felt a warm rush flow over my dick; my niece had cum so much shewas leaking her juices and my jism all over us. She was grasping at me as ifher life depended on it and we worked with all of our passion against eachother as our incestuous fluids met in her heated depths.
    I started to pull back, but she grabbed me and pulled myface to hers.
    "No! Don’t take it out!" she hissed. Her legstightened around me again and I felt her pussy quiver.
    I kissed her and that slight movement set off an orgasmicaftershock.

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       She shuddered, and my super-sensitive dick was firmly clampedinside her, sending matching tremors throughout my body every time either ofmade the slightest move.
    I slowly relaxed against her, our breath mingling,heartbeats gently slowing to normal, the tremors fading. I kissed her again,tasting her mouth and lips.
    Finally, we both ceased moving. The youngster smiled at me.
    "You fucked me and you finished in me. Promise me youwon't tell anyone what we did Uncle Ron. "
    I slowly pulled out and looked at my niece’s pussy, nowdripping with my semen and her juices, thick and laced with pink. Her lips wereopen and puffy. I loved the view I now had of her pussy and her long legs openfor me.
    That was only the first time that Cookie and I had sex,although, after that, I was more careful.
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