The Barber 8


The Barber 8

Nancy looked at me as Alexis and Raven left the room, my daughter's final comment still echoing around the walls. Both girls sat up in front of me.

“You fucked you daughter in the ass?” Nancy asked.

“Really?” Natalie said.

“Um, yes,” I replied, somewhat sheepishly. “It was sort of her idea. ”

“Sort of?” the nude blond beside me said.

That launched me into a retelling of the story of Ashley. I explained how I went to buy the toys, ran into the “clerk” at the adult video store and, of course, the ensuing events. Since none of the other girls knew, and it seemed unlikely we'd see Ashley again, I omitted the part about her being 15.

“Well, you're not putting that huge thing in my little girl's ass,” Nancy said.

“Awww, mommy?” Natalie whined.

“No, baby,” Nancy said, turning to her daughter, wrapping her in her arms. “You're still to little … down there. You could really get hurt. ”

“But Lex said it felt incredible!” Natalie protested.

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   “I really wanna try it. ”

Through this entire exchange, one thought was going through my mind: Nancy hadn't said anything about her ass. I had an idea.

“Hold one, girls,” I said. “I'll be right back. ”

I went to Alexis' bedroom to retrieve the bag of anal toys I'd purchased that morning. Lex and Raven were laying, spooned together, just relaxing. They hadn't noticed, or hadn't bothered with, the bag sitting on the chair by the door.

“What's up, Daddy!” Lex said, sounding completely content.

“Nothing, baby,” I said. “I just came in to get some stuff I left here. ”

Then I thought, why not?

Why don't you guys come into my room. I want to show you something. ”

We must have made a comical procession – three naked people, one adult and two young girls – parading through the hallway with a bag of anal toys, lubes and videos. Except the girls didn't know the contents of the bag, so the humor was probably lost on them.

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We entered my bedroom to find Nancy and Natalie, still discussing anal sex. It turns out Nancy's previous older lover, Uncle John, had taken her anal virginity when she was 13, less than a year after they'd become lovers. And it hadn't been a good experience for the then young girl.

He'd been so determined he was going to fuck his young lover in the ass, he'd not prepared her properly and had ignored her protests. He'd virtually raped her ass, causing her intense pain and some injury, which almost ended their love affair before it properly got off the ground.

“So you see, baby,” Nancy said. “It's really easy for a small girl to be hurt by … that. I only let John do that to me once in a while. And I never really enjoyed it. ”

“But my Daddy is very good,” Alexis chimed in. “It hurt a little at first when he did it to me. But he had me so loose and slippery, it started to feel really good almost right away. Maybe he could do it to you first, show you what I mean. ”

“I'm willing to wait my turn, I guess,” Raven added. “If it's as amazing as Lex says, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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I'd just been sitting in a chair by the door, the bag of toys on my lap hiding my growing erection, letting the girls hash this out. I really wanted to try Natalie's tight little ass. But I didn't want to upset Nancy or go against her wishes.

I didn't know if anything of a permanent nature was going to come of this. But I had hopes and didn't want to queer the deal this soon.

“I might have an idea,” I said, rising from the chair and dumping the bag onto the bed.

Out spilled the videos, a couple bottles of lubricant designed specifically for anal sex – and a host of anal beads, smaller dildos and butt plugs of various sizes. I looked sheepishly at Nancy. She returned my gaze with that raised eyebrow I was beginning to find very endearing – and arousing.

“I wanted to be prepared,” I said with a shrug. “You know, in case the girls decided to pursue this further. ”

Nancy didn't say no right away. She just looked at me with an almost amused expression.

“OK,” she said. “But promise me you'll take it easy.

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“Absolutely,” I said.

We shooed the girls off the bed, but they refused to leave the room. My little monsters wanted to watch.

I instructed Nancy to lay on her stomach, placing a pillow under her hips to elevate her gorgeous ass into position. I hadn't really had a chance to study her posterior before. My mouth literally started watering as I thought about what I was about to do.

I crawled slowly over her, running my tongue up her spine, eliciting moans of pleasure from the young mother. I ground my cock into her ass, undulating my hips, teasing her with the dripping tip of my rock-hard shaft.

“Ooooh, that feels good,” Nancy groaned. “God, your getting me all hot.

I nibbled on her right ear, running my fingers down her sides and around to cup her breasts. Nancy responded by arching her body, granting me access to her tiny, perfect orbs. I gently pinched her nipples, teasing the sensitive nubs of flesh, feeling them stiffen under my ministrations.

I started back down her body, licking and nibbling as I went. I rained kisses down her back, feeling goosebumps rise even though it was warm in the bedroom.

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   In the back of my mind, I registered Alexis bolting from the room, returning moments later with a handful of vibrators which she distributed among the other girls.

