The Adventures of Jimmey and Julie


"You're such a sissie come on, were both 14. Were pretty much adults now, we should be allowed to look at this stuff. Who care if dad walks in on us. I mean its not like were actually having sex. " Just the thought of having sex with his sister sent a shiver down Jimmey's spine. "Ya why not. " Julie picked up a playboy and sat beside Jimmey and started flipping through the pages. She was amazed at all the pictures. She was good looking she had nice breasts. she had never had them rubbed or carresed liket the women in the pictures but she could sometimes heard some of the guys talking about her tits and her ass. she pretended not to notice but secretly she felt a little tingle in her clit. She had had boyfriends, they went to the movies and she had even maid out with one guy. One guy asked her to suck his cock but she had been anout 12, so she slapped him and left. Julie finally got enough courage to ask Jimmy the question she wanted to. She turned around and accidently notice a big bulge in his pants. she suddenly started laughing.

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   "What, what are you laughing at. Come on Julie stop. " "You like those pictures dont you" "Oh. . . . . . . I dont know there ok i guess. " "Oh. . . . .

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  . right , so thats why youre dick is practically jumping out of your pants. " "Hey, why are you looking. And incase you havent noticed the little puddle in your pants. and you were laughing at me. " Jimmey laughed at Julies wet spot. Julie looked down and suddenly felt embarressed. She suddenly felt how wet she really was in between her legs. She quickly pulled a blanket over her legs to cover her now increasingly large wet spot which made Jimmy laugh even more. "Wow i think you have thicker pussy juices than he girls in this magazine. " "Hey i bet if i even tapped your cock you would cum all over the floor!""O ya. You wanna bet!?!" Realizing what he had just said jimmy quickly tried to to change the subject but was surprised by what julie said. "What if i do wanna bet. As you said were both adults and ill bet you 10 dollars that I can make you cum within a minute. " "What?? Are you serious??" Jlie nodded her head, "well ok .

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  . . . . . . . . but I bet you that I can make YOU cum in like 50 seconds" Julie was surprised but soon complied with the bet. She knew that she would be sucking a cock soon and was really surprise that the first cock in her mouth would be her brothers. "Well hurry up get your dick out, I want my ten dollars. " Jimmey was quick to oblige. He opened his fly and suddenly got nervous "Well what are you wating for, hurry up. If im gonna let you lick my pussy you'd better be getting your dick out now. " Jimmy suddenly got really horny thinking about licking his sisters pussy.

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   He quickly unbottoned his jeans. He slid his pants down to his nees quickly followed by his boxers. The whole time Julie was staring at Jimmey's cock. She was amazed at the size, it must have been 7 inches. OR MORE! "Wow, i didnt know your cock was THAT big. You're bigger than half the people in this magazine. " "Well if were gonna do this we should hurry up and do this before mom and dad get home. " Julie set up the timer on her watch with one minute on it. She got set because she didnt want to waste any of her minute. "Ok lets hurry up Jimmey. Lie down so I can get at you better. " Jimmey quickly lay down anticipating what was about to happen fully. "Ok Julie Five. . .

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  . . . Four. . . . . . Three. . . . . .

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  Two. . . . . One. . . . Go" Jimmey pushed the start button on the watch and julie started stroking Jimmeys cock vigerously. After about twenty seconds she realized that just wacking him off wasnt going to work. She oppened her lips and engolfed his cock. "Oohhh Julie, ohh. I didnt know you were gonna do that ohh but dont stop" julie went up and down on Jimmeys cock twisting and twerling her tung on the shaft of Jimmeys cock. She lifted her mouth off of Jimmeys dick and slowly swirled her tongue around the head of his cock.

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   The watch alarm went off but neither Jimmy or Julie noticed. Julie kept up with her licking and then added her right hand to fondle his balls. About 15 seconds after that Jimmy started to tremble. "Ohh my goooooood, unless you want to swallow myyyyy cuuuuum then uuuuuud better stooooooop!" Julie heard what Jimmey said but just kept going with her tongue twirling around Jimmeys cock and her hand stroking his balls. Jimmey began to tremble even more. "ohhhhhhhhhhhh holy shit!!!" Jimmey's cum started to flow out of his cock. Julie tried as hard as she could to swollow it all but she had trouble, her un-experience showing quite a bit. Jimmey didnt care. "holy shit, that was amazing. and that was the first time youve done that??" "Ya. and that was fun. But now i think its my turn to get my ten dollars back. " said Julie with abovious sarcasm. Julie quickly slipped off her now even more wet panties down where her pants all ready were. She quickly lay down on the bed and took off her shirt just for show.

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   "I'm ready, now go ahead bro i wanna come harder than you did.
    " "Thats gonna be hard. You made me cum soooooo hard. " Jimmey got down on his nees and started exploring. He had never "gone down" (as he liked to call it) on a girl before and being that close to his sisters pussy made Jimmey increadibly hard and horny. He began exploring with his fingers. First rubbing the outside of her apparently resently shaved pussy. He then realized that the watch wasn't even set. He didnt care he just kept going. He moved on to Julie's clit. He started rubbing gently to see what her reaction would be. "Ohhh, thats the spot. rub harder, pleeeeeeeeease" Jimmey abviously heard and began to rub harder. Julie moaned louder and louder as his rubbing got harder and faster. Jimmy began to feel adventerous so he lowered his face down to his sisters pussy.

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       He stuck out his tongue and licked in his sisters deicious pussy juices. "O my god. your pussy tastes soooooooooo good. " "Your tong on my clit feels sooooooooooo good keep licking!" Jimmey did as he was asked and continued licking and sucking on Julies clit. He stuck his index finger in her pussy. He loved the feeling felling of her pussy and urged to shove his cock up her beutiful pussy. Julie moaned as his finger went into her pussy. "Put more of your fingers in me. Finger fuck me!!! O ya!" Julie moaned as Jimmey put in one then two more fingers and finger fucked Julie as hard as he could. Julies body suddenly tensed up on Jimmey's fingered. "Ohhhh ya im gonna cum all ooooooooover youuuuuuuuuur fingeeeeeeeeeeeeers. " Jimmey was surprised as julie kept her word and came even more than him. "Holy shit you came more than me, I thought you were joking when you said that. " "So did I but apparently but apperently your fingers changed that. " "I was so surprised when you started to swallow my come.

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      " "Hey kids, I'm home!" "Holly shit we gotta clean up Julie" "Jimmey you clean up and ill stall dad. " "No way you clean up and change. You've got huge wet spot and there is no way dad wont notice. " "Ok. Well finish what we started later. " Jimmey left thinking about two things, he did not know how he would manage to stall his dad while his sister cleaned up their large mess. As well he was wondering when he and his sister would "get together" next. He stopped momentarilly to try to get rid of his hard on. He was thankfully succesful, and went on to stall his dad. "Hi dad. "next:part 2 ?? yes/no.
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