Nancy was in her own little world of pleasure as I teased and titillated her flesh with my tongue, lips and fingers. She was moaning constantly now as I continues moving down her body, her hips arching and relaxing as I got closer to the center of her ultimate pleasure.

Gripping her hips, I pulled her up on her knees, tonguing the tight flesh of her ass cheeks and running my fingers around to tease her pussy. She was soaked! I ran my tongue along the crease of her ass, over her tiny, puckered hole and down to her pussy. I penetrated her depths from behind, pressing the tip of my tongue into her gash, flicking her clit as she screamed in ecstasy.

“Oh, FUCK!” she yelled, pressing her ass hard against my face. “Oh, shit, yes! Yes! YES!”

She came, her juices flowing down her thighs and filling my mouth. I licked her through her orgasm before moving up, centering my tongue on her puckered ass, driving inside as far as I could.

That definitely drove her even further over the top. Nancy was thrashing around on the bed as I reached over, finding the smallest of the anal dildos by feel alone and gently pressing the tip against her rosebud. She just groaned as I slowly introduced the cock-shaped probe into her body.

I heard a chorus of moans from the other side of the room. Glancing over, I saw Alexis, Raven and Natalie, each with a dildo buried in their pussy, riding their own orgasms as I pleasured the youngest girl's mother.

I sat up, grabbed a bottle of lube and squirted a generous dollop on Nancy's ass, pushing it inside with the dildo.

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   I worked the toy in and out slowly, gently opening her up, waiting for her muscles to relax.

“Oh, God,” she moaned. “This feels totally different than before. I love it!”

Urged on by her comment, I replaced the small toy with one slightly larger. Lubing it well, I slowly pushed it into Nancy's yielding ass. She jerked as the head entered, driving about two inches of the shaft into her bowels.

She groaned, emitting a tiny, pained squeak. But she didn't pull away.

“Slow,” she moaned. “God, please, go slow. ”

“Relax, sweetheart,” I said, massaging her ass, teasing my thumb downward to tickle her clit. “Lex, hand me one of the vibrators, please. ”

With a grin, my baby girl retrieved the clit vibrator from Natalie's hand, walked over to the bed and sat down beside us. Instead of giving it to me, though, she pressed it against Nancy's clitoris. She jerked again as the added stimulation roared through her body.

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“Oh, my God!” Nancy moaned as Alexis stimulated her clit, running her free hand around to cup a breast, pinching and pulling the nipple with her fingers.

Natalie and Raven watched for a moment. Then they, too, joined us on the bed. Raven lay down in front of Nancy, her legs spread wide around the older woman's shoulders, and slid down so her pussy was right in front of her friend's mother's mouth.

In a haze of lust, Nancy didn't even hesitate. She grabbed the younger girl's hips, pulled her forward and dove into her pussy. Raven's eyes rolled back in her head as Nancy began savagely attacking the young girl's clit, spreading her lips with her fingers, driving her tongue into her dripping fuck hole.

Natalie leaned over, worked her way in between her mother and myself, driving her young mouth down over the head of my cock. She was only able to take the head and maybe an inch of my shaft into her mouth, limited further by the odd position. I slipped my hips to the side, giving her better access, which she immediately took advantage of.

We must have made quite a picture. Three underage girls and two adults, locked in a passionate orgy of sex, all with the eventual goal of a young mom getting her ass soundly fucked. I wished later I'd had a camera trained on the bed, capturing the action.

Raven was groaning, her hips thrusting off the bed, her fingers twined in Nancy's hair as she rode the older woman's mouth to her first orgasm. Alexis worked the small vibrator over Nancy's clit while banging her own pussy with the vibrator, driving herself over the top.

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   Nancy peaked again, her ass clamping down on the dildo at full penetration. I could feel her vibrating through the shaft as the orgasm wracked her body.

Natalie, meanwhile, had no stimulation beside her own fingers. But she was doing a masterful job of sucking my cock, laving me with her mobile tongue, coating me in her saliva. I finally had to pull her off lest she push me over the edge too soon. I still had an ass to fuck and it belonged to her mother.

Deciding the time was ripe, I rose to my knees on the bed, pushing Nancy back down to lie flat on the pillow, her ass slightly elevated. I pulled the dildo from her ass as her latest orgasm wound down and picked up the bottle of lube.

Even though my cock was literally dripping with Natalie's saliva, I applied a generous coating of the slippery lubricant to the shaft, squirting another dollop into the depths of Nancy's slightly-gaping asshole. I moved her legs further apart, giving me access to her ass, and pressed the tip of my cock against her opening.

“Just relax, baby,” I said, stroking her back and rubbing her ass. “I'm going to put it in you now. Try not to tense up. ”

I pressed forward, slowly and steadily, feeling her sphincter flower around the head. Nancy groaned deeply, an almost animalistic growl, as the head popped inside.

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   I stopped, holding myself still to allow her to adjust to the sensations coursing through her body.

“Oh, shit!” she moaned. “Oh, God, that feels weird. ”

“You alright baby?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she moaned. “I think so. It doesn't really hurt, though. Not like it did last time. ”

“Just relax,” I said, rubbing my hands delicately across her back. “I'm not going to move until you tell me to. ”

We just sat there, the head of my cock ensconced just inside her rectum, her sphincter tensing and relaxing as it adjusted to the width of my cock. Raven had slid out from in front of her as the girls moved to the side of the bed to again watch the action.

“God, mommy,” Natalie said. “That looks, like sooo hot! He's got his cock in your butt! It's, like, so stretched around the shaft. ”

“I know, baby,” Nancy moaned.

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   “This feels good. I may have to rethink letting you try this. Give me some more, please. ”

I slowly pressed forward, as gently as possible introducing more of my throbbing cock into her ass. I began a gentle fucking motion, in and out a millimeter at a time, carefully pressing more and more of my cock into her ass.

Finally, after almost five minutes, I was buried balls-deep in her ass, with only a few twitches of protest from Nancy. I told her she'd taken my entire cock.

“Oh, my God!” Nancy groaned. “It feels like I'm a virgin again. I've never felt sooo full, but it didn't hurt hardly at all. ”

I gradually slid the length of my cock from her ass until only the head remained inside. I paused, then reversed direction, driving myself back, balls deep, into her guts.

Nancy groaned, not in pain but in pleasure, as I began to slowly and steadily fuck her ass. I could feel the muscles easing, relaxing with each inward stroke. I gradually picked up speed until I was pounding her bowels, slowly but steadily, my balls striking her pussy with a wet, slapping sound.



“Nnng, nnng, nnng,” Nancy growled, keeping time with each stroke of my cock in her upturned ass. The girls had given up just watching. Raven and Natalie were locked in a hot 69, devouring each other's pussies with a passion, while Alexis again reached between us and pressed the clit vibrator into position on Nancy's dripping pussy.

A side effect of my baby's actions was, on each inward stroke, the vibrator would tickle my balls along with Nancy's clit. The sensations were building in both of us, evidenced by Nancy's increased moans and groans, as she fucked back at my penetrating cock.

“Oh, shit, baby!” I moaned. “I'm going to cum!”

“Yeah,” Nancy groaned back. “Me too! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

I went into overdrive, pounding downward into Nancy's clenching bowels, feeling her orgasm start. It rippled through her pussy and into her asshole, the muscles of both acting like a clenching fist on my throbbing shaft. Then she just exploded, her ass clamping down almost painfully on my cock at full penetration, holding it deep in her ass.

That was all I could take. With a roar which shook the windows, I came, firing bolt after bolt of steaming cum deep into her intestines. Nancy, in turn, cried out as her orgasm ripped through her body. She almost bucked me off, but a firm hold on her hips kept me in place, as we rode our mutual climax to completion.

With a final spurt, I just collapsed.

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   My muscles completely turned to jelly as I fell forward, trapping Nancy beneath me on the bed, our sweaty bodies joined in carnal satisfaction.

It took me a few seconds but, I was finally able to roll to the side, my cock slipping from Nancy's ass with a wet, squelching plop. Nancy limply shifted to the side, bringing her head to rest on my shoulder as I wrapped my arm around her sweaty back.

“OH,” Nancy moaned as I slipped free of her bowels. “God, I've never anything like that before. That was fucking amazing. ”

As we lay there together, recovering and basking in the afterglow, the silence was punctuated with the sounds of Raven and Natalie. Apparently oblivious to the completion of our coupling, the young girls were still going at it with a vengeance, lips and tongues and fingers stimulating adolescent flesh beside us on the bed.

“Oh, shit, Nat!” Raven groaned. “Fuck, I'm cumming!”

She pulled the younger girl's face tighter against her pussy, bucked her hips and arched her back, trapping her blond friend between her clenching thighs. Nancy and I watched as her daughter drove four fingers into the older teen's slit, driving her over the top, plowing her dripping snatch.

Finally satiated for the moment, Raven collapsed back onto the bed. She then rolled Natalie over, drove three fingers into her younger friend's pussy, and pounded Natalie to a screaming climax of her own. The younger girl's pussy visibly convulsed around her friend's pounding hand, juice squirting out of the tightly-stretched lips, soaking the bed.

“Oh, baby,” Nancy said, gathering her daughter into her arms.

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   “That really looked like a good one. ”

“Yeah … Mommy,” the younger girl panted, flushed and out of breath, as Nancy pulled her head against her bare breast. “That was fucking amazing!”

“Once you recover, we'll talk about you losing your last cherry,” Nancy said, lovingly stroking her daughter sweat-damp hair.

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